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Iron Man

SDCC: Diamond Select Toys panel

Aug 03 // Scarecroodle
DST photo
Yes, we were there
Diamond Select Toys' non-Minimate SDCC panel included a few announcements, a loot at some upcoming items, and a lot of excitement. Major highlights included the news that the DC Animated Universe Huntress is going to be added...

SDCC: Diamond Select Toys

Jul 27 // Scarecroodle
DST photo
DST's booth never fails to leave me with a smile. The company always has a good variety of great-looking collectibles on display. Case-in-point this year includes a very unexpected Iron Giant Vinimate, some new Batman busts, ...

C2E2 2016 Bluefin photo
C2E2 2016 Bluefin

C2E2 2016: Bluefin Distribution part 1

Film and comic collectibles
Mar 19
// Tianxiao Ma
Sometimes you just want to see a smorgasbord of figures from all over the place. That's when you head to Bluefin Distribution. Sentinel, which is usually geared toward anime figures, has picked up the Iron Man license. And ma...
Hot Toys photo
Bats, Supes, Cap, Iron Man, all the hits
Toy Soul 2015 is happening in Hong Kong, and with some new superhero films on the horizon, Hot Toys is going to work. The company made its name on lifelike 1/6-scale figures drawing from movie and video game properties, and t...

Bluefin lists out its exclusives for SDCC next week

Jun 30 // Andres Cerrato
For gunpla, we will have three exclusive models that were previously only available at events in Asia. The three kits are all in 1/144 scale and are the HGUC Zeta Plus Test Type Image Color (Amuro's) for $25.00, the RG Gundam Exia Extra Finish Version for $48.00, and the HGBF Try Burning Gundam PP Clear Version for $22.00. Perhaps the biggest draw will be the S.H. Figuarts Goku Frieza Saga version. It's the Goku you've always wanted, with an actual belt and his symbols. It's almost like the standard Goku release, just now with an extra face and gi symbols! This limited edition of Goku will be available for $45.00 alongside an 18" statue of Goku from X-Plus for $65.00. Also available will be several Action Vinyls from The Loyal Subjects. There will be a set of black/white battle damaged Ninja Turtles, a crystal MMPR Pink Ranger, and a Transformers Construction set. There's one last group of releases for comic and movie fans. Iron Man will have two items, an Iron Man MkIII Magnetic Floating figure with a chrome paint job for $139.99 and a 1/12 Shotgun Iron Man Mark XL for $160.00. In case you're wondering about those prices, they're fully poseable with LEDs throughout. If you'd like another billionaire who fights crime, on hand will be Hero Cross' Hybrid Metal Figuration Batman for $80.00. Oh, there's also an S.H. Figuarts Nise (imposter) Sailor Moon, too. She looks mean and I guess that's kinda cool.  Check out the gallery for what you can buy from Bluefin this San Diego Comic Con.
Bluefin SDCC Exclusives photo
Loan market is stable, right?
In case you haven't noticed, San Diego Comic Con is fast approaching and will be open in just over a week. That means it's time to get the full rundown of exclusives and what you can possibly stretch into your budget whether ...

Avengers photo

Who ya gonna call? HULKBUSTER!

For then there's something strange (and giant and green) in your neighborhood
May 01
// Scarecroodle
Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select Hulkbuster Iron Man is currently available for pre-order. DST has also released a photo gallery showing the figure throw down with the MS Hulk in NYC. Long-time comic fans (and now movie fan...
Iron Man photo
Iron Man

He's no Crimson Dynamo! Funko adds 'Inferno' Iron Man to its Hikari line

If you have to ask who Crimson Dynamo is...
Apr 26
// Scarecroodle
Pre-orders recently opened for Funko's Hikari Premium "Inferno" Iron Man. Limited to just 600 pieces, "Inferno" will be the first Iron Man to be released in Funko's Hikari line. "Inferno" Iron Man sports glossy red paint deco...
Top sales 4/13 to 4/19 photo
Top sales 4/13 to 4/19

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 4/13 to 4/19

Welp, Bandai wins
Apr 25
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
I guess this is what we've been building up to. It started to look like they were losing their grip, but a steady gain in rankings lead to this point: total domination. I'll comment more down below. Overall (→) Yo-...
Figuarts Iron Man photo
Figuarts Iron Man

Bandai rolls out another Iron Man in the fight against Ultron

Figuarts Iron Man Mk XLV up for pre-order
Apr 02
// Tianxiao Ma
Are you hyped for Avengers: Age of Ultron? I certainly hope so, otherwise this post will mean nothing to you. Since Marvel Studios probably has a directive to always be cranking out new Iron Man armors, the upcoming film will...
Anime Japan: Max Factory photo
Anime Japan: Max Factory

Anime Japan 2015: Max Factory

Is that another old-school figma I spot?
Mar 23
// Brian Szabelski
Tian rounded up Good Smile's offerings at Anime Japan 2015, but Max Factory was there, too, with a few figma to show off at the very least. Yep, that's Iron Man Mark XXI, and sure, that robot figma is Shidonia no Kishi's...
Hot Toys Igor photo
Hot Toys Igor

Sideshow features the brutish Igor in their video showcase

Welcome to the Velvet Room?
Feb 20
// Tianxiao Ma
Iron Man 3 had a veritable smorgasbord of armors, which of course means plenty of fodder for Hot Toys' 1/6-scale line of Iron Man figures. Sideshow has recently uploaded a video of the Mark XXXVIII (38 to you non-Romans) arm...
Iron Man photo
An armored exosuit is perfect for power meetings
Pre-orders have opened for Square Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai Iron Man. First seen back in October, the VPAK Iron Man has some of a stealth vibe; eschewing the bright, metallic red & gold design widely associated with th...

Avengers photo
The damage to Starscream was less severe than sticking him in the Bayformers movies
Pack Rat Studios has crafted a custom "Hulkbuster Ultron" and, if you like it, you can bid on it via ebay right now (or rather bid within the next 4 days). The custom appears to be kit-bashed from a Transformers "Hunt for the...

RE:EDIT Iron Man photo
RE:EDIT Iron Man

RE:EDIT Iron Man first figure set to arrive

Here comes Iron Man!
Jan 08
// Soul Tsukino
The first figure of Sen-ti-nel's RE:EDIT Iron Man series has arrived with Bleeding Edge Iron Man. The figure, like others will be in the series, are designed by Chemical Attack and are "edits" of comic-based Iron Man designs....
Hot Toys Tony Stark photo
Hot Toys Tony Stark

Now you can have Tony Stark do SCIENCE with this Hot Toys figure

So much science going on!
Dec 17
// Tianxiao Ma
You might have gleaned from my trip to SDCC that Hot Toys hasn't been stingy when it comes to making Iron Man figures. As long as there are variants to make, companies are going to make them. Their latest will be Tony Stark, ...
OMG Sales photo
OMG Sales

Disney Store Online's Toy Mania Sale is ON

Upto 30% off select toys
Dec 16
// Kristina Pino
Disney's online store has just launched a big toy sale, with a bunch of items up to 30% off. I've put a little list together of some items that are now reduced in price: Large Simba plush. There's also a big Nemo one on sale...
Iron Man photo
Not to be confused with Bleeding Cool Iron Man
Diamond Select Toys' and Disney-exclusive Marvel Select Iron Man is currently available for order through and will be available through the Disney Store later this month. The 7-inch tall figure is billed...

NYCC 2014: Square Enix

Oct 10 // Scarecroodle
NYCC photo
Get excited.
Spider-Man, Catwoman, and Iron Man will be the newest inductions to Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai line and are some of the most exciting designs to grace the line. If that wasn't enough, fans can look forward to a Final...

Iron Man photo
One small step for Iron Man, one giant leap for Marvelkind
[UPDATE: New image] Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted two images of Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai Iron Man. This marks the first Marvel character released in the Variant Play Arts Kai line. Square-Enix has always excelled at...

WonFes: Revoltech photo
WonFes: Revoltech

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Revoltech - Iron Man

Build your own armory out of plastic figures
Aug 08
// Brian Szabelski
Kaiyodo had Iron Men past and future at their Wonder Festival booth ... well, Revoltech Iron Men. Kaiyodo's display featured not only their past Iron Man Revoltechs, but the upcoming Mark XXI figure in its golden splendor.&nb...
SDCC 2014: Yes Anime photo
SDCC 2014: Yes Anime

SDCC 2014: Yes Anime

Bringing some real Turtle Power to the show floor
Jul 29
// Brian Szabelski
If you saw our Yes Anime coverage from Anime Expo, a lot of what was at their booth might look the same. The licensed Trexis are close to release (around September), with a few minor changes to be made to some (for example, t...
Kaiyodo Mega Sofubi photo
Kaiyodo Mega Sofubi

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Kaiyodo's Mega Sofubi Advance

Amazing-est Alien ever?
Jul 28
// Kristina Pino
Did I just completely miss this whole arm of Kaiyodo's corpus? I'm always awed and amazed (sometimes not in the best way) by super-huge toys. In this case, I definitely got a good impression, though. As I turned the corner, I...
SDCC 2014 Sideshow photo
SDCC 2014 Sideshow

SDCC 2014: Sideshow Collectibles - Hot Toys

There might have been actual Stark tech there
Jul 27
// Tianxiao Ma
Hot Toys' 1/6-scale figures were featured at Sideshow's booth as usual. This year they had a couple of vehicles, some figures from The Dark Knight and Avengers, and lots of Iron Men. So many Iron Men. You should know the drill by now: hit the jump to see my impressions and favorites.
Iron Man photo
Iron Man

Sit down with Tony Stark and listen to this SHF Iron Man update

There will be sofas
May 28
// Scarecroodle
Tamashii Nations has released some additional details about the upcoming S.H. Figuarts Iron Man mk42 and Iron Partriot and --- are you sitting right now? You'll want to be sitting -- Tony's sofa has been announced as a first ...
Revol Mini Iron Man Mk VI photo
Revol Mini Iron Man Mk VI

Yes, there's a third Revol Mini. Yes, it's an Iron Man.

Coming up next, probably a Revol Mini EVA
May 25
// Andres Cerrato
Revol Mini is a line that isn't even out yet, but it's already starting to feel old to me. Yes, there was a new version of Snake. Then it was coupled with Kinnikuman, which while he is a great figure, it's one that has been d...
Iron Man photo
Iron Man

Check out Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Iron Patriot and Iron Man mk42 in this month's scans. Do it for America

Feeling more patriotic already
May 23
// Scarecroodle
This month's magazine scans included yet another look at Bandai's upcoming S.H. Figuarts Iron Patriot and Iron Man mk42 (Iron Man 3). The couch was apparently featured as well. Bandai has done some fairly exceptional work wit...

Tomopop Review: Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 42 + Hall of Armor

May 19 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 42 Hero's Edition + Hall of Armor SetFigure Maker: Good Smile CompanyFigure Price: ¥4,976Available At: HobbyLink Japan  Ah yes, the box. Things are a bit different this time as the typical Nendoroid window box now just has a close-up of Nendo's face. It also lets you know that this is the Hero's edition, which means it comes with the Hall of Armor. But let's actually open this up and see the goods. This really isn't your average box, it's got a flap! Now it looks like the traditional Nendo box. See that pose on the front? Hah! Good luck making that happen again. What is cool though is that on the inside of the flap is a holographic foil image of all the armors from the movie. It's great on collectible trading card games, but not necessarily for photography. Onto the figure! It's Iron Man Mark 42 and he's adorable. What really stands out to me is the gold paint job. I'll be honest here, I actually hate the design of 42; it was just way too much gold for me. In this new, deformed version, it adds to it. I must also say that the paint job is superb. The gold reminds me of a faded, Vegas Gold tone, which I really like for this armor. Often times, the gold is too strong, but it's done very well here. Finally, that candy red is beautiful. When I can see myself in the paint, it's a job to be admired by the onlook of my glorious face. What's special about this release is that it's a Super Poseable Nendoroid. There is the standard articulation in the head, but the arms and legs feature joints in the elbows and knees. There are also bicep swivels as well, but movement is a bit limited due to the shoulders. You won't be able to cross arms, but you'll get the poses you need out of the arms. Legs will move, but they are there just to pose the way you want. You won't be able to get him to stand on his own, hence the provided stand. You'll be needing it. Iron Man wasn't meant to stand, but take to the skies. What drew me to the Nendo are the effect parts. You get two sets of repulsor blasts, one set for flight and one for attacks. You also get a separate set of hands to differentiate between the two; an open and closed palm. I haven't bought a Nendoroid in some time, so this is my first experience with the new stand. I must say, I really prefer these too the old ones. My other Nendos constantly fall over, so actually being able to not have it do that is simply fantastic. I also love the fact I can display Iron Man in his flying pose. Thanks to the joint in the neck, I can have him look up. Unfortunately, the stand does get in the way of that as it plugs into his back. The classic Iron Man kneel down pose is featured on the box, but best of luck trying to get it in that position. Included in the package is an extra fixed-pose left leg for the purpose of this pose, but this was the best I could get. However, with all of the other things that come with this package, this would be the last pose I'd have it in. This is why I wanted this. I loved the idea of having my own Hall of Armor, but having them as tiny Nendos is even better. They are fixed in, so don't try to take them out. There isn't too much detail on them, but it's not really that necessary. Also, GSC, would it kill you to make a Nendo Petit series of armors? As a blind-boxed series, this would make a killing. Seriously, make this already. There is a man underneath that mask, a tired, beaten man. As you can see, you can show the face of Tony Stark beneath the mask. I would show you other faces, but the older Nendoroids I have aren't compatible with the new faces. I wish I could have a Zetsubou or Maritan in the armor, but that's not possible anymore. Also, the mask will stay on the top of the helmet thanks to the power of magentism, so take that, scientists. Tony's face really captures the mood of Iron Man 3. Those eyes have seen hell and have more bags than a Royal Family vacation. I would like to have had some more faces, but that'd just make this a more expensive purchase than I'd be willing to partake in. All things said, I like the guy. GSC did a great job with the paint, not to mention the keystone of this release, the Hall of Armor. Iron Man could lead to see great scenes with newer Nendos, unfortunately I couldn't have that fun right now. I certainly give it my recommendation, now if only could do that damned kneeling pose. [Thanks to Hobby Link Japan for providing this sample for review!] 
Review - Nendo Iron Man photo
Tiny Iron Man with even smaller Iron Men
It is very easy to make Iron Man toys. Given all of the armor possibilities, it's a goldmine for companies to drill through. Good Smile Company already found a lot of success with their first Nendoroid of Tony Stark's armors,...

Bandai photo

Tamashii Summer Collection 2014: Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA gallery

A whole bunch of wants
May 12
// Scarecroodle
Bluefin has released a photo gallery of this year's Tamashii Summer Collection exhibit. Although the photos don't include the recently revealed Sailor Moon collectibles,  there was a lot of other recent stuff including t...
Fuller Iron Man Munnys photo
Fuller Iron Man Munnys

Fuller working on a trio of Iron Man Munnys

Well, technically, one Iron Man and two War Machines
May 05
// Brian Szabelski
Fuller Designs' newest work appears to be a trio of 8-inch Iron Man Munnys, as evidenced by this photo he recently posted to Instagram. More specifically, it's two War Machines and a Mark VII Iron Man suit, photographed along...
Cardboard Iron Man photo
Cardboard Iron Man

Cardboard Iron Man is the best paper-based superhero ever

And the Stan Winston School of Character Arts couldn't be more impressed
Apr 05
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Maybe it's just me, but cardboard is starting to feel like the construction medium of this generation. Sure, people have been making boxy robot costumes out of cardboard for decades now, and they're alright, but just look at...

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