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Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter Hisoka photo
Hunter x Hunter Hisoka

Here's a Hunter x Hunter Hisoka figure anyone can turn on

Hide the kids!
Dec 22
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
No, that's not clever lighting used to censor Hisoka's nether regions. That is, in fact, a red LED embedded in his crotch. When Hisoka is aroused everyone knows it thanks to the bright light that emanates from his loins so wh...

Hunter x Hunter fans get one big Bisky figure

Dec 18 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Hunter x Hunter photo
Premium Bandai is awesome, just sayin'
So you say you want a figure of Gon and Killua's teacher Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter. Well, you've got two options: you can either track down Banpresto's cute prize figure from 2013 or you can get Premium Bandai's mu...

Things get hairy with Bandai's new Gon figure

May 28 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Gon Freecs photo
I wonder how long they've kept this figure under their hat?
If you're up to date with the Hunter X Hunter manga or have watched this week's episode of the anime then you know what you're looking at. If not then I apologize for being the one that spoils this for you. This is Gon Freecs...

figma Gon and Killua photo
figma Gon and Killua

One last Gon and Killua gallery before the hunt beings

figma Hunter X Hunter pair due out June 22 in Japan
Jun 20
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
The wait is almost over! The first two figures in the figma Hunter X Hunter series will be here on June 22 in Japan (Friday for those of us in the west). Gon was only revealed back in late January while Killua got a teaser ab...

figma Kurapika photo
figma Kurapika

Hunter X Hunter Kurapika figma appears unannounced

Third Hunter X Hunter figma's pre-orders begin
May 23
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
It's not often we see high-profile figures appear for pre-order, but every now and then one shows up for pre-order completely unannounced. Case in point: Hunter X Hunter's Kurapika figma. Despite a lot of recent conventions a...

Pre-order Max Factory's Killua from Hunter X Hunter

Gon and Killua can now be yours!
Feb 14
// Jon Wills
It wasn't too long ago that we announced that pre-orders are available for Gon from Hunter X Hunter. Now you can pre-order Killua as well to add him to your licensed hunter team! Who's going to be next? Kurapika? Leeorio...
Hunter x Hunter's Killua gets a quick teaser on the figma blog.
Well that didn't take long! Gon just went up for pre-order the other day and now Max Factory is getting ready to announce the eagerly anticipated Killua figma! For now we have to settle for a teaser image of Killua's feet and...


Pre-order Max Factory's Gon from Hunter X Hunter

Great to see Gon so soon!
Jan 31
// Jon Wills
I never saw the original series but I been watching the new Hunter X Hunter over at Crunchyroll. I love the suspense and cliffhangers and look forwards to watching it every week. So when I saw that Max Factory had m...

Max Factory's latest figma is Gon, daddy, Gon

Jan 28 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Max Factory hooks the Hunter x Hunter license!
Well this came completely out of left field! Somehow Max Factory got their hands on the Hunter x Hunter license, something people were pretty sure Bandai had a firm hold onto after releasing figures for the past decade. ...


Hunter x Hunter's Gon continues the GEM series adventure

Can MegaHouse version of Gon pass the Hunter test?
Oct 11
// Jonathan Tubbs
It's been a while since Killua went on his adventure into MegaHouse's GEM series of figures. However, Killua is only one side of the coin for a certain duo from Hunter x Hunter. Those who felt that their Killua has been a bit...

Chess Collection R: Hunter x Hunter set hits pre-orders

Chess set or mini-busts, you decide!
Sep 13
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
I won't pretend I'm any good at chess. I've tried to learn a bunch of times, but I'm just not any good at it. However, you don't have to be a chess player to appreciate the newest entry in the Chess Collection R series: Hunte...

Keep an eye out for these Banpresto figures

Banpresto's August 2012 prize figure releases
Aug 31
// Kristina Pino
More than a handful of awesome prizes from Banpresto have been released this month, so check these highlights: Blue Exorcist: Petites Rin, Yukio, Amaimon; plush Kuro two Hunter x Hunter DX figures: Killua and Leorio two K-On...

MegaHouse pre-order announcement roundup

Aug 02
// Yami Casas
Grab onto your wallets, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Recently, MegaHouse announced via twitter, the upcoming figures that will be available in August for pre-order. First up, we have two One Piece Portrait.of.Pirates ...

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: MegaHouse

Jul 29
// Kristina Pino
MegaHouse are always bringing in some exciting stuff, aren't they? Check out the gallery for images of: Just a few One Piece pirates, including Franky, Crimin Nami, and P.O.P. Sailing Again Perona (now painted!). Several Aqu...

MegaHobby Expo 2012 Spring: MegaHouse

May 26
// Jonathan Tubbs
It wouldn't be MegaHobby Expo without the company that has "mega" in their name, MegaHouse. The company had a few unpainted prototypes on display mostly of boys which I'm sure many of you will have no issues with. From the re...

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 10, 2012

May 10
// Jonathan Tubbs
Whaaaaa~t? Reserve or Regret a second time today? There's just too much awesome to not talk about! Today is a day that you will go broke! ...or so I hope because so much more was released from MegaHouse as well as Good Smile ...

G.E.M. Series Killua Zoldyck of Hunter x Hunter pre-order

Apr 12
// Rio McCarthy
The last time we saw this little guy was as an unpainted prototype back at WonFes, but now he's all painted and ready to go! MegaHouse's official page on the G.E.M. Series Killua Zoldyck of Hunter x Hunter shows he's now up f...

Banpaku Event Coverage: Shounen Showdown!

Mar 05
// Jon Wills
In our continuing coverage of Banpresto Hakurankai, or Banpaku for short we get a glimpse of some of Banpresto's newest figures and they certainly have a lot in the making. This time We’ll be looking at Naruto, One Piec...

Prize Fair 2012 Summer: Banpresto - JUMP Comics

Feb 18
// Jonathan Tubbs
If there's something you know you'll have a constant supply of, it's the action and adventure from JUMP Comics. And since there's usually so many popular titles coming from it, you can always expect to find prize figures. Ban...

Tiger & Bunny and more are Banpresto's 2012 prize figures

Feb 17
// Jonathan Tubbs
Sega Prize may have a variety of titles covered for prize figures in 2012 but one thing they are lacking is that cash cow that is Tiger & Bunny. That's because Banpresto has it covered as they will be showing off at AOU 2...

MegaHouse brought the wonderful to Wonder Festival 2012 Winter, with a number of new figure prototypes on display! Lots of familiar faces, as well: Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny and Killua from Hunter x Hunter were both at t...

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