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Hello Kitty

L.A. based Hello Kitty exhibit extends its run another month

Hello Hello Kitty! Hello dear friend
Mar 26
The Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles has announced that their popular museum exhibit, Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty, will be extended for another month, letting people enjoy... read
Hello Kitty photo
She's a Kitty, but not a kitty
Hello Kitty and Sanrio recently made headlines with the "revelation" that Kitty White (the eponymous Hello Kitty) was not, in fact, a cat. The news predictably evoked some pretty extreme reactions ("Hello Kitty is not a cat, ... read feature

Hello Kitty photo
On her second life now?
Kaiyodo's Revoltech Hello Kitty Black Skull ver is currently available for pre-order. This Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos, not the zombie movie or its remake) themed figure comes with Joe (the mouse), an apple, and an altern... read feature

Hello Kitty photo
Hello Kitty

Japan sends a Kitty into space

Specially made Hello Kitty hitches a ride on a satellite
Aug 16
There's a long tradition of space agencies around the world sending animals into space, for better or worse. But this might be a first. Reuters is reporting that a tiny, 4 cm tall Hello Kitty figure is riding along on the rec... read
Cardio Kitty photo
Cardio Kitty

Jason Freeny shows heart (and veins) with Cardio Kitty

New custom sculpture with a different anatomical twist
Jul 08
Jason Freeny's anatomical sculptures and illustrations have become his trademark, but his newest piece — Cardio Kitty — is a slightly different twist on things. Normally, we've see his cutaway-style sculptures, bu... read
HK fire extinguisher photo
HK fire extinguisher

In case of fire break glass and use Hello Kitty fire extinguisher

And in case of hunger eat the canned bread
Mar 20
The number of places you wouldn't expect to find Hello Kitty has now become a little shorter. The Kousaka Disaster Prevention Company has begun selling officially licensed Hello Kitty fire extinguishers in Joetsu, N... read
Hello Kitty x Playboy photo
Hello Kitty x Playboy

Hello Kitty teams up with Playboy for ne–wait, what?

Somehow Hello Kitty makes Playboy a little more PG
Mar 04
I think we can all safely say we never saw this coming. Even after all the weird colabs that Hello Kitty was involved in last year like Ninja Turtles and giant robots, there's no way anyone could predict that 2014 would ... read
Hello Kitty Tiger & Bunny photo
Hello Kitty Tiger & Bunny

Hello Kitty is now Hello Tiger and Hello Bunny

And she's bringing a lot of merchandise with her
Jan 06
Hello Kitty continues to cosplay as pop culture icons, this time playing the hero as both Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. for the latest film Tiger & Bunny the Movie -The Rising-. The movie opens in Japan on February 8 ... read
Hello Kitty photo
Hello Kitty

Licca-chan gets a Hello Kitty makeover in new doll series

You know there's a Hello Kitty fan out there with a room just like this
Dec 17
Hello Kitty continues her crusade to dominate the market with her face. Sanrio has especially been collaborating with many more companies to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary. The latest Hello Kitty collaboratio... read
Kaiyodo photo

Why, hello there, Revoltech Hello Kitty

Making your cat look boring since 1974
Dec 09
AmiAmi has released a review for Kaiyodo's upcoming Revoltech Hello Kitty / Kitty White. While the photos are fun, the review fails to answer what was running through Kaiyodo's head(s) when the company decided to produce a Re... read
Boxos papercraft playsets photo
Boxos papercraft playsets

Boxos papercraft playsets let you recreate fave series

My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty and more are coming to Funko's papercrafting line
Dec 05
For the DIY toy collector who loves pop culture, Funko's upcoming Boxos releases will let you re-enact scenes and create new adventures for characters from series such as Star Wars, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Teenage M... read
TMNT Hello Kitty photo
TMNT Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Ninja Turtles really says it all

And the price tag says even more
Nov 19
Hello Kitty gets crossed over with lots of different franchises, but this one is really out there. Dreams Come True, Inc. has announced their latest COOL JAPAN X COOL AMERICA project promoting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ... read
Madoka Magica x My Melody photo
My Melody as Ultimate Madoka joins plushies released in 2012
In the summer of 2012 exclusive Japanese retailers carried a special line of products featuring My Melody and Kuromi crossed-over with Puella Magi Madoka Magica. At the time they promised there could be more if the serie... read feature

Hello Kitty photo
Hello Kitty

Tamashii Nations will make a Chogokin Hello Kitty robot

You read that right
Oct 31
I know Hello Kitty has always been popular. I think it’s safe to say that she’s been on literally everything ever made from toilet paper to adult sex toys. So nothing that I see her on should really surprise me b... read

Hello Kitty+Simpsons come together for the first time

Sanrio announces the first collaboration between Hello Kitty and The Simpsons
Oct 15
The Simpsons and Hello Kitty have been around for quite some time now. Still, in all this time these two have never crossed paths. Well, now that's about to change! Yesterday, Sanrio announced that Hello Kitty and The Simps... read
Revoltech Hello Kitty photo
Revoltech Hello Kitty

Revoltech Hello Kitty up for pre-order now!

Are you ready to add more cuteness to your collection?
Oct 15
Ms. Kitty White is now available in her Revoltech form we showed you just yesterday! You know, the more I've looked at her, the more I decided I couldn't resist. I have to have her! She's very cheap, and is just too cute with... read
Hello Kitty Revoltech photo
Kaiyodo surprises us with the release of Hello Kitty in Revoltech form
Well, there's something that caught me off guard, literally making me say, "Lul wut.." at my screen. Kaiyodo is officially turning Hello Kitty into a Revoltech. I think I'm excited about this, and will probably buy it if poss... read feature


Funko brings ghoulish fun with Hello Kitty and more

Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice also included
Jul 25
After the seemingly endless amount of SDCC exclusives, Funko is already back announcing new figures. Getting started with Halloween early, there will be Hello Kitty 2.5 inch Halloween Mystery Mini figures. These Hello Kitty ... read
SDCC Sanrio photo
SDCC Sanrio

SDCC 2013: Sanrio

Kitty-chan had a secret booth! I found it!
Jul 25
Hello Kitty had a presence all over SDCC this year, but the main focus here will be on Sanrio's booths themselves. A lot of you might have heard that they were having a pop-up shop in Petco Park outside of the convention. Thi... read
Hello Kitty and Marvel goodness
We're getting closer and closer to the end of Funko's exclusives reveals. Now out with their sixth batch of exclusives, this one is filled with Marvel and Hello Kitty. Starting with Iron Man 3, there will be Pop! figures of ... read feature


Toynami brings two new Sanrio Street Fighters to SDCC

You gotta love Badtz-Maru
Jul 16
The Sanrio Street Fighter cross-over has brought us Hello Kitty dressed up as many Street Fighter characters. Hello Kitty has been made into characters like Chun Li, M. Bison and Ryu. Now for SDCC, this Sanrio Street Fighter... read
Hello Kitty...Hello Kitty everywhere
Sanrio will be making their big debut at SDCC with an interactive Hello Kitty experience called Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland. This interactive experience will be open to the public at Petco Park and inspired by the s... read feature

Custom Made Monday photo
Don't worry, some good guys are here, too
Welcome back to Custom Made Monday, fresh off a vacation induced by the fun of SDCC. Yes, it's been an overwhelming few weeks here at Tomopop HQ, but we've managed to squeeze out another round-up of custom figures that caught... read feature


Obscure brings his steampunk show pieces online

From Steampunk LA, Obscure's custom works vary from Hello Kitty to C3PO
Jun 25
On June 21 at the Vex Arts Center was a great steampunk event called Steampunk LA. Over 50 art pieces were shown at this event, and one of those featured artists was Matt Perez, also known as Obscure. Now he has taken pieces... read
A peek at prize figures in Japanese arcades
I make it a point to visit one of my local arcades at least once every couple of weeks to see what figures are in the UFO catchers, and I figure I may as well share it with you all. Pardon the image quality — I don't wa... read feature


Hola, Hola Gatito: Dia de los Muertos Hello Kitty

From the mind of Matt Perez aka Obscure, check out this Hello Kitty custom
May 07
Continuing the Dia de los Muertos love, here is the latest custom from Angry Koala Gear's Obscure. Taking a 7-inch Hello Kitty DIY vinyl figure, he customized it to give her a Dia de Los Muertos look. Painted wearing a maria... read

It was inevitable: Vocaloid x Hello Kitty Collaboration

Just wait for Star Wars: Vocaloid edition!
Dec 08
Did you ever expect to see this NOT happen? Let's be honest with ourselves here, folks. Vocaloid will put it itself in just about anything. Everyone loves to collaborate with Hatsune Miku. The heads over at Sanrio, while not ... read
Ride off into the sunset on a vacuum tube
Though not my favorite Hello Kitty to Issho! figure out there, Mikan certainly is very cute in her own right (previously seen in magazine scans). Kaitendoh has posted up their sample images, along with the information that sh... read feature


Doll Break: The Little Things

Aug 06
Waiting is the hardest part, or so they say, and right now I'm waiting for my Innocent World Byul Hermine to arrive at my doorstep. In the meantime, this Doll Break will feature the two newest members of two of my mini col... read

Kaitendoh's new goodies from hobby scans and beyond

Jul 23
Fans of OreImo, Daiteikoku and the Hello Kitty to Issho! figures might like this month's scanned goods from Kaitendo. We've got an upcoming figure of Kirino in casual wear (previously seen back in Spring) and a cute girl call... read

Under the Radar: Halfbad, Jason Chalker's ThreeA customs

Jul 21
We haven't really posted any custom ThreeA Toys robots on the site lately, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. In fact, we're bringing you two tonight. First, from Halfbad, there's his custom Large Martin. Halfbad says th... read

SDCC 2012: Toynami

Jul 14
Our SDCC 2012 coverage continues with the company that showcased one of the most fluffiest and cuddliest displays, Toynami! The most prominent reveal was their Street Fighter Hello Kitty plushes, in which we'll be getting the... read

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