Wonder Festival MegaHouse photo

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: MegaHouse

MegaHouse appears to have had one of the larger displays on the floor at Wonder Festival 2015 Winter. MH had no shortage of new figures to show alongside some figures they've been toting along for a few years now. While a large chunk of wha...

MegaHouse Ginpachi-sensei photo

Class is in session with Ginpachi-sensei

The last time we caught a glimpse of Ginpachi-sensei at Wonder Festival 2013 Summer over a month ago, he was still in his unpainted prototype form, but now, the homeroom teacher from the light novel series (and anime extras), Gintama Class ...

MegaHouse Gintama photo

Share a drink with Gintoki and the gang

How would you like Gintoki and his cohorts to join you for some refreshing tea time? Well, now they can, thanks to MegaHouse's delightful Gintama "Tea friends series - Would you like to rest a little?" figure set. The box set of eight figur...


Megahobby Expo 2013 Spring: Gintama's Ginpachi

Since Pedro already posted up the Naruto-related G.E.M. series additions, I am taking up the slack here with a Gintama-related G.E.M. series figure, Ginpachi-sensei! This prototype was shown at Megahoubby Expo by MegaHouse, and though I'm n...


MegaHouse pre-order announcement roundup

Thanks to a recent update via twitter, MegaHouse has finally announced the upcoming figures available for pre-order come April. So, get ready for a good old fashioned round up, MegaHouse Style. First, we have two legendary pirates fro...


G.E.M. series Hijikata Toushirou gets a second look

Recently MegaHouse opened pre-orders for a familiar face in their G.E.M. series, and if you’re a Gintama fan as I am, you’re probably over the moon with the addition. Making a second appearance in the popular line of figures is...


See Banpresto's latest figures from the 31st Prize Fair

Just when you thought all of the figure shows were over for February another one sneaks in with a bunch of new things to see. Dengeki Hobby has posted their coverage of the Japan Amusement Expo 2013 31st Prize Expo showing off the late...


Alpha x Omega shows off two prototypes in scans

Though the Gundam SEED project has been headed by MegaHouse so far, it looks like Alpha Omega is getting in on the action (yes, I know they're related) by producing their own figure from the series featuring Yzak Joule. I'm absolutely lovin...


Gintama's Kagura is ready to set Yoshiwara into flames

Fans of the hit series Gintama have a lot to be celebrating. Not only is the anime resuming with an all new story arc, but finally, the second member of Yorozuya Gin-chan is ready for pre-order. The feisty 'China Girl,' Kagura is ready to j...


Banpresto's latest may be worth it even if not a prize

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we saw Banpresto display several of their upcoming prize figures for 2013 at the 30th Prize Fair. It was then last week that the Master File Blog gave us a much better look at the Gundam Unicorn line o...


MegaHouse's Kintoki of Gintama works his charm

Oh ho, you scamps at animate. Posting a product nearly two weeks in advance of MegaHouse making it official for pre-order. I can only assume you were charmed by Kin-chan just like the many others in the recent art of the Gintama anime. Neve...


The G.E.M. series reminds us Gintama is about Kintoki

My memory is a little fuzzy, but it looks like MegaHouse will be releasing yet another figure of the star of Gintama, Kintoki Sakata. The leader of the Yorozuya and all around liked character Kin-chan will be released as a 1/8-scale figure ...


Fourth time's the charm for MegaHouse's Sakata Gintoki

Recently, MegaHouse unleashed a good deal of new figures available for pre-order from its popular G.E.M line. Among the different array of choices, was a very familiar face, Sakata Gintoki from the hit manga/anime series Gintama. As one of ...


MegaHouse pre-order announcement roundup

Grab onto your wallets, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Recently, MegaHouse announced via twitter, the upcoming figures that will be available in August for pre-order. First up, we have two One Piece Portrait.of.Pirates boys, which man...


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: MegaHouse

MegaHouse are always bringing in some exciting stuff, aren't they? Check out the gallery for images of: Just a few One Piece pirates, including Franky, Crimin Nami, and P.O.P. Sailing Again Perona (now painted!). Several Aquarion Evol figu...


MegaHobby Expo 2012 Spring: MegaHouse Part 2

Though there were few unpainted figures shown at the event, MegaHouse had a plethora of painted figures from titles of all types. Well, mostly shounen but still there's a bit to look at. From Ruroni Kenshin, the two flavors of Kenshin were ...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for April 4, 2012

Like trading figures and other figure odds and ends? That is what you have to look forward to in today's Reserve or Regret. There are normal figures, too, but the majority of what you will find are figures of the trading variety. The most i...


Gintama's Kamui challenges you to pre-order him

Fans of Gintama who have been waiting for the next man to pop up will have much to squeal about. You've already had Shinsuke (reviewed) show up which brought you much delight. Now you have that scary Yato brother of Kagura to throw your mon...


Banpaku Event Coverage: Shounen Showdown!

In our continuing coverage of Banpresto Hakurankai, or Banpaku for short we get a glimpse of some of Banpresto's newest figures and they certainly have a lot in the making. This time We’ll be looking at Naruto, One Piece, Hunter X Hun...


Tomopop Review: G.E.M. Shinsuke Takasugi by MegaHouse

The world of PVC figures has many subjects, but for some reason there has always been a dearth of male characters. Why is that? I've come across at least as many female collectors as male ones, so why does the figure industry cater to males...


Prize Fair 2012 Summer: Banpresto - JUMP Comics

If there's something you know you'll have a constant supply of, it's the action and adventure from JUMP Comics. And since there's usually so many popular titles coming from it, you can always expect to find prize figures. Banpresto had quit...


Wonder Festival 2012 Winter: Miscellaneous figures

Despite all our coverage of Wonder Festival 2012 Winter, there's a lot of other companies who and some figures that haven't been posted yet for one reason or another, so we're rounding some of them up right here! Notably, CM's Corporation h...


MegaHobby EXPO: Gintama's Kamui by MegaHouse

With the way MegaHouse has been releasing their boys from parody title Gintama, it comes as no surprise that the next in line would be the crazy popular Kamui. Can you blame them? I mean, look at the pretty face. Makes you smile, huh? That'...


One Piece, Gintama plushes evolve into blankets

It's not even fall and yet, the plush universe is gearing up for winter. Two new plushes spotted over at AmiAmi are not only fuzzy, soft buddies to cuddle up with as the temperature drops, but they even supply the blanket! Bandai and Sunris...


MegaHobby Expo 2011 Spring: More Gintama is coming!

For a girl who loves pretty boys, Gintama is the show to see. At this year's MegaHobby Expo 2011 Spring, we got a better look at the upcoming releases in the Gintama line that we originally saw in prototype form at Jump Festa. Megahouse sho...


Tomopop Review: MegaHouse's 1/8-scale Sougo Okita

MegaHouse is back again with their successful line of G.E.M. Series figures based on the parody manga series turned anime, Gintama. I absolutely love the series for the emotional roller coaster that it can take you on even though 75 percent...


Tomopop Review: 1/8-scale Hijikata Toshiro by MegaHouse

If you do not already know, I'm a big fan of Gintama. It is an amazing series that spins the Edo period with amazing characters, great gags that parody Japanese pop culture, and awesome action scenes. The series also knows how to pull the r...


Preorders open for MegaHouse's squishy Gintama figures

Being a fan of parody series Gintama and adorable, squishy things, I'm finding myself tempted by MegaHouse's latest figures. The Gintama GEMINI Series figures features the sweet tooth, Yorozuya boss Sakata Gintoki and behind the times, cosp...


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