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11:15 PM on 02.13.2015

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: MegaHouse

MegaHouse appears to have had one of the larger displays on the floor at Wonder Festival 2015 Winter. MH had no shortage of new figures to show alongside some figures they've been toting along for a few years now. While a lar...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Class is in session with Ginpachi-sensei photo
Class is in session with Ginpachi-sensei
by Yami Casas

The last time we caught a glimpse of Ginpachi-sensei at Wonder Festival 2013 Summer over a month ago, he was still in his unpainted prototype form, but now, the homeroom teacher from the light novel series (and anime extras), Gintama Class 3-Z Ginpachi-sensei, is ready to teach everyone a good lesson in language-Jump style.

There's no denying Ginpachi isn't what you might call a typical homeroom teacher as he smokes his trademark lerolero candy (lollipop) while heading to his classroom without a care. I like the way the fabric of his white lab-coat sways with his movement, it really adds a lot of realism to the pose. Not to be missed is the detail of the Shounen Jump issue hidden underneath the "Good language" book Ginpachi is holding in his left hand. After all, Ginpachi is not one to miss the latest chapter of One Park. As a bonus, Ginpachi may also be posed with an alternate hand holding a piece of strawberry cake.

Ginpachi-sensei is currently available as a MEGATREA SHOP exclusive; however, there's no need to worry, a local shop is currently securing pre-orders without the need to contact a proxy service. Get ready to join Ginpachi sensei and the class of 3-Z this upcoming January for an enrollment fee of ¥8400.

[ Pre-order at Mio Boutique Tokyo ]


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Share a drink with Gintoki and the gang  photo
Share a drink with Gintoki and the gang
by Yami Casas

How would you like Gintoki and his cohorts to join you for some refreshing tea time? Well, now they can, thanks to MegaHouse's delightful Gintama "Tea friends series - Would you like to rest a little?" figure set.

The box set of eight figures includes Ginoki, Hijikata, Okita, Katsura, Kondo, Kagura, along with two different versions of Elizabeth. Measuring approximately 1.95 inches, each mini figure captures Gintoki and the gang in some of the most inventive clasping-type poses I have ever seen. It's not every day you can have a sip of your favorite drink, and have a fundoshi clad Gorilla staring right back at you. I am a little sad to see Shinpachi noticeably absent from the series, but as an extra incentive, each set will include an original coaster pack.

Keep a spot open in your November calendar, as Gintoki and company head over for a quick drink, provided you can cover the ¥4,800 tab for eight.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan ]


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3:48 AM on 05.25.2013

Megahobby Expo 2013 Spring: Gintama's Ginpachi

Since Pedro already posted up the Naruto-related G.E.M. series additions, I am taking up the slack here with a Gintama-related G.E.M. series figure, Ginpachi-sensei! This prototype was shown at Megahoubby Expo by MegaHouse, a...

Kristina Pino

9:00 PM on 05.16.2013

Gintama's Kyubei shows her softer side

It's not terribly often one sees Gintama's Kyubei Yagyu and thinks of anything girly, but Alter and Megahouse are providing us with a more restrained look at the Yagyu family beauty. While she may have been raised as a boy, y...

Emily Smalara

9:00 AM on 04.04.2013

MegaHouse pre-order announcement roundup

Thanks to a recent update via twitter, MegaHouse has finally announced the upcoming figures available for pre-order come April. So, get ready for a good old fashioned round up, MegaHouse Style. First, we have two legendary p...

Yami Casas

11:00 PM on 03.07.2013

G.E.M. series Hijikata Toushirou gets a second look

Recently MegaHouse opened pre-orders for a familiar face in their G.E.M. series, and if you’re a Gintama fan as I am, you’re probably over the moon with the addition. Making a second appearance in the popular lin...

Yami Casas

7:00 PM on 02.22.2013

See Banpresto's latest figures from the 31st Prize Fair

Just when you thought all of the figure shows were over for February another one sneaks in with a bunch of new things to see. Dengeki Hobby has posted their coverage of the Japan Amusement Expo 2013 31st Prize Expo showi...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

7:00 PM on 01.24.2013

Alpha x Omega shows off two prototypes in scans

Though the Gundam SEED project has been headed by MegaHouse so far, it looks like Alpha Omega is getting in on the action (yes, I know they're related) by producing their own figure from the series featuring Yzak Joule. I'm a...

Kristina Pino

12:00 AM on 01.10.2013

Gintama's Kagura is ready to set Yoshiwara into flames

Fans of the hit series Gintama have a lot to be celebrating. Not only is the anime resuming with an all new story arc, but finally, the second member of Yorozuya Gin-chan is ready for pre-order. The feisty 'China Girl,' Kagur...

Yami Casas

7:00 PM on 11.19.2012

Banpresto's latest may be worth it even if not a prize

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we saw Banpresto display several of their upcoming prize figures for 2013 at the 30th Prize Fair. It was then last week that the Master File Blog gave us a much better look at the Gundam...

Jonathan Tubbs

9:00 AM on 11.08.2012

MegaHouse's Kintoki of Gintama works his charm

Oh ho, you scamps at animate. Posting a product nearly two weeks in advance of MegaHouse making it official for pre-order. I can only assume you were charmed by Kin-chan just like the many others in the recent art of the Gint...

Jonathan Tubbs