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Ensky shows off their new Laputa: Castle in the Sky robots

What's that spell again...
Feb 18
The classic Robot Soldiers from Studio Ghibli's Laputa: Castle in the Sky are now part of Ensky's Mutsumu series of stackable puzzle/figures. They've previously made figures from Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro... read
SDCC: Benelic/Fine Molds photo
SDCC: Benelic/Fine Molds

SDCC 2014: Benelic and Fine Molds

More Ghibli than you can shake a stick at
Jul 31
Diamond Distribution's SDCC booth was also home to a few upcoming Studio Ghibli releases from Benelic and Fine Molds. Benelic's collectibles were of the coin bank and figure variety, featuring Kodama from Princess Mononoke&nb... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Come play with these!
Hello and welcome back to another week of Tomopop LinkUP! In one week from today we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in America and I for one am looking forward to getting stuffed on some turkey! Even though it's a popular... read feature

Castle in the Sky photo
Alas, it's an exclusive
Laputa: Castle in the Sky was one of the very first Studio Gibli efforts to hit the screen (technically it is the first, as the earlier Nausicaa did not bear the famous studio name) and might be a little forgot... read feature


Custom Delights: Studio Ghibli Vinylmation set

Beautiful custom figures by Annemarie Brown
Apr 12
I've been excited about this post for days, because Mrs Annemarie Brown has been posting these figures one by one over Twitter and such, but I was waiting until the full set was revealed to do one big post about her latest cu... read

Diamond doesn't hold back on new Ghibli merch

Reveals a wave of new products based on Studio Ghibli franchises
Mar 16
I don't believe Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki need any sort of introduction here. There's probably very few of you out there who haven't seen or at the very least heard of one of their many animated masterpieces. As anime ... read

This Mr. Drippy amigurumi is ready to work his magic!

You can even make your own with this free pattern!
Mar 13
Need an amazing rainy day project to create? I'm talking to all you crafty crocheters out there! This Mr. Drippy (from Ni no Kuni) amigurumi pattern is available from Kitten's Crafts, and while it's totally over my head consi... read

J-List piles on the Ghibli plushes

Just in time for holiday shopping!
Dec 09
J-List has been good to plush collectors lately but they hit the mother load with their latest batch of Studio Ghibli-licensed plushes which were recently added to the site. The four new additions are from the movies, My... read

Catbus? More like Monorail Cat...bus...

Aug 20
Last week, we saw Annemarie Brown's nine-inch custom LOST Vinylmation. An impressive piece for fans of LOST, it's still available for auction over at the Cancer Gets LOST site. I really can't get enough of it and I wish I had... read

Here are some Studio Ghibli mascots to keep you company

Aug 08
Studio Ghibli is, in my opinion, one of those studios that just doesn't have enough merchandise for tied to their movies. I mean, there are plenty of Totoro goods to be found if you know where to look but, as for Miyazaki's o... read

Custom Totoro will brighten your morning

Aug 02
There's nothing quite like a bit o' the big, fluffy cat known as Totoro to make a morning manageable. This version of Miyazaki's famous character was made by Jenn and Tony over at The Bots. According to The Bots' Flickr ... read

Ni no Kuni's 'Ninostarter' could get you more goodies

Jul 19
I am totally psyched for Namco-Bandai's upcoming RPG, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. I had heard about the game online and in magazines, as well as at booths at conventions like San Diego Comic Con, where they pro... read

SDCC 2012: Multiverse Studio and Triforce

Jul 19
Multiverse Studio had all kinds of supremely awesome stuff at their booth this year. First off, they had the Street Fighter and Mega Man Bobble Budds. They're... shiny! Besides those, there are some new original creations in ... read

This porcine Totoro protects your cash

Apr 03
Fans of all things Studio Ghibli (and really, isn't that everyone?) are sure to love this custom painted piggy bank from artist Mariana Rojas. It's an odd, but absolutely endearing look, capturing the forest keeper's unmistak... read

Nausicaa's gunship, now in tiny plastic form

Mar 27
With the ever-expanding line of LEGO licenses cropping up every day, a lot of fans have been expressing desire for more anime-related properties available. After all, who wouldn't want to put together their own giant Gundam f... read

Under the Radar: Jon Paul Kaiser's custom Totoro

Mar 21
Decidedly different from JPK's usual approach to customs, this Kid Robot 5" Foomi figure turned out to be a rather cute rendition of Totoro from the Ghibli movie My Neighbor Totoro. I'm not sure how I missed this in the first... read

Sho Totoro is peeking out at you from the window

Feb 28
I am ashamed to say that even after this long, I still haven't sat down to watch My Neighbor Totoro. I know, I know, it's pretty bad. I need to get to that sometime soon. Like, yesterday. Even without having seen the film, I ... read

You can buy the house from Kiki's Delivery Service!

Apr 12
Now, this replica of the house from the lovely Studio Ghibli film Kiki's Delivery Service may look sizable, but trust us, it isn't. In fact, it doesn't even come assembled What you're looking at is actually a very intense, de... read

Get on the Cat Bus!

Feb 23
Continuing with the Ghibli theme here, now we've got a great Neko Bus plush (US$35) available via J-List. Of course it's from My Neighbor Totoro, and honestly the thought of a huge grinning Cat Bus is terrifying, but this plu... read

Build your own Laputa Robot Soldier, ready for combat

Feb 23
I'm delighted that more Ghibli-related toys and stuff are still popping up. This kit by Fine Molds that just went up for pre-order would be a beautiful addition to my shelf...especially if I also had the Laputa Flaptter kit t... read

Check out some awesome Ghibli plushes, on sale at J-List

Feb 21
J-List always has more than a ton of Ghibli items in stock, from bento boxes to statues and calendars, and most fuzzy of all, plushes! I set Jiji in the header because Kiki's Delivery Service is my favorite Studio Ghibli film... read

Totoro visits the tattoo parlor with this new custom

Feb 15
Spotted over at Supahcute is this fantastic custom from French artist Fakir called Tattootoro. The custom NedZed features both the big gray and little blue Totoros, one with tattoos and one with a shocked look. SO CUTE! This custom set can be yours for €250 right now at Fakir's store. It's a lot, yes, but this is an AWESOME custom. Someone want to give me a short-term loan? Anyone? read

Totoro no Dondoko Odori will light up your life

Feb 09
The world is jam-packed full of Totoro merchandise, and while it may seem like it's still a novelty in the US, when I was in Japan it was everywhere. I hate to have you imagine Totoro merchandise like the stuff you see in tou... read

Totoro is watching you in the bathroom

Jan 04
Great... I now find myself humming the theme song to My Neighborhood Totoro, replacing the lyrics with "Totoro to toilet, Totoro to toilet." Crafting blog Acornbud's Yarns has shared a pattern for a r... read

At the center of Miyazakitopia: Castle in the Sky

Aug 31
Lego artist Iain Heath, aka Ochre Jelly, has been slowly unveiling his Lego recreations and models for Hayao Miyazaki-centric Miyazakitopia display at this year's BrickCon. Almost all of Miyazaki's characters seem to be prese... read

Bandai re-releases Laputa Flaptter kit

Aug 25
As a child, I wasn't exposed to much quality Miyazaki. Nausicaä was released in bastardized form as Warriors of the Wind, and that's probably all I can recall. It wasn't until the late '90s that I started finding fansubs... read

Studio Ghibli fans will love these 'Spirited Away' Legos

May 25
Yep, that really is Chihiro, Sen and No Face from Studio Ghibli's beautiful award winning film Spirited Away. We've actually brought you news about the artist before: Ochre Jelly, who is working on these pieces as part of his... read

Artist creates Miyazakitopia for Lego's Brickcon 2010

Feb 08
If you have any level of obsession with LEGO, you likely have heard of a little event called Brickcon. Marketed as an "adult LEGO hobbyist event", it challenges fans all over the globe to show up and do what they love bst -- ... read

Nikejerk3's Howl's Moving Castle Dunny

Oct 30
I'm a major fan of Miyazaki's films, and Howl's Moving Castle is one of my favorite, so I absolutely love seeing this Dunny that Nikejerk3 did for a collector. He originally started by making a Howl Dunny but felt that this t... read

Explore the beauty of AlphaMax's Nadia Good Morning Ver.

Oct 29
Good morning, indeed! Here is a series that takes me back and at the same time reminds me how old I am. From Miyazaki Hayao's classic 1990 series Nadia Secret of Blue Water is AlphaMax's 1/6 scale Nadia Good Morning Ver. The ... read

The cutest new Ponyo toy ever chases ham in your bathtub

Aug 18
Studio Ghibli's newest film, Ponyo, has finally made it to US theatres as of this past weekend, and it seems like it's doing pretty well so far. Fans of the charming movie about a goldfish's adventures outside of the sea will... read

From Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service: Kiki and Tombo on Propeller Bicycle

Feb 25
Studio Ghibli have a secret power over me (and I suspect millions of others) that I'm sure they must know by now: by immortalizing any moment from their beautiful films into a figure, I am going to buy it regardless of whethe... read

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