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G.I.Joe photo
Customizing on a budget
Many of you know about those items that are just a smidge outside our regular budgets. Those special items that are cherished by collectors and the people offering to sell said items know how much they are worth. For me, as a... read feature

FrankenJoes photo
Bringing new life to old parts.
I love G.I. Joe figures. I have since I was 7 years old. I got into them largely when Masters of the Universe ended. I watched the cartoon almost everyday and grew up on these figures, so I never developed much of a fandom fo... read feature

BotCon and JoeCon photo
BotCon and JoeCon

BotCon and JoeCon move to Illinois in 2015

Now the east coast and west coast can complain together
Oct 24
Today is the first day of the unofficial Transformers convention TFCon in Chicago, Illinois. I guess there's no better time than today for Fun Publications to announce that their two major Hasbro-backed conventions are headin... read
Shapeways photo

Nintendo says no to Shapeways while Hasbro says go for it

Pokemon no, Ponies yes
Aug 26
Shapeways can't catch a break, or maybe it can? Shapeways has a tendency to be a bit controversial, what with its place as a 3D printing hub making use of user-created 3D renders, many of which are based on licensed character... read
Transformers  photo
First G.I. Joe figure in the Transformers Collectors' Club
The official Transformers Collectors' Club has announced two new figures that will be in the club store in 2015. The first is Nova Prime, a repaint of the remolded Lio Convoy that will be given to active club members next yea... read feature

Community x G.I. Joe photo
Community x G.I. Joe

Community goes G.I. Joe in a very animated special episode

Watching is half the battle
Apr 05
Once upon a time, cartoons were more obvious about their status as vehicles for merchandising. Cartoons would frequently introduce new characters, vehicles, and so forth, in a bid to promote either existent or upcoming mercha... read
G.I. Joe photo
G.I. Joe

Whoa! G.I. Joe turns the big five-oh! A whopping 50 years

Another fifteen years until retirement?
Feb 06
G.I. Joe celebrates its 50th - that's right, FIFTIETH - anniversary this year. The line got its start in early 1964 as an 11.5-inch articulated figure with 21 moving parts. The figures were intended to honor military veterans... read
JoeCon 2014 photo
JoeCon 2014

JoeCon 2014 figure theme revealed: Zombies!

First figure from G.I. Joe set featuring the living dead previewed
Jan 17
Fun Publications has revealed the theme and first figure for their G.I. Joe-based JoeCon exclusive 15 figure set. G.I. Joe Collector's Club describes the story behind the set as this: COBRA's latest sinister plot involves th... read
Harmony Gold v. Hasbro photo
SDCC 2013 exclusive returns to Hasbro Toy Shop
You might remember back in July Harmony Gold field a lawsuit against Hasbro over their SDCC 2013 exclusive G.I. Joe and the Transformers: The Epic Conclusion figure set which, among other things, includes a repainted/remolded... read feature

SDCC The Loyal Subjects photo
SDCC The Loyal Subjects

SDCC 2013: The Loyal Subjects

Gung Ho's looking a little... festive
Jul 27
The SDCC vinyl party continues with The Loyal Subjects. Most of their stuff was from Transformers and G.I. Joe. Kicking off with Transformers, they had the classic Megatron and Bumblebee designs, as well as Comic Con exclusiv... read
SDCC G.I. Joe photo

SDCC 2013: Hasbro - G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe looks like it could become MIA soon
Jul 26
G.I. Joe has turned up at SDCC once again with a continually dwindling presence. It's a solid toy line at a good price, but the troubles the second movie caused the toy line appear to be more than they can recover from. Hasbr... read
Sideshow Baroness photo
Sideshow Baroness

Sideshow's Baroness shows why evil is hot

Well, attractive, anyway
Jul 17
Sideshow Collectibles' 1/6 scale Baroness is now available for pre-order. The Sideshow exclusive version features an additional head and glasses. The Baroness is among the most iconic of Cobra's evil agents and, for many, is ... read
Hot Toys Superman & GIJoe photo
Hot Toys Superman & GIJoe

Hot Toys adds Evil Superman & GI Joe to Toy Fair lineup

The original Joe and some messed-up Kryptonite
Jul 08
Last week, Vanessa brought word of the first of Hot Toys' exclusive figures for the year, MMS 1/6 Captain America. Hot Toys has since added to the list with two new figures, the evil version of Superman from Superman III and ... read
Hasbro SDCC 2013 excl's photo
Hasbro SDCC 2013 excl's

Hasbro's 2013 SDCC exclusives revealed!

Is it weird that I kinda really want that pony?
Jun 06
USA Today has spoiled Hasbro's SDCC 2013 offerings. In addition to the previously announced Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite pack  (US$50), Hasbro will be selling a DJ Pon-3 (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; US$5... read

Soko Cat adds another preview for G.I. Joe Custom Show

These two new additions will be available tomorrow at the event
May 30
With the G.I. Joe Custom Show a day away, here's one more preview of what you'll see if you attend. As a late addition to the lineup, New Jersey artist, SoKo Cat, has released previews of her customs she will have at the eve... read

Carson Catlin's G.I. Joe customs for SubUrban Vinyl

A Real American Hero
May 29
Vanessa recently wrote about the upcoming G.I. Joe Custom Show running over at SubUrban Vinyl in New Jersey, which starts up this Friday, May 31st with Tenacious Toys. She included a few pictures of pieces that'll be shown at... read

Hot Toys Roadblock just misses the mark

The Rock just checked into the Smackdown Hotel
May 22
When Hot Toys announced that they were making a 1/6 scale figure of The Rock Dwayne Johnson as his G.I. Joe appearance as Roadblock, I was excited. Excitement can quickly turn to apathy and that's kind of the case here. Hot T... read

Save the date: G.I. Joe Custom show at SubUrban Vinyl

Starting on May 31, a custom G. I. Joe event will be held in Waldwick, New Jersey
May 21
Attention, New Jersey! SubUrban Vinyl and Tenacious Toys will be having a G.I. Joe custom show on May 31. Partnered with The Loyal Subjects and Hasbro, this custom toy show will have over 30 artists bringing with them over 1... read

Hasbro digs up 20 years of Jurassic Park toys

Toys R Us exclusive line reminds some of us just how old we are.
Mar 19
Can you believe it's been 20 years since the Jurassic Park movie first hit theaters? The cutting edge stuff they were doing in that movie can be done on a home computer today. Still a fun movie regardless. Of course, just lik... read

Nath's custom Centurions Jake Rockwell is 'Xtreme'

Custom G.I.Joe based on 1980s cartoon and toy line gives the character an update I would pay money for.
Mar 15
Back in the late '70s and '80s there was an industry wide shift in figure scale as companies moved away from large 'dolls' and smaller action figures dominated. Even so, there were some ambitious figures that just had to be b... read

Troops of Doom celebrates fifth anniversary

Will there be plastic cake?
Feb 26
Troops of Doom, a web comic featuring G.I. Joe and Star War figures battling for Lego technology, recently celebrated its fifth birthday. The comic was launched in 2008 and now, five years later, has had 523 comic strips (or ... read

Toy Fair 2013: Hasbro Kre-O

Transformers, Star Wars, G.I.Joe, and even basic building sets hit the show.
Feb 12
Hasbro's Kre-O Battleship line may have sunk and the Transformers had a rough start, but continues to back their homegrown building block line. This year the focus seems to be on saturation as they push four lines simult... read

Toy Fair 2013: Hasbro - G.I. Joe

Mo' Joe!
Feb 10
Hasbro's G.I. Joe showcase seemed to focus mostly on its movie offerings, both in its 3.75-inch core format and the larger kid-friendly toys. However, there seemed to be a lot of non-movie figures on display including some ki... read

Hot Toys Snake Eyes is now available to pre-order

Welp, that was fast
Jan 02
It seems that a lot of us here like G.I. Joe and Hot Toys. The first Hot Toys release from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Snake Eyes, looks to have captured our attention quite well. What Hot Toys is hoping is that it has done enough... read

Those Hot Toys G.I.Joe we wanted? They're making them!

Rocky! Rocky! I mean Dwayne! Dwayne! Dwayne!
Jan 02
Immediately at the announcement of Hot Toys Snake Eyes, my attention went straight to what else can be made. Don't get me wrong, the 1/6 Snake Eyes is nothing short of amazing, but there's other people I want along the way. I... read

Hot Toys goes commando with new Snake Eyes figure

Second quarter release planned for what is hopefully a long line of G.I.Joe movie figures from Hot Toys.
Dec 31
G.I.Joe Retaliation is a troubled movie. Earlier in 2012 the movie was ready full salvo for its June 29 release with a major add campaign, toys showing up in stores, and licensed merchandise everywhere. Then Paramount dr... read

It's Transformers vs. the ball in the MENSA voting finals

It's robots that can take any number of forms versus an object that comes in a limited number of shapes.
Nov 20
MENSA (yeah, that MENSA) has been holding their Toys Bracket Challenge since since mid-October and we've now come down to the finals! It's the action figure juggernaut known as the Transformers battling it out against th... read

Hasbro calls possible purchase by Disney just a rumor

Analysts say there's no chance of DIsney buying Hasbro so soon after having just bought Lucasfilm Ltd.
Nov 08
Unless you've been living in an ice cave on planet Hoth for the past week you know Disney has been making some pretty big headlines. There's the 2015 date for The Avengers 2, the surprise purchase of Lucasfilm Ltd., and their... read

Rumor: Could Disney be interested in Hasbro?

MTV Geek reports high-level discussions may be starting
Nov 05
Just last week, Disney announced seemingly out of nowhere that they were buying up Lucasfilm for US$4 billion. And now, according to sources that talked to MTV Geek, the Mouse's attention may be turning to another company: Ha... read

Sideshow brings Cobra's Major Bludd into their ranks

New 1/6 scale figure of terrorist mercinary also gets a SideshowToys.com exclusive incentive
Oct 29
In today's world it's kinda easy to look at the G.I. Joe arch nemesis Cobra as a rather silly excuse for a terrorist organization. What with their ranks filled with so many oddball misfits it's a little hard to take them seri... read

NYCC 2012: Mimobots

Check out the Uglydoll collaboration!
Oct 14
If you dig collectible gadgets, then Mimoco's Mimobot line is perfect for you. They're USB memory sticks shaped like characters from comics, cartoons, and whatever else. Recently Mimoco has started a line of Mimobots with the... read

Children's Museum picks top 100 toys as voted on by fans

G.I. Joe and Transformers top the list
Sep 12
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana recently held an online pole taking votes on the top 100 toys that define our childhoods. In a list that included everything from Silly Putty to the Jack-in-the-Box and gath... read

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