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11:30 PM on 10.03.2013

Painted Theatrhythm Cloud figure emerges online

Edit #2: Added image of Painted Theatrhythm Sephiroth Edit: Added image of Painted Theatrhythm Tifa Prototypes of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy figures were seen at the latest Tokyo Game Show. Square Enix's booth had prototype fi...

Vanessa Cubillo

8:00 AM on 09.27.2013

Tidus and Yuna re-mastered with some PAK photos

Official promo shots for painted Play Arts Kai Tidus and Yuna have shown up on Hidemi Matsuzuka's Facebook page. Tidus was previously seen unpainted at SDCC. Final Fantasy X has always evoked mixed feelings for me as it was t...


7:00 AM on 09.18.2013

Pre-orders open for Square Enix's Variant PAK figures

Square Enix has three figures from their Variant Play Arts Kai line open for pre-orders now. From the DC Variant PAK line comes Supergirl and Superman, and from Final Fantasy Variant PAK comes Hero of Light. It was only last...

Vanessa Cubillo

Play Arts Kai Variant Hero of Light now in Technicolor! photo
Play Arts Kai Variant Hero of Light now in Technicolor!
by Rio McCarthy

We've seen past looks at Square-Enix's Final Fantasy Variant Play Arts Kai Hero of Light before, but now here's the fully finished real deal! Hidemi Matsuzuka shared three new photos on Facebook. I can't wait. I loved the sculpt before, but after seeing it in color I absolutely need to have it. I will actually be really sad if I can't get this for my collection.

No words on pre-order or release date, nor price, so we still have lots of things to play wait and see with. However, if those swords really do look like they're floating in midair with the actual figure? Holy moly.. I need it, like, now. I can't wait!

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11:00 AM on 08.22.2013

All hail Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut, King of Dragons

[UPDATE 2: Hidemi has tweeted a photo of Bahamut side by side with Kain which shows off the size difference. Check it out in the gallery] [UPDATE: Another new photo has been tweeted, this time of the front view, along with th...


7:00 AM on 08.21.2013

Yes, it appears to be Kain... FFIV Variant Play Arts Kai

Recently Hidemi Matsuzuka tweeted a teaser image for what was believed to part of a new Variant Play Arts Kai line. However, many readers were very quick to point out that it seemed to be Kain Highwind, the dragoon from ...


10:00 PM on 08.17.2013

Final Fantasy VII 3D-printed polygonal figurines canceled

[ UPDATE: CNET reports that the fan-made line has been removed from Shapeways following a takedown notice from Square-Enix ] Few things in gaming seem to be held as sacred as Square-Enix's 1997 hit, Final Fantasy VII. While t...


5:00 PM on 07.19.2013

SDCC 2013: Square Enix

Square Enix's booth had a lot of new surprises this year. At their booth, they had plenty of new and upcoming figures likes PAK DC Variant figures of Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Green Lantern and The Flash. There were also...

Vanessa Cubillo

9:45 PM on 07.04.2013

Japan Expo 2013: Play Arts Kai - Final Fantasy

Square Enix is looking to make a splash at Japan Expo. Not only have they debuted their newest line of Assassin's Creed figures, but they've brought along  just about everything they're making for the rest of the year. I...

Andres Cerrato

6:00 PM on 06.17.2013

Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy 'Warrior of Light' sees it

Square Enix has had fun with their Variants line. There's the DC lineup and then there's the intrigue of the original Final Fantasy. The first such figure we got to see was that of the Warrior of Light. While only being treat...

Andres Cerrato

Play Arts Kai Yuna, Tidus, Lightning show up at E3 photo
Play Arts Kai Yuna, Tidus, Lightning show up at E3
by Brian Szabelski

Square Enix is a little busy with E3 on their hands right now, but they still made time to bring a few new Play Arts Kai figures with them. In this case, those would be the Final Fantasy X Yuna and Tidus Play Arts Kai and the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Play Arts Kai figures, all as unpainted prototypes. Destructoid editor-in-chief Dale North was able to get some photos of the trio for us, and you can check them out in our gallery.

If you want to catch up on the rest of the news from E3 2013, Destructoid is where you ought to go. What are your thoughts on the sculpts so far, Tomopop readers?

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3:00 AM on 06.12.2013

SE's Play Arts Kai line has me seeing Red XIII

[update: Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted a headshot. And yes, even PAK Red XIII's face is better than the previous Play Arts version.] About six or seven years have passed since I first drooled upon seeing photos of Square-...