Final Fantasy

Theatrhythm Static Arts photo
Squall along with a Moogle and Chocobo join in
We have been tracking the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Static Arts mini series since the first figures were spotted at last year's Tokyo Game Show. At that point, the only characters to be seen were Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, Se... read feature

TomoTour: Final Fantasy photo
No crystals but plenty of awesome toys, kupo!
Final Fantasy is one of gaming's most well-known roleplaying series with millions of fans. It stands to reason that a good portion of them would have to have to be crafters. On this edition of TomoTour, we look at some of the Final Fantasy-inspired loot to be found on Etsy. So cue the overworld theme, because we are going on an adventure! read feature

Toy Fair 2014 Square-Enix photo
Toy Fair 2014 Square-Enix

Toy Fair 2014: Square Enix debuts its newest figures

Bahamut and more in full glory
Feb 16
Square-Enix has made a lot of strides in its offerings. The Play Arts line evolved into Kai and in more directions than just the company's own game lineup. The Variant line for DC Comics, for example, has been fantastic so fa... read
Final Fantasy photo
Final Fantasy

New Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon photos jump out

Who said white Dragoons couldn't jump?
Feb 04
Hidemi Matsuzuka has posted two new photos of Square-Enix's upcoming Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon (previously seen at NYCC 2013). While I wasn't sure what I thought of the figure when we first saw it unpainted, I've quickly ... read
Final Fantasy  photo
Final Fantasy

Now is your time to get Theatrhythm Final Fantasy figures

Jan 30
It feels like a long time since I first saw Square Enix’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy figures painted. That was only in October, but now there’s no need for waiting because these mini figures are finally open for p... read
LR:FFXIII Lightning PAK photo

Lightning Returns: FFXIII Lightning PAK gallery

This striking lady is my favorite rendition yet!
Nov 29
Holy cow. I thought I liked the design of the Lightning Play Arts Kai from Final Fantasy XIII-2, but this one takes the cake for me. I really hope somehow I can get my hands on the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII versio... read
Play Arts Kai Bahamut photo
Play Arts Kai Bahamut

Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut is now in color

How do you feel now that you've seen it?
Nov 15
First off, I'll admit I'm really torn on this now. I absolutely loved the sculpts we've covered previously, but I don't think I'm a fan of these colors... I know it's supposed to be a 'variant', but whether it's the filters o... read
Bahamut photo

VPAK Bahamut getting remodeled, size increase

Make my monster GROW!
Oct 16
Size? It makes all the difference.  Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted that the upcoming Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut is being remodeled with a bigger body (presumably to appeal to fans who thought the King of Dragons' propor... read
Final Fantasy figures photo
Wow, Bahamut is gigantic
Of course, if it's Square Enix and the Play Arts Kai line, that means we have to have some Final Fantasy stuff, right? There was plenty to gawk at inside Square Enix's booth, whether it's figures we've seen before like Yuffie... read feature


Painted Theatrhythm Cloud figure emerges online

Now with painted versions of Tifa and Sephiroth
Oct 03
Edit #2: Added image of Painted Theatrhythm Sephiroth Edit: Added image of Painted Theatrhythm Tifa Prototypes of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy figures were seen at the latest Tokyo Game Show. Square Enix's booth had prototype fi... read
Play Arts Kai photo
Play Arts Kai

Tidus and Yuna re-mastered with some PAK photos

I wish I had a game-savvy pun but I've never played this one
Sep 27
Official promo shots for painted Play Arts Kai Tidus and Yuna have shown up on Hidemi Matsuzuka's Facebook page. Tidus was previously seen unpainted at SDCC. Final Fantasy X has always evoked mixed feelings for me as it was t... read

Pre-orders open for Square Enix's Variant PAK figures

Pre-orders are now open for Hero of Light, Supergirl and Superman
Sep 18
Square Enix has three figures from their Variant Play Arts Kai line open for pre-orders now. From the DC Variant PAK line comes Supergirl and Superman, and from Final Fantasy Variant PAK comes Hero of Light. It was only last... read
Play Arts Kai photo
Final Fantasy's Hero of Light is looking cooler and brighter than ever!
We've seen past looks at Square-Enix's Final Fantasy Variant Play Arts Kai Hero of Light before, but now here's the fully finished real deal! Hidemi Matsuzuka shared three new photos on Facebook. I can't wait. I loved the scu... read feature

Variant PAK Bahumut photo
Variant PAK Bahumut

All hail Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut, King of Dragons

Sure, Bahamut is exciting but this is a little anticlimatic
Aug 22
[UPDATE 2: Hidemi has tweeted a photo of Bahamut side by side with Kain which shows off the size difference. Check it out in the gallery] [UPDATE: Another new photo has been tweeted, this time of the front view, along with th... read
PAK Kain photo
PAK Kain

Yes, it appears to be Kain... FFIV Variant Play Arts Kai

You win this round, readers!
Aug 21
Recently Hidemi Matsuzuka tweeted a teaser image for what was believed to part of a new Variant Play Arts Kai line. However, many readers were very quick to point out that it seemed to be Kain Highwind, the dragoon from ... read
3D Polygonal FFVII photo
3D Polygonal FFVII

Final Fantasy VII 3D-printed polygonal figurines canceled

Finally some game-accurate figures! what I said before Square-Enix's takedown notice canceled the line
Aug 17
[ UPDATE: CNET reports that the fan-made line has been removed from Shapeways following a takedown notice from Square-Enix ] Few things in gaming seem to be held as sacred as Square-Enix's 1997 hit, Final Fantasy VII. While t... read

SDCC 2013: Square Enix

Star Trek, Aliens, RoboCop, and more greats from PAK
Jul 19
Square Enix's booth had a lot of new surprises this year. At their booth, they had plenty of new and upcoming figures likes PAK DC Variant figures of Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Green Lantern and The Flash. There were also... read
PAK Final Fantasy photo
PAK Final Fantasy

Japan Expo 2013: Play Arts Kai - Final Fantasy

Not looking too bad
Jul 04
Square Enix is looking to make a splash at Japan Expo. Not only have they debuted their newest line of Assassin's Creed figures, but they've brought along  just about everything they're making for the rest of the year. I... read
PAK Warrior of Light photo
PAK Warrior of Light

Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy 'Warrior of Light' sees it

Square-Enix goes all the way back
Jun 17
Square Enix has had fun with their Variants line. There's the DC lineup and then there's the intrigue of the original Final Fantasy. The first such figure we got to see was that of the Warrior of Light. While only being treat... read
Square Enix PAK at E3 photo
Prototypes appear at Square Enix's booth
Square Enix is a little busy with E3 on their hands right now, but they still made time to bring a few new Play Arts Kai figures with them. In this case, those would be the Final Fantasy X Yuna and Tidus Play Arts Kai an... read feature

PAK Red XIII photo

SE's Play Arts Kai line has me seeing Red XIII

Square-Enix shockingly tops previous PA version
Jun 12
[update: Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted a headshot. And yes, even PAK Red XIII's face is better than the previous Play Arts version.] About six or seven years have passed since I first drooled upon seeing photos of Square-... read
Lighting, that is
[update: my wish was granted faster than anticipated, as this figure is now up for pre-order! I've added more images to the gallery and links at the bottom. She's retailing at a whopping ¥9240 before discounts and slated ... read feature


Final Fantasy VII Vincent Valentine PAK up for pre-order

Give that sexy mysterious man your money!
May 31
There were two favorite characters I always had in Final Fantasy VII; Rufus Shinra and Vincent Valentine. This year I finally get the Rufus figure I've always wanted, and I'll actually be getting a new Vincent figure after al... read

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Zidane, WoL, Ace pre-order

The Trading Arts Minis are back!
May 24
The Final Fantasy Trading Arts Minis are back, and this time we have Zidane, Warrior of Light and Ace up for pre-order in their cute chibi forms. I'm sure you're probably familiar with Zidane and the Warrior of Light, but if ... read
Play Arts Kai Vincent photo
Teaser image sadly gives us no other info, but it looks pretty
After seeing the likes of Rufus added to Square Enix's Play Arts Kai line, some folks might be wondering, "What's the next Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Kai?" It's Vincent, apparently. Popping up just minutes ago on the Tw... read feature


[UPDATED] First look at PAK Warrior of Light

Original Final Fantasy hero gets his first action figure
May 16
[update: Hidemi Hatsuzuka has released two more images via Twitter (here and here) and shown off the front side! Images added to the gallery - Kristina] Fresh from the official Twitter account of Hidemi Matsuzuka, general man... read
FF VII meets ESC-Toy photo
FF VII meets ESC-Toy

ESC-Toy customizing Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife

Notice the '????' in the image?
May 11
A tweet appeared yesterday afternoon on the ESC-Toy feed that I think many of you will be excited (or at least greatly curious) about. It contained a teaser image bearing the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children logo a... read

Rufus Shinra and Yuffie Play Arts Kai up for pre-order

I finally get the Rufus figure I've wanted for years!
May 03
Yes! I finally get one of my childhood crushes in figure form! Well, in late September I will. At least I have the pre-order in now, as Rufus Shinra has deserved the toy treatment for years now. Yuffie Kisaragi will be joinin... read

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy plush mascot straps spotted

They seem more like screen cleaners, though
Apr 25
On April 22, an interesting tweet was spotted from the Twitter feed of Hidemi Matsuzuka, the General Manager of the Square-Enix figure brand. It looks like plush phone mascots from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy are in the works. ... read

Sabin shows us a more manly way to fish!

We're in for a feast tonight!
Apr 21
Singapore based Ubisoft animator and garage kit sculptor Adeeb Islam has struck again! This time, he's showing of a completed commission of one of the characters from the best Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy 6! (and that's ... read
Tomopop Interview photo
Customizer of Play Arts Kai figures, turning them into old friends from Final Fantasy and more
Tomasz Rozejowski (also known as Zelu1984 or TRCreations) isn't just any other figure customizer. His platform of choice is Play Arts Kai, and his creations from the Final Fantasy universe (and occasionally beyond) are incred... read feature


Lightning Returns: FFXIII Play Arts Kai figure teased

Who's ready for a back shot?
Feb 20
Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted out a shot of the new Play Arts Kai figure based on the design from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I actually really like Lightning's new look, so I welcome the next edition in figure form... read

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