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Final Fantasy

Square Enix photo
Square Enix

SDCC 2016: Square Enix

Batman's going crazy
Aug 01
// Tianxiao Ma
You can count on the Play Arts Kai brand to bring some unique (if not overly busy) interpretations of some of your favorite comic book characters. I found a couple such figures at the Square Enix booth at SDCC. They were part...
Final Fantasy photo
Oh, plus three other characters
Square-Enix's much asked about Play Arts Kai Red XIII (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children) is finally up for pre-order... along with three other FVII:AC characters who aren't talking wolf-lions. PAK Red XIII was shown last J...

DO WANT: August 2014

Sep 05 // Scarecroodle
Your friendly neighborhood Scarecroodle wants... Hasbro's new Spider-Man 2099! Coming out of SDCC, there were three... well, four reveals that absolutely topped my list. Without spoiling too much (because I also have a Highlight Reel on the way), one was from Mattel, one from Diamond Select Toys, and one (set) from NECA. However, the one from Hasbro, an upcoming Spider-Man Legends Spider-Man 2099, was easily my biggest want for the simple reason that no company -- not Hasbro, not Toybiz, etc -- had (until this point) produced a truly outstanding Spider-Man 2099 action figure. (I'll discuss some of the misfires in my Highlight Reel!) Hasbro's Spidey 2099 looks to feature the proper amount of articulation (since it's a Legends 2.0 body buck), he has a *plastic* web cape, his arm-spikes (which he has!) are placed correctly, he has two open hands, and he seems to have sculpted detail on the mask. Sure, the figure has massively jumped over a pretty low bar (considering previous offerings), but it's a great, modern figure depicting one of my all-time favorite superheroes. Tian wants... Amakuni's 1/6-scale Asuka! My want is Amakuni's 1/6-scale Asuka. Decent looking Evangelion scale figures have become a rarity nowadays, especially ones featuring designs from Evangelion 3.0. Well, I guess this figure won't be all that common either because of the exclusivity. But it's still attainable, and 1/6 is my favorite scale, so I'm making it my DO WANT of August. Rio wants...  GSC's Kill la Kill Satsuki in Senketsu! Um.. spoilers? ^^; Well, hopefully you've already watched the series if you didn't want those, but anyhoo - I'm SO EXCITED! I'm very much a Ryuko and Senketsu person, but there was definitely something about Satsuki's look in Senketsu that I loved. I'm so glad that GSC will be picking up this design for her, and can't wait to have it in my collection hopefully. Keep those fingers crossed! Scarecroodle's note: I haven't caught the series (and probably won't because there's too much to watch these days), but that's one killer design. There's a full image in the gallery. Martin (and also Chris) wants... Bandai's Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar! Soul of Chogokin are basically exactly as big and awesome as Transformers always were in my head, and therefore I find them almost impossible to resist. Pair that with one of my all time favourite super robot designs and there's pretty much nothing that could stop me from wanting this. Bandai have pulled their usual black magic to make that improbable transformation work, even the individual toys look incredible and the entire assembly is a thing of true beauty. Yes, the price is insane, but come on, you only live once right? Scarecroodle's note: He's certainly awesome, but that ¥30,000 list price would give me nightmares. Chris wants... AmiAmi' Cecilia Alcott! I'm with Martin, but I'm still hoping on a second run of pre-orders which would make my purchase of GaoGaiGar an inevitability rather than a DO WANT! However, since this is the month of Wonder Festival, I'm going with an item that doesn't even have a release date yet, the AmiAmi Cecilia Alcott!  My love of their Shinonono Houki should be pretty well known by now and their second one is an even more dynamic rendition of the best <IS> girl! How can I NOT want this?? They set the bar with Houki and I expect them to raise it again with Celia! Scarecroodle's note: When it comes to <IS> girls, my favorite has (and always will) be Charlotte. Jeremy wants... Takara-Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece Star Saber! For many Transformers fans the original Star Saber figure is a major Holy Grail item. It was never given a major release outside of Japan, never reissued beyond its initial release, and is an Autobot leader to boot. Even damaged and yellowed figures with loose joints and sticker wear can fetch US$300. You just know that the Masterpiece remake is going to get a lot of attention when it's released next year. But I don't want it because the original is rare and hard to find, I want it because it's just so awesome. You get the little Brain of Courage figure that can combine to make Saber which then can combine to make Star Saber so you're getting three robots in one. Then you've got the size, over a foot of super cool giant robot. Then there's the massive amount of articulation throughout the figure, all the way down to Star Saber's fingers and toes! The figure is going to be the centerpiece of the MP line and a hard act to follow next year.  And if you're wondering, even when I own this the G1 fan in me still wants the old G1 Star Saber brick to be reissued. What can I say, I love the classics! Scarecroodle's note: Star Saber is one of those characters who doesn't appear in my hazy memories of G1, but I've liked the basic character design since stumbling on it a few years ago and was instantly wowed by the Masterpiece. The fact that its price isn't as ridiculous as I had anticipated is something of a stumbling block, since I was considering picking up the Masterpiece Ultra-Magnus but now might have to decide between him or Star Saber for a I-feel-guilty-for-spending-this-much Transformers purchase. Natalie wants... Square-Enix's Fat Chocobo plush! With a peaceful gaze and chubs for days, my DO WANT can only be Square-Enix's Fat Chocobo plush. I cannot tell you how much I want this bad boy. It is a thing of fluffy beauty. I mean, I know how big it is from the item specifications and, clearly, the photos show me what it looks like but I think I won't be able to completely grasp its full glory until I physically have it in my hands. And I will. Oh yes. I will. Scarecroodle's note: Is "Fat Chocobo" still P.C.? Shouldn't Square-Enix call it the "Big-Boned Chocobo" or "Big-Threaded Chocobo plush"? While I'm not a plushie fan, I can see the appeal of this one. You can see the full image in the gallery. That's it for August. Be sure to watch for the Tomopop editors' SDCC/WonFes Highlight Reels. Mine goes live next week and a few of the other editors have promised to do one as well.
Do Want! photo
SDCC and WonFes may be over, but it remains in our hearts... and hopefully some of it will appear on our shelves
With the somewhat unexpected departure of Pedro last month (who we all thank for his years of service and wish him nothing but the best), Tomopop has fallen a little behind in the features department over the last couple of w...

Fat Chocobo pre-orders photo
Fat Chocobo pre-orders

Fat Chocobo plush waddles into pre-orders

Someone had too many Gysahl Greens
Aug 16
// Natalie Kipper
The time has finally arrived. After whetting our palate with a preview in May, Square Enix's Fat Chocobo plush is up for pre-order. And with that pre-order listing, comes more information on our chubby, feathered friend. The ...

SDCC: Square Enix FF/KH photo
SDCC: Square Enix FF/KH

SDCC 2014: Square Enix - Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix's classic franchises well represented at their booth
Jul 26
// Brian Szabelski
What kind of Play Arts Kai display would it be without some Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts news to share? Apparently, Square Enix feels it wouldn't be much of one, since they've brought along several new prototypes for San...

Painted PAK Fran coming to SDCC?

Jul 13 // Scarecroodle
Final Fantasy photo
Remember what the dormouse said
Hidemi Matsuzuka recently tweeted an image of a painted Play Arts Kai Fran (Final Fantasy XII) along with some accompanying text which apparently translates to, "Painted towards the comic-con-exhibition in ‼︎" Fa...


HairyAsHell returns with a commissioned kit of one of the best known Final Fantasy Heroes

Need more swords and belts?
Jun 12
// Chris Seto
Adeeb Md once again graces our pages with news of his latest work and this one is sure to prove very popular. This time, he's used his skills to take on Cloud Strife! I don't think I need to do any more of an introduction for...
Fat Chocobo plush photo
Fat Chocobo plush

Fat Chocobo plush looks like tons of fun

There is just more to love
May 19
// Natalie Kipper
Building on the hype of Theatrhythm: Curtain Call and the upcoming Static Arts Minis in the game's style, comes another character featured in the game, Fat Chocobo! And, oh my Gysahl Greens, does he make the perfect plus...
Final Fantasy photo
Final Fantasy

PAK Advent Children Tifa probably isn't the best follow-up to Fran

More of the same?
May 17
// Scarecroodle
In a move sure to elicit a groan or two,  Hidemi Matsuzuka unveiled two images of an unpainted Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Tifa. These photos come hot on the heels of a newly revealed PAK FFXII Fran ...
FFXII Fran Play Arts Kai photo
FFXII Fran Play Arts Kai

Hidemi Matsuzuka teases Final Fantasy XII's Fran Play Arts Kai figure

The sexy bunny lady returns!
May 16
// Rio McCarthy
What's that in the mist? My favorite bunny lady in the Final Fantasy universe has arrived in figure form, and I guess it's better late than never. Final Fantasy XII's Fran has been teased out on twitter by Hidemi Matsuzuka, a...
Final Fantasy photo
Final Fantasy

All hail new photos of Bahamut, King of Variant Play Arts Kai Dragons

Very narrow, specific rulership
Apr 22
// Scarecroodle
Some new official photos for Square-Enix's upcoming Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut have turned up and... he still looks great. While there had been some fears in regards to the color scheme, the tones work well enough even if ...
Final Fantasy photo
Final Fantasy

Get the jump on the Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon pre-orders

I tossed a pun up in the air...
Mar 25
// Scarecroodle
Pre-orders for Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon have literally fallen out of the sky and landed on our heads. Although many of the usual suspects have yet to list Dragoon, the jumpy among us currently have an oppor...
Theatrhythm Static Arts photo
Squall along with a Moogle and Chocobo join in
We have been tracking the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Static Arts mini series since the first figures were spotted at last year's Tokyo Game Show. At that point, the only characters to be seen were Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, Se...

TomoTour: Final Fantasy edition

Mar 18 // Natalie Kipper
Vivi Bun plush (US$39.95) by ArtisticGaming Crossing Final Fantasy IX's Vivi with a lop-earred bunny rabbit, this crocheted plush sits seven-inches tall, including his ears. I adore the contrast-stitching on the inside of the bunny ears. They do a great job of adding to the rag doll quality of the toy, as do the oversized button eyes. Baby Behemoth plush (US$22) by ZuriKnits This wee one takes after the Baby Behemoth minion found in Final Fantasy XIV. He measures five-inches long (with the tail adding an additional inch) and five-inches tall. The artist even added in its little cross-shaped scar. What a darling little guy! Needle-felted potted Cactuar (US$16.43) by DaintyRobot I salute whoever thought of placing a Cactuar in a terra-cotta pot. The series veteran monster is based on a succulent, after all. Add in its comical expression and the ability to pose its arms and you have a toy that will surely make you smile. Who wouldn't want this fellow on their desk at work? The plush and pot combined stand five and a half-inches tall. Lady Abigail the Chocobo plush (US$200) by ShinyThingsbyOrin Lady Abigail is the first of two Chocobo toys I will be discussing in this post. Not only is she fully poseable, from her legs and wings to her neck and beck, but she also features a removable armor set. The outfit includes a helmet and a saddle. Both pieces are made of leather, with embroidery and rhinestone detail. The saddle even has a velvet silk blanket underneath. Abigail is a large beast, standing 12-inches tall with a 15 and a half-inch wingspan, perfect for a Square-Enix Play Arts Kai figure. Chocobo posable doll (US$328.57) by MiraCrafts The second Chocobo of the pair looks like it jumped from the pages of a bestiary, boasting a more realistic and less fantastical look. This noble chicken-horse features a hand-sculpted face, individually cut feathers, and very impressive talons. It also has a wire skeleton frame, allowing it to be posed every which way. The doll is 12-inches tall and 13-inches long. Like the previous Chocobo doll, this one was made to be to scale with Square-Enix's Final Fantasy figures. Cloud Strife Sculpture (US$50) by TheSassiestTreasures I admit that I have a soft spot for Final Fantasy VII and this retro figure of the game's protagonist, Cloud Strife, strikes all the right nostalgia chords. The blocky look of the character so clearly resembles Cloud in-game. I almost had to choke back a cry of emotion at the little flower at the base by his (accurately depicted) oversized feet. Sheer perfection right here, all in a six-inch tall package. Miniature Red XIII figure (US$18) by Crazy8zClayCreationz Another Final Fantasy VII hero, Red XIII may have never cuter than in this miniature figure. The piece is only one inch-tall and one and a half inches-wide but the artist still snuck so much detail in. They got the painted feathers in his headdress, his many scars and markings, and even the bangles on his legs! Red XIII hat (US$20) by riomccarthy I'll close this edition of TomoTour with a very special entry. Our very own Rio McCarthy has an Etsy shop and, while not exactly a toy, I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to mention her amazing Red XIII hat. It is just so wonderful! I know I would totally rock that come convention season. The hat base is machine-sewn with the details added on by hand. Well, start up the victory fanfare! We have completed another TomoTour together! Did any treasure particularly catch your eye? Or did I perhaps miss your favorite FF-inspired Etsy item? Speak up in the comments!
TomoTour: Final Fantasy photo
No crystals but plenty of awesome toys, kupo!
Final Fantasy is one of gaming's most well-known roleplaying series with millions of fans. It stands to reason that a good portion of them would have to have to be crafters. On this edition of TomoTour, we look at some of the Final Fantasy-inspired loot to be found on Etsy. So cue the overworld theme, because we are going on an adventure!

Toy Fair 2014 Square-Enix photo
Toy Fair 2014 Square-Enix

Toy Fair 2014: Square Enix debuts its newest figures

Bahamut and more in full glory
Feb 16
// Andres Cerrato
Square-Enix has made a lot of strides in its offerings. The Play Arts line evolved into Kai and in more directions than just the company's own game lineup. The Variant line for DC Comics, for example, has been fantastic so fa...
Final Fantasy photo
Final Fantasy

New Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon photos jump out

Who said white Dragoons couldn't jump?
Feb 04
// Scarecroodle
Hidemi Matsuzuka has posted two new photos of Square-Enix's upcoming Variant Play Arts Kai Dragoon (previously seen at NYCC 2013). While I wasn't sure what I thought of the figure when we first saw it unpainted, I've quickly ...
Final Fantasy  photo
Final Fantasy

Now is your time to get Theatrhythm Final Fantasy figures

Jan 30
// Vanessa Cubillo
It feels like a long time since I first saw Square Enix’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy figures painted. That was only in October, but now there’s no need for waiting because these mini figures are finally open for p...
LR:FFXIII Lightning PAK photo

Lightning Returns: FFXIII Lightning PAK gallery

This striking lady is my favorite rendition yet!
Nov 29
// Rio McCarthy
Holy cow. I thought I liked the design of the Lightning Play Arts Kai from Final Fantasy XIII-2, but this one takes the cake for me. I really hope somehow I can get my hands on the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII versio...
Play Arts Kai Bahamut photo
Play Arts Kai Bahamut

Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut is now in color

How do you feel now that you've seen it?
Nov 15
// Rio McCarthy
First off, I'll admit I'm really torn on this now. I absolutely loved the sculpts we've covered previously, but I don't think I'm a fan of these colors... I know it's supposed to be a 'variant', but whether it's the filters o...
Bahamut photo

VPAK Bahamut getting remodeled, size increase

Make my monster GROW!
Oct 16
// Scarecroodle
Size? It makes all the difference.  Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted that the upcoming Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut is being remodeled with a bigger body (presumably to appeal to fans who thought the King of Dragons' propor...
Final Fantasy figures photo
Wow, Bahamut is gigantic
Of course, if it's Square Enix and the Play Arts Kai line, that means we have to have some Final Fantasy stuff, right? There was plenty to gawk at inside Square Enix's booth, whether it's figures we've seen before like Yuffie...


Painted Theatrhythm Cloud figure emerges online

Now with painted versions of Tifa and Sephiroth
Oct 03
// Vanessa Cubillo
Edit #2: Added image of Painted Theatrhythm Sephiroth Edit: Added image of Painted Theatrhythm Tifa Prototypes of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy figures were seen at the latest Tokyo Game Show. Square Enix's booth had prototype fi...
Play Arts Kai photo
Play Arts Kai

Tidus and Yuna re-mastered with some PAK photos

I wish I had a game-savvy pun but I've never played this one
Sep 27
// Scarecroodle
Official promo shots for painted Play Arts Kai Tidus and Yuna have shown up on Hidemi Matsuzuka's Facebook page. Tidus was previously seen unpainted at SDCC. Final Fantasy X has always evoked mixed feelings for me as it was t...

Pre-orders open for Square Enix's Variant PAK figures

Pre-orders are now open for Hero of Light, Supergirl and Superman
Sep 18
// Vanessa Cubillo
Square Enix has three figures from their Variant Play Arts Kai line open for pre-orders now. From the DC Variant PAK line comes Supergirl and Superman, and from Final Fantasy Variant PAK comes Hero of Light. It was only last...
Play Arts Kai photo
Final Fantasy's Hero of Light is looking cooler and brighter than ever!
We've seen past looks at Square-Enix's Final Fantasy Variant Play Arts Kai Hero of Light before, but now here's the fully finished real deal! Hidemi Matsuzuka shared three new photos on Facebook. I can't wait. I loved the scu...

Variant PAK Bahumut photo
Variant PAK Bahumut

All hail Variant Play Arts Kai Bahamut, King of Dragons

Sure, Bahamut is exciting but this is a little anticlimatic
Aug 22
// Scarecroodle
[UPDATE 2: Hidemi has tweeted a photo of Bahamut side by side with Kain which shows off the size difference. Check it out in the gallery] [UPDATE: Another new photo has been tweeted, this time of the front view, along with th...
PAK Kain photo
PAK Kain

Yes, it appears to be Kain... FFIV Variant Play Arts Kai

You win this round, readers!
Aug 21
// Scarecroodle
Recently Hidemi Matsuzuka tweeted a teaser image for what was believed to part of a new Variant Play Arts Kai line. However, many readers were very quick to point out that it seemed to be Kain Highwind, the dragoon from ...
3D Polygonal FFVII photo
3D Polygonal FFVII

Final Fantasy VII 3D-printed polygonal figurines canceled

Finally some game-accurate figures! what I said before Square-Enix's takedown notice canceled the line
Aug 17
// Scarecroodle
[ UPDATE: CNET reports that the fan-made line has been removed from Shapeways following a takedown notice from Square-Enix ] Few things in gaming seem to be held as sacred as Square-Enix's 1997 hit, Final Fantasy VII. While t...

SDCC 2013: Square Enix

Star Trek, Aliens, RoboCop, and more greats from PAK
Jul 19
// Vanessa Cubillo
Square Enix's booth had a lot of new surprises this year. At their booth, they had plenty of new and upcoming figures likes PAK DC Variant figures of Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Green Lantern and The Flash. There were also...
PAK Final Fantasy photo
PAK Final Fantasy

Japan Expo 2013: Play Arts Kai - Final Fantasy

Not looking too bad
Jul 04
// Andres Cerrato
Square Enix is looking to make a splash at Japan Expo. Not only have they debuted their newest line of Assassin's Creed figures, but they've brought along  just about everything they're making for the rest of the year. I...

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