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A second chance to grab Sentinel's duo of Cantis

The best versions of FLCL's iconic bot return
Apr 15
// Martin Siggers
By this point Sentinel have carved out a reputation for producing some of the very best poseable toys around. Unfortunately, they've also carved out a reputation for being expensive and selling out impossibly fast. We can't d...

Tomopop Review: RIO:Bone Canti (Green)

Nov 21 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: RIO:Bone Canti (Green)Figure Maker: SentinelRetail/List Price: ¥6,881Available at: HobbyLink Japan We'll start with the box, as per usual, and I actually quite like it. There is a nice big window in the front so that you can get a nice view of Canti, as well as all of the accessories that lay inside with him. It may be a relatively simple box, but I like the green and blue color scheme that features white outlined images of the character himself. The back features images of the figure with the different accessories, which we'll take a look at, of course, ourselves. Opening up the box, you can see just how many accessories are in there. It's ridiculous! I knew there were several, but it's always a nice surprise to get such a bang for your buck. Several of the items are wrapped in clear plastic-like sheets to help protect them, which I can say they have successfully done. As we take Canti out of the packaging you can get a good look at just how crisp his design looks. The colors are bright and bold, and really bring this figure to life — even if he is a robot! Now we've got his bomber-style jacket on, which more how people might be used to seeing him. I'll admit it's kind of a pain in the butt to get onto him though, sadly. The sleeves and the jacket are three separate pieces. You have to wiggle him into the main part of the jacket, which fits around his torso. The sleeves then take the place of the top half of the arms, so you have to fit them onto the joints and get them all fit together before things will move correctly. Luckily, his baseball glove is much easier to put on. On the back, you'll notice there's a hole in the jacket. This is so that you can put on the backpack-type wings. I sadly had forgotten to actually put the wings on before taking the jacket back off and was pressed for time so I didn't take the time to do so. You can see an up-close view of the wings later on in the review. I absolutely love how his head looks in this figure. The TV-like face gives off an awesome reflection with its clear plastic. The molding and detailing of all of these pieces on the figure are incredible. I have yet to see a single real flaw. Oh! Hello. It seems Canti has a friend! Takkun is his name, and he's an adorable black kitten with super cute huge eyes. He actually has a place to hang onto the backpack-wings, but I got him to balance just fine like this. He is very loose this way though, so just be careful not to lose him. You may have noticed his halo in the above photo, which is very easy to install. It comes on a tiny little metal stand that just pops right onto his head. It's very simple! His second look is more of a wanderer-style, nearly Western look. He has a tattered cape, red bandana, glasses and a big ol' gun. The cape does hinder the movement quite a bit, considering how it's placed, but since it's in a couple pieces it doesn't make it nearly as bad as it could have been. The cape is very nicely shaded to show some depth to it, which is definitely nice considering its dull color. This is one of the first cape accessories I was actually not disappointed with. It fits nicely and isn't a gigantic pain to deal with. Here is a more close up picture of the gun itself, which fits pretty flush to his hand. The only place I've seen any real splotchy paint or anything like that, is on the thumb of the hand that holds the gun. There's a tiny spot there by where his thumb bends, but it's really nothing major and you probably wouldn't notice, especially since it's most likely not on all of the copies of this figure. One of my favorite accessories (besides Takkun, of course) is the box that sits on Canti's head. It's well molded and just pops right on without any issues. As you can see, the back of his head goes straight through the box. You can also see in this photos that his joints bend pretty well! This is one of my favorite poseable figures I've ever dealt with. Posing him is really pretty easy, and actually fun to do for the most part. Here you can see what the hole in the box looks like. You can also see that they didn't even skimp out on the details on the bottom of Canti's feet. There is a ridiculous amount of detail all over this figure. I never knew a robot could look so good! Well, one that wasn't a Gundam anyway. Here is the close up shot of the wings I promised. Takkun perches on the straps like so, and hangs on for the ride if you have them attached to Canti. The wings look wonderful and have a nice ombre style going from black to clear with a hint of purple throughout. Well, after going through all of that, would I suggest picking up Canti? Absolutely! If you are remotely an FLCL fan, or just a fan of cool robots with awesome accessories and a sweet fashion sense - by all mean, you should definitely pick him up! If you can't find the green version still, I would suggest taking a peek at the red version that's about to be released. I definitely dub this one a winner, and can imagine that a lot of people would have fun taking photos of this kick butt robot. [A big thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing us with this review sample!]
Not only is green the best color, but we've got one rad robot here!
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Sen-ti-nel's newest RIO:Bone has gone up for pre-order, and it's FLCL's Canti! Yes, he looks quite awesome, and his accessory list is quite long. Canti comes with a wing, halo, Takkun, a mask, poncho, goggles, shotgun, c...


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