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9:10 PM on 07.08.2013

Erick Scarecrow introduces a new project, 9DKP

Erick Scarecrow's latest work is not a toy, nor anything you can just plop on your shelf easily. It's ... an animated web series? Yeah, actually: his new project is called 9DKP, a 10-episode run of 12-minute shows for the fir...

Brian Szabelski

ESC has 7 SDCC releases, plus new stuff in shop photo
ESC has 7 SDCC releases, plus new stuff in shop
by Brian Szabelski

ESC-Toy will be at SDCC in the Dragatomi booth with some new exclusives ... seven of them, to be exact. The teaser image above indicates that, but we don't know what they are yet. Stay tuned for info on that as well as more from the Dragatomi booth. 

Meanwhile, right now in the ESC-Toy shop, you can pick up a new 11x17 Giclee print, "All Over It," for US$50. Also new in the shop is the Ni-Ni Bot Spitfire edition, a 10-piece colorway of the resin figure in a fiery colorway. They're US$125 each.

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1:00 PM on 05.11.2013

ESC-Toy customizing Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife

A tweet appeared yesterday afternoon on the ESC-Toy feed that I think many of you will be excited (or at least greatly curious) about. It contained a teaser image bearing the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children logo a...

Natalie Kipper

10:00 PM on 05.03.2013

ESC-Toy's May releases give you a mix of shock and awe

For May, Erick Scarecrow of ESC-Toy has three new releases in his online store. His first new release is a limited edition hand painted resin figure titled Mermadi 2 Villainous. Limited to 30 figures, Mermadi is 6 inches tal...

Vanessa Cubillo

Here's what's new with ESC-Toy, Super7  photo
Here's what's new with ESC-Toy, Super7
by Brian Szabelski

Super7 and ESC-Toy both have some new releases to share with collectors. Starting with Super7, Buried Treasure Mummy Boy is out right now. He's a shiny gold and bronze colorway (the store page says translucent orange but it looks more bronze to me) and retailing at US$50. Next week's release is Friend of the Forest Frederick the Beetle, a brown and metallic green colorway on sale for US$35 on April 25 at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. GMT)

On the ESC-Toy front, Erick has a new release on Saturday at 11 a.m. Eastern (8 a.m. Pacific, 3 p.m. GMT) called Little Axe Red. Retailing for US$150, the hand-painted 6-inch resin figure is packing a little punch. She's got two axes (the Sweet Steel Axe and Blue Truth Teller Axe), along with a 3-inch wolf head piece that might have found out her strength the hard way. It's limited to 15 pieces, which is pretty typical for some of Erick's runs. 

Any of these three appeal to you, Tomopop readers?

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ESC-Toy kicks off April with new releases photo
ESC-Toy kicks off April with new releases
by Brian Szabelski

Erick Scarecrow has dropped a few new pieces in his shop to kick off April. However, one of them is already sold out: the S.Maria Vio, which features Maria in a seafoam green and lilac paint scheme. It was a one-off, so at least one lucky fan has a special colorway!

The remaining two pieces are both available in the ESC-Toy shop. First, there's a second one-off, the Turtum Corona. Priced at US$150, it's a sunrise-colored piece befitting its name. Also available is the Chap Lynn Electric Cotton Candy colorway, a run of 12 translucent resin pieces with candy-colored striping; they're running at US$150 each.

Either of these tickle your fancy, Tomopop readers?

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ESC makes their next releases crystal clear photo
ESC makes their next releases crystal clear
by Brian Szabelski

Two new figures have popped into the ESC-Toy shop. Here's the quick rundown:

  • First, there's the clear blue Mini Soopa Bros. Jr. As you might expect, it is cast in a translucent blueberry resin, stands 4 inches tall, and is an open edition. You can pick one up for US$20.
  • Second, we have the Pinnola Gelee, a run of only five pieces. The US$225 Gelee is cast in a translucent resin that features an orange to yellow fade, giving her a bit of a fiery look.

Both figures are available in the shop right now, so head on over if you're wanting one!

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ESC-Toy brings four new February releases photo
ESC-Toy brings four new February releases
by Brian Szabelski

ESC-Toy has a bunch of new releases that popped into his shop this morning to round out February, and here's a rundown of what was made available:

  • A new colorway for the Dali x Crow Bear figure, the Silver Hour variant, cast in semi-clear resin and handpainted. Limited to 25 pieces, US$35 each.
  • A new S.Maria colorway, the Cooki variant that features her in cookie-colored overalls. Sadly, she's already out of stock, limited to 12 pieces at US$200 each.
  • Still in stock, though, is the Mini Meekay Darling Meese. The Mickey Mouse-inspired vinyl figure is handpainted, with only one of these available at US$150. You get a matching Giclee print that's also a one-off.
  • Finally, we have the Kissaki Soul Steal variant. Limited to 3 pieces at US$400 each, it's a handpainted version of the regular resin Kissaki in a blue and purple palette. 

Any of these up your alley, Tomopop readers and ESC fans?

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ESC-Toy has a few new pieces for fans photo
ESC-Toy has a few new pieces for fans
by Brian Szabelski

ESC-Toy is wrapping up January with a few new figures, and chief among them is a new 6-inch Wet Suit Soopa Maria. This pink colorway of Soopa Maria is a 200-piece run, but 20 lucky folks who pick this figure up will get a Giclee print with her. You'll be able to pick one up on Thursday, Jan. 31, at 11 a.m. Eastern (8 a.m. Pacific, 4 p.m. GMT) for US$45.

Also in the store Thursday is a one-off custom piece, a bright red Meekay Elias Meese. The 9-inch-tall figure is indeed a little bit inspired by Mickey Mouse, and he comes with a special art print  if you pick him up. That won't be cheap; the price is US$400, and it'll be in the shop at 11 a.m. Eastern (8 a.m. Pacific, 4 p.m. GMT).

In the store right now, though, is Classicko Upchuck. Limited to 15 resin pieces, the 6-inch Upchuck character is in a grayscale palette, but his vomit piece comes in a translucent pink-to-purple colorway. The price for adding this barfing clown fellow to your collection is US$150.

What are your thoughts on these three, and do you want to pick any up? I love that Meekay, but I'm not sure I have the US$400 to spend on him, nor the Internet connection to beat the other Erick Scarecrow fans to the punch.

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3:00 PM on 01.24.2013

ESC-toy and Frombie's latest collab drops tomorrow

ESC-toy and Frombie's latest collaboration, Chelly Chainsaw x Zora Pearl Face, will be available to purchase tomorrow in extremely limited amounts (only 11 pieces total). This 6 inch tall mash-up is made of resin and is hand-...

Natalie Kipper

Celebrate a new year with new ESC-Toy releases photo
Celebrate a new year with new ESC-Toy releases
by Brian Szabelski

ESC-Toy has some new releases for 2013, and they're starting off with a few golden creations. First, let's get the repaint out of the way and talk about the golden Play Arts Kai Nathan Drake that has been handpainted by Erick. It's limited to 3 pieces and the real selling point is probably the 11-by-17 Giclee that comes with it. They'll be US$350 if you want one Friday in the ESC Shop.

Now, let's talk the bigger news: also coming this week is a collaboration with Scott Tolleson, the Papa Sama Akuma! At US$200 and limited to 17 pieces, it is totally adorable thanks to Scott's design work on top of Erick's sculpt. Especially with those big eyes, right? Two golden variants will also be in the mix as prizes for those to buy Papa Sama Akuma. 

Both releases will be done at 11 a.m. Eastern (8 a.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. GMT). I think I might go for Papa Sama Akuma ... how about you?

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12:30 PM on 12.31.2012

Signed Uncharted Drake figure on auction for charity

Over at eBay, a very special auction is closing in on its last few hours. One of ESC-toy's iconic figures of Nathan Drake from Naughty Dog's Uncharted series was signed by games' staff and put up for bidding to benefit Child'...

Natalie Kipper