MaloApril customs photo
MaloApril customs

MaloApril shows off a pretty zombie and a rocker chick

Pink-eye never looked so pretty
Jan 27
MaloApril recently finished up two custom Dunnys as a commission and, as always, I find myself super jealous of anyone owning her pieces. The first is a zombie with fantastic eyes (I love the lashes) and decked out with a sku... read
Dunny Monsters photo
Dunny Monsters

Get your scare on with Mikie Graham's Dunny Monster Series

Halloween-themed custom Dunnys available in October
Oct 06
Time for a little spookiness in your life? Well, Mikie Graham has put together the Dunny Monster series, a set of 30 different custom Dunnys with a Halloween theme to them. He's created 15 characters in total that he'll be re... read
Sekure D customs photo
Sekure D customs

Sekure D heads to STGCC with new creations

New Dunny, Munny and Bot aliens invade Planet Earth
Sep 02
Sekure D is heading to Singapore for this weekend's Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention, but he won't be traveling alone. He's got with him an army of customs, including new Munnys, Dunnys and Kidrobot Bots, all done in ... read
Dolly Oblong tease photo
Dolly Oblong tease

Dolly Oblong teases Beta Dunny custom

Coming to their shop soon
Aug 19
Dolly Oblong posted a new teaser to their blog yesterday, hinting that a new custom would be coming to their shop this week, It's not much, just showing off a Dunny/Munny body and a few details, but can we figure out what it ... read
Gyaraga Dunnys photo
Gyaraga Dunnys

Go to space with Otto Bjornik's latest, Gyaraga

Showing up on Thursday at a Bjornik online shop near you
Jun 23
Otto Bjornik's new Gyaraga Dunnys aren't 100 percent new designs: two of the three main designs are based off of his larger Odyssey 1969 custom Dunnys. Joining Neil A (in the white) and A Lien (in black) is a new red ast... read
Artmymind TMNT photo
Artmymind TMNT

Kick some shell with Artmymind's TMNT Dunnys

Starting off the cool but crude Raphael
May 27
Guillaume and Julia over at Artmymind have had a little bit of an Asian-inspired design for a lot their custom work, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they've made a ninja Dunny. Oh, excuse me; it's a Teenage Ninja Mutant Tu... read
Custom Dunny photo
Custom Dunny

Josh Mayhem shows off his steam-powered Batgirl

Steam-powered ass-kicking lady, yeah!
May 20
Josh Mayhem passed along some shots of a recent commission that's being sent off to a private collector dubbed The Steampunk Batgirl. She started out as a 3-inch Dunny, and now look at her! All upgraded and looking as cute as... read
MaloApril photo

MaloApril makes a Muerta into a wedding cake topper

Where's her groom?
May 19
MaloApril's latest Dunny custom was revealed to be a wedding cake topper in the way of a Muerta Bride. It looks like a groom is on the way, but for now, this is giving me (awesome) flashbacks of LittleBigPlanet's Frida's Wedd... read
Art of War Dunnys photo
Art of War Dunnys

Kidrobot's Art of War Dunnys revealed

Featuring work from DrilOne, kaNO, ilovedust, Sabo, Colus and Sergio Mancini
May 18
Kidrobot has posted a mini-magazine on their blog, which also happens to be an official announcement of its Art of War Dunny series. As you might guess, it's war-themed and six of the artists for the series have had their wor... read
WonderCon 2014 BeeFy & Co photo
WonderCon 2014 BeeFy & Co

WonderCon 2014: BeeFy & Co.

Showcasing a new vinyl prototype as well as the works of Missy M Toyz
Apr 25
One of the great pleasures in events like WonderCon is seeing upcoming toy releases and BeeFy & Co.'s booth was an excellent source of such entertainment. During my visit, I was treated to a very special peek at Menh Voon... read
ESC's LVL-8 Dunny photo
ESC's LVL-8 Dunny

ESC's LVL-8 Dunny returns in a camo colorway

Latest secret release limited to a run of 15 pieces
Apr 17
ESC-Toy's new secret release has dropped in their shop, and it's a jungle camo version of the LVL-8 Dunny. Certainly inspired by the Moogles of the Final Fantasy series, the 8-inch resin piece comes with two accessories: a ti... read
JFury's Ninja Pitbull photo
JFury's Ninja Pitbull

Custom Delights: JFury's Ninja Pitbull

Probably more dangerous than your average canine
Apr 14
JFury has a new custom Dunny in his shop, a furious little ninja pitbull. He hasn't done any real sculptwork on the figure, instead wrapping the design around the Dunny's surface, but he still does resemble a little pitbull. You might not be able to tell from the karate gi and polesword that he's wielding, though! You can pick it up from JFury's shop for US$80. read
Bizarre Wars photo
Bizarre Wars

Fuller introduces us to the world of Bizarre Wars

His take on a reversed Star Wars mythos, in Dunny form
Mar 31
If the competition for "Best Custom Dunny Series of 2014" is underway, then allow me to submit one of the likely finalists: Fuller's Bizarre Wars. A series of six Dunnys set in an alternate galaxy far, far away — where ... read
Otto Bjornik's Mayari photo
Otto Bjornik's Mayari

Otto Bjornik, Kidrobot's Mayari arrives at retail

First release since Kidrobot changed prices
Mar 27
Otto Bjornik's latest work has arrived today,a  3-inch Dunny he did in collaboration with Kidrobot called Mayari. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Mayari keeps a royal theme we've seen in a lot of Otto's work... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Tomopop LinkUP

Tomopop LinkUP: Remakeover

Breathing new life into old favorites
Mar 15
Sometimes our favorite characters are too good to fall off into obscurity over the years. Often they'll get a new outfit and and just continue their adventures like Sideshow's upcoming 1/6 scale Catwoman. Sometimes they trans... read
Huck Gee black Skullhead photo
Huck Gee black Skullhead

Huck Gee's Skullhead Dunny gets a black colorway

Coming March 20 from Kidrobot
Mar 10
Huck Gee's Skullhead Dunny is getting another colorway from Kidrobot. This time, it's a black colorway, with a reverse-colored white suit. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same one you saw 3 years ago in sculpt and design. The... read
Mardivale Dunnys photo
Series drops Tuesday
Kidrobot's blog is home to some preview images of the upcoming Mardivale Dunny Series, featuring the work of Andrew Bell and Scribe. Some of the more mysterious, masked designs are Andrew's work, while Scribe h... read feature

Mardivale Dunny Series photo
Mardivale Dunny Series

Mardivale Dunny Series arrives on March 4

Get ready to party
Feb 25
Earlier in February, Kidrobot's Mardivale Dunny Series was revealed to exist, with little other info besides they were designed from Andrew Bell and Scribe. The "hyper-series" language seems to have disapp... read
Ramen Rider photo
Ramen Rider

Ramen Rider rides on, thanks to Dolly Oblong

Custom Dunnys available on Thursday
Feb 19
Rev up your motorcycles, Kamen Rider fans; Dolly Oblong has put together a new custom 3-inch Dunny in the tokusatsu spirit. Ramen Rider is clearly inspired by the original Kamen Riders, mixed in with Dolly's usual style,... read
KR Golden Ticket photo
KR Golden Ticket

Win big (literally) with Kidrobot's newest Golden Ticket

Packed inside one Penelope McStompsalot is a $5,000 Huck Gee piece
Feb 13
Huck Gee's Penelope McStompsalot Dunny has been released into the wild, but Kidrobot has a little surprise for those picking her up in her black or olive green colorways. Huck and KR have hidden a golden ticket inside one of... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
We're in the final days before Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter]!
Hello and welcome back to a very busy Tomopop LinkUP! I suppose that title is worthy of a little explanation. You see, back in the heyday of anime fansubs there was a number of speed subbers that were notorious for their nons... read feature

Mardivale Dunnys photo
Mardivale Dunnys

Kidrobot reveals Mardivale Dunny series

Appears to be a limited-run edition
Feb 05
Kidrobot has quietly been working on a new Dunny series, and they've just revealed the Mardivale Dunny series to the world via a sneak peek. The name gives away the theme: they're all Mardi Gras/Carnivale inspired. The 12 des... read
Snowgirl Dunnys photo
Snowgirl Dunnys

SoKo Cat piles up some Snowgirl Dunnys

On sale Tuesday
Jan 20
SoKo Cat and Blazon Brikhaus have collaborated on a new custom Dunny series, Snowgirls. Made to celebrate winter, the five custom Dunnys — Suzy, Jessica, Regina, Olivia, and Nora — are each original designs, ... read
Ship in a Sketchup Bottle photo
Ship in a Sketchup Bottle

Jon Paul Kaiser paints a ship into a Sketchup Dunny

Ship in a Sketchup Bottle is his latest commissioned piece
Jan 15
The Sketchup Dunny is one I do like quite a bit, but it's never really found its way into customization. At least that was until Jon Paul Kaiser did a commissioned piece using the Sketchup Dunny as a base, called Ship in a Sk... read
Cadmium Geishas Part 2 photo
Cadmium Geishas Part 2

Otto Bjornik reveals more Cadmium Geishas

Coming on sale Dec. 17 in a new palette
Dec 13
Remember Otto Bjornik's colorful Cadmium Geishas? Well, they're back! A new group of 25 lovely ladies are set to be released by Otto, this time in wasabi green, gold, blue, purple and pink colorways. Like the first set, they'... read
HolidAPE Dunny photo
HolidAPE Dunny

Kidrobot unleashes the HolidAPE Dunny

Designed by MAD, available now
Nov 07
The annual Kidrobot holiday Dunny is upon us, and it's MAD's HolidAPE. This year's design is indeed a primate in holiday colors; one is a red-and-green Christmas affair, while the other is a silver/white/light blue Hanukkah v... read
DCon: Carson Catlin photo
DCon: Carson Catlin

Owls and more round off Carson Catlin's DCon wares

Nov 07
Following the reveal of his badass mofo custom for DesignerCon, Carson Catlin has sent along photos and information regarding the rest of what he's showing at the event. Check out the gallery for images of five micro reticula... read
DesignerCon customs photo
DesignerCon customs

Tasha Zimich, MaloApril combine forces for DCon Dunny

8-inch custom mixes up both their styles into one unique piece
Nov 05
Tasha Zimich has teamed with MaloApril to create a new 8-inch custom Dunny for DesignerCon that blends their styles together. You can definitely spot the areas where April's work comes through, especially her Dia de los Muert... read
Custom Made Monday photo
Custom Made Monday

Custom Made Monday: DesignerCon 2013 Edition

Chocolate Dunnys, Harley Quinn Munnys, and more great customs inside
Nov 04
October is over, and we're now in November. So no more Halloween fun, it's time to move on to other good events. Since we're in November, we're now closer to DesignerCon which will be from November 9-10. This convention celeb... read
Custom Made Monday photo
Custom Made Monday

Custom Made Monday: This is Halloween

Halloween monsters, candy and other spooky creations awaits
Oct 28
Halloween is in three days! I have my candy, now I'm ready for all the frightful fun that will come. Last week's Custom Made Monday focused a lot on Halloween themed customs, and this one will too. There's just so much creati... read
Custom Made Monday photo
Custom Made Monday

Custom Made Monday: Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Monsters, Pokemon and Harry Potter for all!
Oct 21
The weather is getting colder, and it's starting to get dark earlier now. Yes, this is fall! Of course one of my favorite things about fall is Halloween. The pumpkins, the candy, the scary movies...it's a great time. With Hal... read
Dunny Evolved photo
Dunny Evolved

Kidrobot's new Dunny series is Evolved

A little different twist on the same old platform
Oct 09
Kidrobot's next blind-boxed Dunny series — Dunny Evolved — is here, but it's got a slightly different twist. Instead of recruiting a bunch of artists for the 15 Dunnys in the series, there's only five: Huck Gee, M... read

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