Dragon Quest


Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Map Diorama

Dec 19
// Rio McCarthy
We've already seen an abundance of Dragon Quest items thanks to their fabulous 25th Anniversary celebration, but this time we've got something a bit different. This time we have a 3D diorama of the map of the original Dragon ...

Wiggly, cuddly Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest 3 plushes up for pre-order

Oct 12
// Natalie Kipper
Some Dragon Quest fans may remember the game, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime for the Nintendo DS (if you still haven't played it, shame on you). The game belongs to the shoot-off series, Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest, t...

Dragon Quest Hero figures up for pre-order!

Jul 25
// Rio McCarthy
I'm so excited to see the heroes from the first three Dragon Quest games get some love! The three heroes will be immortalized again in toy form thanks to Square Enix. They'll stand around 6.5 inches tall, and look fantastic! ...

New Dragon Quest Soft Vinyl Monsters on the way!

Jul 19
// Rio McCarthy
Hailing from Dragon Quest II and III (as well as many others in the case of Archdemon) we have Kandar, Kandar Henchman and Archdemon as the newest members of the Soft Vinyl Monsters collection. Each of the figures stand betwe...

More Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary goods on the way

Jul 15
// Rio McCarthy
Who needs more Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary goods to add to their wishlist? Sadly we'll have to use our imaginations so far this round, as the pre-order sites don't have any photos up yet! It looks like there'll be a special...

Square-Enix demands with plush, just how much of a Dragon Quest fan are you?

May 26
// Kristina Pino
Just how much of a fan are you? Does ¥365,400 (about US$4,465, tax included) seem like a fair amount for a life-size pirate's treasure chest replica full of slime plushies? If so...this is what Square-Enix is doing for yo...

You're going to want all this 25th Anniversary Dragon Quest stuff

May 13
// Colette Bennett
I'm a total sucker for anything with that happy blue slime. Well, that and I've been playing Dragon Quest games since I was a wee girl. Since it's the 25th anniversary of the game, what better reason is there to release a bun...

Dragon Quest Monster Gallery HD4 figures from Square-Enix has loads of monsters

Dec 24
// Tyler Jones
We here at Tomopop like Dragon Quest. Kind of a lot. The monsters are just so cute, especially the slimes! Now Square-Enix is Command >Attacking your wallets once again with their Monster Gallery HD4 set of blind-boxed PVC...

Dragon Quest toys demonstrate what happens when slimes get wet

Dec 11
// Tyler Jones
Turns out they make your bath time more fun and relaxing. Square Enix has struck upon the brilliant idea of encasing collectible PVC figures in bath salts shaped like the iconic slime enemy. Just drop it in the bath and wait ...

Dragon Quest crystal monster keychains are classy cool

Nov 26
// Crystal White
Available on Hobby Search, Square Enix brings Dragon Quest crystal keychains! I'm not sure if it's just classy, or a little kitschy, but either way, who wouldn't want a crystal slime? Each box comes with 12 pieces, ...

More cute and awesome Dragon Quest Stacking Slimes now available for pre-order

Nov 08
// Kristina Pino
In case you haven't had enough of cute and happy Stacking Slimes, Square-Enix has another PVC play set for you to pre-order, for release in January. Each set will come with four blue, three orange and three green slimes, and ...

Several Dragon Quest soft vinyl monsters draw near! Command?

Nov 03
// Jonathan Tubbs
> BuyAt least it is something I would like to do. Continuing their conquest on your bank account, Square Enix Products have even more soft vinyl figures based on the monsters of the insanely popular turned based RPG series...

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