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Plush Spring Bunny Domo photo
Plush Spring Bunny Domo

Domo-kun got dressed for Easter

Let's just say he's no Sakura Miku
Apr 10
// Tianxiao Ma
When you do a themed version of a character, there are a few routes you can go. Good Smile Company tends to go all-out with their Miku redesigns, tweaking everything from her color palette to the style of her outfit. Domo doe...
Domo-kun photo

Revoltech Domo-kun is real and ready for pre-order

Watch the weather channel with Domo
Dec 06
// Vanessa Cubillo
First there was Hello Kitty, now Kaiyodo has made a Revoltech Domo-kun figure. This Domo will be articulated and come with loads of accessories. I’ve seen many Domo figures, but not many with articulation. This one has...
This batch contains heroes and villans
Funko has just revealed seven more exclusives that will be available at SDCC. Their first two exclusives will be Wacky Wobblers. Most of their exclusives, so far, have been metallic, so they've continued this with metallic W...

Tomopop Review: Funko's Mystery Mini N52 Batman Domo

May 28 // Scarecroodle
Figure Name: New 52 Batman Domo (Domo DC Mystery Minis)Figure Maker: FunkoRetail Price: US$6Available at: Entertainment Earth | Think Geek | Barnes & Noble Funko's Domo DC Mystery Minis is a line of 2.5-inch tall blind-boxed Domo figurines decorated to resemble famous DC Comics superheroes and villains. It's worth nothing that this is just ONE of Funko's DC-themed Domo lines, as there are also POP! figurines (as seen, along with the Mystery Minis, in my award-winning Mr. Domo Goes DC) and a plush series. As per my tradition with blind-boxed figures, I picked up one (and only one) pack and drew a New 52-styled Batman Domo. While nowhere near my top choice (Riddler), I nonetheless found myself happy with the figurine. Before I quickly discuss the figurine, let's take a look at the packaging. The front and two sides of the box feature illustrations depicting some of the possible selections popping out from different angles. While cute, it's certainly nothing special in terms of packaging art. You will, however, notice the dent in one side of the box which was apparently made by Batdomo's "ear". Given that the packaging was originally shrink-wrapped, something like this should have tipped me off to its contents. The back of the package features the rarity chart, which includes illustrations of the alternate selections. Most have a 2/24 rarity with "Detective" Batman (1/24), Two-Face (1/24), classic Superman (1/72), and Clark Kent (1/144) being the only exceptions. Batman and his ilk comprise the majority of this series, although Superman hogs some limelight as well with his 3 figurines including the 1-per-master case Clark Kent. The full selection is as follows: "Detective" Batman, classic Robin, New 52 (N52) Batman, movie (?) Batman, N52 Robin (Damian Wayne), Clark Kent, classic Superman, N52 Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel), Aquaman, Two-Face, and Riddler. Photos can be seen here. Of course, the first question that probably jumps to mind is "Where's Domo Wonder Woman?" Perhaps we'll see "her" should Funko release a series 2. Domo New 52 Batman (here on referred to as "Batdomo") features a whopping zero points of articulation, which is to be expected from this sort of a figurine. The figurine features seams at the waist, arms, and cape, which I suspect was done to make the parts compatible with the other Minis. While I would naturally assume that most of the detail on this figurine was owed to paint, the utility belt almost seems to be a sticker from the way it overlaps with another portion. However, there doesn't appear to be another resembling a seam or upraised area on the belt. The paint looks decent enough, although the translucent utility belt (under which you can see the costume's normal detail) is a little odd. The other nuisance is that the paint seems to a glare-magnet at times. Batdomo's cuteness is apparent from all angles. The cape is adorably sculpted and complements the overall design. He would no doubt look great facing a Batdomo signal shining in the sky which, I imagine, would be the outline of a very toothy bat. For scale, we once again have NECA's Gremlins Mogwai series Stripe (because everybody should own one of NECA's Mogwai figures). Then again, perhaps a Batman figure would make more sense as a reference point: And here we have Batdomo next to Mattel's DC Universe Classics Public Enemies series Batman, which should better illustrate that 2.5-inches height is pretty small... but you probably already knew that. It's also a reasonable size for a blind-boxed item. While US$6 is a somewhat average (or better) price for a blind-boxed item of this size, I can't help but think that it's roughly half the price of the POP! versions despite being a good deal smaller. I suppose there's something to be said for the novelty of a blind-boxed item but the POP! line, with its visible choices, might be the better value depending on your wants. Of course, the Mystery Minis series has a handful of characters absent from the POP! series which does give it a unique selling point especially considering that these characters (like Riddler or Two-Face) may never appear in the larger format. If nothing else, it may certainly be worth buying one pack of the Domo DC Mystery Minis just to try your luck.
Mini N52 Batman Domo photo
The New Adventures of Batdomo
A large part of collecting, like any hobby, is excitement. Excitement need not be limited to big ticket, high-end items, as a certain amount of joy can be obtained even from the simpler, smaller things, like the excitement fo...


Toy Fair 2013: Dark Horse

Hellboy, spaceships, and a statue honoring a sci-fi legend
Feb 13
// Brian Szabelski
Dark Horse's Toy Fair booth had more than just the Hellboy Qqs on display (more on them in a moment). For fans of Domo, there's a ton of new merchandise to look forward to, including some samurai Domo gear, more blind-boxed f...

Mr. Domo goes DC

It's a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington reference. Deal with it.
Jan 03
// Scarecroodle
I must confess that I never saw the appeal of Domo... until now, that is. Domo has received a DC comic treatment, courtesy of Funko, for a blind-boxed 2.5-inch figurine set as well as a larger (not pictured in header) Pop! 4-...

Mezco announces new Domo figures, merchandise

May 16
// Brian Szabelski
Mezco Toyz teased this at Toy Fair, but they've now officially announced they they'll be making Domo merchandise that will be on sale later this year! Among the items available will be bobbleheads, clip-on figures, actio...

A new Domo Qee blind box series coming soon? Count me in! I've had some of the previous series' pieces and I loved them! They're always very fun and come in exciting colors. Series 4 looks to be heading in the same direction,...

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