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Entertainment Earth shows their exclusive Breaking Bad Pop! figures photo
Entertainment Earth shows their exclusive Breaking Bad Pop! figures
by Vanessa Cubillo

So we already know that Funko is making Pop! figures from everyone’s favorite meth dealing show, Breaking Bad. The series will be available in August. Now, Entertainment Earth has announced that they will also have two exclusive Pop! figures added to this series.

Along with the 10 figures already known, you can also get Green Cook Suit Walter White and Green Cook Suit Jesse Pinkman. These will be US$12.99 each. These Entertainment Earth exclusives are also available in August, and are open now for pre-order. 

[ Pre-order Green Cook Suit Walter at Entertainment Earth ]

[ Pre-order Green Cook Suit Jesse at Entertainment Earth ]

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6:00 PM on 07.03.2014

Surprise, bet you thought you saw the last of this: American Horror Story Pop! figures revealed

Ryan Murphy’s twisted horror show, American Horror Story is the latest show to get their own  Funko Pop! series. The figures are beautiful and twisted, just like the show itself! For those who don’t know, ea...

Vanessa Cubillo

Funko's fourth SDCC batch is filled with cartoons and violence photo
Funko's fourth SDCC batch is filled with cartoons and violence
by Vanessa Cubillo

So here we are seeing the fourth batch of SDCC exclusive figures from Funko. This time it consist of all Pop! figures. The first two come from the animated movie, Despicable Me 2.

If you loved Dave and Carl in yellow, you’d probably like them even more in purple. Funko has even made new versions of Princess Bubblegum and BMO from Adventure Time. These exclusive versions will glow in the dark!

Now this batch has been too kid-friendly, so Funko had to end it with a little blood. From Pulp Fiction, there will be a blood splattered version of Vincent Vega and Jules. Now we have to wait until next week to see what other exclusives Funko will come out with. 

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12:30 PM on 07.02.2014

Kidrobot's new Art Giant is the Monster Munny

Kidrobot has another Art Giants piece to roll out, and con-goers will recognize this one. Those giant 4-foot-tall Monster Munnys in Kidrobot's booths — the ones you can doodle on in chalk — are actually being made...

Brian Szabelski

9:00 PM on 07.01.2014

DKE Toys begins its SDCC news with Infected Android

With San Diego Comic Con just a few weeks away, the booth exclusives are coming out of the woodwork for DKE Toys. Starting things off is Scott Wilkowski's Infected Android, available in red, orange, smoke grey and blue colorw...

Brian Szabelski

Funko's second SDCC exclusive batch is a mix of Flintstones and Buffy photo
Funko's second SDCC exclusive batch is a mix of Flintstones and Buffy
by Vanessa Cubillo

Now that Funko is announcing all of their SDCC exclusives, each announcement is like a fun surprise! Ok, that’s a little over the top, I just want to see what series are getting exclusives. So this batch starts off with Star Wars.

There will be a box set featuring Luke from Hoth and a Wampa. The Wampa will also be missing an arm that will be included too. Next, there will be an exclusive from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It’s Buffy herself damaged from one of her epic fights. Oh man, I hope there’s more Buffy exclusives coming. The next exclusive is a Predator ReAction figure.

This Predator is invisible, but will have green blood splattered over it. Funko’s last exclusive reveal comes from The Flintstones. There will be a Pop! two-pack of Fred and Barney in three different colorways. Remember, you can win all of these by entering on their social media accounts. 

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Go to space with Otto Bjornik's latest, Gyaraga photo
Go to space with Otto Bjornik's latest, Gyaraga
by Brian Szabelski

Otto Bjornik's new Gyaraga Dunnys aren't 100 percent new designs: two of the three main designs are based off of his larger Odyssey 1969 custom Dunnys. Joining Neil A (in the white) and A Lien (in black) is a new red astronaut named Luna, with the three of them making up the majority of the 3-inch customs.

However, even they aren't alone: Otto's including not one, but two chases for each color of Gyaraga Dunnys. All three colors will have a dead astronaut as one of the chases, with the other being a one-off special character: Krang (black), Jeremy (white) and Laika (red).

A total of 10 characters will be released for the red, black and white colors, meaning eight of each 10 will be either Neil A, A Lien or Luna, depending on the color you choose. Oh, and did we mention they're blind-boxed? Because they will be when Otto releases them in his store on Thursday, June 26, at 11 a.m. Eastern for US$110 (plus shipping) each.

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Funko announces first batch of SDCC exclusives photo
Funko announces first batch of SDCC exclusives
by Vanessa Cubillo

The countdown to SDCC is now underway! Funko has just announced their first batch of SDCC exclusives. If you recall last year, you know that they will have plenty of exclusives to offer.

So this first reveal is dedicated to Ghostbusters. Funko will have exclusive Pop! sets that feature Dr. Peter Venkman covered in slime and a metallic Slimer, and the entire ghost hunting team covered in Stay Puff’s goo. There will also be a six inch, glow in the dark, Stay Puff Pop! figure available.

The last exclusive in this batch comes from The Rocketter. There will be a black and white Rocketter ReAction figure. He will come with a removable helmet and a jetpack.

Now after this announcement, Funko will reveal their exclusives every Monday and Wednesday until SDCC begins. They also will be giving away these exclusives on their social media accounts, so you can win them without having to go to SDCC. 

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10:00 AM on 06.20.2014

Kidrobot gets license for Adventure Time

Yesterday on social media, Kidrobot posted a photo to announce that Adventure Time would soon be a part of their company. The photo shows a sullen looking Finn wearing Jake as a coat and earphones as he listens to BMO like a...

Vanessa Cubillo

8:00 AM on 06.20.2014

Lunartik releases Alien The Nostromo Collection

Matt Jones is on a roll with creating figures from popular series! First it with was Doctor Who, then Breaking Bad, now it’s Alien. Partnering up with Titan Merchandise again, Lunartik is releasing a collection of 12 f...

Vanessa Cubillo

1:00 PM on 06.17.2014

Custom Delights: Fuller's Garrus Foomi

Fuller has just finished up a new custom Foomi that happens to be of everyone's favorite alien sniper from the Mass Effect series, good ol' Garrus. Using the spike-haired Foomi as the base was a wise decision, as it already s...

Brian Szabelski

6:00 PM on 06.16.2014

FUNimation shows first look at DBZ and Black Butler Pop! figures

We already knew Funko was acquiring more anime titles since Toy Fair. They’ve already shown a preview of their Vocaloid series, which should be in stores this month. Now, thanks to FUNimation, we have a preview of Pop!...

Vanessa Cubillo