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Snow bunny can't dress for winter sports

Daiki Kougyou brings us another busty lady to grace our shelves. Dressed in a skimpy pink bikini and high waisted skirt, the brunette at least had the presence of mind of grab a scarf and goggles on the way to her snowboarding adventure. ...

Pre-order Mio Kisaki photo

Pre-order Daiki Kogyo's Mio Kisaki

Have you seen any of this seasons bazoonga filled horseback jousting series Walkure Romanze? I find the fan service to be a little bit excessive but I am watching it over at Crunchyroll from time to time. If you are watching that show and l...

Delays, delays, delays photo

Good Smile, Arcadia, others announce delays

Delay time has arrived, and it's apparently hit Good Smile Company's Nendoroid line. Three Nendoroids are among those delayed, and they include both the Rin and Wooser set and the big-headed Mikudayo, destroyer of worlds. It's also hit Arca...


[NSFW] Get romantic with Celia Aintree in this gallery

I think this figure is pretty much Daiki Kougyou in a nutshell: nudity, chunky girls, and odd proportions. You're looking at Celia Cumani Aintree from Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari. She clearly isn't the type to take armor protect...


Daiki Kougyou's Celia could use a bit more armor

Daiki Kougyou's latest offering in the 1/6-scale department happens to be Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari's Celia, and ... she's not really prepared for battle. For some reason, she's in a swimsuit and armor on her arms (w...


[NSFW] Miyazawa Model Exhibition: NSFW figure roundup

It's that time again: NSFW stuff for the late night! The Miyazawa Model Exhibition had a handful of NSFW figures so I thought I'd do a roundup of them. The lone NSFW entry from Art Spirits is Haruko Amaya from the manga Make-Ki! BEAT had a ...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 14, 2012

Oh, hey, it's a Monday. If this Monday has you down, one way to make yourself feel better is to spend some money you don't have. So how about it? Might I interest you in something in today's Reserve or Regret? Maybe something that has captu...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for April 16, 2012

Buy somethin' will ya! Hmm... if that wasn't a few characters longer, maybe that would have been a better title for Reserve or Regret. That is what I'm trying to get you to do with this daily feature after all. Pre-orders have now opened fo...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 26, 2012

Getting sick sucks. It also sucks to know that I have been allowing you folks to get away without spending money. That has gone on long enough. Pull out those credit cards, borrow some cash, or do what you must because it's time to ask your...


[NSFW] Daiki's Menace is... well, being Menace

My experience with Queen's Blade is this: watched the first episode, had a hearty laugh, then read somewhere that it's apparently not a comedy anime. Daiki Kougyou has embraced these late night fanservice shows throughout its history. This ...


Daiki Kougyou has Tamaki show off her tsun side?

A month without Tamaki? I know! That's just too long for this popular lady from ToHeart2, huh? Well, Daiki Kougyou is looking to fix that by... oh. ... Re-releasing a Tamaki figure with a different face. That's just lazy. Coming later this ...


[NSFW] Seikon no Qwaser's Katja and Tomo caught surprised

If we're talking about Seikon no Qwaser here on Tomopop, 90% of the time it's going to be a NSFW figure and 99% of the time, it's going to be the busty Tomo Yamanobe. So with those high percentages, is it any surprise why we're talking abou...


Check out these shots of Daiki Kougyou's Mizuki Himeji

If you just don't think there's enough Baka to Test figures out there for some reason, then perhaps Daiki Kougyou's Mizuki Himeji is what you're looking for. The 1/6-scale Mizuki features her in her uniform minus the overcoat, with a blush ...


Get the full Sasara Kusugawa experience in this gallery

Here's the deal: if you want to see plastic boobies of anime girls, check out Moeyo's gallery of Daiki Kougyou's Sasara Kusugawa figure. I'll leave the NSFW stuff for them as they do it so well. Otherwise I've grabbed a few sample photos of...


ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers' Sasara strikes again

Just a little over three months ago, Daiki Kougyou released the samurai version of Sasara Kusugawa from PlayStation Portable title ToHeart2: Dungeon Travelers. Just like Daiki Kougyou (and many others), Sasara is back again, covered in the ...


NSFW: Say hi to Daiki Kougyou's Aya Ayanokouji

The folks at Daiki Kougyou have put together another new figure, this one featuring an original character. Say hi to Aya Ayanokouji, a girl with ridiculously big eyes at 1/5 scale. As expected, she is a cast-offable figure, with that micro-...


NSFW: Daiki Kougyou's Tamaki Kousaka is back up for order

Back in the beginning of February, AmiAmi goofed and put a gorgeous rendition of Tamaki up for order. The page was quickly pulled, but people who managed to get their orders in had them honored. Now this bathing beauty is back up for order,...


NSFW: Daiki Kougyou's Tsuneko from Maid Bride

Well, I know that hentai manga isn't really supposed to have much of a story, but even then, Maid Bride really doesn't have much of one. Basically, girl can't pay her rent, so she moves in with a guy who has a maid fetish and prom...


Daiki Kougyo's decided to send you an angel with Tenshi-san

Oh dear, will you look at her. Hello! If only all angels were so sweet, doe-eyed and barely clothed. This one is brought to you courtesy of Daiki Kougyo, and while she may look like a handful, she's actually only 1/10th in scale. A tiny han...


Daiki Kougyou enters the doll making business?

It always throws me off when a company does something against the grain of what is normally their business model. Today's case subject: Daiki Kougyou. If you're unfamiliar with the company, their usual bread and butter is NSFW figures....


Daiki-Kougyo's pricey 1/6 Mio figure up for preorder

When it comes to K-ON! figures, I'd say if they keep on coming, they have a solid chance at giving the endless stream of Kanu Unchou figures in the world a run for their money. There's nothing super special about this new sculpt of Mio from...


[Update] NSFW: More pics of Daiki's grand Ryomou Shimei

[Editor's note: Added pictures from a new color review. Enjoy.]Color reviews seem to be the thing today, so why not one more. Last month we showed you guys pics of the ginormous, 1/4 scale, Ryomou Shimei Daiki Kougyou is putting out. This t...


NSFW: Color review of Daiki's regular face Kan'u

This is kinda silly. Yesterday I told you guys about the original face Kan'u that Daiki Kougyou is releasing to go along with the normal face Kan'u I posted about a couple of weeks so. So today we got color samples of the normal face Kan'u,...


NSFW: Daiki Kougyou's Kan'u Unchou has a new look

When I first saw this it was, like, "Meh, just better quality pics." Then I noticed her face looked odd. Duh. Of course it does. This is the new, improved "Original Face ver., Miyasawa Mokei Edition." So we have the same...


NSFW: Queen's Blade Wandering Warrior Reina is back in black

While not as prevalent as Ikkitousen figures, Queen's Blade figures are beginning to annoy me.  Instead of giving us new characters, they're giving us new paint jobs. And now we have Wandering Warrior Reina wearing black everything, an...


NSFW: Daiki Kougyou's new Kan'u Unchou is 100% beefy

We all make fun of Ikkitousen figures, myself included. We can't help it. Some of the figures, though, are actually quite well done, and very pretty. The problem is there are so damned many bad ones that the few worthy ones get lost in a se...


NSFW: Kanu in the tub, minus the green slime!

Late last year, we saw this super-risque garage kit from Daiki Kougyou of Ikkitousen's Kanu Unchou in a bathtub with long strands of her hair covering up her unmentionables. The weirdest thing about this figure, however, was that when she w...


Daiki Kougyou gives Kan'u a much needed tan (NSFW)

Kan'u, Kan'u, Kan'u. Such a lovely girl, with her long silky hair, her curvaceous figure, her prim white cotton panties. But here we get a glimpse of her enjoying one of life's little pleasures: a lovely bath. She's probably just back from ...


NSFW: Daiki takes on Queen's Blade Wandering Warrior Reina

Last fall we gave you a look at the very limited edition Queen's Blade Wandering Warior Reina garage kit. Meh. Nothing we hadn't seen before, but this was done in 1/6 scale, so there was more of the same to see. Now she's been brought to PV...


NSFW: Daiki does Ryomou Shimei on a grand scale

It seem as though new Ikkitousen figures are now popping up on a weekly basis. This is both good and bad. The good is that there have been some nice ones, while the bad is that most of them still are. What used to be a mere flood has now be...


NSFW: Daiki's Akuma-san in pink

There once was a 1/6 scale garage kit of the Yamada-ya Original Character Akuma-san. Never saw it, but will assume it was nice enough. Then, back in January, we got word that Daiki was to release a PVC version of the Akuma-san figure, and w...


Daiki Kougyou shows us the sweeter side of the devil [NSFW]

Daiki Kougyou will be releasing the 1/12 scale Yamadaya Original Character Akuma-san this spring based on the original 1/6 scale garage kit released in 2006. There are many differences in this version than the original.Obviously, the size i...


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