Deadline? What's that?
As we move into NYCC and prepare to promptly forget many of the things we wanted in previous months, we here at Tomopop have decided to reminisce about some of the things we were most excited about in September. This includes a few predictable choices and one thing you may not have seen coming. See our picks below. read feature

Now in Low Definition
SDCC and WonFes may have been almost a month ago at this point, but many of its collectibles are still on our minds. Tian recently posted the top ten things he was looking forward to from these cons and, because I'm far more excitably (and exceedingly less orderly), my own highlights list is nowhere near that short. See many of my favorites after the jump. read feature

SDCC and WonFes may be over, but it remains in our hearts... and hopefully some of it will appear on our shelves
With the somewhat unexpected departure of Pedro last month (who we all thank for his years of service and wish him nothing but the best), Tomopop has fallen a little behind in the features department over the last couple of w... read feature

The world has shot through space for another 77 million kilometers, which means it's time yet again for DO WANT. For those who might not be familiar, the DO WANT is the feature where your favorite editors let you, the marvelo... read feature

This ain't no April fool
Don't let the date fool you folks, this is the real deal. Come on, we wouldn't lie about the DO WANT. It's the feature that lets you know what we want the most from the last month. To fib on such a sacred occasion would be ta... read feature

Wonderful World of Want
Ah yes, the end of the month is here. Honestly, I can't believe that it's already the end of February. I keep thinking that we just started 2014 and we're already finishing off month number two. Well, that just means that it'... read feature

2013 is coming to a close.
Wow, where did the time go? November is already finished and we're beginning December. It's nearly the end of 2013! I can't believe that. Anyway, that's not why I'm here. As one month is complete and another starts anew, it's... read feature

The power of desire
Last day of the month? That means it's time for the DO WANT, the monthly feature where you discover where our minds have been for the last 30 days. Well, at least figure-wise. I've had my nose in various NLE and audio program... read feature

The best month since August
Hiya Tomopals! Your old buddy, the Scarecroodle, here with the... what, you were expecting Pedro? Well, I'm taking over the monthly DO WANT feature for a while just to mix things up a little bit, like adding a random adjectiv... read feature

Better late than never
Sorry folks, a couple days later here with DO WANT, the monthly feature that lets the readers know what all of us here at Tomo fancy. Well, now you can properly begin your month with a dose of desire here, featuring things li... read feature

So little time, so many toys to buy. Since it's the end of a month and the beginning of another, it's time for DO WANT! Tune in here to see what your lovely editors at Tomo want the most. This time, you can expect to see: a telepathic ninja a sailor scout a robotic dog ...and more! Hit the jump to find out more. read feature

Sponsored by Larfleeze
It's the end of the month, so that means it's time for DO WANT. As usual, the Tomo staff lets everybody know what they want from the bottom of their PVC, diecast and/or vinyl hearts. This month, you can expect: A sadist a couple of school girls an underwater songstress a Tomo classic and more! Hit the jump to find out! read feature

We're through with April, which means we celebrate its demise with another edition of DO WANT. Here, you'll see all of us at Tomopop want on our desks, shelves, etc.  This month, you can look forward to: A goddess A scout A pop star A glorious mustache ...and more! Hit the jump to find out what. read feature

I want it all...and I want it now!
Welcome back to the feature that lets you know how we want to spend our hard-earned ducats. That's right, it's the monthly DO WANT! Sorry we're a couple days late, as we had to prep for the usual April Fools shenanigans. ... read feature

Can't get no satisfaction
Oh, it's the end of the month you say? Well, that can only mean one thing: it's time for DO WANT! This month, we have several editors agreeing on one particular figure, which hasn't happened in a while. Which one is it? Well,... read feature

As it's the end of the month, it's time for DO WANT, where the Tomo editors let you know what we desperately desire. As it's been a couple of months since DO WANT has graced the front page, there's quite a bit of pressure to ... read feature

Give me ALL the PVC.
Another month, another set of toys for the Tomo crew to lust over. That's right, it's time for the DO WANT, the list that reminds us that our eyes are bigger than our wallets. This month, you can expect: Sexy commanders a clingy pony a magical lady tanned robots and more! Hit the jump to find out more! read feature

If money flowed like water from a faucet, then all of us on staff would be able to grant our deepest wishes. Unfortunately, the flow of money is more akin to the tiny trickle that you hear coming from your tub at night, so we... read feature

It's the end of the month, so that means it's time for DO WANT, the feature that lets you know what we want the most. We've got a pretty eclectic mix of items this month, including: Pretty boys that shoot fire from their hands A cute, plush monster A sexy gynoid A surly girl that's ready to fight dragons and more! Hit the jump to find out what else we desire. read feature

It's the last day of the month, so that means it's time for DO WANT! As usual, you'll get a peek into the hearts of our editors as they tell you what they're itching to buy. It's extra special this time around, as we're comin... read feature

It's time for your hard-working Tomo writers to tell you about their deepest, darkest desires. No, this isn't a Skinemax production, it's the monthly DO WANT! This time around, our writers had a nice variety of things they wa... read feature

Ladies and gents, it's time to find out what the hearts of Tomo editors desire. Yes indeed, it's time for DO WANT! For the month of April, I feel like there wasn't much in the way of crazy new announcements. Sure there was Ni... read feature

Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. March was ... well, beyond WonderCon, it was awfully quiet. Perhaps the calm before a stormy summer? Maybe... read feature

Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. February itself is always a special month: Wonder Festival Winter, Toy Fair, other small expos and most im... read feature

Playmates reveals new and greatest TMNT figures ever

Feb 02
I got a pretty fun surprise no more than a day ago when I hopped on my Twitter and found someone mentioning that some new Ninja Turtles action figures were on the way. At first I assumed this either meant some new customs or ... read

Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. This month is the kick off to a whole new year ... one full of new collectibles that we'll be going crazy ... read feature

Gaming Heads calls for Team Fortress 2's Medic

Jan 28
Well, well: Gaming Heads has been quiet lately, but just recently, they posted a teaser showing off their next Team Fortress 2 statue, the Medic. The image in the gallery is the only info we have, but considering the history ... read

Jin Saotome's custom Zero is a force to be reckoned with

Jan 03
Just as promised, Jin is continuing his journey through the Mega Man universe with a new custom. You may have seen his Mega Man custom from about a week ago (which ended up selling at just over US$350 by the way), but the tim... read

Jin Saotome's custom Mega Man is what the world needs now

Dec 25
Merry Christmas to everyone, and what better way to spread the cheer on a joyous day such as this than with a brand new custom action figure from Jin Saotome, one of my favorite custom figure designers. He's brought us so man... read

Last week I got in such a Dragon Ball related frenzy as a result of S.H. Figuarts bringing Trunks stateside and Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA holding a poll asking who we'd like seen converted into a badass action figure next ... read feature

Which Dragon Ball character should get a new figure next?

Dec 01
I'm really digging the recent batch of S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z figures such as (the sadly delayed) Super Saiyan Vegeta and now Trunks, but while I've been daydreaming what should come next, Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA is... read

Henge returns with another work of beauty!

Dec 01
Who says figures can't be art? (or was that video games?) Some of our more seasoned readers may remember a sculpture maker by the name of HENGE. The company made a bit of a splash with their first release which was posted on... read

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