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Mattel photo

SDCC 2016: Mattel

WWE, DC, She-Ra, Monster High, and more!
Jul 23
// Soul Tsukino
Our friends over at Mattel always try to do big at these conventions and this time around is no different. They had a lot to show off at SDCC, and our own tian was there to get all the picture. So let's dive right in.

The Variant Play Arts Kai Batman is up for Pre-Order and HOLY...

This is worthy of a triple take!
May 12
// Chris Seto
Square-Enix has really been pushing their Play-Arts Kai line as of late and after grabbing some of the superhero licenses, they've done some pretty interesting new designs, particularly around the DC side.  We've seen th...
C2E2 2015 photo
C2E2 2015

C2E2 2015: Diamond Select Toys

Bringing Bruce Timm's designs to 3D
Apr 29
// Tianxiao Ma
Diamond Select Toys always brings a smorgasbord of goods to each convention covering a disparate range of properties. Of course, their comic book properties always take center stage. This time it was the Batman and Superman a...
NYCC 2014 Kotobukiya photo
NYCC 2014 Kotobukiya

NYCC 2014: Kotobukiya up close

I'm liking all the new Bishoujo figures
Oct 14
// Tianxiao Ma
You probably got the gist of the Kotobukiya booth offerings by now, but why settle for the gist? Andres was able to get up close to the figures for some super-size shots. I thought I knew what we'd be seeing, but was pleasant...

Kotobukiya photo

SDCC 2014: Kotobukiya - Bishoujos

One of the loveliest corners of the floor
Jul 25
// Pedro Cortes
You didn't think that I'd leave out the Bishoujos, did you? Of course not, what would a Kotobukiya booth tour be without the popular line of ladies interpreted by Shunya Yamashita? It wouldn't be complete, that's what. And let me tell you, Kotobukiya really outdid themselves this year at San Diego Comic Con. Hit the jump to see the photos we got on the show floor as well as my impressions.
Kotobukiya photo

SDCC 2014: Kotobukiya - DC and Marvel

Comic toys for a comic convention. Genius!
Jul 25
// Pedro Cortes
Along with the video game and anime stuff mentioned previously, Kotobukiya had a ton of comic book-related items on hand. Hey, this IS San Diego Comic Con after all. Both DC Comics and Marvel had some healthy representation, ...
Wonder Woman photo
Wonder Woman

Kotobukiya shows prototype of ARTFX Wonder Woman

It looks pretty windy where Wonder Woman is
Mar 07
// Vanessa Cubillo
At NY Toy Fair, Kotobukiya showed a picture in their display of the prototype for ARTFX Wonder Woman. Even though there was no actual figure there, it was nice to see a glimpse of the next statue in their DC line. Today on t...
Kotobukiya photo

Toy Fair 2014: Kotobukiya

Bishoujos, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and more!
Feb 20
// Vanessa Cubillo
Kotobukiya is always fun to see at conventions because you never know what new stuff they’ll have. Their recently revealed DC Bishoujo Starfire was on full display, and actually looks better in person than those promo ...
Tonner photo

Tonner adds New 52 Wonder Woman to DC Stars line

Wonder Woman joins Tonner's line of beautiful DC women
Oct 29
// Vanessa Cubillo
Tonner, the fashionable doll company, has just added New 52 Wonder Woman to their DC Stars line. Wonder Woman joins this line with other DC women like Poison Ivy, Supergirl, Mera and Harley Quinn. Dressed in her New 52 outfi...
Kotobukiya photo

NYCC 2013: Kotobukiya

Bishoujos...Bishoujos everywhere
Oct 11
// Vanessa Cubillo
At this year's Kotobukiya booth there were lots of new figures for fans to see. These last couple of days they've been releasing teasers for new figures in their Bishoujo lines and these teasers and figures were in attendanc...

Pre-orders open for Square Enix's Variant PAK figures

Pre-orders are now open for Hero of Light, Supergirl and Superman
Sep 18
// Vanessa Cubillo
Square Enix has three figures from their Variant Play Arts Kai line open for pre-orders now. From the DC Variant PAK line comes Supergirl and Superman, and from Final Fantasy Variant PAK comes Hero of Light. It was only last...
A sultry Poison Ivy will greet you at NYCC
DC Collectibles revealed today their two exclusives they'll be bringing with them to New York Comic Con. Just like their SDCC exclusive, they'll have another exclusive from the Super Best Friends Forever series; Poison Ivy. ...

Pre-order this Event Exclusive Edition of Batman
Batman sure is hot news today, so it's perfect that Play Imaginative has announced they're releasing a new exclusive Dark Knight figure. This Dark Knight will be a Super Alloy 1/6 scale collectible figure. Taken from Jim Lee...

DCU Damian Wayne photo
DCU Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne announced for Club Infinite Earths 2014

Can we please overlook the irony of a character who was killed in the comics and canceled from a dying line being announced for a club on life support?
Aug 16
// Scarecroodle
In a move that even the blind may have seen coming, the DCU Damian Wayne Robin from the canceled Batman Unlimited retail line has now been added to the 2014 Club Infinite Earths subscription. However, given that Club Infinite...
Flash & Batgirl photo
Speed and shadow
They may not be at Wonder Festival but Square-Enix aren't letting their rivals steal all the spotlight as today on Facebook they unveiled two new additions to their Variant Play Arts Kai range that re-imagines popular DC Supe...


Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Kotobukiya Part 3

Everything else!
Jul 29
// Martin Siggers
There's still more! Kotobukiya's booth was also loaded with stuff that had been previously announced but hadn't been seen 'in the wild' before, so it's our first chance to look over some upcoming releases. For me the highligh...
Kotobukiya photo

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Kotobukiya Part 2

Robots, rings and Millenium Rods
Jul 29
// Martin Siggers
But wait, there's more! Kotobukiya bought so much stuff just one post can't handle it, so let's crack on. We've now got much better shots of the triple tag-team of Marik Ishtars, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere's Tomo Asana ...

SDCC 2013: Sideshow Collectibles

DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and more
Jul 20
// Vanessa Cubillo
Sideshow Collectibles' display of high detailed statues and figures at SDCC came from comics, movies and some original work. There were many Star Wars figures and statues like Darth Malgus, Snowtrooper, Chewbacca, Darth Maul...

SDCC 2013: Square Enix

Star Trek, Aliens, RoboCop, and more greats from PAK
Jul 19
// Vanessa Cubillo
Square Enix's booth had a lot of new surprises this year. At their booth, they had plenty of new and upcoming figures likes PAK DC Variant figures of Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Green Lantern and The Flash. There were also...
SHF Injustice: GAU photo
SHF Injustice: GAU

SDCC 2013: S.H. Figuarts Injustice: Gods Among Us

Not sure if the gods are supposed to be Bandai
Jul 18
// Andres Cerrato
[Update: Tamashii Nations has a poll up right now to take suggestions for the line!] Jumping on the unexpected licenses was the announcement of the release of S.H. Figuarts for the game Injustice: Gods Among Us. While there w...

Sideshow adds Harley Quinn to sixth scale figure line

Available in February
Jul 15
// Vanessa Cubillo
Just like the Joker, Thor, and Indiana Jones, Harley Quinn is joining Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale line of highly detailed figures. Standing at over 11 inches tall, Harley is dressed in a fabric bodysuit, fitted corset and...
DC Bishoujo Armored WW photo
DC Bishoujo Armored WW

Shunya draws up sketch for Bishoujo Armored Wonder Woman

Shunya crafts a new version of the Amazon
Jul 12
// Andres Cerrato
The DC Bishoujo line has had its share of great entries. The original release of Wonder Woman was certainly among them, but Shunya is coming back with another version of the Amazon. In his newest sketch, he depicts what they'...
DC Bishoujo Harley Quinn photo
DC Bishoujo Harley Quinn

Pre-orders open for SDCC exclusive Bishoujo Harley Quinn

You won't have to be there to get there
Jul 01
// Andres Cerrato
It seems that a lot of you like what Koto had made for those attending SDCC. The new maskless version of DC Bishoujo Harley Quinn came out to a good reception and there's better news today. As of now, pre-orders for the lady ...
SDCC Bishoujo Harley Quin photo
SDCC Bishoujo Harley Quin

[Update] Koto's SDCC-exclusive Bishoujo Harley Quinn

Who needs makeup with a face like that?
Jun 28
// Andres Cerrato
[Update] Kotobukiya has stated that a limited amount will be sold on their online store starting on Monday, July 1st at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST). They will ship 2-3 weeks following SDCC. We've already featured a lot of SDCC e...
Koto Shazam teaser photo
Koto Shazam teaser

Kotobukiya whets appetites with New 52 Shazam teaser

Further photos hopefully to follow with the speed of Mercury
May 29
// Scarecroodle
Kotobukiya has teased an upcoming DC Comics ARTFX or ArtFX+ New 52 Shazam. The image, which shows the character's iconic lightning bolt logo, is accompanied by the caption, "By speaking my name you can become the strongest an...
Batty Matty poll photo
Batty Matty poll

NaNaNaNa, vote in Matty's Batarang poll

It's not about the size of your batarang, it's how you use it
May 29
// Scarecroodle
Matty Collector has opened a poll to judge fan interest in a Batarang collectible. The three question poll asks fans what price they would expect to pay for a collector-quality Batarang, a material they would expect it to be ...

MadXcollectoR commissions New 52 Joker head

Now for something that will truly terrify you
May 29
// Vanessa Cubillo
As if the Joker wasn't crazy enough before, in the New 52 he reached new heights of absolute insanity. The way he looked helped complete his transformation from crazy to frighteningly crazy. Commissioned by MadXcollectoR, thi...
Matty exclusives sale photo
Matty exclusives sale

Discounted Matty Collector items? Your lucky day!

May 28
// Scarecroodle
It's not fair. I remember scrambling to buy most of the figures Big Bad Toy Store just listed in their amazing close-out sale for full price back when Matty Collector was selling them. In a good many cases, BBTS is selling th...

Tomopop Review: Funko's Mystery Mini N52 Batman Domo

May 28 // Scarecroodle
Figure Name: New 52 Batman Domo (Domo DC Mystery Minis)Figure Maker: FunkoRetail Price: US$6Available at: Entertainment Earth | Think Geek | Barnes & Noble Funko's Domo DC Mystery Minis is a line of 2.5-inch tall blind-boxed Domo figurines decorated to resemble famous DC Comics superheroes and villains. It's worth nothing that this is just ONE of Funko's DC-themed Domo lines, as there are also POP! figurines (as seen, along with the Mystery Minis, in my award-winning Mr. Domo Goes DC) and a plush series. As per my tradition with blind-boxed figures, I picked up one (and only one) pack and drew a New 52-styled Batman Domo. While nowhere near my top choice (Riddler), I nonetheless found myself happy with the figurine. Before I quickly discuss the figurine, let's take a look at the packaging. The front and two sides of the box feature illustrations depicting some of the possible selections popping out from different angles. While cute, it's certainly nothing special in terms of packaging art. You will, however, notice the dent in one side of the box which was apparently made by Batdomo's "ear". Given that the packaging was originally shrink-wrapped, something like this should have tipped me off to its contents. The back of the package features the rarity chart, which includes illustrations of the alternate selections. Most have a 2/24 rarity with "Detective" Batman (1/24), Two-Face (1/24), classic Superman (1/72), and Clark Kent (1/144) being the only exceptions. Batman and his ilk comprise the majority of this series, although Superman hogs some limelight as well with his 3 figurines including the 1-per-master case Clark Kent. The full selection is as follows: "Detective" Batman, classic Robin, New 52 (N52) Batman, movie (?) Batman, N52 Robin (Damian Wayne), Clark Kent, classic Superman, N52 Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel), Aquaman, Two-Face, and Riddler. Photos can be seen here. Of course, the first question that probably jumps to mind is "Where's Domo Wonder Woman?" Perhaps we'll see "her" should Funko release a series 2. Domo New 52 Batman (here on referred to as "Batdomo") features a whopping zero points of articulation, which is to be expected from this sort of a figurine. The figurine features seams at the waist, arms, and cape, which I suspect was done to make the parts compatible with the other Minis. While I would naturally assume that most of the detail on this figurine was owed to paint, the utility belt almost seems to be a sticker from the way it overlaps with another portion. However, there doesn't appear to be another resembling a seam or upraised area on the belt. The paint looks decent enough, although the translucent utility belt (under which you can see the costume's normal detail) is a little odd. The other nuisance is that the paint seems to a glare-magnet at times. Batdomo's cuteness is apparent from all angles. The cape is adorably sculpted and complements the overall design. He would no doubt look great facing a Batdomo signal shining in the sky which, I imagine, would be the outline of a very toothy bat. For scale, we once again have NECA's Gremlins Mogwai series Stripe (because everybody should own one of NECA's Mogwai figures). Then again, perhaps a Batman figure would make more sense as a reference point: And here we have Batdomo next to Mattel's DC Universe Classics Public Enemies series Batman, which should better illustrate that 2.5-inches height is pretty small... but you probably already knew that. It's also a reasonable size for a blind-boxed item. While US$6 is a somewhat average (or better) price for a blind-boxed item of this size, I can't help but think that it's roughly half the price of the POP! versions despite being a good deal smaller. I suppose there's something to be said for the novelty of a blind-boxed item but the POP! line, with its visible choices, might be the better value depending on your wants. Of course, the Mystery Minis series has a handful of characters absent from the POP! series which does give it a unique selling point especially considering that these characters (like Riddler or Two-Face) may never appear in the larger format. If nothing else, it may certainly be worth buying one pack of the Domo DC Mystery Minis just to try your luck.
Mini N52 Batman Domo photo
The New Adventures of Batdomo
A large part of collecting, like any hobby, is excitement. Excitement need not be limited to big ticket, high-end items, as a certain amount of joy can be obtained even from the simpler, smaller things, like the excitement fo...

Super Alloy Superman photo
Super Alloy Superman

Superman, Man of Super Alloy, is available for pre-order

Pre-order this faster than a speeding bullet
May 21
// Scarecroodle
Play Imaginative's Super Alloy 1/6 Scale New 52 Justice League Superman is now available for pre-order. Superman was previously announced as being part of Play Imaginative's upcoming New 52 Justice League Super Alloy selectio...

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