Review - D-Arts Elizabeth photo

Tomopop Review: D-Arts Elizabeth

So, there was a little game called Persona 4 Arena last year. Since Persona has become all of the genres, they started to merchandise the series. After several releases of the cast from the fourth entry, the release of Arena gave reason to ...

Tamashii Nations photo

Tamashii announces integration of SH Figuarts and D-Arts

Tamashii Nations announced on their Facebook today that the S.H. Figuarts and D-Arts line will be merging into one line. Soon, figures from popular series like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Mega Man will be released under S.H. Figuarts. This m...

Review: Black Zero photo

Tomopop Review: Bandai's D-Arts Black Zero

The Mega Man franchise is all about upgrades (often in the form of new abilities taken from defeated opponents) and, when Mega Man X swung around, Mega Man (now called X) got a few fancy new armors ... two of which were made into figures by...

Pokemon photo

S.H. Figuarts Lucario pops up in scans

Bandai's upcoming Lucario figure has appeared in some magazine scans in which the Aura Pokemon is listed as being part of the S.H. Figuarts line rather than the D-Arts line as we had expected. Lucario himself looks fantastic; the figure cer...

Digimon photo

D-Arts Omnimon's / Omegamon's photo gallery pierces evil

Bandai's D-Arts Omegamon (or Omnimon, as he's known in the English adaptation) has returned thanks to valiant efforts of Bluefin Tamashii Nations. The company has not only decided to give the figure its first ever Western release, but now h...

Pokemon photo

Tomopop Review: Bandai's D-Arts Venusaur

Some of the most surprising announcements in recent history have come from Bandai's corner, one of which being that the company would be producing Pokemon characters in its D-Arts line. The subset certainly started strong, coming out of the...

D-Arts Lucario photo

Tamashii Nation 2013: D-Arts Lucario

Tamashii Nation 2013 is underway this weekend and Martin already brought the exciting news of the return of the Soul of Chogokin line with GaoGaiGar. While it's felt like it's been forgotten, the folks at Bandai have not, as more Pokemon D-...

D-Arts Noel photo

D-Arts Noel Vermillion blazes her way to pre-orders

We recently saw her at NYCC but now the D-Arts version of Blazblue's female lead Noel Vermillion is up for pre-order from all good stores. Noel's a little accessory light but you'll get her two trademark pistols along with effect parts...

NYCC '13: D-Arts photo

NYCC 2013: Tamashii Nations - D-Arts

New York Comic Con 2013 is officially in full swing and our very own Andres Cerrato is walking the floor! One of the booths he visited on the first day was Tamashii Nations, where, among other wonderful things, there is a D-Arts display. It...

NYCC 2013 photo

Bluefin Tamashii Nations previews its offerings for NYCC

While the doors of the Javitz Center won't open until 3 PM tomorrow, some things are casually slipping out. Bluefin has let out a couple of images of what it has on hand at the show. As you see above, the S.H.Figuarts Batman will be making ...

Retailers photo

Tamashii Nations figures and Gunpla now at Barnes & Noble

I miss the days where you could stroll into a Toys R Us, walk about the isles and pick up a Gundam kit. Those days haven't been around for a decade but they may just be back again. Barnes & Noble stores have begun to stock Tamashii Nati...

God Eater 2 photo

God Eater 2 Ciel and Alisa Nendoroid appear at TGS

Ciel Alencon is sure to be a favorite, or at least that's what her design tells me, because I'm immediately drawn to her from the photo that Kahotan tweeted. Good Smile Company is sure to do her justice with this new figure, as you can at l...

D-Arts Pokemon photo

Tomopop Original: What's next for the D-Arts Pokemon line

Few things may have excited collectors as much as the announcement that Bandai would including Pokemon characters in their D-Arts line, especially when the revelation came in the form of a Mewtwo figure. Mewtwo, who proved to be a very stro...

D-Arts Elizabeth photo

D-Arts Elizabeth and chair are summoned this November

She got her first preview at WonFes this past weekend, but the wait won't be too long for D-Arts Elizabeth. The Persona 3 and P4A character November for ¥5,250. While that's more than the previous Persona D-Arts, accessories have a hand...

WF2013S: Tamashii Nations photo

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Tamashii Nations

With so many events in the past couple of weeks, Tamashii Nations has held a different focus for each of these events. At WonFes, they decided to focus on the ladies of the S.H. Figuarts, D-Arts, and Armored Girls Project lineups. Noted ear...

D-Arts Elizabeth photo

Elizabeth enters the D-Arts Persona 4 Arena figure series

The Velvet Room has given its approval for Elizabeth to become a member of the D-Arts lineup. In a preview of what they have in store for WonFes this weekend, Bandai has unveiled its next in the line of Persona D-Arts. This time under the l...

D-Arts Alisa photo

Tomopop Review: D-Arts Alisa Ilinichina Amiella

It's not like we have a shortage of poseable figure lines, but chalk up another one for the board! Previously, the D-Arts line has focused on video game series and, as such, have focused on less human designs for their releases. We've had D...


SDCC reveals Bluefin Tamashii Nations exclusives

Yesterday, Bluefin Tamashii Nations revealed one of their SDCC exclusives, the Power Rangers Super Samurai set. Now, the official SDCC website has listed a bunch of booth exclusives that includes all of Bluefin Tamashii Nations' items. Ano...

Review: D-Arts Mewtwo photo

Tomopop Review: D-Arts Mewtwo

It's been 17 years since Pokemon arrived on the scene in Japan (and 15 here in the U.S.), but the series feels as strong as ever in popularity. Perhaps nothing made that more clear to me than when Bandai's Tamashii Nations branch unveiled t...

D-Arts Mega Man poll photo

Fan poll shows MMZ Zero is most wanted Mega Man D-Arts

Back in April, we had Capcom's April-Fools-that-actually-wasn't, where they showed off four designs and said one would be made into a D-Arts figure. Ultimate Armor X was the one they'd picked, but the story of the other three "fake" designs...


ACen 2013: Bandai/Bluefin

At Anime Central, Bandai had figures on display from their own line in the Bluefin booth, as well as D-Arts and SH Figuarts. There was nothing particularly shocking or brand new from them here. Most of their collection were figures al...


Catch 'em all! D-Arts Venusaur is up for pre-order

You've had your chance at capturing Mewtwo, Charizard and Blastoise. You're down to your last Pokeball and out of the wild comes the last of the starter 3 evolutions. You may have missed out before or just need the last to complete the coll...


D-Arts Venusaur all ready for an August release

After getting a better look at Pokemon D-Arts Venusaur at the Miyazawa Model Expo, Tamashii Nations have finally released preview pictures for the figure on their site. Here, we get better angle views of Venusaur and this sweet action shot ...


Scans show more images of Pokemon D-Arts, prize plushes

Dengeki HOBBY magazine gives us another look at the the previously announced D-Arts of Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, and Mewtwo plus a quick peek at the I Love Eevee prize plushes. While we have heard news of the D-Arts figures before, th...


Take a gander at D-Arts Ultimate Armor X

It's been a week or two since Bandai/Tamashii Nations surprised everyone (and disappointed some) with the reveal of the not-April-Fools D-Arts Ultimate Armor X. And now, we have some photos of the actual figure on the Tamashii special web p...


D-Arts Ultimate Armor X pre-empts Roll, Iris, & MMZ Zero

Capcom has allegedly announced the results of their April Fools' celebration and subsequently another X variant will be joining the D-Arts line. The Ultimate Armor, first introduced in Mega Man X4, is a hidden armor upgrade that bestows X a...


D-Arts Venusaur soaks up the sun this summer

With Pokemon D-Arts going through the best of the 151, the time has finally come for #003, Venusaur. While Mewtwo, Charizard, and Blastoise offer up some action for your figure, well, what is there to do with Venusaur? The legs are articula...


Bandai's June releases are now available at US web shops

This past week, we got really excited regarding the release for June from Bandai. In particular, the MMPR Red and Green Ranger Figuarts and the Saint Cloth Myth Ex Aries Mu caught our eyes. The entire lineup will now be available via Americ...


Bandai's June releases are now available for pre-order

The month of June is going to be quite busy for fans of Bandai's figure offerings. This weekend will be busy as well with the Tamashii Features event showcasing their newest figures, but first you'll need to order everything else that's com...


Tamashii Features vol. 5: A wild Venusaur appears

This weekends marks the celebration of all things Tamashii Nations. While it's not their largest event, we do get to see the marks of some new goods. With pre-orders opening this morning for many of June's releases, we get to see them at th...


Tamashii Nations reveals D-Arts Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV

Tamashii Nations have just posted their June release schedule for Japan, and it's looking pretty good. The release list, which you can view here, includes the likes of Super Robot Chogokin Grendizer, D-Arts Blastoise, and D-Arts Raidou...


Take a peek at some official images of D-Arts Blastoise

It's been a long time coming, but we finally have some official images straight from the Tamashii Nations page to show you of the exciting D-Arts Blastoise! He's looking so fierce, and it looks like he'll be up for order soon since it says ...


Toy Fair 2013: Bluefin / Tamashii Nations D-Arts

Megaman has been doing quite for Bandai, so the good news is that the line is going to continue forward. As most fans know by now, the next planned release is the pair of Bass and Treble. There have been a couple of questions regarding its ...


Your bodies aren't ready for Bandai's list of new figures

I'm just going to start by saying that there is a LOT to digest in the latest scans of Figure Oh magazine. There's a lot that's headed straight to the Premium Bandai Shop, but I think you'll be excited nonetheless. Coming to the web shop in...


D-Arts Charizard's status has evolved to pre-order

Bandai's D-Arts Charizard (Lizardon) is now up for pre-order. Charizard is the second D-Arts Pokemon slated for release and may be somewhat overshadowed by his predecessor, Mewtwo. Like the D-Arts Mewtwo, Charizard is an incredibly art...


D-Arts Charizard may convince you to catch 'em all

With the first D-Arts Pokemon release coming this March in the form of Mewtwo, you still need to build your team of 6. April will help you along that route with the addition of D-Arts Charizard. With the design of Charizard in particular, i...


SHF Lelouche leads Bandai for this month's hobby scans

This isn't the biggest month in terms of new announcements, but there is the joy of seeing the items from shows now being confirmed for their release. Come April, D-Arts Charizard will be released upon the masses for ¥3,800. Also coming...


Not X-2, but a reissue of D-Arts Mega Man X

Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA has announced that the D-Arts Mega Man X will be getting an Americas-exclusive reissue. While Bandai may have released their D-Arts Mega Man X (or Rockman X) just a little over a year ago, apparently availabilit...


Bandai teases Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru for D-Arts

Bandai just released the King of Fighters' Terry Bogard for D-Arts this week and with it we get the announcement that KOF isn't the only SNK game they've got their sights set on. Bandai will also be doing characters from the Samurai Sh...


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