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Marvel photo

Can I haz superpowers? Amazing Marvel Boomcatz shown off

Do you like cats? And do you like superheroes? What would happen if that peanut butter got mixed in with your chocolate? Artist Tom Kennedy recently unveiled some mock ads and packaging for his Marvel Boomcatz, depicting what we might see i...

Custom Delights JPK Lion photo

Custom Delights: Jon Paul Kaiser's King Lion

Jon Paul Kaiser has posted a new custom to his Instagram, the majestic King Lion Munny. Eight inches tall, the custom features the same crown and body of a glow-in-the-dark Munny, but has JPK's wonderful ink-like stylings upon its surface. ...

Deadpool photo

PackRat's custom 'Movie' Deadpool is crazy. Crazy awesome!

PackRatStudios has unleashed a killer new "Movie Concept" Marvel Legends Deadpool. The figure appears to be a fairly by-the-numbers redeco of a Marvel Legends / Infinite Series "Mandroid wave" Stealth Suit Captain America with some minor ki...

Custom Delights photo

Custom Delights: Funko Pop! Supernatural Crowley

Funko’s Supernatural Pop! series is a little sparse for a show that’s been on for 10 years. So instead of waiting around for Funko to release more figures, one fan decided to create her own custom figure for the King of Hell, C...

Cute custom Poros photo

Custom Delights: The many hats of a Poro

League of Legends' little furball Poro is one of my favorite gaming characters as of late, but sadly, there is little in the way of actual Poro merchandise (or really, any merchandise) outside of the crafting community. Thankfully, BinkehCr...

Customs photo

Is this your Pop! on drugs? Awesome DIY Pop! custom

In the late '80s/early '90s there was a popular anti-drugs ad where an actor held up an egg and said, "This is your brain", then cracked said egg open and fried it while saying, "This is your brain on drugs". It was a simple, straightforwar...

LEGO Hatsune Miku photo

Life size LEGO Hatsune Miku is a brick house

Once again a LEGO builder does something cool and unexpected with the little blocks. This time it's Japanese builder ChaosBrick that impresses with a life size replica of Hatsune Miku made entirely out of LEGO bricks. Rather than start...

JFury's Ninja Pitbull photo

Custom Delights: JFury's Ninja Pitbull

JFury has a new custom Dunny in his shop, a furious little ninja pitbull. He hasn't done any real sculptwork on the figure, instead wrapping the design around the Dunny's surface, but he still does resemble a little pitbull. You might not b...

Cardboard Iron Man photo

Cardboard Iron Man is the best paper-based superhero ever

Maybe it's just me, but cardboard is starting to feel like the construction medium of this generation. Sure, people have been making boxy robot costumes out of cardboard for decades now, and they're alright, but just look at some of the am...

Artmymind's Akuma photo

Custom Delights: Artmymind's Akuma PAW

Artmymind have completed a new private commission, and this one is a rather big one. I mean that literally; they've taken their tools to a Coarse Toys Paw, which is already a foot tall, and turned it into a hulking brute named Akuma. Maybe ...

Wooden Gundam photo

Grandfather builds giant Gundam out of wood

Once again a guy in Japan proves just how cool old people are. Wanting to craft something that would impress his grandchildren, 66-year-old Kenichi Okada built this huge version of Zeta Gundam that stands two meters tall (6.5 feet). He want...

Daft Punk Munnys photo

Custom Delights: Avatar666's Daft Punk Munnys

Mexican customizer Avatar666 has put together two new Munnys, featuring Daft Punk in their 2014 Grammy Awards outfits. If you remember, the French duo wore an all-white get-up for the show, which means there isn't much paint detail here. Ho...

Rocket Raccoon custom photo

Custom Delights: Brian Shapiro's Rocket Raccoon

Brian Shapiro has sent along his latest work, a one-off custom of the littlest Guardian of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon. The custom Vinylmation figure comes packing a pistol and Rocket's heightened senses and master tactician skills. OK, mayb...

Gibblegump Nest photo

Custom Delights: Taylored Curiosities' Gibblegump Nest

Taylored Curiosities has shown off her latest Tales from Okemordyn piece, the Gibblegump Nest. As the name implies, it's a little wooden stump that hosts the nest of a Gibblegump mama and her babies, sitting atop a felted base. The Gibblegu...

Unicorn Hunter custom photo

Custom Delights: Infinite Rabbits' The Unicorn Hunter

Infinite Rabbits has completed a new commissioned piece called The Unicorn Hunter. It features one small troll along with a gigantic battleaxe and one very dead unicorn, its rainbow blood spilled on the ground. The custom piece is based on ...

Super Mario 64 photo

This Lego custom is the Bob-omb... battlefield

Super Mario 64 was a revolutionary change for Nintendo's Mario series,  bringing the 2D platformer into glorious, clunky 3D. Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin) has honored that legacy with an amazing Lego sculpture of the Bob-omb Battlefield th...

Otto Bjornik Hobbit photo

Custom Delights: Otto Bjornik's Hobbit customs

Otto Bjornik has just completed a new project, posting it up on his Facebook page, and it's a set of Hobbit custom figures. Using mostly Munnys, Foomis and Dunnys for his creations, Otto's created customs of Bilbo, Gandalf, Gollum...

businessdog2000's Kruger photo

Custom Delights: businessdog2000's 1/6-scale Kruger

Remember that custom Bill figure that businessdog2000 made? He's just shown off another one, this being a 1/6-scale figure of Kruger from Elysium. Like Bill, you've got plenty of articulation here, along with Kruger's sword and tons of deta...

Custom figures photo

Feel the paranoia with Bill from The Last of Us

The Last of Us is one of my favorite games of the year, even though it did seem to make "ludonarrative dissonance" an annoying buzz phrase for a while. While opinions on the gameplay varied, most people agree that the character writing...

Megan Smithyman's Khnum photo

Custom Delights: Megan Smithyman's Khnum the Ram

Megan Smithyman's latest custom is an Arkiv that she's given the Egyptian look. In doing so, she's made it into Khnum the Ram, the Egyptian god of creation and the waters. It's Megan's usual style of stitched leather stretched over the...

MotUC custom photo

Forget Castle Grayskullman, here's Battle Catman

joeamato over at FigureRealm has created a really cool Battle Catman, a humanoid version of He-Man's heroic feline companion. The custom figure makes use of parts from the Masters of the Universe Classics Chief Carnivus, a modified DCUC Bro...

64 Colors cake toppers photo

Custom Delights: 64 Colors' custom Marshall cake toppers

64 Colors fans tend to like Marshall quite a bit, but one couple liked the little marshmallow dude so much (and 64 Colors' other work) that they commissioned a set of custom cake toppers for their wedding using Marshall as a base. What you ...

Egg Fiasco's Hellboy photo

Custom Delights: Egg Fiasco's Hellboy Bambaboss

Sometimes, you see a custom figure and you think to yourself, "Why didn't anyone think of this before? It's such an obvious fit!" Such was the case for me with Egg Fiasco's Hellboy Bambaboss. What I like about this one is that there's the d...

Task One's Rocky Rhino photo

Custom Delights: Task One's Rocky Rhino

So Task One has been hard at work on a new commission, and wouldn't you know it, it's a Battle Beast! Sort of: this is actually a custom 10-inch Jouwe decked out to looked like Rocky Rhino (a.k.a Graysharp over in Japan) of Battle Beas...

The Thunderous Lightning photo

Check out and order a model kit of HairyAsHell's TTL

Do you like Superman and maybe Greek Mythology? Well if you do then you should check out this resin statue kit of "The Thunderous Lighting", an original character designed collaboratively between HairyAsHell his friend Keatopia. I...

Reet Neet's Steam Trooper photo

Custom Delights: Reet Neet's Steam Trooper

Reet Neet has completed another custom, this time taking an 8-inch Hell Lotus from Mighty Jaxx and turning it into the Steam Trooper. Half Imperial grunt and half steam-driven machine, the Steam Trooper has a totally resculpted head and a g...

Kat Brunnegraff Unicorno photo

Custom Delights: Kat Brunnegraff's Clouded by Crystals

We haven't heard from Kat Brunnegraff in a while, but she's sent us word of a new piece that she's just finished up. It's a little custom tokidoki Unicorno called Clouded by Crystals, with the body of the beast painted as the starry sk...

Cool Lego Arcanine photo

A Wild Lego Arcanine appeared

LEGO's are not usually my cup of tea. However, when something epic comes along such as Ryan MCnaughts Massive LEGO Coliseum I can't help but to take a moment and gawk in awe at what has been created. This was very much the case when I ...

Custom Delights photo

Custom Delights: Kasey Tararuj's new creations

Kasey Tararuj has passed along some photos of new customs she did for A Monster's Lullaby, a show ongoing right now at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. Her trio of monsters are a little different than you might expect to see from the monster wo...

Custom Delights photo

Custom Delights: Ume Toys' Peabody

Ume Toys' Rich Page hasn't just been busy making new characters; he's had to get ready for the upcoming Cardiff Toy & Tattoo Convention, which means custom toys. His latest is a custom steampunk Mickey Mouse figure called Peabody, a mon...

Lunartik's Spud photo

Custom Delights: Lunartik's Spud

Lunartik has revealed his custom for the upcoming Custom Vinyl Cavey Show, and it's actually pretty darn funny. Taking the Cavey's normal bean shape, he's sculpted around it and made the little critter into a potato, complete with eyes that...

Otto Bjornik's Neeti photo

Custom Delights: Otto Bjornik's Neeti

Otto Bjornik is sharing his latest custom Munny with us. This one's a commission for Otto with a long list of things the commissioning person wanted to see; not only did he want one of Otto's Munnys with the long robes and sculpted flowers ...


Custom Delights: Howl's Moving Castle made of Zakus

Custom Gundams? They're expected. As complex as they can be, you get used to them. In order to stand out, you need to do something truly remarkable, like combine it with Howl's Moving Castle. That's just what Dunpeel did with his own custom...


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