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7:00 PM on 01.22.2014

Creo Design teaches us some Graffiti Anatomy

Do you need a large, resin centerpiece for your designer art collection that will get people talking when they see it because it features a skull and spine with a spray nozzle on top? Well, Creo Design has you covered! They h...

Brian Szabelski

8:00 PM on 12.03.2013

Custom Made Tuesday: Princesses and 16th century poets

The holidays really take it out of you, doesn't it? Thanksgiving went in a blur and now all I see is green trees and flashing lights. Maybe I had too much turkey? Delusions aside, welcome to Custom Made Tuesday this week. I a...

Vanessa Cubillo

Creo Design reveals Sugar Skull Tooth Decay photo
Creo Design reveals Sugar Skull Tooth Decay
by Brian Szabelski

Creo Design will have an exclusive Sugar Skull Tooth Decay at Clutter Gallery's upcoming Gift Wrapped exhibition. The Tooth Decay itself isn't just any ordinary piece: it's a one-off, painted to look like a sugar skull, but also glows in the dark. You know, just for that extra little spookiness when you go to sleep at night.

Gift Wrapped opens Dec. 14, and the Sugar Skull Tooth Decay will be available there for US$250.

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5:00 PM on 10.21.2013

Custom Made Monday: Getting into the Halloween Spirit

The weather is getting colder, and it's starting to get dark earlier now. Yes, this is fall! Of course one of my favorite things about fall is Halloween. The pumpkins, the candy, the scary's a great time. With Hal...

Vanessa Cubillo

7:00 PM on 08.06.2013

Enjoy some Tooth Decay from Creo Design

Scottish artist, Creo Designs is releasing their first art figure that they've both designed and produced called Tooth Decay. This figure is a grim reminder that yes, even your teeth can die. Standing at 7 inches tall, this ...

Vanessa Cubillo

10:45 PM on 06.28.2013

Creo Designs presents Tooth Decay

Some people claim that dentists are evil ... but teeth themselves? That's new, and Creo Design's Tooth Decay resin piece is a skull-shaped tooth ... or is it a tooth-shaped skull? One or ther other should suffice, but it's 7-...

Brian Szabelski

8:00 AM on 04.10.2013

Leftover Giant Monster Embryos now on sale

As you might remember, Taylored Curiosities (with help from Creo Design) brought a batch of Giant Monster Embryos to ToyCon UK, and that included some customs. The leftovers are now up in the Taylored Curiosities shop, all lo...

Brian Szabelski

Creo Design pays tribute to a certain turtle celeb photo
Creo Design pays tribute to a certain turtle celeb
by Natalie Kipper

Fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will surely be thrilled with Chris Alexander of Creo Design's exclusive figure for the recent ToyCon UK. Using Taylored Curiosities' Giant Embryo figure, which was actually hand-cast by Chris, he created an adorable baby version of the nunchaku-wielding turtle, Michelangelo. The custom figure has been titled "Cowababa."

I just love all the little touches put into this pint-sized ninja, like his tiny hand grasping his bandanna. So cute! You'll also notice that the shell is nice and glossy while the turtle's body bears a rich, matte finish. He weighs in at a hefty 3 and a half grams. 

Cowababa is one of a kind and those interested in owning him should contact Creo Design by email at csacreo[at]gmail[dot]com. This special bundle of joy will cost you £800. Be sure to have some pizza ready.

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A look at ToyCon UK's wares and exclusives photo
A look at ToyCon UK's wares and exclusives
by Brian Szabelski

ToyCon UK opens up this weekend, and many of the major British designer artists will be in attendance (with some surprises, too). Add in the fact that many will be bringing their own pieces to Baden-Powell House, and you have a list of exclusives and releases too long to mention.

Well, we've tried, at least. After the jump, you'll find an extensive list, outlining just about everything (and everyone) we know to expect for the show. Some are more specific or detailed than others (based on what the artists have released), so there may still be updates to come this week. In any case, for the rundown so far, you'll want to head past the jump.

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8:00 AM on 03.27.2013

Custom Giant Monster Embryos emerge

We have previously discussed Taylored Curiosities' Giant Monster Embryos, and the fact that some will be customized as part of the ToyCon UK festivities. We're now getting a peek at some of the custom Embryos from Haus of Boz...

Brian Szabelski

3:00 PM on 02.21.2013

Taylored Curiosities' Monster Embryos grow for ToyCon UK

If you were ever a fan of Taylored Curiosities' resin Monster Embryos, but wanted them just a little bit bigger ... you're about to get more than you asked for. As a special treat for ToyCon UK, Taylored Curiosities has partn...

Brian Szabelski

10:00 AM on 01.09.2013

See what's Sen Custom has been up to

It's been a bit since we've heard from Indonesian artist Sen Custom, but he's been busy with some new projects. First, we have an older custom from Sen; a custom 8-inch resin Voltron Dunny. It's more Voltron than Dunny, but y...

Brian Szabelski