Clayz Saber photo

Clayz's enters the battle-damaged fray with a new Saber

Clayz has a new 1/6-scale Saber up for pre-order, with the twist being she's got some battle damage on her this time around. However, what's nice is that this isn't the usual "battle-damaged" figure with boobs and butts all over the place; ...

cLayz Rei Ayanami photo

Get over your mommy issues with Clayz's Rei Ayanami

No you haven't fallen into a time warp, this is an Evangelion 2.0 figure in 2014. Like, a thousand years after the film's release. Why this Ayanami? And why now? I don't know, but I welcome it. The subject admittedly isn't the most creative...

Fate photo

Clayz's new Saber looks sick... like literally sick

My first thoughts upon seeing Clayz's photos of a prototype for an armored Saber were is she going to throw up? While the character has been awkwardly posed in the past, never has she looked this nauseous. The 25-cm tall figure features eve...

Fate/Extra CCC photo

It's not bad luck to peek at Clayz's Saber Bride early

Clayz has released some in-progress photos of the prototype for its upcoming Fate/EXTRA CCC Saber Bride... and, well, she looks all white. The sculpting looks like it's coming along great. The nice thing is that Clayz has opted for a less e...

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: Walking in a winter Wonder Festival

Hello and welcome back to an action packed Tomopop LinkUP. Packed is definitely the right word for this edition as we're looking at probably our biggest LinkUP yet! And no wonder, it's the winter convention season! UK Toy Fair was last week...


cLayz's little Kirino figure can't be this terrible

[Update: Many more pre-orders opened today.] Sure, Kirino might be one of the most unlikable characters OreImo, but even she doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. Just look at it! How did something like this even pass the approval stage? ...


Miyazawa Model Expo 31: Clayz

Clayz is slowly working their way through the Zodiac in the cutest way possible. Their original Eto Figure Series for the Resi-Carat line feature adorable SD girls in animal costumes. Back in 2011 they released the rabbit suited Pokousa in ...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: A+, Clayz, and others

A+ continued to not live up to its name at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition. We don't post about them very much, and it's probably all for the better. They demonstrated that they're still making the gaudy, gigantic figures that no one would re...


A look at tonight's pre-order highlights

I can't guarantee I'll be doing this kind of thing regularly, but I felt like doing one of these round-up kind of thingies tonight. A few pre-orders went up this evening that fall into the "awesome" and "anticipated" arenas, so I thought I'...


Clayz's Tenori Tiger is back for more pre-ordering

Any other Toradora! fans out there might remember this tiny Tenori Tiger figure from Clayz, but they might not know he's now getting a general re-release. Originally released in 2010 as a Clayz exclusive, the re-release is open to a number ...


Fall in love with Clayz's Love Plus figures

Love Plus fans, Clayz is giving you something to look forward to. All three leading ladies — Manaka Takane, Rinko Kobayakawa and Nene Anegasaki — are being made into figures that appear to be based off garage kits made in 2...


Clayz MoeRo Matsuri has a little more to show!

And here we are with the second part of our MoeRo Matsuri coverage. Again, we have a mixture of old and new figures from Clayz with some pretty sweet ones lying in there. Interestingly, some of the original resin kit designs were actually o...


Clayz MoeRo Matsuri 8 shows off somethings old and new

SuperFest 59 wasn't the only event which happened over the weekend! Clayz also held their own small event in the shape of MoeRo Matsuri 8 and showed off a number of items from the companys past and present. Being Clayz, there was a heavy le...


Clayz agrees that there's never enough Nanoha

It's been almost two years since the first Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha movie aired in theaters, and by my count there has been no less than seventeen figures of Takamachi Nanoha announced since then (not counting trading figures). Does the ...


cLayz's OreImo Ruri resin kit could use a bit of work

I never really considered cLayz a quality company. Their releases have been mostly misses than hits and for what they have coming up next, it is a definite miss. From the very popular cute sister title Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ...


Clayz Fate/Stay Night Saber is open for pre-order

Hey, look, it's that Saber from garage kit circle T's system that we talked about a few weeks ago. Or, more precisely, it's the PVC version, which is a bit more accessible than the original kit and does not require a knowledge of how to pai...


Clayz announce a PVC version of T's system's garage kit

During our coverage of Treasure Festa in Ariake 4, we saw a nice selection of items from GK circle T's System. One of them was a red version (Fate/Extra) of Fate/Stay Night's Saber. While checking out the Clayz blog this morning, we noticed...


Black Angel from Clayz is stunning

Wow. Did you know about Clayz Original Black Angel? I sure didn't, but now I am totally in love with this figure. The body and pose would be beautiful on their own, but the wings and hair make this figure a real work of art. She's a little ...


NSFW: This shrine maiden's clothes seem to be a bit too big!

Clayz and Petit Jeuness have teamed up again to bring an illustrator's work into the third dimension, and this time they've chosen Tenmu Shinryusai's illustration of a shrine maiden's baggy dress half slipping off. Having worked with Takesh...


Clayz Matsuri will be held November 28th in Akibahara

Typically, CLayz produce figures that are a little too animu for my tastes -- huge eyes, very animated, etc. However, difference of opinion is what makes the world go round (well, that and lots of money), and so I'm betting that C...


Clayz 1/6 K-ON! figures look ... pretty cute, actually

K-ON! is ... well, it's a show that I'm not into. You guys know that already, because I pretty much never miss a chance to whine about my concept of the decline of anime. Snobby preconceptions aside, though, these are really cute figures. A...


You can have your own Palmtop Tiger with the help of Clayz!

After watching Toradora, one of the things I wanted most was a Palmtop Tiger. As seen during the show and the first ED sequence, this cuddly representation of lead gal Taiga made me chuckle every time I saw it. Thankfully Clayz has come in ...


Clayz's limited edition Noir figure is simply enchanting

I thought this beautiful lolita looked rather familiar the moment I saw her, but I could not put my finger on why. After asking our own Jonathan Tubbs about it, he reminded me that I wrote about her before -- a very pink version of her. No ...


Wonder Festival Summer 2010: T's System and Clayz

Wherever you find Miyagawa Takeshi of T's System, you're bound to find Clayz. Though I'm sure the flavor is not as great as peanut butter and jelly. T's System showed off his works at Wonder Festival with some coming from Clayz and some not...


cLayz unveils Kotonomiya Yuki Slipper Version

Anyone recognize this figure from her days as a garage kit? I didn't, but our own Leah Bayer certainly did, given her compulsion to collect maids in often suggestive positions. As you may notice, Yuki (from eroge Sugietsu) isn't d...


Tony Taka's Nekomimi Maids now come in baby blue

Well, Tomopeeps, this is the best news I have heard in quite a while! I got the original black version of the Nekomimi Maids for my birthday and was absolutely thrilled with how they came out. I have been waiting for a price drop so I can s...


Clayz's Lucky Star re-releases now available for preorder

A couple of weeks ago, Clayz announced that they would be re-releasing all four of their figures of popular manga turned anime Lucky Star. These 1/8 scale figures sculpted by Miyagawa Takeshi of T's System are now available for pr...


Get a second chance at owning Clayz's Lucky Star figures

Fans of the widely popular series Lucky Star, today is a day to rejoice. For those of you who missed out on owning Clayz's 2009 Lucky Star figures, you will be getting a second chance very soon. The company has announced that they will be r...


Tomopop Review: Clayz x Tony Taka's Nekomimi Maids

"We need to go back to work." The blonde looked nervous. "You know what the boss will do if he catches us...off the job again." She glanced around, surveying the room for any sign of movement. "He could come back at...


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