#Bootleg Hell

Bootleg Gundam photo

Bootleg Hell is now in your lawn with knockoff Gundam statues

We have visited Bootleg Hell many times before, but now it's leaving convention halls and trying to enter your home. You can put a lot of gnomes, various saints, and even the juxtaposition of the two previous entities in your yard. One comp...


Man selling 1,300 One Piece bootlegs arrested

Bootlegs suck, we all know that. We've all seen them, sitting on store shelves and at conventions, made entirely to deceive people into thinking they're getting a good deal on the figure they want. Some of us have even fallen victim to thei...


Bootleg Hell: The Journey 2 further depths of hell

I feel like I do this too often to myself. Am I being a glutton for punishment? Do I get some kind of sick satisfaction from looking at this stuff? It's all wrapped up into something horrible that I do every year. I go to these conventions,...


Bootleg Hell: The Golden Robocop

Robocop has reawakened to our collective social conscience. The City of Detroit is set to have a statue constructed thanks to efforts of the fans. Even internationally the franchise is getting attention, as is the case with Max Factory's ne...


Tomopop About Town: Miami Supercon's Bootleg Hell

I decided to head on down to Miami Supercon yesterday, a decision I almost regretted. Like every other time I go to this convention, I found myself once again stranded in Bootleg Hell. Sadly, it was more plentiful then the last time. The cl...


Tomocast 20: Bootlegs

He ladies and gents, it's time for Tomocast! This episode I'm joined by managing editor Jonathan Tubbs, associate editor Andres Cerrato and community member Stella Wong to talk about the bane of all toy collectors. That's right, we talk up ...


Tomocast 20: Bootlegs records tomorrow

Tomorrow we record another lovely Tomocast. This episode is on bootlegs, the bane of every figure collector out there. Every time I see one, my poor heart quivers in sadness. Especially when hard-earned scratch is used to pay for a crappy f...


Bootleg Hell: Zoom In

If I was strolling through a mall and got an eyeful of a store like Zoom In, I would probably run in there as fast as my legs could carry me. Miku wall scrolls in the windows? And did I mention this is in a mall? It would be like finding a ...


Bootleg Hell: Snow Miku vs. Real Miku

You know the word on bootlegs: they're terrible, no one wants them, etc. And we've brought you news from the world of bootleg hell before. But when I attended Otakon this year, during our Collecting Figures panel, the question of bootlegs c...


Bootleg anime Astro Plan gets its own bootleg toyline

It's quite easy to describe the newest anime production of China, Astro Plan. To put it simply, it's a rip-off of Macross. As we've identified China as Bootleg Hell, you can bet that the bootleg anime has its own bootleg toy line. If the an...


A slew of Transformers bootlegs just in time for the holiday

Nothing says happy holidays like getting that Transformer you've always wanted. That is until you realize that it is a bootleg or knock off. The person who got it for you had good intentions. It's the fault of those who have ill intentions ...


Buyers Beware! Knockoffs of Legends Devastator have surfaced!

China have gotten better knockoffs! You see that pic above? That's the only 100% way to tell that you have a brought a knock-off Legends Devastator, because they are just that good. Now, Legends Devastator is quite an expensive toy, usually...


Bootleg Hell: The curious case of Mijn Schatje

We have featured ball-jointed dolls on the site, and I know that many of you out there enjoy them (I myself am scared to no end by them, but I'm also scared of loud noises, sleeping without a night light, and Lady Gaga). For those of you wh...


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