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10:30 AM on 07.26.2013

Good Smile Company teases their WonFes reveals

With Summer WonFes only two days away, Mikatan has turned her camera on the Good Smile offices to capture the bustle of preparation. And wouldn't you know it, it looks like among all the rushing around some prototypes have sn...

Martin Siggers

[UPDATED] Let's have a big hand for figma Strength photo
[UPDATED] Let's have a big hand for figma Strength
by Martin Siggers

[Update: Pre-orders are go!]

There had been worrying rumours that Max Factory was having trouble with the new TV Animation ver. of Strength from Black Rock Shooter, with some even saying that the figma might be cancelled altogether. Today though those rumours were laid to rest as the figma blog posted a full preview of Strength. And hey, after all of that she's looking nothing short of stunning.

Those two massive hands are definitely the showstopper, with individual articulation on the thumb and three fingers, along with replaceable fingertips to replicate her massive artillery barrages. The arms each come with their own stand and you can actually mount them both on one side which means that (if you've got a second figure, natch) you can recreate the anime's climactic four armed fight. Don't underestimate Strength herself though, as she's not lacking. It's an excellent sculpt, with two fantastic slasher smile faces, 'normal' arms and a poseable tail, along with a removable hood and scarf.

Overall this is the most impressive figma I've seen in forever and the first 'must buy' from the range for me for quite a while. Naturally such extravangance doesn't come cheap though, as she'll retail at a cool ¥5800 when she goes on pre-order, with deliveries planned in January 2014. Still, I'm there, who's with me?

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big in Japan ]

[via figma blog]

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Anime Expo 2013: Good Smile Company photo
Anime Expo 2013: Good Smile Company
by Natalie Kipper

Anime Expo may have ended but our coverage of the con certainly hasn't! Good Smile Company's booth was quite the attendee-magnet. The line to purchase GSC's two exclusive Nendoroids (more on that in a second) for sale wrapped around their booth multiple times! I am honestly shocked there were any remaining pieces of the Hatsune Miku Yukata Natsutsubaki Ver. and Madoka Kaname Maiko Ver. Nendoroids but both were just put up on GSC's online store (Miku and Madoka). After seeing them up close, I really regret not picking up at least one of the two for myself. They looked absolutely adorable!

There was a rather large display of Good Smile Company's many Black Rock Shooter figures (many of which came from Mamitan's personal collection), ranging from figmas to Nendoroids to Pixtones. This was to celebrate of AX's Guests of Honor, the one and only Huke, creator of Black Rock Shooter. The artist held a signing at the booth as well, which I unfortunately learned of after-the-fact. Also on display were some upcoming figures including: Deep Sea Miku, Madoka Maiko Ver. (figure, not Nendoroid), some Idolm@ster Nendoroid Petites (complete with stage), and the Mikudayo Nendoroid.

Check out the gallery to see pictures of the displays and the lovely figures within them!

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Anime Expo 2013: Good Smile Company's panel photo
Anime Expo 2013: Good Smile Company's panel
by Natalie Kipper

Today over in somewhat-sunny Los Angeles, California, Anime Expo began its first day and one of its highlights was Good Smile Company's panel. You already heard some news from the panel in form of the Attack on Titan figures but lots of other good news came from that event. The panel was moderated by the one and only Mamitan of GSC's English blog and Tumblr. The special guests for the panel were Huke (artist and all around mysterious dude), Takanori Aki (President of Good Smile Company), Max Watanabe (CEO of Max Factory), and Hiroaki Matsuura (Head of Ultra Super Pictures).

Hit the jump to see what went on!

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9:00 PM on 06.20.2013

GSC and MF have something big in store for Anime Expo

Going to Anime Expo this year? You won't want to miss what Good Smile Company has in store at the event. They're putting together a huge industry panel that is sure to please Japanese figure fans. The convention will be playi...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

3:00 PM on 06.10.2013

Good Smile Company announces June's roster of delays

Good Smile's monthly announcement of delays has become as regular as clockwork and sure enough a new press release indicates that June has not been spared either. In addition, Good Smile also sent out an email to all those wh...

Martin Siggers

8:00 PM on 05.30.2013

Last look at figma Dead Master comes with a warning

figma blog posted a final gallery for their new Black Rock Shooter anime figma Dead Master for its release this week. There isn't a whole lot new to see here, though the figure definitely speaks for itself. There's a lot...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

11:00 PM on 05.23.2013

Fate of figma Strength comes into question

Remember how awesome Wonder Festival 2013 Winter was with its torrent of figma goodness? Much of what appeared there has hit pre-orders and some have even been released already. But one figure in particular is suddenly seeing...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Black Gold Saw TV Animation ver. figma, previewed photo
Black Gold Saw TV Animation ver. figma, previewed
by Kristina Pino

The most recent update to the figma blog was a quick preview of the upcoming figma Black Gold Saw TV Animation ver., slated for release quite soon -- sometime this month. This preview only really shows a couple of detail shots, and another look at her butt crack, but is otherwise largely the same as the prototype sample from the retail listings.

There was a little bit of a note attached to the preview though, about her weapon and how to install it. The figma blog says to exercise caution when plugging the handle in. That's kind of it, though. Proceed with caution!

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1:30 PM on 03.20.2013

BRS' Chariot gets a gorgeous sculpt from Lizveil

A sculptor by the name of Lizveil has posted this original Chariot sculpt on fg-site, and wow, it looks pretty. Based on the Black Rock Shooter TV animation version of Chariot, it's oozing with detail, from the pointed crown ...

Brian Szabelski

9:00 PM on 03.11.2013

Good Smile announces some March delays

As collectors, there is one word we are all quite familiar with, delays. Not a month goes by where we don't encounter the dreaded "D," and this month is no exception, especially if you pre-ordered some items from Good Smile a...

Yami Casas

4:30 PM on 03.06.2013

Win a Black Rock Chariot Nendoroid from Otacute

Starting today, Otacute is running a Facebook giveaway where three lucky entrants will each win a Black Rock Chariot (with Mary) Nendoroid. All that's required to enter is following the link, clicking an enter button, enterin...