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Black Rock Shooter

WonFes Teasers photo
WonFes Teasers

Good Smile Company teases their WonFes reveals

New scales, Nendoroids set to be unveiled
Jul 26
// Martin Siggers
With Summer WonFes only two days away, Mikatan has turned her camera on the Good Smile offices to capture the bustle of preparation. And wouldn't you know it, it looks like among all the rushing around some prototypes have sn...
Black Rock Shooter photo
She's within our grasp
[Update: Pre-orders are go!] There had been worrying rumours that Max Factory was having trouble with the new TV Animation ver. of Strength from Black Rock Shooter, with some even saying that the figma might be cancelled alto...

Anime Expo 2013: Good Smile Company

Jul 08 // Natalie Kipper
Anime Expo 2013 - GSC photo
Perhaps the busiest booth at the con
Anime Expo may have ended but our coverage of the con certainly hasn't! Good Smile Company's booth was quite the attendee-magnet. The line to purchase GSC's two exclusive Nendoroids (more on that in a second) for sale wr...

Anime Expo 2013: Good Smile Company's panel

Jul 05 // Natalie Kipper
The panel got started a tad late so they jumped right into questions but throughout the panel, Huke, whom you may know is the creator and character designer of Black Rock Shooter, did a live drawing on the screen of an all new character. She was never named but she turned out rather nice. It also gave the masked man an opportunity to demonstrate his drawing technique. He began with a black silhouette and then started erasing, adding details as he did so. It was really quite interesting to watch. He also showed how he adds texture to characters such as Black Rock Shooter. It turns out the textures are actually photos of things like cracks in the sidewalk that are then used as layers in a photo-editing program. Fun stuff! The highlights from the Q&A include: Series are for Nendoroids based on two factors: popularity of the series and what the company thinks will look good as a figure. Aki-san mentioned that if fans really want to see a character or series as a Nendoroid, request it on the English Facebook page. Okabe Rin actually was a result of this process. figma Archer is currently being sculpted! This. Is. Happening. A figma of Black Rock Shooter's Chariot is incoming. A prototype will be at Wonder Festa. That about wraps it up! Check out the gallery to see Huke's amazing drawings!
Anime Expo 2013 photo
Starring Huke, Takanori Aki, Max Watanabe, and Hiroaki Matsuura
Today over in somewhat-sunny Los Angeles, California, Anime Expo began its first day and one of its highlights was Good Smile Company's panel. You already heard some news from the panel in form of the Attack on Titan figures ...

Anime Expo photo
Anime Expo

GSC and MF have something big in store for Anime Expo

huke along with Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Sanzigen heads gather for one massive panel at Anime Expo 2013
Jun 20
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Going to Anime Expo this year? You won't want to miss what Good Smile Company has in store at the event. They're putting together a huge industry panel that is sure to please Japanese figure fans. The convention will be playi...

Good Smile Company announces June's roster of delays

Notables include Insane Black Rock Shooter
Jun 10
// Martin Siggers
Good Smile's monthly announcement of delays has become as regular as clockwork and sure enough a new press release indicates that June has not been spared either. In addition, Good Smile also sent out an email to all those wh...
Dead Master photo
Dead Master

Last look at figma Dead Master comes with a warning

Keep your hair drier handy!
May 30
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
figma blog posted a final gallery for their new Black Rock Shooter anime figma Dead Master for its release this week. There isn't a whole lot new to see here, though the figure definitely speaks for itself. There's a lot...

Fate of figma Strength comes into question

Coming soon or joining an ever growing list of unreleased figma?
May 23
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Remember how awesome Wonder Festival 2013 Winter was with its torrent of figma goodness? Much of what appeared there has hit pre-orders and some have even been released already. But one figure in particular is suddenly seeing...
Black Gold Saw is impressive, yet unimpressed
The most recent update to the figma blog was a quick preview of the upcoming figma Black Gold Saw TV Animation ver., slated for release quite soon -- sometime this month. This preview only really shows a couple of detail shot...


BRS' Chariot gets a gorgeous sculpt from Lizveil

Chock full of delicious, deadly detail
Mar 20
// Brian Szabelski
A sculptor by the name of Lizveil has posted this original Chariot sculpt on fg-site, and wow, it looks pretty. Based on the Black Rock Shooter TV animation version of Chariot, it's oozing with detail, from the pointed crown ...

Good Smile announces†some†March delays

...and no one is surprised
Mar 11
// Yami Casas
As collectors, there is one word we are all quite familiar with, delays. Not a month goes by where we don't encounter the dreaded "D," and this month is no exception, especially if you pre-ordered some items from Good Smile a...

Win a Black Rock Chariot Nendoroid from Otacute

A chance for a free nendoroid? Count me in!
Mar 06
// Scarecroodle
Starting today, Otacute is running a Facebook giveaway where three lucky entrants will each win a Black Rock Chariot (with Mary) Nendoroid. All that's required to enter is following the link, clicking an enter button, enterin...

Nendoroid Chariot rides high and mighty

Mikatan preview and pre-orders rolled into one Nendolicious burrito of news
Mar 05
// Tianxiao Ma
Before I go off to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder hopefully thrash the Lakers, I want to share some Mikatan with you. Mikatan's blog is so utterly joyful, it would be mean to deprive readers of her writing. Today she's previ...

A look at Hobby Maker Exhibition 2013 Winter

Feb 18 // Brian Szabelski
On the Nendoroid side, there's Maou (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha); Amy (Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet); Monokuma (Dangan Ronpa); Darth Wooser and Ren (Wooser no Sono Higurashi); Chariot (Black Rock Shooter); and Kotoura Haruka (Kotoura-san) as newer releases joining the scene; Definitely new are Nendoroid Kuji Alice and Takano Miyuki from Tomytec's Tetsudou Musume (Train Lady) series; A Macross Nendoroid Petit series is on the way, with Lynn Minmay, Sharon Apple, Mylene Jenius, and Sara Nome on the way! Black Rock Shooter Arcana designs for BRS and Strength are coming as Petits; Gunvarrel and Chamber from Robotics;Notes are on the way, too For pre-painted, static figures, we have Kuroyukihime (Accel World); a 1/8-scale Shinkai Shoujo version of Hatsune Miku with a crazy detailed base; Isshiki Akane (Vivirend Operation); TIsshiki Akane (Ano Natsu de Matteru); an adorable looking Nyaruko, complete with crowbar; Belldandy; Sheryl Nome; and Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls' Shibuya Rin in 1/8-scale.  Also, getting her own shoutout is Fire Emblem: Awakening's Tharja and her butt; figma #200, Hatsune Miku 2.0; Kaito; Cobra the Space Pirate's Crystal Boy; and Vivirend Operation's Kukori Rei and Isshiki Akane. FREEing is doing a 1/8-scale summer festival version of Madoka, and it appears the other girls, too And finally, headphone jack accessories featuring Miku and other Vocaloid fan favorites Phew, quite a mouthful! 
Hobby Maker Exhibition photo
Mikatan post gives us a few more close up of new announcements
Mikatan has posted a little gallery of photos from the Hobby Maker Exhibition that follows Wonder Festival 2013, and to no one's surprise, it's mostly of Good Smile and Max Factory items.  There's some new stuff in here,...


This Insane Black Rock Shooter gallery hits the spot

There are lots of pointy things
Jan 09
// Tianxiao Ma
However you may feel about black rocks and those who shoot them, you have to admit that the Black Rock Shooter franchise has led to some sensational character designs. Good Smile Company then turned them into sensational...

The new Black Gold Saw gets a preview gallery

Rocking some bicycle shorts??
Jan 03
// Tianxiao Ma
The next Black Rock Shooter gal to get a revised figma design is Black Gold Saw! The new look is based on the TV anime. I haven't seen it but the new designs do look pretty awesome. The old Black Gold Saw could look a bit dra...

Here's a new figma Dead Master to preview

The green really brings out the lines on the scythe
Dec 10
// Tianxiao Ma
Everyone's favorite scythe-wielding Goth-loli has made a return to the world of figmas, and the figma blog has a nice preview gallery. This incarnation of Dead Master is from the Black Rock Shooter TV series, which I never sa...

Nendoroid Dead Master is animated for Black Rock Shooter

The TV Animation Black Rock Shooter figures continue from Good Smile Company.
Nov 20
// Jonathan Tubbs
With Black Rock Shooter running its course for figure releases, how can one make money off the title still? That's easy! Make figures for the anime TV Animation Black Rock Shooter! We've already seen Good Smile Company s...

Good Smile kick off the Miyazawa Model Exhibition

Tweets directly from event by Mikatan show off the latest figures from Good Smile Company.
Nov 05
// Jonathan Tubbs
Are you business interested in the latest products coming down the line that you can stock in your retail establishment? No? Well, pretend you are as Good Smile Company kicks things off with the latest Miyazawa Model Exhibiti...

Yep, Plus Kareha's Black Rock Shooter is made of paper!

Prepare to have your mind blown by the ultimate handmade custom figure!
Oct 30
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Let's just cut to the chase: Plus Kareha's custom Black Rock Shooter figure is said to be made 95% out of paper, the rest is probably electronics and her flame! Even the 13 ball joints and stands are made of pa...

Good Smile scans has RAH Mami, swimsuit Rouna, more

Also, the next Queen's Blade Nendoroid, WORKING!! Petanko, a gorgeous Elf, and some of the same.
Oct 23
// Jonathan Tubbs
Though we've some of what Good Smile Company has to offer at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival from last weekend, the latest magazine scans show that they still have some other products up their sleeve. The collaboration ...
Most of it is what we've already seen ... so far
As some of you remember, Good Smile Company will be attending their first U.S. event when they show up at New York Comic Con starting Thursday. So what's Good Smile officially announced they're bringing? The list goes as...


Mikatan previews Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter

Aug 23
// Tianxiao Ma
It seems like there's no slowing down the merchandizing juggernaut that is Black Rock Shooter. A variety of figmas and Nendoroids based on the franchise have come out. Now Mikatan has previewed the anime version of Black Rock...

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Black Rock Shooter

Jul 28
// Andres Cerrato
Let's cut to the point. Black Rock Shooter is still very popular and still sees a ton of merch. With the anime giving a license to make them all again, that's what we've got with the franchise. So far tonight, there are the u...

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer is coming up before we know it, and although we've already seen the Insane Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid before, I'm loving this gallery from Akiba Hobby. While she will be ¥3,500, I thi...


Good Smile announces two WonFes 2012 Summer exclusives

Jun 21
// Brian Szabelski
With Wonder Festival 2012 Summer just over a month away, it's about time we heard about event exclusives, right? That's what Good Smile Company is doing on their Wonderful Hobby Life For You 16 page, revealing the first two e...

Good Smile displays their products for Golden Week

May 04
// Jonathan Tubbs
Golden Week has been going on now for the past week in Japan with it coming to a close this weekend. From May 3, 2012 to May 6, 2012, Good Smile Company has taken to exhibiting their current and upcoming goods at the Kotobuki...

As promised in our earlier preview post, the BRS Animation TV ver. is up for pre-order tonight! She comes with a flaming eye accessory and Black Blade; a hood accessory for her head; her Rock Cannon, which opens and clos...


Mikatan previews the BRS TV Animation version Nendoroid

Apr 25
// Brian Szabelski
New on Mikatan's blog this morning is a preview of the next Nendoroid release from Good Smile Company, Black Rock Shooter TV Animation version. Using the TV animation series' design as the base and sculpted by Manabu Kat...

Good Smile's figures from the April Nico Nico live stream

Apr 20
// Jonathan Tubbs
As posted not long ago, Good Smile Company ran a live stream on Nico Nico showcasing their products for the month of April. One of those products was Nendoroid Racing Miku 2012 ver. As for other products, there are a few we k...

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