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8:45 AM on 07.21.2014

Teaser appears for Koto's upcoming Tekken Bishoujo Anna Williams

Kotobukia has posted a teaser image for what appears to be a Tekken Bishoujo of Anna Williams along with the caption, "Try showing me a good time." Anna's teaser joins teasers for a Marvel Bishoujo Wasp, DC Bishoujo Zatanna, and Street Fighter Bishoujo Sakura in a very teaser-filled month. Full image in gallery.


8:10 PM on 07.17.2014

Kotobukiya conjures up more Bishoujo, teases Zatanna

Kotobukiya is going to have quite the show for us at San Diego Comic Con. We've already seen the teasers for Street Fighter Bishoujo Sakura. Then there was one for Marvel Bishoujo Wasp. DC hasn't been forgotten as the la...

Andres Cerrato

2:30 PM on 07.15.2014

Painted Bishoujo Jubilee is here for pre-orders

[Update] Pre-orders are now available and listed below! She'll be out in late December for ¥7,200. Wasn't it just yesterday that we finally got to see the prototype sculpt for Jubilee? Oh yes, it was. In what was just a d...

Andres Cerrato

Start the fireworks, the rest of Koto's Jubilee has been revealed photo
Start the fireworks, the rest of Koto's Jubilee has been revealed
by Scarecroodle

Kotobukiya has unveiled the full prototype for its upcoming Marvel Bishoujo Jubilee. The sculpting (which still subject to great) looks surprisingly great and I find that I absolutely love the design... which is why I'm not looking forward to seeing it painted because things can only go downhill from here. Granted, if Kotobukiya could make the pose work then perhaps there's hope for the paint as well.

The one point of interest is that the statue doesn't seem to have any special effects. The Shunya artwork depicted an overly stylized version of Jubilee's energy plasmoids and I would have assumed we might see something similar in the finished product since they've done the same for other characters. It's possible that the piece is being sculpted separately because it will likely be removable.

Casual X-Men fans will best remember Jubilee from X-Men: The Animated Series where the character had a starring role (yet received no action figure in the associated toy line despite having the potential for a great light-up gimmick). She would go on to have a very minor place in X-Men Evolution (where, due to differences in design, it didn't really even look like Jubilee) and was featured in some deleted scenes in the films. Jubilee seems to be frequently cut in favor of Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat, formerly Sprite) who serves a similar function as a teen/rookie member and features a power that offers more diversity to the team (although both have powers known for shorting or damaging electrical instruments).

In the comics, Jubilee has often served as Wolverine's "Robin" (more literally used in Amalgam, where she became the character known as Sparrow and served as a sidekick to Dark Claw (a fusion of Wolverine and Batman)).

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3:55 PM on 07.13.2014

Next challenger for Kotobukiya Bishoujo is Street Fighter's Sakura

Perhaps you're watching a stream of EVO right now and you're in the mood for some more fighting. While we've seen the release Bishoujo Chun Li and are awaiting Cammy and Juri, how about one more fighter to add to the mix? Kot...

Andres Cerrato

Koto's Bishoujo Jubilee headsculpt previewed photo
Koto's Bishoujo Jubilee headsculpt previewed
by Scarecroodle

Kotobukiya has previewed an unpainted (but partially penciled in for detail's sake) headsculpt prototype of its upcoming Marvel Bishoujo Jubilee. The company plans to reveal parts of her sculpt as a week-long event.

Will Jubilee be greater than the sum of her individual parts? The character artwork still leaves me feeling a little skeptical (partly for that silly base) despite the head-sculpt showing some promise. I really want this one to work out (as Jubilee is my favorite female member of the X-Men) but Shunya has a habit of making things that I don't find appealing (Black Cat (reviewed) being one of the rare exceptions).

Will Jubilee's final reveal result in fireworks or a fizzle? Only time will tell. In the mean time, you can check out a version of the image in its natural resolution in gallery.

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Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Spider-Woman is now shiny for SDCC photo
Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Spider-Woman is now shiny for SDCC
by Vanessa Cubillo

For SDCC, it looks like Kotobukiya is releasing exclusives of what they know people will want; Bishoujo figures! While nothing can be cooler than the Psylocke exclusive, here we have an exclusive version of Bishoujo Spider-Woman. This exclusive from Action Figure Xpress, shows Spider-Woman with a metallic shine.

I wasn’t a fan of this figure because I didn’t like her pose at all. I see this all the time, and the crouching pose never looks sexy to me. Yes, seeing her with metallic paint does make her look better, but that pose is still the same.

This exclusive version is limited to 800 pieces, and can be purchased at booth #3345 at SDCC. If you will be going and want to pre-order this figure, you can do so at Action Figure Xpress’ website for US$80. This is only if you’re actually going to be there! 

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Kotobukiya redefine the human anatomy with Bishoujo Nina Williams photo
Kotobukiya redefine the human anatomy with Bishoujo Nina Williams
by Martin Siggers

I've had a bad feeling about Bishoujo Nina Williams ever since we saw some brief prototype shots at WonderCon earlier this year. Now Kotobukiya have unveiled a gallery of the finish article and oh my god what is even going on?

Even leaving aside the fact that Nina appears to be presenting like a mandrill, this is one of the most ridiculous poses I've seen in a while. How is her spine not shattered into a million pieces? It's not like I'm digging the other bits of the figure either - the purple camo is pretty flat and dull, and the face is just off enough to look weird. But really, just glancing at this thing makes my back hurt. Talk about twisted.

[via Kotobukiya's Facebook ]

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Kotobukiya will have a Classic X-Men Bishoujo Psylocke as a SDCC exclusive photo
Kotobukiya will have a Classic X-Men Bishoujo Psylocke as a SDCC exclusive
by Vanessa Cubillo

How much did you love Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Psylocke? I mean, as a Psylocke fan, I loved it! There’s never enough figures of her.

That’s why it’s so awesome to find out that Kotobukiya will be releasing a new colorway of their Bishoujo Psylocke as a SDCC exclusive. This new version will make her look like her classic X-Men version. That’s my favorite version!

Her costume will be blue with a fuchsia belt, and all of her hair will be purple. Around her sword there will even be psi-energy field. Limited to 1500 pieces, fans can get her at SDCC and through a limited online event. 

[via Kotobukiya's Facebook]

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Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Woman photo
Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Woman
by Tianxiao Ma

Kotobukiya must have hit a winning formula with their Bishoujo figures because they're cranking them out like nobody's business. Well they're cranking them out like it's their own business, because it is - ah you know what I'm trying to say.

This time we go back to the first property to get the Bishoujo treatment: Marvel Comics. I'm sure you're all aware of Bishoujo Spider-Woman by now. From the promo shots, the figure looks like it has a lot going for it. Naturally I was excited to have a sample in my hands.

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5:00 PM on 06.09.2014

Kotobukiya teases upcoming Bishoujos with pixellated images

[ UPDATE: Kotobukiya has clarified that these images actually pertain an upcoming exhibition of Shunya Yamashita’s artwork at the Kotobukiya Akihabara-Kan in Japan this Fall. As such, I'm not sure why they were blurred ...


Allow me to explain my theory about Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Freddy photo
Allow me to explain my theory about Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Freddy
by Tianxiao Ma

One preview gallery clearly isn't enough for us to wrap our heads around Kotobukiya's upcoming Bishoujo Freddy figure, so Amiami has provided their own. A lot of people reacted negatively (or with confusion) to this supposed gender-bent Freddy Krueger.

Obviously, this isn't Freddy Krueger. A gender-bent version of Freddy Krueger would be Freda Krueger, and she would still look like a burnt-up freak. This is a Halloween costume! It has to be, as that's the only explanation that makes sense. We all know the saying about Halloween, women, and skanky outfits. Actually, you could probably apply this logic to most of Koto's Bishoujo lineup. So there you go, mystery solved!

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