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4:05 PM on 03.18.2015

Tweeterhead shines their signal on classic Batwoman statue

Lost in history thanks to DC's unceremonious reboot in the 1960's, high-end statue maker Tweeterhead revisits the now forgotten member of the Bat-family. While Barbara Gordon's popularity on the television series translated t...


Toy Fair 2015: Diamond Select Toys follow-up photo
Toy Fair 2015: Diamond Select Toys follow-up
by Scarecroodle

I recently spoke with Zach over at Diamond Select Toys to answer some questions that I'm sure many of you have been wondering about since seeing the company's spectacular Toy Fair display. In the process, I also received better images of the Femme Fatales Cassie Hack and Batgirl (classic Batman tv series) statue.

Here's what I learned:

  • The Ghostbusters Select figures will each come with a piece of a rooftop diorama. The other accessories are thus far unconfirmed. When asked, Zach also stated that "individual one-scene ghosts are not the focus of the line, not sure we'll see a lot of those."
  • DST hasn't announced plans to make Ghostbusters prop replicas.
  • The white Cthulhu vinyl bank is apparently a glow-in-the-dark item (which should be really awesome!). There are currently no release details.
  • DST will not be making any action figures or Minimates for either Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League Unlimited. The company will only be making busts, statues, banks, bottle openers and cookie jars.

While I'm a little disappointed that we might not see a lot ghosts in the Ghostbusters Select line, the rooftop diorama (from the confrontation with Gozer) sounds like an awesome extra. Likewise, the idea of a glow-in-the-dark Cthulhu vinyl bank sounds great.

I'm also happy to see Cassie Hack up close. I wasn't aware of the character until recently, but the comic seems to have an interesting concept and the Femme Fantales Cassie Hack looks fantastic. Likewise, the Yvonne Craig Batgirl statue also looks cool (and she will be getting a bust as well).

Be sure to check out the gallery for full images.

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Think Pink Batman photo
Think Pink Batman
by Scarecroodle

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived: Pre-orders third of Entertainment Earth's exclusive Funko Pop! Rainbow Batman figures. You might know it better as... the Pink Batman!

The most ludicrous of the "rainbow" Batman disguises, the pink Batman comes to us from a campier time in comics before guys like Frank Miller came along and started to turn the franchise gritty-dark. The hilarious impetuous for these costumes was Batman's attempt to draw attention away from Robin's injured arm, which could have exposed his secret identity if people noticed that Dick Grayson (the young ward of millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne) also had an injured arm. After all, who can look away from a pink Batman?

The pink "rainbow" Batman (which will no doubt be the best-selling of the lot for the sheer oddity of a pink Batman) can be pre-ordered for US$13 and is slated for a May release.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ]

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DCC may be upping its action figure game with new Icons line photo
DCC may be upping its action figure game with new Icons line
by Scarecroodle

Its no secret that DC Collectibles has greatly improved the "action" in its action figures within the past few years, going from relatively basic articulation to some incredible options. Now DC Collectibles may be making another jump with its recently unveiled DC Comics Icons line.

The early reveals all look great. The added torso jointing is very reminiscent of DCC's efforts in the 3.75-inch scale except it looks better with the larger size. The sculpting and paint are equally impressive. This may be the coolest Batman figure I've seen so far (although there are certainly a few other top contenders). The Green Lantern is also eye-catching with his snap-on energy construct armor; it's a very cool accessory set and a little surprising if it will retail for the same price as the others.

The other reveals include Flash (who comes with the Cosmic Treadmill, just in case you want to go back in time and shatter reality), a Superman (with robot), a good-looking Deadman, and an Atom set (which includes Crime Syndicate member Atomica, a mid-size Ryan Choy Atom, and a tiny Ray Palmer Atom).

Three waves have been scheduled so far (starting around November/December) which will include a "classic" Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Lex Luthor, the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, Mister Miracle, and Black Adam in addition to the figures seen here.

The line will apparently be priced at the usual US$25 MSRP which might make them a better value than some of the other lines at the same price point. Be sure to check out all of the images in the gallery.

[ via ToyArk ]

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Pre-Toy Fair Reveal! Batman:TAS series adds BATMOBILE!, Bane, Phantasm, Mad Hatter, and more!  photo
Pre-Toy Fair Reveal! Batman:TAS series adds BATMOBILE!, Bane, Phantasm, Mad Hatter, and more!
by Scarecroodle

MTV News has stolen a sneak peek at DC Collectibles upcoming Batman: The Animated Series collectibles, including a look at character sheets which feature the accessories. It's kind of a big deal.

The reveals include a 24-inch long Batmobile (that's right, vehicle support, baby!) with interior detailing, Bane, the Phantasm (from the first B:TAS film and only one with a theatrical release, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm), the Mad Hatter, and Nightwing. Additionally, we also got a look at the accessories for the previously revealed Scarecrow (and YES, he comes with his walking stick!). All of the figures seem to feature interchangeable hands and a few extras.

The only downside is that the Phantasm will be 2-packed with Batman (which isn't a huge deal if you don't have a Batman from the series). We also don't know what her accessories may be, although I hope that the figure can either unmask or includes unmasked parts. Hopefully they could even pack her unmasked as an homage to the figure which spoiled the frigging movie (seriously, what the hell, Kenner?). The way that the cowl is draped, it looks like the section could be removable, but I expect that we may know a bit more come NY Toy Fair.

All of these figures are slated for an October 2015 release, with the normal figures having the usual US$25 MSRP while the Batmobile will be listed for around US$100.

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8:00 AM on 02.04.2015

NECA Batman Returns Penguin up for pre-order

The Penguin is pretty gross, ya'll. He's slightly more appealing in 1/4 scale, but NECA has put enough detail into the 15" figure to make me keep my distance. In the likeness of Danny DeVito's 1992 Batman Returns performance,...

Rachael Chambers

We may yet see a pink Batman: EE to sell Pop! yellow 'Rainbow' Batman photo
We may yet see a pink Batman: EE to sell Pop! yellow 'Rainbow' Batman
by Scarecroodle

We recently discussed the possibility of DC Collectibles releasing a "Rainbow" Batman action figure set and now, apparently not to be outdone, Funko will be releasing a Pop! yellow Rainbow Batman. The figure is the first in an Entertainment Earth exclusive series (see the teaser in the gallery) with a new figure announced each Friday so fans may very well see a pink Batman. And a green one. And a purple one.

Funko's Pop! yellow Batman can currently be pre-ordered for US$13. He's due out in either March (if you believe the article) or May (if you look at his pre-order page). No word yet as to which of those is correct, although I'd assume he'd appear sooner rather than later. Remember: Look for a new design each Friday.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ]

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Want to buy a PINK Batman? Check out this DCC poll photo
Want to buy a PINK Batman? Check out this DCC poll
by Scarecroodle

DC Collectibles recently ran a poll which attracted a little buzz since it teased that a "Rainbow Batman Figure Set" could be released. The poll itself consists of several previously shown unproduced figures and asks fans which collectible(s) that they would most like to see produced.

Selections included a Rainbow-colored Batman set (which appeared at some conventions; for details on WHY Batman is wearing these outfits, CNET has a breakdown of the 1950s Batman comic where the concept appeared), an Ame-Comi Mary Marvel, 3.75-inch "New 52" figures, a Black Manta bust, and some DC Universe Online action figures (yes, that game apparently still exists).

While Tomopop is notorious for its criticisms of the Ame-Comi line (a few departed editors had serious "hate-ons" for the series), I was more than a little disappointed to see that Mary Marvel didn't receive greater fan appreciation. It's a seriously neat design and I hate to see it just fall by the wayside like this.

The poll's apparent winner is the 3.75-inch New 52 figures  which consist of John Constantine (who recently received a surprisingly entertaining show), Batman, a S.C. Sinestro, Captain Cold, and the demon Etrigan. I'm not sure whether I expected more or less support for the 3.75-inch line, although when DCC started producing figures in the 3.75-inch scale it seemed like a pretty big deal.

The fact that these five didn't get produced might have to do with possible lackluster sales for the much-covered 3.75-inch Injustice: Gods Among Us 2-packs (I believe that we eventually saw six or seven such 2-packs). If these figures do get made, I'm guessing that it may be as a 5-pack due to cost issues. I would be tempted to try to pick up either Constantine and/or Etrigan loose if these were to be released.

Rainbow Batman placed a close second in the poll and, as such, I wouldn't be surprised if it someday was released as well. I will say that I certainly like the zaniness of it although, as far as sets go, it's probably not something I'd ever buy.

At any rate, keep in mind that the poll may ultimately remain meaningless since this isn't guaranteed content. However, I would assume that if one of the options looked viable on DCC's end and absolutely blew the other choices out of the water then it might be a sure bet... but that didn't really happen here since the two top picks are basically tied. (And poor Mary Marvel? She placed fourth.)

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11:00 AM on 01.24.2015

Custom Munny maker takes the women of Batman to adorable levels

Illustrator and vinyl customizer Shaun Nakasome has added to his work of custom crafted Munnys and Mighty Muggs figures with his new works for Batgirl, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. These adorable little cherubs are 4" t...

Soul Tsukino

DCC's Bombshells Batwoman takes the whole 'bat' thing in a different direction photo
DCC's Bombshells Batwoman takes the whole 'bat' thing in a different direction
by Scarecroodle

Like a bad cartoon pun, DC Collectibles' upcoming DC Comics Bombshells Batwoman re-envisions Kathy Kane as either a baseball player or a bat-wielding vigilante. The figure was recently featured as part of a Bombshells promotional video.

While I like the statue (far more than I thought I would), I don't get why they went with this bland angle instead of doing something closer to the concept art. Is her head not swung around enough for that? All things considered, however, I'd say that DCC hit this one out of the park.

For those wanting to cover their bases, retailers have already begun pitching pre-orders. You can pick this one up from Entertainment Earth for US$100 and get free shipping on your order.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ]

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Hold that rocket! Roxy Rocket leads DCC's latest solicits photo
Hold that rocket! Roxy Rocket leads DCC's latest solicits
by Scarecroodle

DC Collectibles has released its latest batch of solicits and headlining the selection is none other than a B:TAS Roxy Rocket.

Batman: The Animated Series and DC Animated Universe fans will recall that Roxy Rocket was a character created exclusively for The New Batman Adventures who enjoyed a little popularity despite only appearing in one Batman episode ("The Ultimate Thrill") and one Superman: The Animated Series episode ("Knight Time", where Superman is forced to impersonate Batman to cover for his disappearance). Roxy, of course, will always have fans (although nowhere near as many fellow B:TAS creation Harley Quinn) and her figure -- which comes with her iconic rocket -- marks the line's first B:TAS deluxe release. The downside? Her US$40 price tag, which makes the rocket (which adds US$15 to the MSRP) one expensive accessory.

Other highlights include Jae Lee's DC Designer Series 1 (Catwoman, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman), a Catwoman bust, a DC Comics Icons Green Lantern statue, a Gotham City Police Department badge (based on its appearance in the Gotham tv show), the DC Bombshells "newspaper boy" Lois Lane, and a Batman: Black & White Batgirl.

Most of these are due out in August and many should be available for pre-order right now. Be sure to check out the gallery for images.

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We all scream for Scarecrow! DCC unveils animated series Scarecrow photo
We all scream for Scarecrow! DCC unveils animated series Scarecrow
by Scarecroodle

DC Collectibles has officially unveiled the latest entry in its latest Batman: The Animated Series line: Scarecrow!

Based on his scarier appearance in the 1997 The New Batman Adventures cartoon (the in-continuity follow-up to Batman:TAS), this version of Scarecrow was a marked departure from his more "cartoonish" previous incarnations. While DC Collectibles has done a great job capturing the rough look of the character, I can't help but feel that they fell a little short on the face. Part of the issue might be that the character was heavily shaded throughout the episode, "Never Fear" (the Scarecrow's only solo appearance in the 1997 series). In fact, that's probably why the character doesn't look dark enough.

That said, it's awesome that DC Collectibles has decided to give us a 1997-series Scarecrow. While it doesn't appear that he comes with his walking stick, I'm holding out hope that DCC will give us an alternate hand and the weapon.

Right now Scarecrow is slated for a late 2015 release as part of wave 5. And, in other news, the Ventriloquist is doing surprisingly well in DCC's fan poll. See a full image of Scarecrow (and those poll results) in the gallery.

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