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Cardcaptor Sakura photo
Sakura's beau joins her in the figure world
While we've had a lot of Cardcaptor Sakura merchandise recently, almost all of it has been centred around the titular character herself. The story wouldn't be the masterpiece that it is though without another key piece o...

WonFes photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Kotobukiya shows Black Butler

Holy Moley
Jul 28
// Kristina Pino
I was rather impressed with the Black Butler display over at Kotobukiya's booth at Wonder Festival featuring Ciel and Sebastian. They're still unpainted prototypes, but man do those figures look amazing, especially with the f...
Uta no Prince-Sama photo
Uta no Prince-Sama

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: ALTAiR teases last two UtaPri boys

Soon, STARISH will be complete
May 31
// Kristina Pino
Hobby Search captured an image of a teaser for the final two male members of STARISH from Uta no Prince-Sama, Syo Kurusu and Natsuki Shinomiya, to complete the set in scaled figures. They're a lovely pair, and from the looks ...
Max Factory Ren photo
Max Factory Ren

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: Max Factory teases DRAMMAtical Murder's Ren

Oh look a sketch
May 31
// Tianxiao Ma
DRAMMAtical Murder fans got a nice one-two punch this weekend with a pair of announcements. First, Good Smile Company announced via Facebook that they'll be re-releasing Max Factory's Aoba figure. This decision was inspi...

ALTAiR Free! photo
ALTAiR Free!

ALTAiR's Haruka and Makoto now available for pre-order

Bring our boys home
May 14
// Martin Siggers
We saw them previewed the other day and now ALTAiR's take on the boys of Iwatobi Swim Club are ready to take your hard earned money from you. No, not that way, get your minds out of the gutter.  Haruka and Makoto have go...

Tomopop Review: Figuarts ZERO Akainu & Aokiji Battle Ver.

May 13 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: Figuarts ZERO Akainu Battle Ver. & Figuarts ZERO Aokiji Kuzan Battle Ver.Figure Maker: BandaiRetail Price: ¥4,500 eachAvailable at: [Akainu: HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | CD Japan | Play Asia | Plamoya | Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store ] [ Aokiji: HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Plamoya | Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store ] As per the usual, let us begin with a shot of the boxes. Akainu's box looks positively smoldering. It'll surely light up whatever shelf it's sitting on. On the other hand, Aokiji's box looks a bit on the chilly side. Nice blues and whites make it look a bit sterile, though it's appropriate considering the guy inside. Alright, enough with the cardboard, let's move on over to the figures themselves. Let's begin with ol' grump-face Akainu. Yeesh, talk about a grouch. He's a jerk in One Piece and he doesn't look much nicer in PVC form. Bandai's sculptor did a great job catching his angry, determined expression, which is capable of sending terror down the spine of any subordinate who dare question his orders. I'm also fond of the detail on his lapel flower, which is a strange touch on a such a severe dude. His back isn't any less severe. While his ugly mug is spun around, the rather drastic "Absolute Justice" printed on the back of his coat sends a stern message to all who read. Oh, and did I mention the magma bubbling across his shoulders? When Akainu ate the Magma-Magma Fruit, he gained the ability to control one of the hottest substances known to man. I mean, the guy is literally exuding the hot stuff in this figure. Made of a harder translucent plastic, it's a great addition to this battle version of the Marine admiral. In this alternate angle, you can see how the magma goes down to his beefy fist. He looks ready to punch holes in whoever gets in his way, and as fans of One Piece know, he's really good at punching holes through people. There are also some additional fire effect parts on his relatively thin legs. Instead of having Akainu oozing magma from his entire body...'s a nice way to accent the range of his heat abilities. After all, even if he isn't immediately using magma on one side of his body, he'd still be hot enough to ignite the clothing on that free limb. Akainu's base is similar to other characters in the One Piece Figuarts ZERO line, so expect nothing really new here. The only thing of note is that there's a separate piece on the rear of the base to support his weight, as he's rather top-heavy So now that we've covered the flame, let's cover the ice! Next up is Aokiji, the (now former) Marine admiral and user of the Ice-Ice Fruit. As opposed to the tight, angry expression on Akainu's face, Aokiji looks only mildly irritated. More like he just woke up from a really good nap instead of fighting for his life. I guess that does match his personality in the show, so this is less of a complaint and more of an idle observation. Oh, and I love that the sculptor kept his sleeping mask. I love the idea of this incredibly powerful admiral that's ready to drift off to sleep at a moment's notice. Keeping with his icy abilities, Aokiji has a bunch of blue effect parts covering sections of his body. Unlike Aokiji, I'm not entirely pleased with what Bandai did here. While it makes sense for Akainu's magma to be bubbly and lumpy, it doesn't make any sense here. I think they were going for an icy wind effect, but really it should be sharp and jagged. You know, like his body froze over and the ice crystals were jutting out all over his body. Here's a closer look at the effect parts. It does look wind-like, but it still doesn't look right. If you look near the bottom of the photo, you can see the ice growing on his other hand. That's how I wanted it to look across Aokiji's back. Nice big spikes, running up his limbs. Yeah, it's a minor touch in the scheme of things, but I think it would've looked a lot better and made him look even more different from his smoldering counterpart. One thing I really love about the battle version of Aokiji is the flowing of coat. It gives him a fantastic sense of motion, like he's dodging a nasty attack. Too often figures of men will just have them standing with their arms crossed and their hips jutting out, ignoring the great posing possibilities. If a character has a coat, I want that coat to do something, and Bandai did just that with the battle version of Aokiji. Finally, here's Aokiji's base. Once again, similar to the rest of the One Piece Figuarts ZEROs. The character name, the version of the character and some sort of quote or sound effect across the base. Unlike Akainu, you don't have to worry about weight here. Aoiji is centered fairly well. So all in all, these are a pair of great figures of some pretty important characters from One Piece. Both gents have gotten some nice looking effects added to some strong poses that should impress fans of the show. They'll look fantastic in your collection, even if you already have another version from some time back or from a different line. [Big thanks goes out to Bluefin Distribution for providing the figures for review!]
Review: Akainu/Aokiji photo
Magma and Ice, nowhere near Ebony and Ivory
With dozens and dozens of characters over 17 years of publication, One Piece is a figure company's dream. There are so many characters that can be made into figures, and just as many fans foaming at the mouth to pick them up....

ALTAiR Free! photo
Haruka and Makoto in all their glory
A sizeable chunk of the internet fanbase has been eagerly awaiting full scale figures of the Free! club members ever since Alter announced they were picking up the licence and adding the boys to their ALTAiR male line. They'v...

Nendoroid Aoba photo
No shirt, cool shoes, plenty of service
Boy Nendoroids are perhaps even rarer than boy figmas, so it's always a big deal whenever one shows up. Particularly when they look as good as Aoba, protagonist of the PC game DRAMAtical Muder and now ultra-adorable defo...

ARTFX J Prince of Tennis photo
ARTFX J Prince of Tennis

New Prince of Tennis ARTFX J Shiraishi Kuranosuke Gallery

Some pretty pictures for a pretty man
Feb 27
// Rio McCarthy
Shiraishi Kuranosuke, remember that name. Why? He's hot, and he plays tennis. No further questions needed. This young man is featured in Kotobukiya's ARTFX J line they've been doing for New Prince of Tennis, and is looking mi...
Naruto photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: G.E.M. Kakashi Anbu Ver.

Going back in time with the Kakash
Feb 12
// Pedro Cortes
For some reason, people used to really dig Anbu Kakashi. Maybe it was because of the stripped down design. Perhaps it was because it was part of mysterious character's even more mysterious past. Either way, I remember seeing ...
GSC Natsu photo
GSC Natsu

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Good Smile's Natsu Dragneel

Hot off the press
Feb 11
// Martin Siggers
After I loved Lucy so much I was psyched for Good Smile Company to do more Fairy Tail figures and, like most people, assumed we'd get a sucession of the main ladies. But no, GSC have decided to throw us for a loop and in...
Vertex's Shinji, Kaworu photo
Vertex's Shinji, Kaworu

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Vertex's Shinji and Kaworu

Evangelion's boys get a fancy new sculpt
Feb 08
// Brian Szabelski
Vertex has a new sculpt they're showing off at WonFes, and it's of Evangelion's two boys, Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa. The two are apparently floating in mid-air, with Shinji looking a little bit dazed and Kaworu's arms ex...
GSC Wonfes teaser photo
GSC Wonfes teaser

Good Smile Company teases its Wonder Festival reveals

So as I pray, don't lose your way
Feb 07
// Martin Siggers
One of the most fun parts of every major event is when the various companies unveil slightly abstract teaser shots to send us into a frenzy of guessing at what they're about to unveil. Now it's the turn of the big daddy, Good...
FREEing Kaworu photo
FREEing Kaworu

Be an angel and pre-order FREEing's new Kaworu

This time he'll make you happy
Feb 06
// Martin Siggers
It's been a little time since we've covered FREEing's take on Kaworu Nagisa - last Summer Wonfes in fact. The company seems to have used the time well however, as he's gone up for pre-order now and the resident Evangelion&nbs...

Tomopop Review: Sentinel's BRAVE-ACT! Levi

Feb 05 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: BRAVE-ACT! LeviFigure Maker: SentinelRetail Price: US$124.99Available at: Big Bad Toy Store | Crunchyroll Store | Amazon The BRAVE-ACT series gets started off with a wonderfully popular star, Levi, who looks right at home in his box housing here. The box looks great, and has a green brick background, while being very carefully decorated. There are photos of the figure itself on the back, as well as the logo on the top and sides of the box. The window shows the different pieces you get, so there's nothing left to the imagination here. While still in the plastic, you can see that it obviously comes with the figure of Levi, while also having two hands, the blades for his swords, and a set of instructions. Inside the clear plastic envelope that the instructions are in, are four small black tubes that you need to put onto the figure itself. The instructions show you where they need to go, even if they are in Japanese. You can just look at the pictures and find out, it's simple. Ah, there's that totally-bored-but-still-smug look I've grown to admire while looking at things that come in about Levi. He's out of both the box and the plastic, but he still doesn't look too much like he cares. All I can hear is just him going, "Tch..." and going on about his business. From here you can get a good look at how awesome his face looks, as well as the nice folding of his green cloak that is wrapped around his shoulders. As we pan down, the incredible attention to detail in both the clothing, and accessories, are fantastic. He's geared from head to toe, but just looks so at ease about it. However, whatever he keeps in the top of those big rectangle cases at his hips? Yeah, don't pull them out unless you know where they've gone. I wouldn't want you losing any of them, because they do come out, and they're very tiny. I just love how the rest of his clothes look while he's wearing the cloak. It all flows so well together. I especially love the attention to detail with the straps around his legs, as well as how the sash around his waist is wrapped. The emblem on the back of his cloak really got me. It's incredibly well done, especially for how small some of the details are. It's actually textured; as in, I mean that it's fully molded. It's not just a sticker of some sort. It's actually been crafted and painted. Here you can see the black tubes I had mentioned were with the instruction booklet. They're really not hard to put on. They plug onto little points found on Levi's weapons, and what looks like oxygen tanks(?) on the cases on his sides. Anything you have to put them on is easily moved so that you can put the tubing on, then put it back to where it should be. Oh, what's this? Levi's stripped a little for us and gotten rid of that cloak! Of course, I liked the cloak, it's just always nice to see what's underneath! On his brown jacket we find underneath he has multiple emblems all over. Each one is intricately sculpted and painted! Actually, here's a good time to point something out I noticed. While reading up on Levi, I read he actually has grey eyes, but in the figure they seem blue. Granted, if that's the only issue with this figure then by all means, but I thought I should point it out just in case. We've also switched the hands he has on, which might I say, was the easiest hand switching process I've had in ages? They're snug enough to fit in well, but come out easily when you want them to. They also switch around and hold the blade backward quite easily as well. While typing this, I actually noticed that the reference pictures have him holding one blade forward, and one backward, but for some reason it seems so cool to me having both of them pointing backward like this. Look at that beauty! The emblem on the back of the jacket is even nicer than the one on the cloak! This really ties the whole piece together for me, and looks fantastic to boot. You can also get a better view as to what those black tubes are plugged into. You better check out how great that gear looks while you're back here too. I'd say check out his rear too, but there's not much of one to see with all this behind him. Last, but certainly not least, is the base he stands on. He already comes shipped to you standing on the base, and it's a very well done landscape of rocks, grass and debris of some sort. My guess is that he's most likely at a battleground, but I'm sure I'll find out once I get to watch the show.  So, how did I feel about BRAVE-ACT Levi? Well, duh! He's flippin' awesome! If you're an Attack on Titan fan, I suggest you go find somewhere that still has him available and get your order in now. He's just releasing to the Japanese market, so hopefully you'll get lucky! Otherwise, I posted some links above where you should be able to still get your orders in safely. In my opinion, this is the Levi you need to pick up! You can check out the rest of the photos in the gallery, then let me know if you'll be bringing him home as well! [ A huge thank you to Zwyer Industries for providing this review sample! ]
Review Sentinel Levi photo
Attack on Titan at its finest?
Attack on Titan is a show that's taken the anime world by storm. Sadly, I have yet to sit down and watch it myself, but it's definitely on the to-do list! However, I can already tell just from reading a bit about it that Levi...

Tomopop Review: Bandai's Figuarts ZERO Sanji Battle Ver.

Feb 01 // Pedro Cortes
Figure Name: Figuarts ZERO Sanji Battle Ver. - Diable Jambe FlambageFigure Manufacturer: Bandai Tamashii NationsRetail Price: $35.99Available at: Amazon | Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store This is the box that you should be looking for. It's bright, has Sanji kicking up a storm on the front and it's covered in flames. Something that I often say in my personal life is that, "anything awesome can be made better when it's on fire." That holds true with this box and, interestingly enough, with this figure. A hot-blooded bloke like Sanji cannot be contained in mere cardboard and plastic, so let's take him out. Here's one side of Sanji. For one, Sanji isn't standing around. He's active, in this case delivering a rather high and mighty kick. His planted foot has spiraling flame going up his leg and his attacking foot is covered in the hot stuff. At this point, it's already one of the best Sanji figures ever made. The question is, what's keeping that lifted foot in the air? Oh...oh my. That's a trail of flame leading from the base all the way to Sanji's left foot. It comes as a separate piece that attaches to a peg on the ground and a larger peg on his foot. While it isn't solid plastic and has a little give, it does a damn good job holding him up and looking fantastic to boot. The clear plastic almost shines in the light, making the whole piece light up under the right conditions. Although you can kind of see it in other shots, here is a closer look at the planted leg. Bandai used clear, red plastic on Sanji's shins, adding to the fiery glow that his lower half attains when he uses this move. In the show, he'll spin around in place to get enough friction to light his legs aflame. Ridiculous in any other context, it looks pretty cool in the show and great in PVC form. That fire is also very well-sculpted, especially how it comes off the back of Sanji's heel and twirls around him. While we're down here, let's look at the base. It's pretty simple, stating that this is Sanji and this is his battle version. Unfortunately, I cannot read Japanese, so I can't tell you what it says. However, it looks large and dynamic, so I'm going to guess it's some of Sanji's more ridiculous and bombastic lines. That'd be appropriate. Despite all the cool posting and effect parts, if the figure didn't look like Sanji then it'd be hard to recommend. Thankfully, Bandai made Sanji look just right. Unlike the usual cocky smile, he's got a determined expression. He even still has his cig still in his mouth, though it's unlit. Give it a second or two and he'll probably have enough fire around him to light that sucker up. If the difference in pose wasn't enough to sell you on this figure, the effect parts should. The flame around his right foot, the arcing fire leading to his left foot, the clear PVC on both shins, these all come together to make the best figure of Sanji on the market. It's got all the small details and features elements missing from larger, more expensive figures. If you love One Piece and/or snazzy-dressed men, this statue is for you! [Big ups to Bluefin Distribution for providing Sanji for review!]
Figuarts ZERO photo
Hunk of burning love
One of my critiques with male figures are their boring poses. Like it or not, female figures tend to be posed in a variety of ways to direct attention toward their copious assets. Dudes just kind of stand there, usually with ...

Pulchra Levi photo
Pulchra Levi

Stand up and pre-order Pulchra's Levi

In the figure world, this guy is the real star
Jan 31
// Martin Siggers
Man, given that he's not the protagonist of Attack on Titan, Levi sure does seem to be getting a lot of figure love. Is it because of his deep and complex character? His interesting design which doesn't look at all like all t...
Hot Toys Loki photo
Is this the Loki you're looking for?
Alright guys and gals, if you didn't get enough of my fangirling over Loki the last time, here he comes again! Hot Toys is releasing a new figure of Loki based on the look from Thor: The Dark World. Cheeky Loki looks a bit mo...

UtaPri by ALTAiR photo
Can't get enough
It's been a few weeks since we finally saw Ren and Masato in their full-color glory, but alas, we were only able to admire them from the front! But ALTAiR have just updated their blog with more images and all is right with th...

Free! figures photo
Free! figures

ALTAiR shows off some Free! prototypes

awwwww yeah
Nov 02
// Kristina Pino
Max Factory aren't the only ones getting in on the Free! action. At Animate Girls Festival 2013, ALTAiR also showed off two prototypes for their upcoming Free! line, featuring Haru and Makoto. I haven't watched the show, so i...
UtaPri by ALTAiR photo
UtaPri by ALTAiR

UtaPri's Ren and Masato are now fabulously painted

It's all about dem idols
Nov 01
// Kristina Pino
ALTAiR have just revealed the painted prototypes of Hijirikawa Masato and Jinguji Ren, which were last seen back towards the end of August. As with the others in this set, they are dressed up in their idol gear, and looking t...

Tomopop Review: Alter's Waver Velvet

Oct 10 // Martin Siggers
Figure Name: Waver Velvet Figure Maker: AlterRetail Price: ¥8000Available at: HobbyLink Japan Is this the beginning of a trend? Like Kotobukiya's Asuka, Waver abandons the traditional cardboard box in favour of a printed clear plastic box, basically making the whole packaging one big window container. It's very striking, and certainly better than a run-of-the-mill cardboard box, although it's also sometimes a little cheap looking. Your mileage may vary, but for the moment it's a pretty effective way of standing out. One thing I do like about these packages is that they tend to ensure there's less tedious small print on the box, leading to a nice clean look like we see here. The back of the pack is emblazoned with the servant summoning circle in a cool bit of iconography. Overall I like this box - it's not what you'd call minimalist but it does manage to be striking without being too cluttered. Waver's base is about as simple as you can get - it's just a circle of plastic with no logos, pegs or any other sort of distinguishing features. but Alter have embellished it with grooves to replicate a wooden floor and a excellent paintjob to complete the illusion. It manages to look great in spite of its simplicity. Let's get onto Waver himself then. As you've probably surmised from the base, he doesn't attach in any way. it's just a simple matter of sitting him on the base. However, he doesn't have a (literal) flat butt or anything - Alter have managed to sculpt him so that his sitting position has no real impact on the figure itself. You'll also notice he's very pale, almost white skin, which is something carried over from the original character design, and definitely plays up his slightly mournful look. Waver's primarily coloured in a combination of dark greens, which is pretty unusual, and the paintjob is nicely textured to avoid all over flatness. Alter bring their usual skill to the cloth as well, with little details like his clothing bunching at his sleeves and ankles helping convince you this is actual fabric. The pinstripes on Waver's trousers are actual indents in the plastic, an effect I'm not sure about. it certainly helps them stand out more but it can also look a little weird considering it's just meant to be a pattern. Though it's short, care has been taken with Waver's hair, with some nice individual strands and layering to help avoid the dreaded 'big lump of plastic' syndrome that sometimes affects bob-cut characters. For some reason I really love the one hanging suspender strap - it's the kind of pointless, but cute, detail that brings a figure to life. I like Waver's face a lot. It's somewhere between shy, resentful and embarrassed and perfectly captures the awkward, slightly melancholy air behind the character. Note also the impeccably painted tie. Paint splash, what's that? Waver comes with an alternate head that sports a far more embarrassed expression, complete with blushing cheeks. I definitely don't like this one as much, but it's another interesting choice, though perhaps a smiling or angry face would have been better rather than something so relatively similar.  The great paintwork extends all over the figure - check out the lovely lines on the shoes and laces here. It's a weird oversight that there's no texturing on the bottom of the feet though, especially given how prominently this pose displays them. One detail that is just fantastic is the Command Seal emblazoned on Waver's right hand, in another nod to show accuracy. Even though the pose means it's pretty difficult to see from most angles just having it there (in what must have been a pretty tricky bit of painting/transfer application) is a great touch. But wait, it's not over yet! To sweeten the deal, Alter have also packed in this rather fantastic super deformed version of Rider to go alongside his master. Miniature Rider is about the size of a Nendoroid Petit, includes his own base (the simple clear plastic disk you see here) and is made out of solid, expensive feeling PVC. The paint job is every bit as impressive as the main figure and absolutely up to Alter's usual high standards. In fact, it might even be more impressive since we're working at a much smaller scale and Rider's design is way more complex than Waver's. Rider comes with his own accessory - his cape, which is put on by popping off his ball jointed head and slipping it directly down round his shoulders. One thing I will say is once he's got the cape on it's pretty difficult to take it off, since the high collared design makes it hard to find any leverage to remove the head again. Still, he looks great right? I like these two a lot. Granted, Waver isn't a design that immediately leaps out and grabs you, but there's something to be said for the more understated, quiet approach his design takes, and it's nice to have that paired up with Alter's trademark attention to details and quality. The addition of mini-Rider adds some pop visually and makes for an amusing contrast. They're an odd couple but as in the show, that's what makes this partnership work. [Big thanks to our pals over at HobbyLink Japan for providing us with Waver]
Waver Velvet photo
Master & Commander
While I appreciate a pretty plastic lady as much as the next person, I do think it's a shame that we don't get more male figures. That means whenever one shows up it's worth taking notice, particularly when a major manufactur...

Preview ALTAiR's Zelos photo
Preview ALTAiR's Zelos

Pre-order ALTAiR's chosen one Zelos Wilder right now!

He is so awesome he makes me Squee! Zelos I choose you!
Oct 09
// Jon Wills
It's been five lonely months since ALTAiR last teased us with an unpainted sculpt of Zelos Wilder and announced their plans to make a Loyd Irving sculpt at Tales Festival 2013. However my friends, the wait is over and it...
Blazblue Ragna Nendoroid photo
Blazblue Ragna Nendoroid

Blazblue: Alter Memory contains Ragna Nendoroid Petit!

Waiting for Vol. 5 of a blu-ray set never seemed so long before!
Oct 08
// Rio McCarthy
OH. MY. GOSH. I FINALLY have gotten something I've asked for for ages!! Sorry! Totally excited! -ahem- Yes! For those of you keeping tabs, Blazblue: Alter Memory is the new anime series based around the fighting videogame ser...
Gift DRAMAtical Murder photo
Don't tease me so, Gift!
Oh Gift, you certainly know how to make me squeal in delight. Recently, @Giftkanegon posted a few pictures via twitter featuring the next bishounen to appear in their DRAMAtical Murder plushie series. The set of pictures play...

Upcoming Makoto photo
Upcoming Makoto

Upcoming Free! figurine of Tachibana Makoto by ALTAiR

Yep there are more of them!
Sep 26
// Jon Wills
Free!, this seasons boy swimming club series has been pretty popular in Japan. I'm glad that the Japanese folks are reaching out to female audiences out there and merchandising men to them. It's been happening for some time, ...
Nendoroid T.M. Revolution photo
Based on "Preserved Roses" music video outfit
[updated with images from Good Smile Company's official listing! Check out all the faces and accessories. :) -Kristina] The Nendoroid line's musical offerings are growing again: T.M. Revolution has now tweeted out a photo of ...

MegaHouse Tetsuya Kuroko photo
It's hard to resist Kurokocchi's dynamism
[UPDATE: Picture gallery added] [UPDATE 2: CD Japan pre-order link added. Go Go Go !] [update 3: Added another pre-order link :)] Are you ready for some Winter Cup action, Kuroko no Basket fans? Just in time for the highly an...

MegaHouse Ginpachi-sensei photo
It's not a cigarette but a lollipop that's been so lolilolilolied it smokes
The last time we caught a glimpse of Ginpachi-sensei at Wonder Festival 2013 Summer over a month ago, he was still in his unpainted prototype form, but now, the homeroom teacher from the light novel series (and anime extras),...

ALTAiR Uta Pri photo
1000% bishounens!
ALTAiR recently updated their blog and revealed the long awaited prototypes for Uta no Prince-sama's Hijirikawa Masato and Jinguji Ren. Although ALTAiR did display both boys during Wonder Festival Summer 2013, there was a pes...

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