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Lego Super Heroes photo
Lego Super Heroes

Lego S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier images crash onto the scene

Nick Fury doesn't come with a Lego bazooka
Feb 02
// Oansun
After months of rumors, Lego has finally shown the world its Marvel Super Heroes Helicarrier. Though, I have to say I'm on the disappointed side. It certainly looks big, and at nearly 3000 pieces is a hefty set; but including...
Avengers photo
Expect an injured wallet in the near future
Kotobukiya has posted a teaser for its upcoming Marvel Bishoujo Wasp along with caption, "We need a name! It should be something colorful and dramatic, like... the Avengers!" True believers (and Kotobukiya fans) will recall t...

Funko enters the Age of Ultron with, well, everything; Mystery Minis, Pop!s, keychains, Fabrikations, Wacky Wobblers, etc

Jan 22 // Scarecroodle
First up is a new series of Mystery Minis. The Age of Ultron series will feature twelve figurines (bobbleheads as always), of equal (ie, 1/12) rarity. The selection consists of Hulk, Hawkeye, a repulsor-lift Iron Man, Thor, Nick Fury, Ultron, Captain America, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Vision, a (Stealth Suit?) Iron Man variant, Black Widow, and a standard-looking Iron Man. For those keeping count at home, there are eight non-Iron Man figures. The show-stealers here are probably the Hulkbuster (which should be easy to detect), Vision, and Thor. However, most of the figurines are pretty neat even if the series as a whole is a little Iron Man heavy. These blind-boxed figures have retailed for as low as US$6 at some retailers in the past. Next we have Funko's perennial Pop! offerings. The selection includes a really neat repulsor-lift Iron Man, Vision, Ultron, Hawkeye, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor. Vision looks great, but the Ultron reminds me a bit of the Pop! Transformers movie figures... perhaps because the movie version is a little Bayformer-esque? At the very least, I'm sure many fans will love the new Iron Man and Vision. Do you like the Pop! style but not the size? Funko's Pocket Pop! keychains have all that Pop! goodness in a smaller package. Mini versions of Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America are due out in March. I've never seen this line at retail, but Amazon lists previous series as having a US$9 MSRP. Not a fan of plastic, are we? That's fine, because Funko has you covered with its Fabrikations line. The selection includes this absolutely fantastic-looking Thor, a very angry Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man. Conspicuously absent are Vision and Ultron, the two guys actually premiering in this film, but they could appear down the road. The Fabrikations line is generally a bit on the pricier side compared to Funko's other offerings. Finally there's a Mini Wacky Wobblers 4-pack coming out which features the same boring-some foursome of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor. The sculpting on Hulk and Cap looks pretty neat, although Iron Man is no slouch either. With so much stuff on the way, there just might be something for everyone. I know that I'm looking forward to the Mystery Minis. How about you guys?
Avengers photo
If there is such a thing as too much, we might have hit it
All hands on deck! Batten down the hatches because Funko has unleashed a flood of collectibles for Marvel's upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. Rarely do we see this much merchandises for a franchise, let alone all at once but Funko intends to inundate collectors with selections from FIVE different lines in March (and a little of April). See all the Avenger-y details after the jump.

Avengers photo
The damage to Starscream was less severe than sticking him in the Bayformers movies
Pack Rat Studios has crafted a custom "Hulkbuster Ultron" and, if you like it, you can bid on it via ebay right now (or rather bid within the next 4 days). The custom appears to be kit-bashed from a Transformers "Hunt for the...

Ant-Man photo
Up and ANT them!
Diamond Select Toys has given MTV News an exclusive first look at its Marvel Select Ant-Man, based on the character's appearance in the upcoming Ant-Man film where comedian Paul Rudd will play the titular role. The release wi...

Iron Man photo
One small step for Iron Man, one giant leap for Marvelkind
[UPDATE: New image] Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted two images of Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai Iron Man. This marks the first Marvel character released in the Variant Play Arts Kai line. Square-Enix has always excelled at...

SDCC/WonFes Highlight Reel: The Scarecroodle edition

Sep 09 // Scarecroodle
While I find myself unable to do a top ten list, I figure I should at least try to order these things in terms of preference. Spider-Man 2099 has long been one of my favorite superheroes. Unfortunately, the character hasn't seen that much great merchandise over the years. Yes, he has a Bowen statue I can't afford and WizKids did a few decent Heroclix figurines, but the more conventional offerings have been a little lackluster. ToyBiz's Spider-Man Classics Spidey 2099 was a somewhat lame redeco of a normal Spider-Man figure (from that same line) which featured a cloth cape and lacked the character's iconic arm-spikes (besides having those out-of-character webshooter-posed hands). Hasbro took a stab at the character with a less articulate figure in the Spider-Man Origins line but, once again, it lacked those arm-spikes and featured a cheap cloth cape. Finally, Hasbro gave us a Spidey 2099 in the Marvel Universe line and, while it recycled the standard body, the figure at least had the arm-spikes (positioned a little oddly?) and a plastic cape. It looked like that would be the best we'd ever get... then SDCC 2014 rolled around and Hasbro unveiled its Spider-Man Legends Spidey 2099. Hasbro's new Spider-Man 2099 is almost everything I could have hoped for: it features an accurate build, it has Spidey's ironic outstretched fingers (although it lacks the talons, but hey, they could be retracted!), there's a lot of articulation, and it's in the 6-inch scale. It's more or less everything I wanted (sans a glossy paint job). I look forward to picking it up and, with any luck, seeing Diamond Select Toys produce an even better version of the character in its Marvel Select line. My second most-wanted item is Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics Tung Lashor. Matty Collector had previously announced that Tung Lashor and Squeeze, the two last Snakemen from the original vintage line, would be included in the final two Club Eternia subscriptions. The catch? Only one would appear per year and Matty wasn't saying which would appear when. Those fiendish devils! Thankfully, however, Matty Collector unveiled my favorite, Tung Lashor, at SDCC and announced that he was conveniently scheduled for November (alongside Galactic Protector She-Ra!). I had been looking forward to Tung Lashor for a while, especially because the original vintage figure was one of the few He-Man figures that managed to stay with me over the years despite several moves and Hurricane Andrew (which was responsible for two of those moves). The MOTUC Tung Lashor is a great update of the vintage figure, capturing and (slightly) improving on the original's look. Although (like most MOTUCs) it lacks the original gimmick, MOTUC has replicated the tongue-lashing feature with an alternate extended-tongue head. I'm fortunate that he came out this year, since there are no guarantees that the 2015 Club Eternia will hit its minimum number of subs. Of course, the downside is that we probably won't ever see a really articulated 200x series Tung Lashor but at least there's NECA's staction version available which, in this instance, is better than nothing. Another bit of particularly exciting news is Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select Carnage. Back when Hasbro produced a pretty good ML Carnage in its Spider-Man Legends line, I (just barely) held off buying it because I saw what incredible work DST had done with its MS Venom (which I still want to pick up at some point). The problem with basically every Carnage so far has been a lack of interchangeable parts, something that the MS Carnage should correct. We can already see that it includes a version of the axe-arm which is one of those absolute staples missing from most releases. If it was just that, the MS Carnage (with its great sculpting and paint) would stand quite a bit taller than most (if not all) other Carnage action figures. However, DST intends to give fans far more than that which should make the MS Carnage the definitive Carnage action figure. It completely justifies not picking up the latest ML version. Of course, the Marvel Select wasn't the only thing Carnage fans had to look forward to, as Kotobukiya unveiled the rest of its Fine Arts Carnage. The statue notably features multiple tendrils extending from his body and includes an interchangeable arm (I believe the weapon arm is exchanged with a normal hand). If I was more of a statues fan, I would be all over this one. In what shaped up to be a pretty good convention for evil, Hasbro announced (and showed off) its 6-inch Star Wars Black Series Bossk. Prior to Bossk, Boba Fett was the only real bounty hunter (ie, not some Rodian punk who gets shot while sitting down in a cantina)  that we'd seen and I was starting to get a little worried that the line would be canceled before it got into producing them.  Bossk looks a lot better than his also-great Saga Legends counterpart (who was among the first modern Star Wars figures I picked up) and hopefully this trend will continue long enough to get me a Dengar. On the subject of both improvements and redemption, the Marvel Legends line will *finally* get a half-decent Scarlet Witch (the previous version, released in ToyBiz's Legendary Riders series, was so bad that the company originally didn't intend to release it in the US... or so the rumor goes). This pretty cool wave (dubbed "Avengers Legends"?) features Odin (!!!) as a BAF, with alternate parts for a King Thor variant. While I really don't care for most of the wave, I doubt that I'll be able to pass on a decent-looking Odin. Other pretty neat Marvel Legends coming out (that don't rank on my favorites list) are Agent Phil Coulson, Maria Hill, and a Thanos BAF, as well as Machine Man and Captain Marvel. Plus the ML Sentry (originally intended as a running change in the Hit Monkey wave) is finally getting a release. Jumping over the Summer Wonder Festival side of things for a moment, the biggest thing to grab my attention was the announcement of a figma Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh!). Although we've seen a decent DMG figure or two over the years, such as the Cu-Poche version, never has there been a great normal, articulated figure for the character. While a Dark Magician may be a bit more apropos, I think I'd rather have the DMG first. Another exciting set of announcements were for Nendoroids Rider and Archer (Fate/Stay Night). Although we saw some great mini Nendoroids for Rider (at least one of which I own), it's going to be nice to get a full-sized (or full Nendo-sized...) version of the character as well; especially because she should come with a bunch of props. The only thing keeping me in my seat is a nagging suspicion that Kotobukiya may eventually cover the character in the Cu-Poche line, which I'd probably prefer. Other adorable small figures included NECA's Mogwai Series 5, which features three more concept characters (Patches, Zoe, and Gary). Although I know that at least two of them are basically straight-up repaints, I'll still be excited to pick those up (I'm less sure about wanting the all-white, weird-faced Gary). Due out in November (not October), the ones that I grab should look pretty neat next to my other concept-series Mogwai (which I mostly picked up to get Penny). I'm still not sure why the Gremlins part of the line has basically stalled (with a few figures in limbo) while we keep getting Mogwais who didn't even appear in the movies. I'm even less sure why I keep getting so excited to see new ones. Mattel will be adding the Yvonne Craig Batgirl to its Batman classic TV series line. While I had hoped to see the character (especially when the line looked canceled once or twice), she's unfortunately part of a 3-pack with Batman and Robin. I suppose it's not a huge hurdle, since Batman and Robin were two of the only figures I didn't buy when the line first came out. The head-sculpt and body-work is pretty neat, but those arms look unusually long or something. The figures were designed by Mattel's in-house crew (rather than the Four Horsemen who handled a lot of the other DC collectibles in the past) so I guess things are bound to be a little iffy in places. Another cool babe that I'm really happy to see is Mattel's Galactic Protector She-Ra. This New Adventures-styled figure is one of the Four Horsemen's original creations and mixes some of NA He-Man's elements with She-Ra's design, giving the character an updated look. Given that she's due out in November alongside Tung Lashor, I'll likely buy both characters directly from Matty Collector this time around (rather than hitting up eBay for a better price). And, jumping back to the classic Batman TV series, Diamond Select Toys showed off a number of resin busts and vinyl bank busts, both at its booth and during a panel. My favorite item was naturally a Burgess Meredith Penguin bust. While the TV series had some great villains, few seemed as fun as Burgess Meredith's take on the Penguin. Will he some day be followed by an eggsellent Vincent Price Eggman bust? Only time will tell. Although the Four Horsemen won't be doing much for Mattel going forward, the company is hardly sitting on its hands these days. The company's latest endeavor is a fantasy-themed line of figures entitled "Mythic Legions" which features dwarfs, orcs, vampires, and more. The sculpting and paint-work on these is incredible, absolutely top-notch stuff. The only drawback is that you usually have to buy these sorts of things directly from the Four Horsemen's site which costs you a bit more on shipping (as opposed to buying from Entertainment Earth, which offers free shipping on larger orders). Ranking a bit lower on my list is a 6-inch Star Wars Black Series Hoth frost-bitten, bloodied Luke and wampa 2-pack. The pack is ostentatiously based on that famous cave scene in The Empire Strikes Back, but will likely not include a removable, bloodied arm option for the wampa. However, I'm still impressed that Hasbro will be making a wampa that much larger than Luke. Although fans were never given a great look at the wampa's size in the films, the one Luke encountered was implied to be huge (something that didn't really carry over to Shadow of the Empire on the Nintendo 64). Another neat Star Wars announcement came at WonFes where Good Smile Company showed plans to make a Nendoroid Darth Vader and Storm Trooper. Oh, plus Kaiyodo showed off its Star Wars Revoltechs which could be promising. Honestly, there were so many cool things I should have made two Highlight Reels. Here are a few more really exciting items:   The MOTU Minis Snake Mountain is incredibly adorable. It's also neat because Matty's Scott Neitlich previously revealed that a MOTUC Snake Mountain is unlikely given how things went for Castle Grayskull, which makes this the only official Mattel Snake Mountain that we'll ever see. While the diorama is a massive want, it's bundled as part of a subscription which is a massive Don't Want To Pay For. As such, I'll only be nabbing it if I can find it cheaply on the aftermarket. The Spider-Man Legends line discussed earlier also includes a May Parker Spider-Girl (MC2 continuity) and a Phil Urich Hobgoblin Build-a-Figure. Although I've stayed away from the MC2 continuity (which, as far as I'm aware, has never been adapted into a cartoon or film) but I've been aware of the May Parker Spider-Girl and wanted a decent figure. As previously mentioned, I only know Phil Urich from his heroic Green Goblin run (and even then, I only owned one or two issues) so the fact that he's a murderous, villainous Hobgoblin came as something of a surprise. Granted, the new design makes for a cool figure. It's just a shame that it's a BAF when I'm trying to move away from buying full waves. The final item on the Hasbro front is the Marvel Universe (or Marvel Infinite) 3.75-inch Sandman figure, which brings me a step closer to completing a 3.75-inch Sinister Six. The figure is cool for coming in both a standard version (seen here) and an all-sand deco. The figure looks like he recycles some parts from the MU Absorbing Man (first released in a Secret Wars 2-pack before getting a single-card release alongside a variant) although it's hard to be sure. I was excited to see a Jim Lee-styled Beast as well. Speaking of Jim Lee, Kotobukiya will be producing a Fine Arts Rogue based on the character's appearance around the '90s. The sculpting so far looks great and I can't wait to see the statue painted. In addition to Carnage, Diamond Select Toys will also be releasing a Marvel Select Cable. This guy would be a lot higher on my list if I was more of a Cable fan, but other than the Marvel vs. Capcom games, I've never really gotten into the character. I do like that DST went with his bulkier look which is usually how I've envisioned Cable. The other pretty neat remaining DST item is the MLP:FIM Rarity vinyl bank. I wasn't sure what to make of the first two banks, but this one is absolutely adorable. It recently went up for pre-order and was among DST's items featured in the latest issue of Previews. DC Collectibles had a lot of new designs on display for its Batman: The Animated Series line. Killer Croc and Batgirl had sculpted prototypes on display, although the jointing hadn't been implemented yet (Killer Croc's pack-in, Baby Doll, presumably won't feature articulation). Several other designs were shown on the backdrop, including Penguin and Riddler. While I like a lot of the work that I've seen on the line thus far, I'm not sure how much of it I'll actually be buying. I'm assuming that I'll probably at least get the Man-Bat, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, and maybe the Riddler. Even if DCC wasn't releasing several at a time, it's just too much for me to collect at this point given the US$25 price point. Speaking of affordability, Mattel will be expanding its 4-inch DC Multiverse line with oversized figures from Rocksteady's Arkham series. The figures are going to be pretty large but, unlike DC Collectibles' versions (which ran from something like US$50 to US$100), they're going to be a more affordable US$25. It's great because I wanted a Grundy but I didn't want to spring US$80 for the DCC version. On the subject of pricey, over-sized figures, Matty Collector will be releasing 12-inch remakes of the vintage MotUs. While it's a neat concept, I can't see myself paying US$75 (before Canadian shipping...) for these. It didn't occur to me at the time, but this is basically the same approach that Gentle Giant has taken with the giant-sized remakes of the old Kenner Star Wars figures. However, unlike those Star Wars figures, some of these actually look tempting. I've probably mentioned this a few times, but I've never been able to get into She-Ra: Princess of Power. I like the fact that there seems to be more of a story to the series than the original Masters of the Universe (of which I rewatched a few episodes earlier this year, mostly for nostalgia), but the episodes that I've watched have felt a little dry (and the character voices can be annoying). As such, I'm always surprised by how many POP character designs I find appealing. Mermista, for instance, sports a neat aquatic theme but, more importantly, she comes with an alternate mermaid lower body. Of course, I'm also excited over the Real Ghostbusters line announcement. Finally, DC Collectibles had its recently unveiled Batman: Arkham Knight figures on display. These were unveiled shortly before SDCC but it was still great to see them out in the field rather than in stock photography. I'm really looking forward to the Scarecrow although I'm not that fond of the character's broken leg. Of course, given that Batman: Arkham Knight is on the PS4/Xbone, I'm not sure when I'll actually play the game itself since I'm not planning on getting either system in the near future (nor do I own a gaming-quality pc).
Top toys photo
Now in Low Definition
SDCC and WonFes may have been almost a month ago at this point, but many of its collectibles are still on our minds. Tian recently posted the top ten things he was looking forward to from these cons and, because I'm far more excitably (and exceedingly less orderly), my own highlights list is nowhere near that short. See many of my favorites after the jump.

SDCC 2014 Sideshow photo
SDCC 2014 Sideshow

SDCC 2014: Sideshow Collectibles - Hot Toys

There might have been actual Stark tech there
Jul 27
// Tianxiao Ma
Hot Toys' 1/6-scale figures were featured at Sideshow's booth as usual. This year they had a couple of vehicles, some figures from The Dark Knight and Avengers, and lots of Iron Men. So many Iron Men. You should know the drill by now: hit the jump to see my impressions and favorites.
Wonder Festival photo
Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Nendoroid Batman, figma Leonidas and more

Jul 26
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Wonder Festival 2014 Summer is here and Good Smile Company hit the ground running. We've got our first good look at the Nendoroid Batman that they hinted at and it looks quite good. Looks like he'll come with a Bat Signa...
Avengers photo
Set to snare Wasp fans
Kotobukiya has released a teaser image for what appears to be a Marvel Bishoujo Wasp sketch along with the caption, "HI! I'm the Wasp! And you've just been STUNG!" The Wasp is best known for her Avengers affiliation, as she w...

Hulk photo
Hello world, here's a song that we're singin' / Come on, get angry
Diamond Select Toys has released a Marvel Select Savage Hulk and, as part of a timed exclusivity, the figure is currently available at but will become available through after July 7th in additio...

Avengers photo

By Odin's beard, figma Thor verily looks great but is verily too expensive

Jun 11
// Scarecroodle
From the Halls of Asgard to the Fires of Muspelheim, all sing the song of Thor. Thus verily should it come to nobody's surprise that Max Factory's upcoming figma Thor has received additional images. While I like figma Thor, I...
figma Cappy photo
figma Cappy

Another look at figma Captain America

Awesome action poses ahoy
Jun 11
// Kristina Pino
The folks over at Akiba Hobby had a look at figma Captain America, and I thought I'd share a few images here - just a small selection, really, so check them out for the full look. If you can block the extravagant asking price...
figma Captain America photo
That price is certainly in defence of Capitalism
figma Captain America's popped up in quite a few places recently, from the Miyazawa Model Exhibition to a Figsoku blog, but now he's finally been placed onto the official Good Smile site, which means we get lovely high qualit...

WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya's Spring Preview panel, Part 2

Apr 22 // Natalie Kipper
Okay, so one pop culture/movie license snuck into the mix as well. If you took a peek at the slides already (and you should at some point), you know I am referring to the Freddy vs. Jason Bishoujo line. The gender-bent Freddy Krueger and her fem-Jason Voorhees counterpart (more images of her prototype were shown at the panel as well) will rely heavily on fan feedback for their line to continue. A good way to let Kotobukiya know you want more of these special ladies is to email them at questions[at] Alright, now we move on into comics stuff. Many of the slides speak for themselves but some have some footnotes that I want to share with you.  The Fine Arts Statue X-Force Brown Wolverine came about because fans requested it. Bishoujo Spider-Woman comes with an extra face, which can be stored underneath her base. Bishoujo Jubilee will be released after Bishoujo Spider-Woman. Two announcements were ArtFX+ Green Arrow and ArtFX+ Robin (Damian Wayne). Bishoujo Black Canary is not cancelled. The prototype that was shown at previous events had to be reworked. Kotobukiya also revealed the concept art for Bishoujo Batwoman. Thus ends our summary of Kotobukiya's Spring Preview 2014 panel. Be on the look out for more WonderCon coverage, right here on Tomopop!
WonderCon 2014 Kotobukiya photo
Featuring the comics portion
Now that you all have had a chance to read over Part One of our coverage of Kotobukiya's Spring Preview 2014 panel, let's move on to the second half. While the first portion jumped between several different fandoms, the majority of this one is all about comics, comics, and more comics. Read on and you'll see what I mean.

Avengers photo

Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Thor looks less than divine

Argh, that face...
Apr 12
// Scarecroodle
Kotobukiya has released a photo gallery for its upcoming Marvel Now! Avengers ArtFX+ Thor and... his face looks pretty bad. The 1/10-scale statue is the fifth entry in Kotobukiya's Avengers ArtFX+ line-up and follows Hawkeye ...
Captain America photo
Captain America

Exclusive unmasked MS Captain America on the way

Captain America? Looks more like Commander Rogers
Apr 10
// Scarecroodle
Captain America: The Winter Soldier may be in theaters now, but fans will have to wait until May to pick up an exclusive battle-damaged Marvel Select "Unmasked" Captain America featuring both a masked and an unmasked head. Th...
Captain America photo
Captain America

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: figma Captain America

I see red, white, and blue
Apr 08
// Vanessa Cubillo
Were you one of the many who went to see Captain America: The Winter Solider over the weekend? I sure was! Now all I see is Captain America fever. So it was perfect that Max Factory’s figma Captain America appeared at ...

Tomopop Review: Funko's Marvel Mystery Minis Loki

Apr 05 // Scarecroodle
Figure Name: Mystery Minis Loki with staffFigure Manufacturer: FunkoRetail Price: US$6 to US$8.50Available At: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Big Bad Toy Store Cool things come in small packages. The Marvel Mystery Minis box is the same size as the other Mystery Minis series like the Horror Mystery Minis and the Game of Thrones Mystery Minis. However, the shrinkwrapping doesn't look as tight on this set which I've also noticed with the packs I've seen at retail. Besides the shrinkwrap, the figure inside is contained in a black plastic baggy so it would be *very* hard for a collector to just mess with the packaging a little to find its contents. As with the Domo DC Mystery Minis (N52 "Batman" reviewed) and other series, the front and two sides of the box display the character illustrations upon which the figurines are based. The back contains the rarity chart. It's important to remember that there are 24 boxes in every case so a 1/24 would mean a figure is packed one per case whereas a 1/72 is one per three cases. Meanwhile the two rarest figures, Loki with his staff and Deadpool with guns, both have a 1/144 rarity which puts them at one per six cases. So basically if you bought a full case you'd be guaranteed to have two of each of the 2/24 figures, one Phoenix, and then you'd have a chance of getting either Thanos, Ultron, Deadpool with guns, or Loki with his staff (bearing in mind that, at 1/72, you'd be more likely to get a Thanos or Ultron). Given that the two rarest figures are just variants, it's a cool way to handle the rarity. It's a bit less cool that Thanos and Ultron, who are both incredible characters, are shortpacked, though. That said, it's an incredible roster that features many of Marvel's most iconic heroes and villains. When I recently stopped into my local Hot Topic, I noticed that the store had an exclusive series in stock and couldn't resist picking up a pack (partly because I still wanted to get a Galactus). Had I been aware this series didn't include the Green Goblin, I might have just skipped. The revised Hot Topic series made some pretty significant changes. The Deadpool with guns has been switched to his gray costume and his rarity went from 1/144 (one per six cases) to 2/24; basically he replaces the Green Goblin's place on the rarity chart. In exchange, his old place on the rarity chart is now occupied by a Phoenix variant with clear flames. The normal version of the Phoenix has gone from being 1/24 (one per box) to 2/24 because the standard Deadpool, who now has a yellow-ish colorway (which references... I DON'T KNOW!), was bumped to the 1/24 slot. Finally the 2/24 Hulk now glows in the dark. As far as exclusives go, the set is somewhat weird although it improves the rarity of the Phoenix which is a plus. I'm just somewhat baffled why the Green Goblin, one of Marvel's most famous villains (character-wise, he's like Lex Luthor and the Joker rolled into one), has been dropped instead of somebody like the Scarlet Witch. My only possibly guess is it has to do with the Scarlet Witch appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Just in case you were wondering, the Hot Topic pack I bought didn't have any of the exclusives. Instead it was a Spider-Man, the character I wanted the least from the series, which continues my trend of only having awful luck at Hot Topic. Loki, however, looks great. The figurine's only major issue is that the staff )which looks a bit like a pitchfork) is made from a thinner plastic which has a habit of bending in box. Loki features a metallic bronze color for his helmet, gloves, and such, with a dark green for the rest of his outfit. It really shines under very high lighting. The body itself is stylized and resembles a slimmer version of what we saw in the DC Comics Mystery Minis series. The biggest difference between those two comic-based series, however, is that the Marvel figurines are bobbleheads. I can't help but wonder if the two sets may have had a closer style if not for this fact. Judging from what I've seen of the Mystery Mystery Minis, they appear to be a good deal smaller than some of the previous series like the DC Comics Mystery Minis and Domo DC Mystery Minis. However, part of it might come down to having used a smaller head for the bobblehead effect. I'm not sure why Funko opted to make the figurines in this series bobbleheads, as I can't think of another Mystery Minis set that's featured them. However, since all of the Marvel Pop!s are also bobbleheads (something that isn't always done for the Pop! series), I suspect that it might be a licensing issue. The sculpting and craftsmanship have produced a really cute figure. Funko has done a wonderful job in translating the character into an SD format. My only real criticism (besides the staff issue) might be in the eyes, which can look funky at times depending on the angle. The problem is that his left eye looks straight right while the right looks more down and to the center. It's something you only really notice when looking at the figure either head-on or from below. Overall, the Marvel Mystery Minis seems like an awesome blind-boxed series and has some of the best variety in terms of character selection. The standard series only features two variants -- both of which are ultra rares -- so you won't get a lot of the same characters in different poses (conversely, if you like specific characters, this system may not work as well for you). The Marvel Mystery Minis series is made even cooler by having the option of the Hot Topic-exclusive version which improves access to some of the figurines. [ Thanks to Funko for sending over a blind-boxed figure for review ]
Review: Loki photo
Pint-sized mischief-maker
Funko easily ranks among the top makers of blind-boxed collectibles, and it's easy to see why with exciting entries such as the Marvel Mystery Minis series. This time around Funko has released a regular version of the series ...

figma Iron Man photo
Plus GSC Online Shop exclusive 'Full Spec' version
We've already had the God of Thunder drop in on us, but now it's time for the second in Max Factory's range of Avengers figmas to take flight. Surprising no-one, it's noted beard-and-moustache connoisseur, enthusiastic drinke...

figma Thor photo
figma Thor

Avengers figma Thor arrives for previews and pre-orders

I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing
Feb 27
// Andres Cerrato
They've been teased for some time already, but it looks like we are finally getting those figma Avengers figures. The first Avenger won't be Cap, but rather the demi-deity from Asgard, Thor. Full previews are now out as well ...
Toy Fair 2014: Kotobukiya photo
Toy Fair 2014: Kotobukiya

Toy Fair 2014: Kotobukiya Catalog preview

Marvel, DC, and Halo oh my
Feb 16
// Andres Cerrato
Toy Fair has returned and there's plenty to be excited over. One of our favorite companies, Kotobukiya, is trying to get a bit more of a buzz with the release of their preview catalog. From Bishoujos to ARTFX, Kotobukiya has a bit of something for everyone. Check out the catalog preview after the jump!
Captain America photo
Captain America

MS 'Winter Soldier' Captain America & Minimates revealed

Live free or shield hard
Feb 14
// Scarecroodle
MTV News has been given a first look at Diamond Select Toys' upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier Marvel Select Captain America and Minimates. MTV News was previously given a first look at the figures' silhouettes. I'...
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Did Kotobukiya hit the mark with the ArtFX+ Hawkeye?

Was toss up between "aim true", "hit the mark", or "hit a bullseye". Which do you think I should have gone with?
Jan 28
// Scarecroodle
Kotobukiya has released a gallery for its upcoming ArtFX+ Hawkeye (currently available for pre-order). Hawkeye is part of the Marvel Now! Avengers line-up for which we've previously seen painted photos of the Hulk, Black Wido...
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First wave of Marvel Universe follow-up revealed

Earth's Mightiest 3.75-inch figures?
Jan 23
// Scarecroodle
Previously we've mentioned that Hasbro's 3.75-inch Marvel Universe line was being replaced by a new 3.75-inch Avengers-themed series (which we've since learned will be called the Marvel Infinite Series). There's been some news since then, but this marks the first time that we've seen the wave 1 line-up in the new packaging and... the packaging is something of a step back. Hit the jump for details.
Hot Toys Loki photo
Is this the Loki you're looking for?
Alright guys and gals, if you didn't get enough of my fangirling over Loki the last time, here he comes again! Hot Toys is releasing a new figure of Loki based on the look from Thor: The Dark World. Cheeky Loki looks a bit mo...

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DST's MS Jane Foster, Thunderbolts Minimates, on the way

Only select retailers are worthy enough to wield these offerings
Dec 19
// Scarecroodle
Diamond Select Toys has announced that its upcoming Thor: The Dark World Marvel Jane Foster, along with other offerings, should be hitting stores this week. Expect to see Jane Foster, the Marvel Now! Minimates Thunderbolts bo...
Kotobukiya photo
The Marvel Now design really needs an overhaul
Kotobukiya has unveiled the rest of their recently teased painted ArtFX+ Avengers Now Captain America with a new photo gallery and... I really don't like this design. Kotobukiya has done a solid job in presenting the characte...

Tomopop LinkUP: The turkey coma edition

Nov 28 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Chris Moore, aka We Become Monsters, is moving to Vegas and he's whipped up some great looking 7 inch Munnies to help pay the way. He's already sold Portlybello, but Patchworx, Moloch, and Creative BLOCK are still available.  Over in Japan McDonald's is doing a Mario Bros. Happy Meal. You can read about them over at Japanator and Destructoid. Jealous?  Over at Culture Japan, Danny Choo has a preview gallery of the upcoming Nendoroid Shimakaze. Looking good! Mijbil is back again with this trio of Hat Babies dragons (though one is a goat). She also has this neat Christmas ornament necklace with a little white tree inside. How can one person have so much talent? Over on Boing Boing they've posted some felted Star Wars figurines made by Etsy seller famished. As nice as the Star Wars stuff is, my favorite thing is the felted Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.  The Toy Art Gallery is presenting the Blamo Fifth Annual Custom Show opening December 14. To say they have a lot of artists taking part might be an understatement; I lost count around 80.  GIANTmicrobes is now taking orders on their newest plush Christmas ornament set. The Christmas Wreath box set includes a caroling Sore Throat, a White Blood Cell snowman, a gingerbread man Stomach Ache, an angelic Nerve Cell, and a limited gold Amoeba only available in this set. They're also taking orders on their previous Christmas Tree and Christmas Stocking sets.  Kotobukiya posted on their blog a teaser for their beautiful upcoming Sakuya from Shining Ark. No real info is given yet, but we should be seeing pre-orders real soon.  Donald "kodykoala" Kennedy wanted to make something other than a Pac-man mech so he made a monster truck! It's an RC and even makes a "waka-waka" noise at the push of a button. You can see more pictures in his flickr gallery.  Hot Toys is introducing this pair of Chitauri to their Avengers movie 1/6 scale line. The Chitauri Commander and Chitauri Footsoldier can be bought separately or as a set. Each figure comes with a weapon, stand, and diorama rubble. They'll be available sometime in mid-2014. Phat Company is teasing a new 1/8 figure based on IDOLM@STER's Miki Hoshii. If it stays true to the image it'll be a rare figure of her in casual wear rather than an idol outfit. Unfortunately we haven't got any other details at this time.  Adding to all of the teasers: Good Smile Company has revealed details on their Nendoroid More Pajama sets. These will be offered in the blind boxed trading style with two types and six colors to choose from. Hopefully we'll have a better look soon.  Don't forget that Tomopop is on Tumblr. There are all sorts of things showing up on there that you wont find here on the Tomopop website like this ass-kicking Sailor Mercury gallery! And with that we come to the end of yet another Tomopop LinkUP. If you were celebrating I hope you had a great holiday and if you weren't, well, I hope you had a great day, too. I'll see you next week!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
This week's batch is anything but a snore
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's Thanksgiving Day in the States and if you're anything like me you're probably bursting with great food and looking forward to a long tryptophan-induced nap. But while others were...

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Stars & Stripes forever! ArtFX+ Captain America teased

Let freedom ring!
Nov 26
// Scarecroodle
Kotobukiya has posted a teaser image for its upcoming ArtFX+ Captain America (previously seen unpainted at SDCC) alongside the caption, “It only takes one to rise for others to follow.” The figure is based on Capt...

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