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5:00 AM on 04.02.2014

No ifs, plenty of butts - Alter's Asuka now up for pre-order

We got a rather lovely preview gallery of her last week, and now as promised Alter's latest take on the feisty Asuka Langley Shikinami is now up for orders at all good stores. Just as a reminder, you'll get her decked out in ...

Martin Siggers

Alter's new Asuka preview brings up the rear photo
Alter's new Asuka preview brings up the rear
by Martin Siggers

I'm no big fan of Evangelion 3.0, but I thought the newly eyepatched-up design for our favourite tsundere redhead Asuka was fantastic, especially when paired with her stylish sweater and cat-eared cap. Alter's latest version of her ticked all my boxes then, plus an additional one for those who like shapely derrières.

Since Tian's original look at her, she's been painted and now Alter have put her under the camera for a full-on preview. There's a ton of delicious detail to appreciate here, like her gorgeous hair (always an Alter speciality) and the sharp, bold paint. As I've said before, I like my Asukas haughty or angry, and her sneering face here definitely fits that criteria. The preview also reveals that her hat will be removable and her left arm will be replaceable, going from holding the cap brim to being tucked in her pocket.

All in all, it's looking like another fantastic figure from the masters. Pre-orders are set to open next Wednesday, the 2nd of April. I'm sorely tempted, anyone else with me?

[via Alter's blog]

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8:00 PM on 03.13.2014

Tomopop LinkUP: Ready. Set. LEGO!

LEGO toys are one of those things that I think most boys and probably a lot of girls can associate with. Raise your hand if you've ever tried to dig a LEGO brick out of your mom's vacuum or know the pain of stepping on a bloc...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

1:00 PM on 03.05.2014

Alter's Summer Holiday Hayate now up for pre-order

We saw her rather lovely preview last week, and now Alter's bikini-or-shorts-depending-on-your-preference version of Hayate Yagami is now up for pre-orders. That's the good news. The bad news is she's listed at a whopping &ye...

Martin Siggers

Hayate completes Alter's Summer Holiday Nanoha trio photo
Hayate completes Alter's Summer Holiday Nanoha trio
by Martin Siggers

I don't like bikini figures, but even I'm a fan of Alter's 'Summer Holiday' versions of Nanoha and Fate from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. As is typical with Alter, there's a level of craft and detail in the work which makes them palatable even to me. Now Alter have completed the core three by showing off a finished version of Hayate Yagami, who we've seen extensively already but has mysteriously been slow to come to market.

As usual with Alter, it's difficult to find fault with the final product though. Hayate looks lovely, with her hat, basket, top and shorts combo giving her a very different look from the two previous entries in the range. Impressive (and unusually for Alter) all of the above can be cast off in favour of a no-frills black bikini. You even get a tiny, bikini-clad Reinforce II included, who can either be clipped to Hayate's hat or posed on her own mini stand.

It's a smart looking, tasteful figure that's sure to benefit from Alter's renowned quality and for anyone who already has Nanoha and Fate this has got to be a must buy. Order will open on the 5th of March and while no price is given, I'd say somethign around the ¥9,000 mark would be a safe bet

[via Alter's blog]

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6:00 PM on 02.11.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Alter

Alter had a relatively subdued showing at Wonder Festival, with most of their offering being their already released figures with a twist of a "version 2" appearing with slightly altered poses and appearances. The Strike Witch...

Chris Seto

8:00 PM on 01.22.2014

Awaken to pre-orders for Alter's new Hayate Yagami

Though figures from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha are among the most omnipresent in the collecting world. Alter has always managed to put a certain spark into theirs that defines their best products. While the new movie ca...

Martin Siggers

Alter's Asuka is failing at bikini tops photo
Alter's Asuka is failing at bikini tops
by Tianxiao Ma

No, this is not that fiery half-German Asuka from a certain mecha franchise. This is Senran Kagura's Asuka, who is significantly worse at wearing bikini tops. Just look at those straps! She's totally flabbergasted.

It looks like a nice enough figure, but I don't like character designs that just lazily tack on giant boobs to a normal-looking girl. I'm not one to complain about the female anatomy too often, yet still this figure turns me off.

One other thing I noticed: her feet seem really small. Some of it is probably due to perspective, but her shins and feet look much too tiny to me. If you're interested, though, don't let my judgmental tone stop you (although rest assured, you are still being judged by me personally). Reservations will begin tomorrow.

[via Alter's blog]

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Alter's new Asuka is a tour-de-force of butt cleavage photo
Alter's new Asuka is a tour-de-force of butt cleavage
by Tianxiao Ma

It's been a slow week for PVC news, but I am glad that Akiba Hobby posted this particular gallery. Alter had a few enticing items on display at MegaHobby Expo this past fall, including a new figure of Asuka sporting her Evangelion 3.33 look.

While the figure itself isn't extraordinary, I'm just glad to see a proper Evangelion 3.33 figure in the works. The majority of such offerings are either cheap (prize figures and Revoltechs) or way outside my budget (Medicom's RAH figures).

Thanks to the more in-depth gallery, we can get a closer look at Asuka's butt cleavage. Because really, that's the most important thing. You can also see that her hat is removable, and she seems to have an alternate pose for her left arm.

My favorite thing about this figure is her expression. Asuka figures tend to have a cheerful (or at least neutral) disposition. This one looks weary and a bit irritated, which is extremely appropriate given that Evangelion 3.33's storyline is entirely about Shinji's poor life choices. He has caused Asuka - and many others - a lot of trouble, and this figure reflects exactly that.

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[REMINDER] Tomopop Micropixel: Best of Friends photo
[REMINDER] Tomopop Micropixel: Best of Friends
by Martin Siggers

Christmas will soon be upon us, so what better time to start giving stuff away? Yes, it's time for a new photo contest!

The theme this time out will be Best of Friends. We want to see your figures hanging out with each other, spending some quality time. Naturally, two figures is the obvious way to go here, but don't let that restrain you - we'll accept pictures of figures with pets or even people, as long as it's a great shot. Be imaginative and creative. If it's unexpected or makes us laugh, that's extra points!

If you're interested in entering, then you can comment on this post with your photo or a link to your photos. Alternatively, post over in the Cblogs - we'd love to see how you went about taking your pictures.  You're only allowed to enter once per person, so bring your A-game. This contest is open for readers worldwide, but please note if you're outside the United Kingdom then we'd nicely ask you to cover the cost of shipping the prize.

We've got the perfect prize for the competition too, with Alter's version of everyone's favourite yaoi couple best buddies Waver Velvet and Rider (review), from Fate/Zero, up for grabs. If you want them on your shelf, you've got until midnight CST on Monday 23rd December to get those entries in. Good luck!

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A-muse yourself with this gallery of Alter's Muse photo
A-muse yourself with this gallery of Alter's Muse
by Tianxiao Ma

If you've been smitten by Alter's well-proportioned Muse of Range Murata figure, check out this extensive gallery at Akiba Hobby. I think the figure looks great, and her fashion sense doesn't hurt at all.

The gallery puts a lot of attention on her butt, which is understandable. This figure has a great... figure. Clearly she's no waif as such idealized females tend to be. The muse is due in May 2014, so check out our previous coverage for pre-order links!

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[UPDATED] Alter previews their Muse of Range Murata photo
[UPDATED] Alter previews their Muse of Range Murata
by Kristina Pino

[Update: now with pre-order links! Release slated for May. Retail at ¥12,600]

We just saw this lovely statue over at MegaHobby Expo, where she was on display in full colors. Now, we finally have a proper preview from Alter's blog with a better look at her from all angles.

This statue is absolutely stunning, and I'm trying hard not to be too biased since I'm a fan of the artist. She really did translate to 3D rather well in the hands of Alter's wizards, and as an added bonus it looks like you can remove her scarf for a little extra showy skin.

She's going to be up for order starting Wednesday, Dec. 18th, so keep an eye out at your favorite retailers then to reserve your copy! This is the sort of statue that I'd have right on my desk next to my computer - apart from the rest. I know I sound gushy, but can ya blame me?

[Pre-order at: AmiAmi | Hobby Search | HLJ]

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