Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: Winter (Soldier) Blues

I know I've talked a lot about the terrible winter we've been experiencing so I don't want to spend a lot of time on that. I'll just quickly say that I have a feeling I'll be pulling weeds from my garden this year while it's still covered i...

Alphamax Velvet photo

Tomopop Review: Alphamax's Velvet Batrass

I really like the sexy pirate trope, which seems more prevalent in Japanese properties than in the West. When thinking of pirate figures, Mouretsu Pirates' Marika and Queen's Blade's Liliana spring to mind. Alphamax's Velvet has recent...

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: From viewers like you

Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! This week we're doing something entirely different from the normal LinkUP. Last week we took no prisoners when reporting on Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter] which doesn't leave much for this week's Lin...

Alphamax Saber Bride photo

Curse your wedding by looking at Alphamax's Saber Bride

They say that looking at the bride's dress before the wedding is bad luck. You really can't help but a sneak a peek here with Alphamax's Saber Bride. She certainly debuted to a lot of fanfare, but it's been a little while since we last hear...

Shining Ark photo

Check out some pirate booby in AM Velvet gallery

Akiba Hobby has released a photo gallery for AlphaMax's recently released Shining Ark Velvet which shows off Velvet's ample treasure chest. Sure, her pirate booty is nice as well but I've been more into pirate boobies. If that wasn't enough...

Fate/Extra CCC photo

Put a pre-order on AlphaMax's Saber Bride

AlphaMax's 1/8 scale Fate/EXTRA CCC Saber Bride is currently available for pre-order. Although I haven't exactly been a fan of the Saber Bride design, I'm seeing the appeal when the zipper is down as seen with the AlphaMax version. It still...

Preview Alisa photo

Preview Alisa from God Eater

Alisa looked hot when pre-orders were first announced. Over a month has passed and she still looks hot! This is what happens when a company like AlphaMax who I think are very good at making quality swimsuit figurines make an actio...

Alphamax Viola photo

Voila, Alphamax's Viola unveiled

Tony Taka's character designs have been the subject of more than a few figures lately, especially if they're from the Shining series of games. At Miyazawa Model Expo, Alphamax revealed a sculpt of Shining Ark's Viola. You might be thinking ...

Dragon's Crown photo

Alphamax's Sorceress gets a pre huge... errr, preview

While the age old argument of how big is too big may always remain up for debate, few might disagree that Sorceress passed that line by at least a mile. Alphamax's Sorceress's sizable assets (or boobset?) have received a preview via Akiba H...

Alphamax Alisa photo

Alphamax's God Eater Burst Alisa up for pre-order

Holy crap, Alisa.. I um.. I kinda want to grab your booty. I'm calling it right now. This version of Alisa Ilinichina Amiella is already worth the pre-order just to get a glimpse of that booty she's rockin'! Either that or the underboob, wh...

Dragon's Crown Sorceress photo

Sorceress of Dragon's Crown has her pre-orders revived

Last month, Alpha Max opened its pre-orders for its rendition of the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown. The figure was controversial to its design, and out of nowhere, was pulled from pre-orders. Now the Sorceress has been summoned once more fo...

Alphamax Velvet photo

Alphamax's Velvet is a treasure indeed

The Shining series has its share of lovely Tony Taka designs, but I can't recall one quite so lovely as Shining Ark's Velvet. This is not the forest-dwelling bastard princess of Odin Sphere, but they certainly have a similar sense of modest...

Dragon's Crown photo

Alphamax's Sorceress appears for pre-orders, is pulled

Well this is certainly something you don't see every day. Alphamax's take on the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown has caught a little bit of heat, mostly due to the controversial character design, but it had plenty of fans too, who were t...

1/7 Saber Lily photo

Take a stab at pre-orders for AlphaMax's 1/7 Saber Lily

Saber Lily is just one of those designs that appeals. It's not flashy, bright, or overly adorned. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. Whenever a company has their take on the alternate Saber, it's hard to ignore the beauty. All that said, it...

Fairy Dance photo

Take Alphamax's Asuna to the Fairy Dance

It's been Griffon who have been churning out figures based on Sword Art Online recently, but (fortunately) Alphamax has now decided to join the party, producing a rather lovely version of heroine Asuna. Based on her appearance in the s...

Tony Taka figures photo

Tony Taka's girls take the spotlight in latest scans

If you like Tony Taka figures, then boy, this month's scans are a treat for you with a trio of ladies. One of the three we've seen before: Kotobukiya's Daisy-chan, joining the Tony's Heroine Collection as a 1/6-scale figure. But the new fig...


Another look at Lamp Miku

Just in case I haven't gushed quite enough about upcoming Lamp Miku by AlphaMax, which is still up for pre-order and slated for release in October, here are some more pictures. Check out the gallery for a selection of images from a recent p...

Tony Taka figures photo

[NSFW] Alpha Max shows off a pair of Tony Taka figures

I appreciate original character designs, and Tony Taka is pretty good at creating them. Alpha Max showed two of them in this month's magazine scans. The unpainted one is Iris Harley from the game Valhellio. Judging by the source illustratio...

#oreimo photo

Alphamax's one-piece Kuroneko is ready for pre-orders

We saw Alphamax's one-piece dress Kirino go up for pre-orders a few weeks ago and, as is the immutable law when it comes to Oreimo, Kuroneko was sure to follow soon. Now she's here, sporting a similar dressed-down look to Kirino I have to s...


Pre-order AlphaMax's one-piece dress Kirino

With the second season of OreImo on the roll it's no surprise that a lot of new merchandise related to the series is popping up. One such example is AlphaMax's latest figurine of Kirino, everyone’s favorite leading lady from OreImo. O...

Tony Taka swimsuits! photo

Tony Taka is doing a buttload of Shining swimsuit figures

The folks at 4Gamer and Hobby Japan recently talked with Tony Taka in an interview, and as part of the piece, revealed Tony's next big project: the Shining series Swimsuit Series Project. The main idea of the project seems to be that all th...


Alphamax surprises all with the cutest Miku for Halloween

Yet another figure that I hadn't seen before today has been swiftly put up for pre-order by Alphamax, and she's going to be hard to resist. Hatsune Miku sports the most adorable little dress and is decorated with a few lamps, and is even se...


How appropriate, Sena. You look like a cow

[update: Added an image to the gallery that is probably the source artwork for this figure! It also appears that this originates from something in the manga. I don't know anything else beyond that at the time of writing~][update 2: added mo...


Pre-order AlphaMax's Black Bunny

When I first started watching "Problem Children are Coming from Another World aren't they?" over at Crunchyroll I was 100% sure that the bunny girl "Black Rabbit" would be made into a figurine. I just didn't know for sure which co...


New photos appear of AlphaMax's Golden Darkness

A few days ago our very own Tianxiao Ma brought us a preview of AlphaMax's Golden Darkness. However recently Danny Choo took photographs of a sample figure of her and posted an updated gallery, I wanted to share some of that ...


Alphamax's Golden Darkness looks golden in this preview

I make no bones about it: I'm critical of swimsuit figures because to me, they're pretty lazy from a design perspective. There is, however, one thing that sets Alphamax's Golden Darkness apart. It's all about that little tug she's givi...


Catch Alphamax's Chinatsu before she takes a dip

There are as many swimsuit figures as there are fish in the sea, but that won't stop Alphamax from adding to the selection. I suppose as long as there are characters to fit into swimsuits, there will be swimsuit figures. This is Alphamax's ...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: ALPHAMAX

While Wave does a good job with their Beach Queen line of ladies, I think ALPHAMAX has them beat. As seen from the Miyazawa Model Exhibition, their ladies are seemingly larger and of better quality. Then again, you usually have to pay quite...


[NSFW] Here's all the NSFW stuff from Hobby Japan's scans

Magazine scans are so much fun because there are always some great plastic boobies to pine after! This time we dip into several franchises. Of course Queen's Blade is involved. Alphamax brings a pair of 1/6-scale figures. First there's Yui ...


Pre-order Alphamax's Sumiyoshi Chisato

One of my guilty pleasures of this season is an animated show called Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate. It gives me part of my weekly dose of cute girls and yummy sweets mixed with a little romance and political intrigue. When I saw that...


Pre-order a(nother) swimsuit Takamachi Nanoha

Hold the presses, it's a Takamachi Nanoha swimsuit figure!  *crickets* ...Okay, I'll admit that Nanoha has had more beach outings than I can count. But this is the first iteration of the character from as seen in spin-off manga Ma...


Sentinel, Ques Q and Alphamax in hobby scans

Since these three companies only showed off one figure each, I decided to just lump them into one update. You know, so they wouldn't be lonely. Sentinel has come out with a prototype of their Teekee from Ex Troopers. It's going to be limite...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 15, 2012

Who is getting paid today? Hopefully many of you because that's money you'll want to put to the side for today's Reserve or Regret! Though few, there is mostly fan favorites today up for pre-order. Probably the biggest release would have to...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 8, 2012

After the dull day yesterday for pre-orders, today's feature brings you some worthwhile products that you'll definitely want to pre-order. Probably one to more wanted products wold have to be Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Princess of the C...


Alphamax brings us the Hirasawa sisters in swimsuits

Alphamax's newest figure has just hit the world of pre-orders, and it's of K-On!'s Hirasawa Ui in a swimsuit! The 1/7-scale Ui really, really worries me because she looks like she could be a bit of a leaner leaning forward like that, but it...


Alphamax makes Charlotte Dunois shy in her swimwear

Alphamax continues with the ladies in either swimsuits or something close to it, underwear. The company's next release is of the sweet and cute Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos in her caution tape inspired swimwear. This 1/7 scale fig...


Alphamax's Yui is off to the beach to join Mio and Azusa

It was six months ago that Alphamax felt the world needed 1/7 scale versions of Mio and Azusa from K-On! in their swimsuits. Sure, Wave has done it before but those are 1/10 scale and those are tiny compared to other figures! Now that those...


Super Sonico poses for Alphamax's gravure photoshoot

The busty mascot of Nitroplus has seen her fair share of figures based on the many pieces of art that exist of her. And there's still plenty more to come with the number of drawings that keep getting produced. Alphamax has one coming that d...


AlphaMax's Tamaki ready for mopping duties

Buried in this month's latest round of scans was this new Tamaki from AlphaMax, and yep, she's kind of a bit suggestive. Dressed in a little maid outfit, Tamaki's got a mop and is ready to clean, though I don't think you clean quite like th...


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