Wonder Festival Griffon photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Griffon Enterprises Roundup

Griffon brought their A-game to Wonder Festival this past weekend. They had a very impressive number of figures on display, both new and old. They displayed several previously announced figures for the first time from their various scale fi...

GSC Delays photo

GSC announces a raft of delays for September

By now, Good Smile Company's monthly release schedule post has become a regular source of frustration as the firm announces which figures will miss their shipping dates. This month is no different, except maybe for a higher than usual attri...


GSC's Kuroyukihime now available for pre-orders

In her preview of Kuroyukihime the other day Mikatan promised us she'd be up for orders on the 30th, and true to their word stores everywhere are now carrying links for the lovely butterfly girl. I worried in my previous post that such extr...


Kuroyukihime spreads her wings in this preview

There's a lot of Kuroyukihime going around at the moment! While she's not yet reached Nanoha levels of saturation, a ton of different companies have either released figures of her or have them in the works. Even Good Smile Company themselve...


Preview Max Factory's Kuroyukihime

Thanks to Ameba's Figma blog we are able to bring you a preview of Max Factory's latest Figma of Kuroyukihime hailing from Accel World. I have to admit I have not seen Accel World however I have been interested in the design of the cha...


Tomopop Review: FuRyu's Kuroyukihime

On my incredibly large list of shows that I plan to watch is Accel World, a seinen anime about a unpopular guy that decides to help out a girl in a game involving a highly-evolved form of the Internet. The concept is pretty interesting and ...


It's prize figures aplenty in the latest magazine scans

This time around from the wonderful world of magazine scans we get some serious offerings from the big three in the realm of prize figures: Banpresto, FuRyu, and Sega Prize. All three look to be bringing their A-game, giving us a look ...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Cospa, Banpresto and the rest

As the cap on our Miyazawa Model Exhibition coverage, there's a few more companies whose wares we've rounded up into one big post. The Ken Elephant booth was chock full of Kaiyodo's Revoltech figures, including the prototype for the upcomin...


30th Prize Fair: Sega Prize

What's a Prize Fair without the company that has it in their name? Sega Prize attended the 30th Prize Fair with their assortment of prize figures from an array of anime titles that may interest some folks. The one that immediately caught my...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya had a diverse array of products on display at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition. You can see some of their character model kits, such as the Combat-san Rookie, Yotsuba&!'s Danbo (and miniature version) and Yotsuba, and Xenosaga I...


Good Smile kick off the Miyazawa Model Exhibition

Are you business interested in the latest products coming down the line that you can stock in your retail establishment? No? Well, pretend you are as Good Smile Company kicks things off with the latest Miyazawa Model Exhibition event. Mikat...


Azone bring wings and all for Accel World's Kuroyukihime

There's no doubt why figure makers are cashing in on the avatar of Kuroyukihime from Accel World. ...okay, well, probably because she's the heroine of the title but it certainly also has to be because of how beautfiul her avatar design is. ...


Eva, Kamen Rider, and more Bandai at Dengeki Festival

We've already seen quite a bit from Bandai at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival with series like Durarara!, Senran Kagura, and Strike Witches getting figures. With the number of properties Bandai produces for, of course there is much mo...


Furyu has more for you than the usual at Dengeki Festival

I know you're happy to get your fill of Sword Art Online and Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb figures but certainly you're reaching your limit? If you are, luckily Furyu displayed prize figures at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary...


Dengeki Festival 2012: Sega-Prize

No real surprises from Sega-Prize at Dengeki Festival, much of what was shown is due within the next month or so, but it's hard to complain about getting new looks at some great upcoming figures! More than anything shown there I'm just...


Dengeki Festival has Beach Queens competing for the crown

The Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival continues with more new figures to check out. We've already seen Good Smile Company and Max Factory show off their wears. Now it's time for Wave Corporation to show off their 1/10-scale Beach Queens ser...


Kotobukiya Hobby Exhibition reveals many new PVC figures

Kotobukiya earlier this week teased some upcoming products for their Hobby Exhibiition event in Akihabara. The event has come and the figures have been revealed though the super sleuths of the internet knew very much what was coming. But, h...


Here's what Good Smile has announced for their booth

As some of you remember, Good Smile Company will be attending their first U.S. event when they show up at New York Comic Con starting Thursday. So what's Good Smile officially announced they're bringing? The list goes as follows: Nendo...


Kotobukiya's Kuroyukihime shows up in this month's scans

Accel World's Kuroyukihime has gotten a few figures, but I think the design's nice enough that I don't mind seeing her pop up every once in a while. Kotobukiya's treatment showed up painted in this month's magazine scans, and she's a beauty...


C3 x Chara Hobby 2012: Dengeki shares its exclusives!

Dengeki Hobby took Chara Hobby as a chance to show off the various exclusives they will be offering to buyers over the coming months and some are real doozies! We've already seen the beach queens but we now have shots of Jizuri Suzaku, the ...


C3 x Chara Hobby 2012: Banpresto brings the Macross Goods

Banpresto really took quite a bit onto the Stage at Chara Hobby. We've already seen their offerings for Madoka Magica and Fate\Zero and now, they want everyone to LISTEN TO HER SONG!!!! Admittedly, I've never been a fan of Nekki Basara but ...


Dengekiya exclusive Kuroyukihime figma hits pre-order

Hey, remember that kinda unusual figma of Kuroyukihime (Accel Assault Ver.) from AccelWorld that turned out to be a Dengekiya exclusive? Well it's finally gone up for pre-order! I say "finally", but in truth it's been up for nearly two week...


Take a closer look at the Kotobukiya Kuroyukihime!

I may have been giving some flack to Accel World due to the sheer number of figures it has been receiving (something which I suspect Sword Art Online to be rivalling very soon!) but that's mostly due to the fact that all we have been seeing...


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Azone

This is a quick and easy gallery to enjoy, since we're just looking at three dolls in our highlights. First up is Rinne No Lagrange's Kyouno Madoka in a track suit as a PureNeemo doll with some goofy hairdos and a determined look on her fac...


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Kotobukiya

Sure, we've gotten some big announcements from Kotobukiya so far, but there's much more in store from the Japanese figure maker. Beyond Co-poche and the previously revealed Dark Magician, Kotobukiya had to offer: Oreimo's Kirino and K...


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: figma start the madness

WonFes is finally underway, so with that comes the infux of new products. First up to go through the networks are a batch of five brand-new figma prototypes. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so let's just go ahead and dive in. The ...


This month's hobby scans show off new prize figures

I always love looking at the stuff coming out from Banpresto, Ichiban Kuji and SEGA prize. This month, we've got some Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, OreImo (September release), Accel World (also September), K-On! (the movie), and Ano...


More figma in this month's scans to pad out your 2012

It's yet another round of brand-new figma in this month's hobby scans. Coming from the pages of Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan are a set of four ladies. There's nothing to far flung out from left field for those hoping for surprises, but tha...


Last night's pre-orders don't care if you're at SDCC

The world keeps turning even though most of us are paying attention to the big event at San Diego, so here's a quick post on last night's pre-order highlights! Wave added two Beach Queens figures to their arsenal, Muginami from Rinne no Lag...


figma Scarlet Rain of Accel World gets a preview

Accel World has been big with just about everything. figma, S.H. Figuarts, and even plamo have all seen their share of Silver Crow and Black Lotus, but now it's time for someone else. Figma will take the first step in this endeavor and crea...


Yet another Accel World figure looms on the horizon

Are you sick of the endless announcements of Accel World figures yet? Well, Max Factory really hopes not because they're readying yet another figma over to the ever growing list of figures from the series. Saturation? What's that? This part...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 31, 2012

So another month has come to an end and it seems the figure makers want to make sure our wallets are empty before closing it. The big thing would have to be the assortment of figures from Fate/Zero from Good Smile Company and Max Factory wh...


The Accel World train keeps going with even more Figmas!

Man, they're really milking the series for all its worth aren't they? Admittedly, the amount of info isn't as large as previous months but this month, we get to see yet more shots of the Black Lotus figma as well as more glimpses of the Kur...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 15, 2012

Who is getting paid today? Hopefully many of you because that's money you'll want to put to the side for today's Reserve or Regret! Though few, there is mostly fan favorites today up for pre-order. Probably the biggest release would have to...


Mikatan shows off Nendoroid Kuroyukihime

Mikatan's latest figure preview popped up this morning on her blog, and it features Nendoroid Kuroyukihime from Accel World. Those big black wings of hers are included and are a separate piece you can attach, but she also comes with a paras...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 9, 2012

It's another sell out edition or Reserve or Regret all thanks to Bandai and MegaHouse selling their insanely popular products not made to order. So what was so popular? Well, more One Piece, Tiger & Bunny, and Kamen Rider and you know w...


Reserve or Regret? Import round up for May 1, 2012

Business trips suck. You know what else sucks? Knowing that I haven't been able to tempt you to go broke. So hide your wallet, destroy your credit cards, and block your bank accounts because you know what I'm going to ask you at the end of ...


NicoNico Super Kaigi: AccelWorld figmas, Nendoroids

Fans of AccelWorld should be happy with what Good Smile brought to NicoNico Super Kaigi, because there were a few little surprises for them. Namely, on the Nendoroid front, we saw Kuroyukihime in splendid color, and she'll come wi...


figma Silver Crow takes flight into the pre-order skies

Just a few days ago, we got a glimpse at Bandai's plamo Silver Crow, but now we're getting a better look at the figure beating it to market with pre-orders opening for figma Silver Crow from Max Factory. The protagonist from AccelWorld ...


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