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Hot Toys' Rocket Raccoon and Groot collectible set adds what may be a spoilers-y bonus

Aug 06 // Scarecroodle
The new item is a potted Groot. I'm not sure if it's supposed to reference something from his childhood as seen in a flashback or whether the character dies but is reborn from a clipping or seed or something. If it spoilers (especially if my latter supposition is correct), please don't explain the nature of the spoiler. Even if you use a spoiler tag, the way posts show on the sidebar could lead to the film being inadvertently spoiled for a possible viewer. The collectible set, which includes both Groot and Rocket Raccoon along with other accessories, is slated for a March release. [ Pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles ]
Guardians of the Galaxy photo
Avoiding potential spoilers
I'll be honest: I almost always wait to see Marvel movies until after they leave theaters these days. The whole movie theater experience, with its ever-increasing ticket prices, over-priced snacks, often sticky floors (or w...

Gaming Heads Nightingale photo
Gaming Heads is back in black
I can still easily remember the night of November 10, 2011. Waiting in line for my copy of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on that frigid night really set the mood for a game set in the snow covered north. That's not to say I was...

Doctor Who photo
Doctor Who

Evilos' custom Doctor Who Vashta Nerada figure will keep you out of the shadows

Hey, who turned out the lights?
Jul 22
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
I can't tell you how excited I was to see Evilos' terrifying new custom! Based on lore introduced by the Doctor Who episode Silence in the Library comes this figure of a NASA astronaut infested by the Vashta Nerada. The Vasht...

Tomopop Review: AlphaMax's Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver.

Jun 07 // Scarecroodle
Figure Name: Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver.Figure Maker: AlphaMaxRetail Price: ¥8,550Available at: HobbyLink Japan AlphaMax's cow suit Sena comes in a relatively large box with windows on the front, sides, and top. While there's a lot of empty space, it provides a buffer should the package suffer impacts. The box design is... well, plain. AlphaMax would have done well to just own the camp associated with this kind of a design by having a white box with black spots. Something like that would have looked absolutely bovine. Included with the figure is a white base with a fabric lining on the top. I imagine the color was chosen to contrast the black black nylons as well as to match the white portions of the outfit (contributing to the overall white & black color scheme). AlphaMax's figure seems to take a few liberties from the original artwork, including lengthening the cow ears and changing the facial expression to make it less of an embarrassed pout. I don't see the same level of emotion in the figure's face as in the artwork. Don't get me wrong, it's a good-looking face. However, I'm not sure what the character is feeling right now. It wasn't something that necessarily bothered me as much before going back to the artwork. It's probably my biggest beef with this figure. Not that many people will be looking at her eyes or lips (or cheeks or nose... well, maybe the cheeks, just not those cheeks), as they'll likely be distracted by a falling bikini top. The material used for a top looks a bit on the thick side depending on the angle (thicker than the fabric should be, at any rate), but there's a good amount of detail sculpted into it between the ripples, folds, and carved in bits to accommodate the paint (preventing bleed). Sena's right arm delicately holds the the top in place. The way her wrist and arm are turned, it seems like more of a deliberate coquettish pose rather than a wardrobe malfunction. I'm a little surprised that it would stay up the way it does, but that might just be anime/manga physics at work. At any rate, those are some magnificently-sculpted mammaries. More cowbell? Yes, please! You'll notice that Sena wears a fairly large bell around her tiny, delicate neck. I can only imagine that's to find her in case she wanders off from a photo shoot (at which point she'd need to be prodded back in front of the camera?). The choker sports a checkered white & black pattern in keeping with the other elements of her outfit. Her hair is sculpted in a fairly vibrant manner and lends some personality to the figure. The hair sports what appears to be a glossier sheen which may give it a reflective quality. The side view provides a better look at the rump. Given that Sena is wearing an incredibly short skirt (or apparently a bikini bottom with a frilled... skirt(?) around the edges), there's a LOT to see. I should probably also just take a quick moment to object to the idea that Sena is wearing a swim suit (as AlphaMax describes) given the nylons and non-beach-friendly shoes. I have yet to find a pool or beach where that could be considered a swim suit (and believe me, I've definitely tried to find one...). I like the outfit, but it's really not what I would consider a swim suit (although I'd love to check out the beach where it would be normal attire). I imagine once people get over the "bikini" top, the next thing that captures their attention would be the nylons. Part of the problem is that the two features basically conceal Sena's entire mid-section which is a shame considering that it's a really nicely sculpted belly. Likewise you can't get a great look at her swim bottom so if you were just looking at this with no idea it was supposed to be a swim suit it would just look like a skirt from the remaining angles. I suppose that brings us around to the rear view. As noted, the swim bottom (or bikini bottom?) just looks like a skirt from all other angles... plus there's that cow tail. However, let's start by talking about the most eye-catching part: the butt cleavage. Yes, the way that swim bottom / skirt is angled, there's a healthy amount of butt cleavage. You might have even noticed the overhead two photos ago if our darn logo wasn't blocking it. Are copyrights and trademarks evil or what? You get a so-so look at that same butt cleavage as we skip forward to taking a look at the cow tail. (More cow tail? Yes, please!) It's some pretty good-looking tail... and the costume tail is nice as well (nyuk, nyuk). Seriously, though, the sculpting (and paint) on the skirt and tail is nice. While I might question the durability of the tail, that shouldn't be an issue if you leave Sena on her base. Finally, we have... more cow bell! Yes, I'm well are that these are just *normal* bells on a cow girl but don't take that pop culture reference away from me because I'm running short on gags. The sculpting and paint on the tiny bells impresses me a good deal more than their larger counterpart. The close-up also provides a better look at how the nylons interact with the sculpting underneath. All things considered, AlphaMax's Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver. is certainly different and could easily spice up an otherwise dull shelf. A lot of the charm (and virtually all the camp) comes from the seemingly odd choice of attire (which could covertly be making a social statement or two). Cow suit Sena is a neat collectible on at least a few levels. [Mooo-ny thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing this review sample]
Review: Cow Suit Sena photo
Was this what you had in mind when you heard the words, 'cow girl'?
Mooooo-ve aside, cat girls! There's a new (and oddly appropriate) animal-themed outfit in town. AlphaMax's Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver. may seem an udderly wacky outfit at first glance, but the costume is well-suited to the fetishism of mammary glands. So how many cow-related puns can I milk out of one review? Find out after the jump!

Amazing Spidey 2 photo
Amazing Spidey 2

No shocker, Hot Toys' Amazing Spidey 2 Electro unveiled

Amazing? YMMV
Jun 03
// Scarecroodle
Hot Toys has revealed the rest of its previously teased 1/6 scale The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electro, currently available for pre-order. The goofy facial expression is rather unfortunate, especially considering that Hot Toys on...
Amazing Spidey 2 photo
Amazing Spidey 2

Amazing Spidey 2 Electro to soon make his shocking debut in the Hot Toys line

The most electrifying man outside of sports entertainment?
May 23
// Scarecroodle
Hot Toys has released a teaser image for its upcoming 1/6-scale Electro, based on the character's appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (full teaser in gallery). Electro will be the third Amazing Spidey 2 figure produced, following Spider-Man himself and Rhino. Stay tuned for further developments.
Game of Thrones photo
Game of Thrones

Start your scheming! Pre-orders for ThreeZero's Tyrion Lannister coming soon

Tomopop editor may regret word choice
May 21
// Scarecroodle
Pre-orders will soon open for ThreeZero's 1/6-scale Tyrion Lannister figure. The figure, which sports a reasonable likeness of actor Peter Dinklage, will be available through ThreeZero's website starting May 26. The immensely...
1/6 Dennis Rodman photo
1/6 Dennis Rodman

Make 1/6 Dennis Rodman an ambassador to your collection

Greatest. Accessories. Ever.
May 13
// Andres Cerrato
Say what you will about Dennis Rodman. He's weird to say the least. Even in his current notoriety for being the failed hope for change in North Korea, he'll still be mostly remembered as that guy with the crazy hair from the ...
Hot Toys photo
All you need is your first HT figure and a camera
Hot Toys is on fire right now and they can't contain their excitement over hitting 200,000 fans on Facebook! Now they're ready to let it spread by announcing a contest that gives you a chance at some big prizes. Entering is s...

Amazing Spidey 2 photo
Amazing Spidey 2

Hot Toys' Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rhino crashes the party

Fun fact: a group of rhinos is called a crash
Apr 25
// Scarecroodle
[UPDATE: Additional images!] Hot Toys has sent over some images of its upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rhino which, as Spidey fans are aware, is a giant mechanical suit in the film (kind of like the Ultimate Rhino except fo...
Aniplex+ Saber photo
Aniplex+ Saber

Take a very good look at the Aniplex+ black dress shirt Saber

International pre-orders still open
Apr 19
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Think you've already seen enough of this sultry Saber from Fate/Zero? It never hurts to take another look (or several). Thanks to Akiba Hobby getting their hands on a sample we're getting our best look yet at the An...
RAH Ultimate Madoka photo
Get a gander at Godoka
First seen live only last week we're now getting some official images straight from Medicom of Ultimate Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She's looking mighty impressive under the right lighting. Her flowing dress i...

RAH Ultimate Madoka photo
RAH Ultimate Madoka

Make room on the shelf, RAH Ultimate Madoka is coming!

1/6 scale Godoka announced
Apr 07
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Oh yes, this is real. Medicom Toy just announced this massive Real Action Heroes Ultimate Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica! She's a 1/6 scale figure in an extravagantly detailed cloth outfit as well as her bow and arrow....

DAMTOYS makes an incredible figure that looks like Danny Trejo

Machete don't joke!
Apr 05
// Vanessa Cubillo
DAMTOYS has a line of detailed fighters called Gangster’s Kingdom. They all have aliases like Spade 3 and Spade J, and Diamond 2. Their latest figure is Diamond 3. What makes this figure remarkable is how much he looks...
Hot Toys' Raiden photo
For all your slicing and dicing cyborg needs
Hot Toys are back at it again, making yet another awesome 1/6-scale figure. This time, they've picked Raiden in his Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance form, and from the photos they've sent us, no detail has been left overlo...

HQS Phoenix Ikki photo
HQS Phoenix Ikki

Tsume Art opens pre-orders for a manga-styled HQS Phoenix Ikki

Not just your average colorway
Mar 14
// Brian Szabelski
Tsume-Art's latest Saint Seiya HQS collectible  is a return to a previous character: the Kurumada Masami Edition of Saint Seiya's Phoenix Ikki. The name comes from the fact that this is more inspired by Masami's ori...
Marvel photo

Another Marvel movie, another Hot Toys Black Widow

What, another one?
Mar 11
// Scarecroodle
The Marvel movie franchise's Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) is a pretty popular character. Despite having played more of a supporting role in the films, she's already managed to land two Hot Toys figures (one for ...
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Tomopop LinkUP

Tomopop LinkUP: Winter (Soldier) Blues

Bring on the superhero movies
Mar 08
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
I know I've talked a lot about the terrible winter we've been experiencing so I don't want to spend a lot of time on that. I'll just quickly say that I have a feeling I'll be pulling weeds from my garden this year while it's ...
Mo Abedin's Raiiken photo
Mo Abedin's Raiiken

Mo Abedin's Raiiken is looking awesome

Piece to be released at Middle East Film & Comic Con
Mar 05
// Brian Szabelski
If you've never heard of Mo Abedin, the Dubai-based artist will be one you remember after seeing his newest work, Raiiken. His second collaboration with Acube Art Studios, it's a 1/6-scale sculpted piece that Mo is currently ...
Toy Fair 2014: ThreeA photo
Toy Fair 2014: ThreeA

Toy Fair 2014: ThreeA

Behold your Doom
Feb 20
// Brian Szabelski
ThreeA showed up at Toy Fair this year in style, and were definitely ready to show off their licensed products. Their Iron Man was in tow ... but they also brought a new Marvel friend with them, Doctor Doom. I know some folks...
Hot Toys' new T-800 photo
Hot Toys' new T-800

Hot Toys reveals a new battle-damaged T-800

Sadly, they can't send him back from the future to the present
Feb 17
// Brian Szabelski
Hot Toys' 1/6-scale Movie Masterpiece Series is adding a new entry in the form of the impressinve T-800 from the original Terminator film. Not only does the sculpt look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, but there's two...
1/6 Tyrion Lannister photo
1/6 Tyrion Lannister

ThreeZero introduces first Game of Thrones figure, Tyrion

Feb 08
// Andres Cerrato
The subsidiary of ThreeA, ThreeZero, has been keeping itself busy. The company has been occupied with acquiring various licenses, including The Walking Dead, Robocop, and the latest being Game of Thrones. As for that later li...

Tomopop Review: ThreeZero Toys - Michonne's Pets

Jan 06 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: The Walking Dead Michonne's PetsFigure Maker: ThreeZero Figure Price: $130 each, $240 setAvailable At: ThreeZero - Red - Green - Set | Entertainment Earth - Red - Green Usually, we'd talk about the box first but that won't happen today as these are an advanced sample review. No packaging was available at the time, so right into the figures. Taking a look at the two, you'll be probably be making the assumption that they are carbon copies of one another. However, they are in fact different via their face, wounds and boxer colors. The later of which is actually how the two versions are sold. Looking at them up-close and you'll fall in love with them. When I first took them out of the box, I was honestly a bit squeamish in how I was going to display these. The detail on the removed mandible is incredible and goes into the innards as well. The job goes deep and detailed as you can see here. Wounds aren't exactly my cup of tea, but I can certainly tell you that they did some great work here. Also, as you may notice, there is no visible neck joint. You won't be able to move the head in any other direction but forward.  Another shot here of the removed mandible and the neck. The skin is done with a soft vinyl, giving it a somewhat fleshy feel. It also allows for more realistic detail with the wounds than traditional plastic. The figures themselves feel organic thanks to the vinyl skin. The wounds of Zombie Red, as I'll refer to him, detail large gashes on the right chest and left rib. Zombie Green features a large, open wound on his upper right rib and scarring on the left side. I'm glad that they've gone ahead and made them dissimilar when they could have easily phoned it in and reused the bodies. In case you are wondering, the wounds on the torso are in fact screen-accurate. The last of the major scars would be that of the arms. Since there are no arms on either figure, that allows for the soft vinyl for the skin about the torso. The paint on the wound itself is as well done as the the torso. You won't notice it unless you're looking for it, but it's the detail that you would expect for a figure like this. The wounds aren't the only thing that were torn up. The jeans are actual denim and scuffed up to show the wear and tear of walking endlessly through the woods. In addition, each pair is different from the other, so the scuffs are unique on each pair. For example, Green's tears allow you to see the rest of the boxer shorts and Red's the knee joint. Speaking of which, the knees themselves are double jointed, reminding you that this is indeed a poseable figure. Even with the greatness poured into the zombies themselves, I like the bags the best. The bags are fully functional. All of the zippers are actual zippers along with each of the buckles. Even though the zombies have no arms, the bags are able to stay on, even without the buckles. Inside the bag is another bag filled with stuffing to fill it out. Theoretically, you could hide some things in there if you'd like and it's a nice feature to have. I won't mess around with it too much, if just to keep things the nice way they are. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, then you would be impressed with the effort by ThreeZero. The pair is worth the display, but I have to admit that I'm disappointed that they don't have their master, Michonne. If she had come out before these two, I'd probably be more in love with them. Needless to say, they are great poseable figures, even if their only poseable in their legs and ankles. They won't be available until July, so they still have time to fix things up, but to be honest, I can't really recommend any changes. While in promotional shots there were a pair of chopped-off limbs for the backpacks, but those were not included for this review. Given what we've seen here, I think that those will only add to the package. [Thank you to ThreeZero for providing this advanced sample for review!] 
Review - Michonne's Pets photo
This is what you've wanted of The Walking Dead
If you've watched The Walking Dead, you have your favorite characters. When ThreeZero, a subsidiary label of ThreeA, announced its acquisition of the license for The Walking Dead, you had in your minds visions of Rick, mostly...

3A Toys Pyro photo
3A Toys Pyro

3A Toys' next Team Fortress 2 robot is the Pyro

Available soon in red and blue
Jan 05
// Andres Cerrato
Last year, 3A acquired the license to produce figures from a variety of Valve franchises, most notably Team Fortress 2. The Heavy was the first to see the light, with Pyro joining him at SDCC last July. Half a year later, we ...
1/6 Derrick Rose photo
1/6 Derrick Rose

Enterbay fully captures all the emotion of Derrick Rose

New 1/6 figure in their NBA Masterpiece
Dec 23
// Andres Cerrato
Derrick Rose isn't a man of much emotion or health for that matter. When he is healthy though, he is one of the best in the NBA that gives Chicago fans reason to hope (read: false) that they'll get past Lebron and actually wi...
RAH Chun Li & Cammy photo
RAH Chun Li & Cammy

Medicom introduces Real Action Heroes of Chun Li & Cammy

They're still pretty gals
Dec 23
// Andres Cerrato
If a company makes a hit, there will be others to see that demand into their products. Medicom has tackled Street Fighter and these two before, but that's not stopping them from releasing two new Real Action Hero 1/6 figures ...
Uncharted photo

Charting Sideshow Collectibles' upcoming 1/6 Nathan Drake

An explorer without a hat? What will they think of next!
Nov 22
// Scarecroodle
[UPDATE: Drake can now be pre-ordered for US$160] Sideshow Collectibles has launched a preview gallery for its upcoming 1/6 scale Nathan Drake figure (based on the character's appearance in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception). Th...

Tomopop Review: Dragon in Dream 1/6 Winston Churchill

Nov 19 // Andres Cerrato
Figure Name: 1/6 British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillFigure Maker: Dragon in DreamPrice: ¥13,543Available at: HobbyLink Japan First look is at the box, featuring the man himself. The Union Jack features prominently in the background as Churchill gives as serious an expression as ever. The side panels feature him in his alternate outfit: the winter long coat, hat and cigar.  The Union Jack also features prominently on the backside of the front of the box. The front of the box is held in place by magnets, so you can easily remove it and use it as a backdrop. It's a nice feature, but you'll need a good amount of space to make use of it. With the front cover removed, you get the window treatment of the goods. Among the extras packed in are the aforementioned extra outfit, cane, two hats, cigars, pocket watch, radio microphone, victory right hand, and alternate smoking head. The first thing that needs to be examined is the likeness. Before I can even talk about the rest of the figure, is it Churchill? It's an unequivocal yes. There's no mistaking the scowl of Churchill, and it shines here. DiD's sculpting has grown by leaps and bounds in the 5 years since the 2008 Obama release. We're treated to a pretty good sculpt of Churchill, though his eyes are posed in a way that you'll always want to be looking at him from his left. As an actual figure, DiD has made a pretty stable figure. Articulation is what you'd expect with other 1/6 companies like Hot Toys and Medicom. Churchill is a better release than your usual Medicom, but still just a tad under Hot Toys. Posing here with the trusty cane and hat, Winston stands tall. From a distance, it doesn't really stand out, but you need to view the details up close in order to really appreciate this release. Can't ever say that Churchill doesn't have some nice kicks. The shoes are fully detailed, including the laces. But as you can see, Winston apparently doesn't like socks. As the pants cover, and the ankle joints being ratchet, no socks though they could have easily put some there. I will say at least that the figure has great balance and no real need for a stand. You can make out a couple of details from this shot. The body that DiD uses is their standard. In order to fill out the body size, there's a body suit underneath the clothes. As they did use their standard 1/6 body, they had to change the flesh color to make Winston accurate. While the wrist joint could be a bit better hidden, it's not too disconcerting to most 1/6 collectors. Also, check out the snazzy pocket watch. The watch actually fits in the functioning pocket and is connected via an actual metal chain. For such a small piece, I'm glad the details are put into them. As for the clothing, the buttons are not just sewn on, but do actually function with the jacket. While it can be unbuttoned and placed back, it'll take you some extra effort to close them back up. Easily my favorite accessory is the BBC Radio microphone. The only way that it's not an actual mic is that it doesn't record. It's made of heavy metal, can adjust its height via a knob on the side, and the mic can tilt up and down. It's easily the best accessory in the set and it's pretty much how it needs to be displayed. This image right here is pretty much placed here for nightmare fuel. It's the alternate head for the cigar, which is obviously meant to go in the open space. As for how to switch between heads, this is where it's a bit below other 1/6 figures. You'll need a hair dryer to warm up the neck, loosen it up,and swap in your new head. I wish it would be more of a simple process, but it works. Other accessories aren't as great as the mic or the head though. The second top hat is flocked and sits perfectly on the head. As good as the two hats are, the glasses are junk. No plastic for anything for that matter for the lenses and I could not get them to sit perfectly on his face in any way. Even with the hat holding it down, it's still not the really there. Thankfully, Churchill's glasses aren't anywhere as iconic as either of the Roosevelts, so you can feel comfortable just leaving them in the box. No, this picture isn't meant to be cheeky towards Frenchmen capturing archers (okay it is), but to feature a peek at the ring. The gold is done in an antique finish with a red stone. There is some great sculpting in that tiny ring. Here's all the accessories that you can play around with. It's the little things that make this release. The cane is made of metal, which gives it a decent weight and stability. The cigar pouch is made of leather, and the two cigars contained within can be removed. You could use those to show a pre-lit cigar or just have him actually smoking something. Churchill here is ready for action alongside Hot Toys "African-American #2" aka Obama. As his hands are open, don't expect him to be able to take arms, unless it's his cane. In closing, the figure is a victory. While the figure has its shortcomings, the ultimate goal of this figure is meant for display rather than playability. If you would consider Winston Churchill a personal hero, or you're just a history buff like myself, Dragon in Dream is a company you can turn to for historical figures. If this the first time you've thought of Winston Churchill since your 11th grade history class, this may not be the release for you. [Thank you to HobbyLink Japan for providing this sample for review!]
Review - 1/6 Churchill photo
There is no compromise with Winston Churchill
Action figures tend to be of super heroes and men of myth and legend. Some lives are greater than legends and that can certainly apply to one Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1940-45 and again in 19...

Captain Harlock photo
Captain Harlock

Hot Toys' Captain Harlock is out of this world

Yep, it's articulated
Oct 26
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Hot Toys is very well known for making some truly astounding 1/6 scale figures, but they might have outdone themselves this time. Their new Captain Harlock figure based on the visuals from the 2013 Space Pirate Captain Harloc...
Sideshow Snake Plissken photo
Be right back, throwing money at my monitor for this
Sideshow Collectibles are taking my money once again, and this time, it's for their Sixth Scale Series Snake Plissken. Apparently, someone told them I'm a big fan of Escape from New York and they decided to roll out this...

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