Cu-poche Alice photo

Tomopop Review: Cu-poche Friends Alice by Kotobukiya

Toy collectors have a ton of choices when it comes to small, chibi-fied collectibles. From gachapon capsules to Nendoroids, they'll always be popular due to their accessibility and affordability. It's no surprise, then, that Kotobukiya deci...

DST photo

Looking for last minute gift ideas? DST has the hook-up

Still hunting for last minute gifts? (If so, why'd you wait so long?) Diamond Select Toys has the perfect items for those of you who might be in last-second panic mode while looking for the collector in your lives. (Or gifts for yourself if...

Tomopop Gift Guide photo

Last minute gift ideas for the figure collector in your life

Christmas (or your winter gift-giving holiday of choice) is almost upon us! While it's fun to give and receive gifts, it can be quite stressful doing the actual planning and shopping. So what do you buy for that special figure collector in ...

Kotobukiya Spike Spiegel photo

ARTFX J Spike Spiegel goes up for pre-order

One of the most beloved anime series of all time is getting a fitting PVC tribute as Kotobukiya puts their ARTFX J Spike Spiegel up for pre-order! It really is Christmas time! Ever since I started collecting six years ago, Spike Spiegel has...

MegaHobby Expo photo

Get a glimpse of the future at MegaHobby Expo 2016 Autumn

It's late fall so you know what that means: MegaHobby Expo time! I'm always hyped to see what kind of new stuff is coming soon (or in Alter's case, much later). Let this be a reminder for all of you to start saving up! Here's a quick rundow...

Snow Miku 2017 photo

Kahotan shows off the 2017 Snow Mikus

It's that time of the year when we check out the latest Snow Miku design and melt from the cuteness! Or maybe that's just my heater cranked way up. Kahotan's blog has previews up for both the figma and Nendoroid versions of next year's Snow...

Zombiemonkie photo

Answer the Call of Cthulhu at DesignerCon this weekend

Another Halloween has passed and artist Mikie Graham is bringing more creepy goodness to DesignerCon this year. At the show (November 19-20 in Pasadena), he'll be debuting the new Dagon Cultist figurine. Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft...

MLP photo

Recently released: Hawkgirls and ponies, oh my!

Whether you're into cartoon ponies or cartoon versions of superheroines, Diamond Select Toys has you covered. DST recently released three new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic vinyl banks alongside a DCAU Hawkgirl resin bust (and also an ...

TV photo

Funko's Pop! line is about to get Stranger.... Things

Have you seen Netflix's hit original show Stranger Things? If so, don't tell me anything because it's still on my queue! Funko, however, hasn't just seen the show, but they've also gone ahead and created a wave of Television Pop! figures ba...

NYCC 2016 GSC photo

NYCC 2016: Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company's Mamitan has been hard at work revealing their upcoming figures at NYCC. There are lots of Nendoroids and figmas but I wasn't expecting this many video game figures. The full armor Megaman X Nendoroid has been painted an...

Max Factory Rin photo

Tomopop Review: Kagamine Rin Tony Ver. by Max Factory

We all know that Good Smile Company really, really loves making Hatsune Miku figures. The world just can't get enough Miku. But what about the other Vocaloids? Luckily Max Factory is throwing us a bone. Over the last few years they've relea...

DST photo

NYCC 2016: Diamond Select Toys preview

Can't wait for NYCC? Neither can Diamond Select Toys, which has gone ahead and released photos of some the items that will be on display at NYCC! These reveals include the finished DCAU Huntress figure (which looks fantastic!), the highly u...

DST photo

SDCC: Diamond Select Toys panel

Diamond Select Toys' non-Minimate SDCC panel included a few announcements, a loot at some upcoming items, and a lot of excitement. Major highlights included the news that the DC Animated Universe Huntress is going to be added to the resin s...

Square Enix photo

SDCC 2016: Square Enix

You can count on the Play Arts Kai brand to bring some unique (if not overly busy) interpretations of some of your favorite comic book characters. I found a couple such figures at the Square Enix booth at SDCC. They were part of the Play Ar...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Misc Garage Kits (part 2)

And so we reach the last Gallery for this years dealer floor coverage for Wonder Festival. And the first thing we should do is say hi to an old friend. Chainsaw girl makes another appearance after several years. She's an original kit from K...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Game Garage Kits (part 2)

Man, there really are a lot of Fate/Grand Order and Gran Blue Fantasy kits, and I'm sure the numbers will only rise! but for me, the two most standout figures would be the one of the Fei Yen knight from Virtual On and her large sword as wel...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Anime Garage Kits (part 4)

And now, we have reached the last stretch of the garage kit coverage for Wonder Festival Summer 2016!  We end the Anime kit roundup with a better look at the Love Live! kits as well as a number of magical girls in the form of Precure k...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Misc Garage Kits (part 2)

I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the Japanese Kaiju movies but even I have to put my hands up and say that this Godzilla skeleton figure is pretty damn cool! Still, it adds to the weirdness that is the miscellaneous gallery a...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: KanColle Garage Kits (part 2)

If nothing else, it's good to see the overall quality of KanColle kits to have improved over recent events. Before, it was only really the abyssal fleet figures which truly impressed but now, we have quite a few kits of the ship girls incre...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Anime Garage Kits (part 3)

For such a popular anime, you would think that One-Punch man would get more figures than it has. Well, the big companies have given us a few Tatsumakis and a couple of Geonas but that's about it. But at least we got one figure of Saitama in...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Misc Garage Kits (part 1)

And here's the first of our miscellaneous kit gallery. As usual, these kits are those which I was unable to identify, are original designs or simply come from a title which doesn't really fit the previous categories.  The steampunk Ali...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: KaColle Garage Kits (part 1)

KanColle still continues its iron grip on the dealer section of Wonder Festival but at least its dominance isn't quite on the level as previous events, where it was actually painful to sift through. Kashima is also a popular pick these days...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Anime Garage Kits (part 2)

Back when I was a fledgling garage kit painter, one maker who always impressed me with his great works was Vispo. Initially, the most famous kits were those of the Evangelion Girls with racing motorbikes. Eventually, 3 were made for Asuka a...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Video Game Garage Kits (part 1)

Next up, we have the first batch of video game garage kits and the first thing one will probably notice is the number of Fate/Grand Order and Gran Blue Fantasy kits. Rather unsurprisingly, the most popular games get the largest number of ki...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Anime Garage Kits (part 1)

And, after a long haul, we've reached the dealer floor for Wonder Festival. As usual, I've split up the kits into some rough categories and we start with the first lot of anime garage kits! Love Live! seems to have had a boost in popularity...


Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Arcadia

Back when they were called Yamato, Arcadia had fingers in a few pots, with regular figure releases as well as other items in their catalogue but now, it looks like they have abandoned all that and, save for a number of small Katanamonogatar...


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