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Rio McCarthy

Tomopop Review: Chief Beifong Pre-Painted PVC Kit (Convention Exclusive Edition)

Jul 08 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: The Legend of Korra - Chief Beifong Pre-Painted PVC Kit (Convention Exclusive Edition)Figure Maker: Zwyer IndustriesPrice: $99 SRP for the original versionAvailable at: SDCC (Nickelodeon's booth) / Zwyer Industries Starting out, the box itself is actually pretty cool. It clearly shows a photo of the figure that resides within said box, as well as some landscape artwork from Korra. For those who may not know, Lin Beifong is the Chief of Police for Republic City and is pretty much a badass. As the sticker plainly tells you, this is the convention exclusive edition. Saying that, that means that this figure will have the glossy armor, as well as the gold colored nameplate on the base. She comes packaged in a few pieces that are nicely wrapped in their own individual pieces of plastic for extra protection. Everything arrived in great condition, and there wasn't a single piece of out place. Looking a bit more closely, she arrives in five pieces. Her two arms, body, head and the base of the figure are all easy to put together with pegs that hold quite well with one another, and aren't a pain to get put into place. Once she's back together we have quite the strong looking Chief Beifong. I was so excited that she was their first character to release a figure of, as she was one of my favorites in the series from the very beginning. I loved her tough attitude, and her Earthbending skills are just awesome. Taking a closer look at some of the finer details, I think she'd be pretty pleased with this figure of herself. It makes her look a bit younger in the face, which I feel most of us would take a liking to if it was us. (At least I know I would!) At first I was a little bummed you couldn't always see her cheek scars in the light, but I went back and looked at her in the show, and the colors are actually quite accurate. They weren't nearly as bold as I remembered, so they did very well. Funny enough, you wouldn't think having a gold nameplate would make that much of a difference, but I actually really prefer it to the silver. In some of the photos shown on Zwyer Industries' website it seems the original is a bit hard to read in certain lights, the gold was beautiful and easy to read. I, personally, really like the glossy armor as well, so I'm very excited to have been able to review the convention exclusive version. Though I'm sure the original version looks very nice in person as well. One small gripe I have is that I wish there were a bit more shading on her hands to make the details in the figures pop a little more. Mine seemed to suffer just slightly from PVC glob hands, but it's not a huge distraction by any means, just a little bit of whining on my end. Funny enough, when shown against the picture of the figure on the box, I actually like the way she looks in person much better. It could just be the angle, or perhaps the actual real life colors, as opposed to those in the printing, but I think she looks a good deal better in person. All in all, I'd say we have a winner! Zwyer Industries did a great job taking this 2D butt kicker and bringing her to a 3D format. Even if you can't get your hands on the convention exclusive version, the original matte version will be arriving around August, and will retail at US$99. Though if you find yourself at SDCC this weekend, I would definitely swing by the Nickelodeon booth and see if you can get your hands on this little lady. I shouldn't say little, she actually stands around 11 inches tall! You know what I mean though, go check her out! [ A huge thank you to Zwyer Industries for sending along this review sample! ]
Legend of Korra photo
Pick up this glossy version at SDCC
I bring good news your way this morning! Zwyer Industries is the new company bringing Avatar and The Legend of Korra figures our way, and it all starts at SDCC. The first figure (which is actually a pre-painted PVC kit) ...

Tomopop Review: Super Action Noriaki Kakyoin Second

Apr 18 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: Super Action Figure Noriaki Kakyoin SecondFigure Maker: Medicos EntertainmentRetail Price: ¥4,200Available at: HLJ Starting off with the packaging, it looks very similar to the rest of the Super Action Statue boxes for the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure figures. There's a nice-sized window on the front of the box, and pictures of both the figure, and the individual pieces included inside the box on both the sides and back. Taking the plastic casing out of the box you get to see a full view of all of the pieces that are included. There are several switchable hands, as well as an alternate head. Hidden underneath the plastic you'll find the stand (not to be confused with Hierophant Green), the "Bang" sound effect plate, and the instructions, showing where all of the moveable pieces are. Fresh out of the package, heeeeeere's Kaykoin! As you can see, he can actually stand up on his own pretty well, so that's always a nice thing to see. However, what's not so nice is that you can quickly see a few paint specks and slight scratches that were on the figure upon arrival. Here's to hoping these won't be as noticeable on a shelf as they are outside. This colorway of Kakyoin definitely has more defined features, especially when looking at the eyes. His bright red eyes are made to stand out even more with the dark outlines surrounding the whole eye itself. It stands as a stark contrast to his white hair, which is normally pink. With the earrings being so thick in places it's hard to tell, but they're supposed to be cherries, which are his favorite food. Out of all the color changes for this particular figure my favorite has to be the bright green shoes. They have a classy shine to them, and they absolutely pop! Everything looks pretty well sculpted from the back. You can obviously see the hole in which the stand plugs in should you wish to use it. There is a decent ability for movement and poseability with this figure, however I did run into trouble a few times. One of the most annoying things was the bend in the elbow falling off while trying to pose him. It's there to make it look more natural with the jacket, however since it literally just sits there with kind of a slit in the elbow that pushes on, it falls off pretty easily. Oddly enough it was only on this side though, the other was fine. It's definitely possible to do a lot of poses from the series, which is good considering posing is the mainstay in JJBA. Who else is posing while reading this review? Oh, just me? Well then. Back to those paint troubles, it's a bit hard to see clearly in the photo, but right on the side of those beautiful bright green shoes is a nice black splotch from his pants. Not exactly the most attractive thing considering how sweet the shoes are. Now what do we have here? It's New Kakyoin! Yes, if you change to the alternate head you'll now have "New" Kakyoin which is after he got the scars on his eyes. Funny enough, this is currently what you'll see in the anime series that's running at this time. Mija wasn't very intrigued with Kakyoin's newly found confidence, and wasn't about to listen to what he had to say. All in all it's a pretty good figure, I just had a few with my specific copy. If you have any of the other Super Action Statue figures you'll know what you're getting, just Kakyoin in his second colorway this time. 8This color may not be the easiest to find current, but the original color version will be restocked in May, should you be interested in that figure instead. [ A huge thank you to HobbyLink Japan for the review sample! ]
Review JJBA Kakyoin photo
Anyone have cherries for this handsome man?
One of my (many) favorite things about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the fact that the creator, Araki Hirohiko, allows for multiple color schemes for different characters. This is the second color scheme for Noriaki Kakyoin, and features much more subdued colors. Let's take a look at this cherry lovin' lad shall we? Hit the jump to see how Kakyoin's figure turned out! 

Tomopop Review: Eye Think, Inc.'s BusyBody

Apr 14 // Rio McCarthy
Toy Name: BusyBody The Quick-Pose AnimatorToy Manufacturer: Eye Think, Inc.Price: US$24.95Where to Buy: Eye Think, Inc. Starting out with the box, as we usually do for our reviews, you'll see that it comes in a very clean and simple to read box. The red and blue color scheme does well at getting your attention and makes things easy to see at a fast glance. It also doesn't lie to you - Bend, Spin, Animate! - that literally is all you have to do to get this to work. On the sides of the box it gives you some ideas for different animations you can try out, if you didn't already have one in mind. What they show are some relatively simple motions, so it's worth giving one of them a shot for your first try at posing them. Here is everything that is included when you purchase a BusyBody of your own. You'll get 10 of the blue figures to pose, a set of instructions, and the turntable to put the figures on. It's as simple as it looks. The first animation I tried was the simple running animation. It sounds obvious, but it's a good one to get your feet wet with. They were pretty easy to pose, I only had minor problems because I was shooting the photos, and playing with it, outside while it was still cold out, so they were a bit less malleable due to the temperature. As you can see, however, I did get everyone posed, and the video up at the beginning of the review was how it looked when I was all finished. Perfect? No, but it was my first shot at this, so just wait until I bust out a video of me making them do the Thriller dance, or something like that. The top of the turntable has the Eye Think, Inc. logo, as well as reminding you that what you're playing with is the BusyBody Quick-Pose Animator. There is also a neat little fact about the top of this... ...You can actually pop the top off and all of the figures fit inside for easy transport! I'm not sure why, but this excited me a great deal, probably because I have a habit of dropping stuff while I'm trying to transport it from one location to another. Now that they're all housed inside, I don't have to worry about losing one of my little blue dudes on the way back downstairs. As you can see, I've had quite a bit of fun with the BusyBody. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for something to fidget with at your desk, or if you'd like to see how some simple animations might look if you're working on something related. It'd also be a great toy for kids to learn how animation works, especially if they've never really seen much about traditional animation. There are a number of uses for the BusyBody, so pose to your heart's content! [ A huge thank you to EyeThink, Inc. for sending us this review sample! ]
Review BusyBody photo
A fun animation tool at the tip of your fingers
Today I bring to you something that's sure to keep me sidetracked at my desk when I get bored, or just need a break from everyday work. Eye Think, Inc.'s BusyBody is the tool to do just that. I've previously written about this tool to cure boredom, but now I have it in my hands, so we'll put that to the test. Join me after the jump to find out what I thought about this little gadget!

Tomopop Interview: Furry Feline Creatives

Mar 26 // Rio McCarthy
Rio: Woo! How does it feel to be moving along in the big time? I’m so excited for all the new things coming for Furry Feline Creative! Could you take a moment to bring our readers up to date on the new endeavors you and Cheri have been working on?  FFC: Big time? What big time? We are the same people as day one. We constantly challenge ourselves to do the best we can regardless of circumstances. We are currently bringing both brands, "Purridge and Friends" and "I Heart Poop Culture", side by side for the world to see. With Purridge and Friends, we have appointed Membrain to manage the global licensing for the brand. Rio: Is it just as exciting as you hoped? You made some huge changes to your life for these things to take place, so I’m happy to see everything going so well! FFC: It is exciting, but at the same time nerve-racking. But we believe that if you have a passion for something, dream big and work towards it regardless of circumstances. We started Furry Feline Creatives at zero not knowing anyone in the industry or having the support, not even a career background. This is our humble beginning.  So seeing it grow and know that it makes a difference in the lives of others makes it worthwhile. Rio: There are so many great new things, I’m not even sure where to start! Let’s jump straight into the clothes, because why not, right? Can we gush about how amazing those dresses look? I can’t wait to get my paws on one! (Or two, and the leggings, of which I did both! Be sure to check out the gallery to see up close pictures of what I bought!) FFC: Thanks Rio!  Furry Feline Creatives is a studio and lifestyle brand and we are on the quest to make everything on anything.  We are very excited to work on these dresses as we would only make things that we ourselves would want, and things that matter most to people.  So expect to see a lot of new things and designs. Rio: Of course Cheri isn't stopping her wonderful handmade plush of love! I bought my boyfriend the Ultra Mega Ringo plush for Christmas, so now both he and I own a Furry Feline plush of our own. She recently released the Baby version plushies (which are so adorable it hurts!), but what else has she got up her sleeve for the upcoming events? FFC: Cheri is a mix media artist, we are always making things regardless of medium.  We will reveal new things as the events come close. Rio: Furry Feline is all about family, so if there were one place you could visit now that you’ll be more available to travel, where would you like to see you and your furry friends travel to? FFC: Well, we have some Furry Feline Family all over the world so there couldn't be just one place. As we always say, "No one gets left behind."  So expect to see us soon. Rio: Any other exciting things you’d like to share before I let you get back to work? FFC: Keep tuned into Furry Feline Creatives as we continue to share our work.  We tend to do exciting things because you guys deserve the best, so we will stop at nothing to do just that. A huge thanks once again to Alvin for taking the time to chat with me, and for being just plain awesome! I can't wait to catch you two next time I get to make an event and see what you have in store for us! If you happen to be attending Wondercon, be sure to stop by and say hello to them.
Interview Furry Feline photo
The Furry Feline Family just keeps growing!
Furry Feline Creatives is a couple of wonderful people with some of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. We've written about Alvin and Cheri Ong many times in the history of Tomopop, but I wanted to catch up with Alvin and see ...

BusyBody Quick-Pose photo
BusyBody Quick-Pose

BusyBody the Quick-Pose Animator for fun and work alike

Are you bored or need help with your animation? Here you go!
Mar 26
// Rio McCarthy
I'm definitely one of those people who find myself distracted constantly while attempting to work, whether it be while I'm writing, drawing, animating, sewing, etc. the list goes on and on. I have now found the perfect desk ...
F4F NiGHTS photo

First 4 Figures debuts NiGHTS as next Sega All-Star

May all your dreams be free of nightmarens
Mar 26
// Rio McCarthy
Many people who have followed Tomopop from its infancy may know just how much the Sonic the Hedgehog series meant to me growing up, but it's much fewer and far between that I get to talk about just how important NiGHTS Into D...
Laika auction photo
Laika auction

Laika puts up pieces from Coraline, ParaNorman and Boxtrolls for charity auction

Own pieces of your favorite Laika films for a good cause
Jan 09
// Rio McCarthy
LAIKA is an amazing film studio, and has been very kind to me over the years, so it goes without saying that I'm excited to talk about something they're doing regarding the art from their films. On February 12, 2015, several ...
Disney Attractionistas photo
Disney Attractionistas

Disney Attractionistas and more coming to parks this year

A new set of dolls? Count me in!
Jan 09
// Rio McCarthy
I have to start off by saying I am so excited for Summer suddenly that I just can't stand it! Coming this Summer are the new Disney Attractionista dolls! From the concept images they look to be similar to Monster High dolls (...
Tentacle Kitty KS photo
Tentacle Kitty KS

Tentacle Kitty: Color Shift makes purple, heads for MIA!

Let's get this Tentacle Kitty going
Dec 11
// Rio McCarthy
I recently brought you word that the Tentacle Kitty: Color Shift Kickstarter was kicking off and ready to go, but in that short time they've already made the goal of their purple Tentacle Kitty! They're only a couple thousand...
F4F Mega Man X photo
F4F Mega Man X

First 4 figures debuts Mega Man X with glowing awesomeness

Mega Max X blasts in full force
Dec 10
// Rio McCarthy
First 4 Figures has debuted a new piece that I so wish could be sitting on my shelf! I'm so excited about their new Mega Man X statute, which is made from a high quality polystone resin that's hand painted. It will be in a 1/...
Vamplets photo

Vamplets release 4 new terrifying plush and cell phone covers

It's time to get spooky
Dec 10
// Rio McCarthy
The Vamplets Nightmare Nursery is ready to welcome four new babies, and six new cell phone covers into the mix. Feraline, the werewolf baby, Vamzomkey, the vampyre monkey (who was bitten by a zombie), Mourning Gloom, the bad ...
Tentacle Kitty photo
Tentacle Kitty

Tentacle Kitty has some Cyber Monday deals for you!

Time to get ALL of the plushies
Dec 01
// Rio McCarthy
Have you been wanting to get your hands on several of the Tentacle Kitty plushies? Well, today is a great day to do it. Head on over to the Item Shop to get some awesome Cyber Monday deals. If you use the coupon code: CYBER20...
Tentacle Kitty KS photo
Tentacle Kitty KS

Tentacle Kitty: Color Shift plush up on Kickstarter

Huzzah! New Tentacle Kitty colors inbound!
Nov 25
// Rio McCarthy
We at Tomopop are huge fans of Tentacle Kitty, and are always excited to see what new things they have in store. Currently they have started a new Kickstarter called Tentacle Kitty: Color Shift, and are working on a slew of c...
F4F Beat photo
F4F Beat

First 4 Figures puts Beat from Jet Set Radio up for pre-order

Stomp to the beat and get your grind on!
Nov 19
// Rio McCarthy
First 4 Figures has pulled another memory of my childhood from out of its magical hat! Beat from Jet Set Radio is the newest figure to reach their collection, and is up for pre-order through their website shop. Beat obviously...

DesignerCon 2014: TOUMA

Nov 10 // Rio McCarthy
TOUMA photo
Knuckle Bear Cosmic makes his debut
TOUMA hit DesignerCon with a vengeance. His DCon exclusive Knuckle Bear Cosmic (US$55) looks crisp as usual, and I always love his designs. He also had little soft vinyl toys of Pico Mao Cat, Pico Hitch Bear and more, also sh...

Martin Hsu photo
Martin Hsu

DesignerCon 2014: Martin Hsu

Dragon Boy Strikes Back and Dragon Dog Blacky too!
Nov 10
// Rio McCarthy
Martin Hsu's Dragon Boy is one of my favorite characters in the designer toy world. I love all of the different forms he's been seen on, and I love Martin's art as a whole. A few other artists have shown love to Dragon Boy at...
Furry Feline Creatives photo
Furry Feline Creatives

DesignerCon 2014: Furry Feline Creatives

The family just keeps growing!
Nov 09
// Rio McCarthy
Alvin and Cheri Ong have been growing their little Furry Feline Family with incredible speed this past year, and there's only more to come. In addition to their normal fare of adorable plush, they also had some Sweet Purridge...

CHATPETZ make their way to Indiegogo!

Toys that interact with your children and more
Oct 09
// Rio McCarthy
ChatPetz have entered our world, and now is your chance to help them find a home. TheChatPetz Indiegogo campaign is going strong, and at the time of writing they've already made $5,735 of their $40,000 goal, with 39 day...
SDCC 2014 Disney photo
SDCC 2014 Disney

SDCC 2014: Disney

Baymax has arrived; let's go Big Hero 6!
Aug 02
// Rio McCarthy
Disney is going full force with it's upcoming animated feature, Big Hero 6, and it was all on display at SDCC this year! I'm excited to see Baymax in his fully animated glory, but you'll be able to get him in toy form soon en...
SDCC2014 Monster High photo
SDCC2014 Monster High

SDCC 2014: Monster High

The Ghouls are ready for new dolls
Jul 30
// Rio McCarthy
Greetings, ghouls and spooks! This year there were a ton of new Monster High dolls shown on display that you'll be able to pick up in upcoming months. After recently getting my boyfriend addicted to Monster High, I'm excited ...
Hoodsbee photo

Hoodsbee: the hoodie that becomes a friend!

A cute plush, or a comfy hoodie? You decide!
Jul 30
// Rio McCarthy
Hoodsbee is an exciting product that has found its way to Kickstarter recently, and it's sure to delight your kids! I totally wish I was little enough to be able to wear one of these myself, because I'd definitely rock Clobbe...

Tomopop Review: Devil Survivor 2's Hibiki Kuze Nendoroid

Jun 19 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: Nendoroid Hibiki Kuze from Devil Survivor 2 The AnimationFigure Manufacturer: Good Smile CompanyRetail Price: ¥3,619Available at: HobbyLink Japan  Taking a look at the box first, as per usual, we see that it's... very boring. It's a clean box with a window showing Hibiki and his accessories, but all that the box shows is a few photos of the figure itself. Granted, it does the job that a box is supposed to do, and that's what matters. Here you can see his plastic prison that houses all of his accessories. It, too, does what it's supposed to, which is a good thing. Several pieces are wrapped in thin plastic sheets for protection, which I always welcome. Ah! Here he is out of all of that nasty plastic garbage! He seems to be enjoying himself out by the rocks. Granted... *cough* I probably would too if I were a Nendoroid and had that big of a bulge. HELLO Hibiki. Moving past that, I'm glad that they were able to get the Shin Megami Tensei style across while putting him into a chibi form. Oh, look! It's such a nice day out, he thought he'd stop and smell the roses. ...But then he put on the bunny hood and tried to sing it a death metal ballad or something. I'm not sure how the flowers felt about that, but hopefully he's having fun. As you might have noticed in the previous picture as well, his hood doesn't exactly stay pushed together that well on my copy of the figure. In fact, everything seemed really loose. The arms and legs would stay in their positions you put them in, but if you barely touched them it seemed like everything wanted to fall off. I'm really hoping that this is just mine, and not a mass release issue with everything being so loosey goosey, but who knows. My favorite thing is the fact that he comes with a white tiger, which is my favorite animal. However! This isn't just ANY white tiger, this is Byakko, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese Constellation. You have to admit, that's pretty badass, no matter what way you look at it. He's not super detailed, but he's an adorable chibi white tiger who could kick your butt. What else could you ask for? I seriously love his angry/serious yelling face. However what I don't love is the jagged edges, and weird scratches inside and on the blue effect piece that goes on Hibiki's arm. To put it on, you pull off the hand, and put it between the hand and the arm, as if he were wearing a bracelet. Switching out his leg to look like he's running or jumping is pretty neat too, however those seam lines look like his legs were severed at the upper thigh. It's especially noticeable with how it doesn't line up at all with his right leg.  His cell phone actually looks really nice, and he, thankfully, can hold onto it relatively well. However, it IS really small, so I'd be sure to keep an eye on it so it doesn't come up missing. The stand does hold him up pretty well when he's not being contrary, so at least you don't have to worry about that being loose. Byakko just stands beside him on the base, or wherever you'd like to put him since he doesn't require a base to stand on. Actually you can see where I had a problem. I actually forgot to put the bunny hood back on around his neck! When you remove his head you just put the necklace-like bunny hood on before you put the head back down. After remembering to put the hood back on, this is how I'll most likely display him. I'm generally a fan of Nendoroids, but this one has had more problems than I usually find with them. I can't say it's a release-wide issue, but I know how loose the pieces were for my copy, and I can only say I hope they're not all like that. I've also seen them do much better with effect pieces, so if you get a chance, you might look at the figure in person first before purchasing if you can. If not, at least he's not the most expensive one out there, so it's at the very least worth the gamble for sure. [ A huge thank you to HobbyLink Japan for providing us with this review sample! ]
Review Hibiki Nendoroid photo
Grab your bunny hood and let's get ready for battle
"Everybody's weak. That's why we rely on others. We live by helping one another. We can say, we need one another. I've been able to survive because I have you and the others."— Hibiki Kuze, Devil Survivor 2 The Animati...

Tomopop Review: Aoshima Haganai NEXT Sena Kashiwazaki

Jun 11 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Sena KashiwazakiFigure Manufacturer: Aoshima / FunnyKnightsRetail Price: ¥7,600Previously Available At: HobbyLink Japan Here we have a quick look at the box. That's really all there is to it. It's a box, and there are a few windows on it. You can see the most from the front window, but there are also windows on the side and top. The images of the box are of the figure itself with and without the shirt you can put on her. Here we see her plastic packaging. She comes with an extra face, as well as her shirt accessory you can have her wear. The first thing Sena wanted to do was go for a swim. Well... I live in Missouri, we don't exactly have beaches in the part I live in. We went for the next best thing; the bathtub. I mean... the REALLY cool porcelain swimming pool. -cough- In the picture above you can see the seam in her hair where it is able to be removed to change her face. It definitely bugs me when viewed from the wrong angle, but it's usually not nearly so visible. She has.. really big boobies for being a school student. I won't lie, I'm kinda jealous! She also has a super cute light blue bikini that has a couple flowers here and there. It also has golden yellow ties and accents along the edges. Here she is from behind, and there is not much to that bikini at all. Granted, it's a bikini so I guess there wouldn't be. However what IS there, is my favorite term I've coined, the butt cleavage. As in previous Sena figures, the butt cleavage is definitely present. Sena finally decided to get out of the bath--er.. 'swimming pool' and hang out on a towel for a while. She didn't do a very good job of drying herself off, but you can get a good look at how well her tummy is sculpted and shaded. You can also see the gold bracelets she's wearing on her left arm. Her feet are really well sculpted with the individual toes, as well as the different areas of her feet. You can also see the wrinkles and folds in her bikini in this shot as well, and you can see how nice the ties on the side of her bottoms  look. Uh oh.. It looks like we have a visitor to our towel. Well, hello! It's my cat, Mija! After jumping into the water in the bathtub he wanted to dry his paws off as well. Then he got comfy and glared at me like, "Why aren't you moving off my towel, mom? Jeez..." Needless to say, we scooted over a bit, because Mija's definitely the boss of the house, even if he is the sweetest cat I know. I think what bothers me most about the figure is the hair. I really like how well everything else is detailed, but the hair just seems a little blobby to me. It's really apparent in angles like this where the hair is removed for changing the face. This may just be my actual copy not pushing in as far as it should or something, but I'm not sure. Going a bit lower you can see her well sculpted midsection, as well as her legs. I actually really like how her legs look. The fold where her leg bends looks really nice and looks pretty realistic to me. Here you get it all, side boob, butt cleavage and blobby hair. I do like how the hair is sculpted with the strand texture at the top, but this is one of the first figures I haven't been super thrilled with the hair yet. Usually I'm pretty forgiving on it. It's definitely not the worst I've seen, but I'm also not completely feeling it. Though you can see her little dimples on her lower back in this shot, which is a nice touch. I love her butterfly hair clip though! I'd love to have one like that. It's really pretty and brings a smile to my face. Well, here's an awkward shot. Are you going to stare at her boobs, or at her half hexagon head once her bangs are taken off? You decide! You can also see the seam on her shoulder, which isn't visible when her hair is there. This is Sena's alternate face, and she almost looks like she's going, "Who, me?" with the way her hand is on her chest. However, I don't like this face as much as I do the one with the slight smile. She already looked older than she is in the figure to begin with, but she looks even a couple years older still with this face. Then again, she also looks a little soulless at the wrong angles too. This is one of the more soulless angles, but you get a look at the button-up shirt you can put on her. Let me tell you... This takes some holding your mouth just right to get it on there. It's a tight fit, and I sure didn't notice anything to take apart to make it any easier, so you kind of work your way around her with it. You'll start with one arm and get it wrapped around and then move around to the back and then the other arm. Her hair does seem to fit better with this face than the other one though, so that's a plus! Yeah, so your butt shot is pretty awkward, I won't lie, but I wanted to show that the detail didn't just stop with what you can see. Her legs look great, and they included the muscles to the butt from her thighs, which is sculpted very nicely. Her bikini bottoms even have folds on the bottom of the figure as well. This is how I will be displaying Sena, and I wonder how the rest of you would be as well. In addition to my first Sena figure, this was my first experience with Aoshima and FunnyKnights figures as well. It was a great first impression, honestly! I hope to see more figures in person of theirs again in the future. [ A huge thanks to HobbyLink Japan for sending us this review sample! ]
Aoshima's Haganai Sena photo
Life's a splash, let's go to beach!
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (or Haganai for short) is an anime series I've actually wanted to watch for quite a while, and after finally having a Sena Kashiwazaki figure in my own hands, I think it's darn near time. This spl...

Frozen POP! photo
Frozen POP!

Let it go! Funko POP! Frozen figure images appear

Did you think you could get through a Frozen post without a song?
Jun 10
// Rio McCarthy
The snow glows white on the mountain tonight; there are figures to be seen! The princess, snowman and reindeer - oh it looks like there's the queen! Alright, I'm sorry for the song, but you couldn't have thought you'd get a...
SH Figuarts MJ photo
SH Figuarts MJ

S.H. Figuarts Michael Jackson up for pre-order!

Snatch him now before he's gone like a Smooth Criminal
Jun 02
// Rio McCarthy
I've been so excited about so many figures in the S.H. Figuarts toy line, but this is the one that obviously takes the cake for me. We've seen him previously at events, and in scans, but now he's up for pre-order and ready to...
GEM Anthy Himemiya photo
GEM Anthy Himemiya

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: G.E.M. series Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena

Nice butts seem to be a trend this time around
May 31
// Rio McCarthy
How many of you watched the hell out of Revolutionary Girl Utena back in the day? Well, with seeing this new prototype of Anthy Himemiya, it's definitely wanting to make me go back and watch it again. It's been several y...
Megahouse Honey photo
Megahouse Honey

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: MegaHouse's Honey from Space Dandy in color

In color and in person, what more could you ask for?
May 31
// Rio McCarthy
We just saw her in the magazine scans, but now Honey is sweet as can be in person with her new color job. Hobby Search tweeted a picture of how she looks at MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring, and I think I actually giggled with glee...
Alter Blazblue Mu-12 photo
Alter Blazblue Mu-12

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: Alter's Blazblue -Alter Memory- Mu-12

Look at that nice prototype booty, but check out that base!
May 30
// Rio McCarthy
Wow, I never thought I'd be super excited by a Mu-12 figure, but you know what? Alter has officially sold me on this one! Based on Blazblue -Alter Memory- this Mu-12 looks ready to kick some butt, and has an incredible base m...
FiguartsZERO Sailor Venus photo
Swing that Venus Love-Me Chain attack!
One of my favorite Sailor Scouts is finally live, in color, and fully detailed! Sailor Venus is here with her swirling Venus Love-Me Chain attack, and I can't wait to get her into my collection. She's the third in the line af...

Funko Disney photo
Funko Disney

Funko shares Disney Mystery Minis Series 2 and Roger Rabbit POP!

When you wish upon a star... You get awesome stuff!
May 29
// Rio McCarthy
Everyone knows I'm a Disney fangirl, and we've seen several of the different Mystery Minis figures from Funko in the past, but I'm really excited for Disney Series 2! It includes characters from Beauty and the Beast, The...

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