Monthly Megapixel: Haruhi's Fairly OK Attempt

Feb 28 // Veila
Haruhi: Hm, I might go for those Fullmetal Alchemist figures... but what the heck's up with Edward's limbs??Yuki: I agree...Haruhi: Hey check it out! It's Tomopop's second birthday! Yuki: Indeed it is..Haruhi: AND they're having a contest!! We're so doing this, let's get everyone together!Yuki: ... Haruhi: Aaaaannnd action, Kyon!Kyon: *click* ...*beep* Haruhi: HELLO there Tomopop! We, the SOS Brigade, have put together an awesome super spectacular video to wish you a happy second birthday!Kyon: Haruhi... you're too close to the lens...Haruhi: To start things off, Yuki has kindly volunteered to sing "Happy Birthday" for you, take it away Yuki! Yuki: .........Happy ........Birthday........To You.......Happy...Birthday.....To You ...Happy. ..Birthday- Haruhi: Okaaaay next up is Koizumi, who spent all day in home-ec baking you a beautiful cake! ...Get the table, Kyon!!Yuki: ........ Haruhi: Wow! Just look at that cake! Amazing job, Koizumi! What flavor is it??Koizumi: ...I'm not really sure.Haruhi: Well, let's get a close up anyway! Haruhi:Yum yum! All it's missing is some icing, candles, and any form of writing!Koizumi: ...yes.Haruhi: .......Ok, now do the other thing..Koizumi: ... Koizumi: *PHROOOOOOOOOOOM* Haruhi: And now, for the grand finale! Hopefully this segment will go without fail! Get ready! 1..2..3..Happ-..... Haruhi: OMG. Seriously, Mikuru, I gave you ONE job... Do it when I get to 3 again or face the consequences we talked about earlier...Mikuru: B-but I'm scared t-... Wh-what if it doesn't work right and--Haruhi: JUST DO IT! Mikuru: IIIEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!  Haruhi: Happy Birthday, Tomopop!!Koizumi: I can't believe that workedKyon: I can't believe the drama club let her borrow the confetti gun in the first place...Mikuru: *sniffle*  No, seriously, Tomopop. Happy Birthday!

Honestly: I wasn't prepared for awesome of this magnitude. I don't even know what else to say about Veila's Megapixel. Hit the jump and see for yourself! (Haruhi and Yuki read Tomopop! So excite!) -Jason

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