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67 year-old man makes 6.5 foot papercraft UC Gundam

9:00 PM on 02.24.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Took only two months to scratch build this big bot out of paper.

67 year-old Uchida Seiji says he's always been good at crafting things. When he retired he filled his free times by making papercraft planes and robots. This was all well and good, but what he really wanted to do was build something big on a larger scale. Then he found a website with UC Gundam's technical blueprints and went to work. Two months and 600 sheets of craft paper later and the results speak for themselves. He also had the foresight to build it on a wooden frame which not only gave it stability, but also allows him take it apart for transport. Here he's showing it and his other projects off at a community center in Fukui and is looking for other centers and children's facilities to display his work.

I'm a long way from even considering retirement and even now I couldn't imagine doing something like this. We've seen some really amazing papercrafts before, like the Black Rock Shooter figure or last week's Hawken mecha, but this one is incredible just for its sheer scale. Any papercraft UC Gundam (or any Gundam at all for that mater) of this quality is an impressive sight, but a 6.5 foot Gundam is a real spectacle!

[via Fukuishimbun Online, Crunchyroll]

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