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Travel into the future slowly in this 67-inch TARDIS

12:00 PM on 11.09.2012 // Scarecroodle

Moves to the future at a rate of approximately one second per second

Underground Toys' inflatable 67-inch tall (or 5-foot-7-inch) TARDIS is pretty tall. And, at 37 inches across and deep, it's big enough to fit some people. And, apparently, it can even open to do just that.

While no pictures are available of the interior (although it can be assumed that it won't be bigger than it looks from the outside), the pre-order  lists the TARDIS as being a "step-in" and, as I've been corrected, there does seem to be a zipper at the bottom of the door. It's the kind of detail that I wish I had a means of going back in time to warn myself about missing.

This 67-inch tall TARDIS will no doubt look great next to those 47-inch tall Daleks I'm sure you ordered. It has a list price of US$140 (priced US$115 at BBTS) and is set to release in the very near future.

[Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store]

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