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3A Toys' next Team Fortress 2 robot is the Pyro

8:30 PM on 01.05.2014 // Andres Cerrato

Available soon in red and blue

Last year, 3A acquired the license to produce figures from a variety of Valve franchises, most notably Team Fortress 2. The Heavy was the first to see the light, with Pyro joining him at SDCC last July. Half a year later, we now finally get to see the Pyro in colors, both Red and Blue.

When Heavy was first shown off, I was honestly skeptical of the idea of turning the cast into machines. The Pyro I think is the first in this line that really feels original and true to form, as odd as that distinction is. Seeing it in color really helps with this figure, as Ashley Wood's penchant for dirt and wear do really well in demonstrating why this is something that should be bought.

Unfortunately, there's no further info except for the fact that they're in color. Hopefully there will be some more images, not to mention release and pre-order info soon. So folks, is this what you wanted of Pyro or is the idea of machine Team Fortress 2 not something you would spend $200+ on?

[Image via 3aVOX]

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