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3A Toys believes justice is blind, or rather a Ghost-Horse and a Blind Cowboy

10:00 AM on 08.16.2011 // Chris Pranger

Action figures must be amazing. That's a rule of nature, otherwise they're just failure figures. It's not hard to succeed with just a little bit of effort, so when someone like 3A Toys comes along and says, "A little effort? How about all of the effort?" well, I become a happy buckaroo. And that's exactly what they did with the Ghost-Horse and Blind Cowboy double set. But wait! Ghost-Horses don't last forget, despite a man needing his horse, so by sashaying through the desert as I'm wont to do, the double set has sold out and we're left with just the singular figure. But man, what a figure we've still got.

The backstory here is the sort of thing that a child would write, and I mean that as the sincerest form of a compliment. Blind Cowboy had his family killed by deranged robots, lost his eyes due to someone else's debt, and wears the rag that was used to clean JFK's freshly-assassinated face. Oh, and he has a horse named Ghost who from the looks of it may in fact be a ghost horse. Glee is firing from my fingertips, though my hands are no six-shooters so I have infinite glee bullets. Those curious for more, the original story comes from the World of Popbot, illustrated by Ashley Wood and T P Louise, something I'll be looking into as soon as my fingers stop firing glee in every direction.

Blind Cowboy and Ghost-Horse are in 1/6th scale, placing him right at the size of the usual detailed action figures. Would it be awesome to have him face off with Captain America? Yes and yes. I'm particularly in love with the numerous guns and holsters, as well as the dusty aesthetic to the cowboy duds. Oddly, even the simple flair to the end of the jeans makes me extremely pleased. If only I had pre-ordered in time to get the double pack for US$270, but I can settle for just Blind Cowboy at US$120. It releases in November so, hey, right in time for you guys to get me a birthday gift! Pre-order it for me before it's too late!

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Chris Pranger,
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