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30th Prize Fair: Sega Prize

11:00 AM on 11.07.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

YuruYuri, Accel World, OreImo, and even Kaito Kid show up from the game company that's also prize figure maker.

What's a Prize Fair without the company that has it in their name? Sega Prize attended the 30th Prize Fair with their assortment of prize figures from an array of anime titles that may interest some folks.

The one that immediately caught my attention is the Kaito Kid PM Figure from Detective Conan. This guy knows how to be flashy. Plus, the cross over with Detective Conan was entertaining. If it's Evangelion, you can bet Sega Prize will have something. In this case, it's the Premium School Swimsuit Figure Ver. 1.5 of Rei standing under a shower head. Medaka Box has the HG Figure pair of Hansode acting cute while Medaka pops out of her outfit which seems to be a reoccurring issue for her.. All of these will be available in April, 2013.

The AQUAPLUS fighting game AQUAPAZZA will be getting the popular Tamaki as a part of the PM Figure series. I know. Tamaki. Act surprised, okay? Accel World goes chibi with the Chara Cute Pretty set featuring Kuroyukihime, Chiyuri, and Yuniko. Fans who want at least one different character from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Sega Prize has you covered with the HG Figure figure of Sena who is paired with Ruri. Mawaru Penguindrum will have Double H show up as a pair in the HG Figure series. Look for all of these to come out in May, 2013.

Finally, Another has a HG Figure pair coming out of Misaki dressed for school and dress for the beach. YuruYuri also has a pair of HG Figures of Sakurako and Himawari in some rather nice outfits. Look for these to come out in June, 2013.

Anything on interest from Sega Prize that has you ready to reach for your wallet?

[via Figure Maniacs (yfrog)]

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