1/6 Beatles not quite as expensive as a Yellow Submarine

12:00 PM on 12.06.2012 // Scarecroodle

The British shall invade by Yellow Submarine

Factory Entertainment's 1/6 scale Beatles set has a US$550 list price. Although these figures themselves are based on the musicians' appearances in Yellow Submarine, an animated film based partly on the song of the same name, it feels more like Factory Entertainment is taking Maxwell's Silver Hammer to your bank. Bang, bang, can they crack it open?

Let me start by saying that they're a pretty good-looking group. The stylized heads and outfits are all really neat. Each of the figures has an interchangeable hand that holds a souvenir associated with the character (such a telescope for Lennon or George's flowers) in addition to personalized display stands. The set also includes a Nowhere Man Business Card and Pepperland Apple.

For the curious, Factory Entertainment has a detailed explanation of the process used to create these figures as well as additional photos. They also offer an exclusive Yellow Submarine or Blue Meanie keychain for ordering through them while supplies last.

While US$550 sounds like a lot, bear in mind that you're getting four 1/6 scale figures (featuring 32 points of articulation) at that price which works out to US$137.50 apiece. That's not an unreasonable price, is it?

[ Pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store | Factory Entertainment ]

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