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[Updated]Promoted Post: Check out KodyKoala's Cutaway Mega Man!

7:30 PM on 11.23.2010 // Kristina Pino


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We came across this post in our cblogs, and couldn't resist putting it up on the front page to be sure that everyone took a gander at this great custom for sale!

KodyKoala does a lot of custom toys and action figures, as you could see on his Flickr or webpage, but this is the first time he is actually going to sell one of his pieces. I think this one came out looking really neat - it's a cool take on the already popular anatomy vinyl statues. You should totally click the jump and take a look at what KodyKoala has to say about all this! 

[update] added images to the gallery, courtesy KodyKoala! 

avatar kodykoala KodyKoala
That is right, for the first time ever, I am selling a custom figure. I was inspired by artist Jason Freeny who does anatomy sculptures of Vinyl and other figures. I really wanted to do one, but I am not much of a sculptor, so I did the next best thing and using robot parts.

I really enjoyed doing this piece, and I am actually considering making more, it just depends on how much time I have. This would be a perfect gift for the retro gamer in your life, and it is One of a kind. If you want to see more pictures, go to My Flickr Page. If you are interested in buying this, please go to My Ebay Listing


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