[UPDATED] Grab figures based on characters from The Cave

1:30 PM on 01.30.2013

Kristina Pino

Managing Editor/Community Manager

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Update: I can now confirm that this definitely flew under everyone's radar, as Tim Schafer tweets these toys have been available "since the last PAX at least." I also went ahead and got in contact with Double Fine's Brand Manager Greg Rice, who revealed that the Cave toys are manufactured by Seattle-based Catalyst (seriously, check out their portfolio), and they have even more plans for more toys in the future, for several DF properties, old and new. Greg teases: "For now let's just say we're working on a new series."  (This is your cue to share which Double Fine games you'd oh-so-love to see some toys for!)

Double Fine's Tim Schafer tweeted recently that there are figures released based on the characters from The Cave (Ron Gilbert, Double Fine). This might even be "Under the Radar" territory since it's the first time I've noticed them, but it's alright since the game was only released a week ago.

Each figure is blind boxed and priced at US$5, or sold together as a full set for US$35. They look pretty cute overall; not too derpy. Have any of you played The Cave, yet? I'll just say that The Knight is my favorite so far, and the figure is cute to match.

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Kristina Pino

Managing Editor/Community Manager
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