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Takara Tomy: Transformers - Ultimetal Optimus Prime

[Update] Ultimetal Optimus Prime comes at an ultiprice

11:00 PM on 10.25.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Size and features may or may not be able to off set the price for some fans

[Update: Art Storm has posted official images mirrored in the gallery. Art Storm is handling sales of the figure.]

Back in August we got an early look at Takara Tomy and Action Toys' new non-transforming Ultimetal Optimus Prime and now a few months later we're getting a better look at some of his features. Thanks to Dengeki Hobby magazine scans we can see just how extensive the removable armor of this 17 inch figure is. Armor from his arms, legs, body, hips, and legs can be removed to expose all of Prime's inner workings. Even his gun has removable parts. Plus he includes his signature Energon ax and Matrix. He also has a great range of articulation including double elbow joints and individually jointed fingers.

Then there's the less obvious stuff like the heavy use of metal parts (it is called "Ultimetal" after all), the lights and sounds controlled via remote, and the mouth plate that moves when he talks. Unfortunately this much figure doesn't come cheap. He's priced at ¥78,000 which more or less makes Prime the Transformers equivalent to a high end doll.

As far as release dates go all I've got is that he'll be out in 2014. I would think that now that we have some official images through magazines we should be seeing pre-orders appear soon. He's out of my budget, but that doesn't mean I don't want one. 

[via Seibertron]

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