[REMINDER] Tomocast 31: Listener Questions records Monday, needs questions!

10:00 AM on 09.19.2011

It's the time again folks. Like a scantily clad lady of the night, I'm soliciting questions from the Tomo-masses for another episode. The topic? There is none! Go ahead and ask anything you want. From the color of our socks to the shows we watch or the games we play, the field is pretty much open. 

As for guests, I've got editor-in-chief Brian Szebelski as well as newcomers Jackie Zysk and Natalie Kipper. Be sure to give them a warm Tomocast welcome! We're recording Monday evening, so you have until then to ask your questions. Best one gets a prize!

[REMINDER: We're recording tonight! Get your last minute questions in.]

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Pedro Cortes

Features Editor