Batman: Arkham Asylum figures stage an early jailbreak! [UPDATE]

May 17 // Robert Oden

If you remember, last week we got word that figures from Batman: Arkham Asylum were finally coming and would be revealed in June's issue of Toyfare Magazine. Almost a whole month! Who can wait that long?! Not me that's for sure!

Well, it seems someone on the 4chan image board found what appears to be an ad for the upcoming figure line. The ad shows that the previously unrevealed lineup will consist of Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, and Scarface (YES!). Additionally, the figures are identified as "Series 1" indicating we might have more figures to look forward to in the future (Killer Croc, please).

Unfortunately, it seems that these figures won't hit stores until January 2011 but by the looks of them, they will be worth the wait! Seriously, is everyone else as excited about these figures as I am!?

(Thanks to Anthony for the tip!)

[UPDATE: Now in color!] 

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