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vincymol avatar 4:38 AM on 07.11.2017  (server time)
Various Elements of Marketing Process

For having a better knowledge of the various elements of marketing process, it is needed to have a brief study of the attributes of marketing audit, marketing purposes, environmental study, SWOT insight, marketing control, marketing target, and marketing mix assignment help. Each of these aspects needs to be discussed for assessing in what ways are they connected with the marketing process.

Marketing audit:- It is an extensive, self-governing, alternating evaluation of Perfetto Drinks, to determine the challenging features and possibility and signifying an action plan to recollect the healthy beverage’s marketing aspect.

Marketing purposes:- These are purposes which are analysed by Perfetto Juice Company, for promoting its healthy beverage to customers which are needed to be actualized in a definite time frame. These are actually needed for satisfying the overall possibilities of the Perfetto Juice Company.

Environmental study:- It is generally a knowledge related aspect. It is the scenario for the evaluation of the internal and external scenarios, which may affect the operational activity of Perfetto Juice Company. The research basically concentrates on the assessment of the opportunity which the traits signify.

SWOT insight:- It is the learning which represents limited research aspect for evaluating the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that is involved with the responsibility of the Perfetto Juice Company.

Marketing control:- It includes control depending on physicality, social and economic which are engaged with a particular step towards a definite aspect in the responsibility of the Perfetto Juice Company.

Marketing target:- It is the scenario in which a group of consumers are aimed at by the Perfetto Juice Company for the functioning of the marketing aspects and in the end to move its healthy beverages in front of the consumers.

Marketing mix:- It is the company scenario of the Perfetto Juice Company which is utilized to find out the approvals prepared by the Perfetto Juice Company and is connected with the four P’s which are product, price, place and promotion.

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