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DavidCyryl avatar 6:44 AM on 06.16.2017  (server time)
Does Uber Really Not Care About Its Drivers?

Less than a day ago, Uber’s CEO Jeff Jones was seen indulged in Q and as with the Uber drivers on a one hour scheduled session on Facbook. The purpose was to let them know about the new means of appreciation and rewards for the drivers and the purpose was also aimed to tell the Uber drivers that Uber loves them, or not. The Q and A session was meant to be a virtual face to face discussion where the CEO of Uber was supposed to make a few announcements not too significant and to answer the questions asked by the Uber drivers online. The session was about to go on for an hour to 90 minutes but Jeff decides to leave the session only half way through. We all know how Uber has been providing us its services for some time now and we are all very thankful for having Uber for out ease and mobility. Calling a decent car through an app is much more easier than calling them or go out on a find a taxi mission until you found one and the service is not even expensive compared to the easy it has provided us all.

But the CEO doesn’t seem to care much about the driver looking at his responses and answers on the social networking platform Facebook. Whenever Jeff was asked something, he would give the vaguest answer possible and probably a robot will be able to give better and productive answers that Jeff at the time he was online. He either dodged half of the questions or he would simply let the question go unanswered, either way he was not ready to quit responding like a machine and answer the questions instead of pointing towards the new clause added in the community guidelines. Drivers addressed to a lot of problems and Jeff chose to stick around the same sort of vague replies and tell them either to hold on and they are working on the problem or ignored the questions overall. Jeff Jones ducked questions asked about UberPool, the driverless cars and other similar questions blatantly.

So basically Uber doesn’t even fake concerns for their drivers and ignored most questions. Safe to say that Uber as we know is basically curious over replacing drivers with automated cars and when it was about the interview it went exactly as well as we would expect. Jeff Jones conducted the Facebook Q and A session as poorly as anyone would guess and he answered about a dozen or so from over 500 questions asked by the drivers who were looking for an opportunity they would find to initiate asking questions to the person who is behind Uber. It more or less seemed as if Uber really did not care and the purpose of the Q and A sessions conducted by Jeff Jones was perhaps something else or at least not to answer questions as asked by the Uber drivers thrown straight at Jeff. So the drivers appeared to be talking to each other and Jeff quit only half way through.

There are many things that people who enroll with Uber and are driving Ubers are not happy about. First of all, rider ma have their complains with the drivers and that’s a whole new thing but if the driver or the rider needs reach Uber’s customer support there is absolutely no easy way to go through that and talk to a person who can listen to you for once and solve your problem for you. Having a working and easy to reach customer support that responds to your issues and is easy to get a hold of especially in a company that provides transportation is so important and is a basic need. It also sometimes feel as if no one is there to take responsibility for something wring that is done from either of the sides.

The Facebook Q and As conducted by the CEO of Uber was, save to say a major fail. If you have given an hour to hear the questions and answer them accordingly and appropriately then one your should be answering properly and not sound like a robot throwing in automated answers like you are messaging a Facebook page and two should at least stick around for the decided time you have allotted for the Q and As. These are the things a CEO should not be even told and it surely reflect I’ll behavior on Uber’s side. About the not so functional Q and A session by the CEO conducted on Facebook, the format was a fail and it was totally a flop. There was nothing in those nearly dozen answers from Jeff that could give the riders something to think about. The badges instead of 5 stars gave the drivers motivation but not for long, and that is by far the only thing the drivers have been given to improve their rating and ranking and that is all.

The badges are a new way to give the driver appreciation beyond 5 starts and a short review. Where this helped many drivers to know indirectly about the areas they can improve and go out of the way to pick up their bags or do similar stuff just out of courtesy, some drivers and in fact a majority of them want to receive some benefit instead of an appreciation to help them earn more. Now the part where the questions were rather answered like automated replies from the CEO of Uber, Jeff Jones, the drivers were also annoyed and they took no time in pointing out how replies as such are not working and not many people go an extra mile and read the terms and conditions before taking an Uber ride. Maybe they should get rewarded with extra pays and tips if someone wants to reward them instead of simply giving them a badge on their profiles to help them get more riders which they are getting anyway and not make fun of them.

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