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whatknot avatar 7:13 AM on 06.08.2017  (server time)

A Maharashtrian bride with her solah shringar looks simple and elegant in a maharashtrian wedding, following all the traditional rituals perfectly. They have a comparatively different ring and feel of it and are filled with rituals that are quite simple yet vibrant.

We all wish to capture our mesmerising wedding journey and cherish it forever. May it be your perfect marathi engagement, kanyadaan or wedding ceremony Whatknot will help you relive the happy moments that are yours!

What we really love and enjoy is shooting pictures with simplicity and ethnicity in the maharashtrian rituals and ceremonies.

Each part of the maharashtrian ceremony has a religious aspect to it, which is meant to create a magical bond between the bride and groom together in their lives.

Capturing the perfect moments of beautiful smiling maharashtrian bride and a handsome charming groom made for great pictures is the best part of the story apart from their colorful rituals.

Even the turmeric paste (Haldi) applied on the face of beautiful bride is mesmerising enough and we know  when the bride will pull that blissful smile in her face.

Every Indian wedding comes with a charm of its own but maharashtrian weddings are great fun and have a sweet simplicity to them.

Let’s not forget the bride's sari in mustard colour and pretty sunshine yellow drapes looking really amazing in any Haldi function especially when beautifully captured.

The Maharashtrian brides and groom wear those beautiful headpieces (Mundavle) with strings of flowers and pearly ornament for the entire wedding ceremony.

We know exactly how to sneak a shot of the bride and groom’s mothers looking at the couples with tears in their eyes.

The Kanyadaan Ritual, Vivaah Homa, Pheras, Knot Tying, Karmasampati Ritual are the most memorable moments for any  Maharashtrian bride-groom to be capture in their life.

 Every wedding speaks a unique story  and our photography is arty in our own ways and we take this opportunity to let you really live out your wedding.  The perfect shot of your great vigour and enthusiasm is priceless.

If you want a slightly different and candid photographer... someone who's a storyteller and not just captures the candid moments in isolation, then Whatknot is the perfect choice for your Maharashtrian wedding.

 Our photography  with relay of rituals marking its beauty in any  Maharashtrian wedding  will conquer your hearts.  The magic moment of Marathi  wedding ceremony  are delightful to watch. A beautiful collage of wedding by Whatknot will add colour to your life.                                                                  We are there for creating and capturing the happy moments of couples on their big day.

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