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AshleySewell avatar 9:39 AM on 04.27.2017  (server time)
Different Research Methodologies to Use for Thesis

Methodology is the key part of your Thesis that describes the chosen methods for conducting research that will results as it is expected. Remember methodology is not method but the philosophy of methods used to find the outcomes of research. Mainly there are two methods to conduct research one is qualitative and other is quantitative. Sometime people call reviewing existing data as research then keep it in your mind that is not research or research method. This is review study to clarify the understanding of an existing phenomenon. So for conducting research you can adopt either qualitative or quantitative methods to collect primary data. Research methodology cannot be adopted on your will that I like to adopt qualitative or quantitative. This is your field of study or research area will define that which method is required to conduct your study. But there are some fields of study those can be researched through anyone from both methods or mixture of these two.

Qualitative Research Methodology:
This research method is adopted on the basis of aims of your study like to relate understanding of some social aspects of life and ways to collect information in words rather than in numbers to analyse primary data.

Quantitative Research Methodology:
It is aimed to measure the primary data in statistical, numerical or mathematical data that is collected through questionnaires, polls and surveys. This collected primary data is analysed by using computational measures.

Methods for Adopting Methodology:
Methodology must be decided before actually conducting research because it is a plan that what you are going to do and how. This is a section of your study that your supervisor wants to be clear even in your research proposal. Literature review of your study must be related with the methodology of your research. That explains why your chosen method relates with the area of research and methodology of study. These are some research methods for social sciences research areas;

This is among the flexible and widely adopted research methods for collecting data in qualitative researches but it is not bounded with qualitative approach only. Sometimes results of your interviewee are converted into quantitative figures to analyse it by using computational techniques. . An interview is a conversation between two individuals where one is asking questions (Interviewer) other is answering those questions (interviewee). There are different methods to conduct interviews for collecting primary data of a research. Some students who are not aware of these methods, they prefer to buy dissertation online from suitable company.

Structured and unstructured are the commonly known ways of conducting interviews. But there is another way that is called semi structured where interviewer develops an understanding of questions to the interviewee so he or she can answer with clear understanding. This is among widely using interview methods for conducting research. But it is now up to the interviewer that which method of interview he wants to opt up. Adopting interview methods provides an opportunity to have open information. During interview interviewer can observe too to analyse the credibility of spoken words that reduces the possibility of bias answers of asked questions to interviewee.

In order to understand the actions of people and to analyse their ideologies and their interest researchers deeply observes their surrounding circumstances. Analysis of the actions of people makes the observer to idealize what the people are thinking and doing. To do research two major methods have been utilized by the researchers qualitative or quantitative. Both of these methods are significant and have their own features through which the research is conducted. These two methods are named qualitative research and quantitative methods that are utilized according to the situations. Quantitative research is based on certain numbers or quantity. For example the researcher if wants to understand or know that if the people driving cars follow the traffic sign while passing any curve, where the signal of slowing the vehicle down has placed .

In this case the researcher can sit near the curve and he/she simply count the number of cars that are following the traffic sign or slowing down the vehicle, whereas, the researcher can also count how many cars have not slowed down. This would be a case of quantitative research as the numbers are included in this type of research. However, on the side of mirror if the researcher wants to measure the reaction of people for any advertisement. Though, there is no tool available to understand the people mind set, but a rough idea can be made that can enable researchers to understand the people mind-set and their attitudes. The researcher will spend the time by analysing the people and by observing the reaction of people he/she can develop descriptive analysis that can help him/her to produce the result regarding the people view point toward the advertisement.

It is the type of qualitative research as only the people attitudes have been analysed and data is descriptive in this case. Even though, there are several ethical concerns arouse in any sort of observational study. The ethical concerns are if the people know that they are under observation and their activities have been in consideration. They are observed by their consent or not. Moreover, the conditions might be different as some times in case of any disturbances one can act according to the situation that is vague in some cases to observe such acts.

If it requires doing the standardized research then in this case questionnaire are considered as one of the best method to conduct any research. Questionnaires are effective as through these means the qualitative as well as the quantitative data can be collected. In order to make any questionnaire the proper care is done that enables the research to be productive. A good questionnaire is the base to conduct a quality based research as through it the most accurate and authentic data can be collected. Questionnaire at many cases considered as the best method through which the parameters are measured effectively. It helps to understand the view point of people and through it the best data is collected that can become the base of a standardized research.

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