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Aron Marta avatar 12:46 PM on 04.07.2017  (server time)
World's First Ever Stuffed Toy with Swarovski Crystals - PLUSH GOLDFISH.

 The United States of America, back in 1902 world’s first ever soft Teddy Bear was made by Ideal Novelty and Toy Company. Again, The United States of America, in 2003 world’s first ever Pillow Pet made entirely from chenille fabric with velcro straps was made by CJ Products company.  Presently, The United Kingdom, 2017, world’s first ever cuddly toy with Swarovski crystals is made by Plushy Planet.

On April 30th 2017 Plushy Planet launches on Kickstarter First Ever Luxury Toy with Swarovski Crystals – Plush Goldfish. It is an elegant, soft bright toy made in order to bring more joy on the monotonous background of daily life. The golden color, the Swarovski Crystals, the Royal Blue color Plush Pad, the Goldfish itself – all of them were thought from the beginning in order to create one of the best luxury cuddly toys possible.

The goldfish is commonly known as the symbol of good luck and fortune. Also, in some old stories, it appears like an almighty character able to fulfill wishes. Thus, Plushy Planet decided that one of the best-stuffed toys ever made must embody namely a goldfish. Getting it, you could have nearby an example of a strong/almighty character that would cheer you in a life’s difficult moment.

But what makes the Plush Goldfish so special? It’s all about perfection, patient attention to details it is made from and its significance in the world culture.

1) It is unique – it’s The World’s First Ever Luxury Cuddly Toy made with Swarovski Crystals.

2) It is made entirely from the Super Soft Cuddly Fabric, as well as the Royal Blue Color Plush Pad.

3) The Goldfish is Commonly Known in the world as the Symbol of Good Luck & Fortune.

4) It is a Golden Shiny Toy that could bring you a smile on the monotonous background of daily life.

5) The goldfish appears in some old stories like the embodiment of a strong character able to fulfill wishes. Having it nearby as an example of a strong/almighty character could cheer you, reminding always never to give up in a difficult minute and making your struggle in life towards the heights a bit easier.

Plush Goldfish is First Ever Luxury Plush Toy with Swarovski Eyes. It comes in at 14” length, in two variants: Swarovski Version & Standard Version, with a nice 7’’ Royal Blue Color Plush Support/Pad. Besides these, during the Kickstarter campaign, Plushy Planet will also be presenting exciting accessories.

At the moment the Plush Goldfish is still not available for sale. But who wants to ,, catch ’’ it, could simply join our Kickstarter campaign by simply subscribing to our newsletter for important updates, to know about the upcoming discounts & much more.

Plush Goldfish with Swarovski crystals will be available on Kickstarter from the 30th of April 2017 for the early supporter price of just £29. Visit Plushy Planet to find out more details and subscribe to know always about the upcoming discounts & much more.

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